Brighton Barns 
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Brighton Barn Project 
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Queen Victoria's Jubilee 
still imagemystery Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee (60 years on the throne)in 1897. The photo is looking east on Main St facing the Proctor Hotel (1894-1911) The hotel was built in 1880 and changed hands many times eventually becoming apartments as is today (2017.) It appears that the mounted photo was given out or...
Victory Bond Sale 
still image Victory Bonds where sold during World War One from 1915-1919. In 1915 $100,000 worth where sold nationally. The photo looks north on Young St. J.J.Roblin on the left, were Blacksmiths from 1899 - 1928, also making apple presses which they sold nationally . J.B. Chapin & Son on the right, was a...
Wesley Clement Down 
still image Taken at HiHolm Farm, Lot 26 Concession Rd 3, just prior to his marriage
3 Men and Team of Horses 
still image Taken at HiHolm farm lot 26, Concession Rd 3 (now 1029 Cty Rd 41)
Boy Driving Tractor 
still image Fred Down driving a McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor, the first bought for HiHolm Farm. He later would become an artist, studying in Mexico. Eventually he gave up art and took on the family farm
Bessie (Elizabeth) Clement Down with Shep 
still image Bessie with the family dog Shep. Bessie was born in Scotland. Nov 28,1882-Mar 11, 1959
Installing Hip Roof 
still image Replacing a peak roof with a hip roof to increase storage area. Note belt driven saw in foreground. This would have been driven by a tractor, in in view.
Engagement Photo of Arthur & Bessie Down 
still image This was their engagement photo. They where married March 18, 1918
Tractor and Combine 1940's 
still image Wesley Down is driving a McCormick Deering 10-20 Tractor pulling a combine with his father, Arthur on board. Note the combine was the first modern ones in the area
Tractor and Binder 
still image McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor driven by Wesley Down pulling a binder which cuts and binds wheat. The binder was invented in 1850 and was used until mid 20th century. Man at back of binder (just see his straw hat) assumed to be his father, Arthur. Picture has been colourized
Tractor pulling a Fox wagon harvester 
still image Fred is pulling a Fox wagon harvester. The wagon has a conveyer belt in the bottom to allow the grain to be moved out of the wagon mechanically.
Case self propelled Swather 
still image Case self propelled swather. A swather cuts hay or other small grain and leaves it in a windrow, which is a flattish row. The rows once dry are bailed. Photo was taken in the 60's
First load of hay 
still image First hay crop of the season being brought in June in the early 1940's
Fox harvester wagon 
still image The Fox harvester wagon had a conveyer belt system in the bottom allowing to mechanical transfer the grain to a long conveyer belt system to fill a silo. Note opening with a screw mechanism at the lower front of the wagon. Used at the farm through the 1950's and 60's
Loading a Hay Wagon in the 1930's 
still image Wesley and Fred Down harvest hay in the 1930's. Fred went on to study art in Mexico and painted from 1939 -1950. He eventually gave up art to take over the family farm. There is a oil painting of his which was inspired by this photo, see reverse. This photo has been colourized.
Harvesting, painting by Fred Down 
still image This oil paint was inspired by a 1930's photo of Fred and his brother, Wesley harvesting hay. It would have been painted some time between 1939 and 1950
Harvesting fire Wood 1940's 
still image Wesley Down is hauling in a load of logs cut on the family farm for the use as fire wood in the 1940's. Photo has been colourized..
Off To School 
still image 12 year old Fred Down being driven to school by older brother Wesley using a Essex car. The Essex was the most popular car in the Brighton area during the 1920's.
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