Ancient Fossils of Cramahe
Trilobite fossil, Ceraurus pleurexanthemus
Trilobite fossil, Ceraurus pleurexanthemus Details
In the early 1960s, a number of ancient fossils were discovered at Ogden Point, south of Colborne, at the then St. Lawrence Cement Company.
The six images presented here date to the early 1960s. The location of these actual fossils, however, is unknown.
These fossils are known as trilobites, an extinct marine invertebrate that lived 485 - 443 million years ago. Their segmented bodies had external skeletons, referred to as anthropods. They could measure between 1 millimetre to 70 centimetres long and are equally diverse as a species with approximately 20,000 known types. They lived a variety of water environments ranging from shallow to deep and were found throughout the world, but likely evolved originally as a species in Siberia.
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