Old Maid's Hall 
still imagetextc. 1890, This sepia-toned photograph is on a stiff paper backing. It shows a group of approximately thirty people gathered for a photograph at Grimsby Park. Some of the leisure activities are included in this photograph such as the bicycle, guitar, and possibly a canoe oar.The reverse includes a listing of...
Edward Bowslaugh's Obituary 
newspapergenealogical resourceNov 1923,
Lake Boat arriving at Pier 
still imagetextc. 1925, This black and white photograph shows the Macassa steamboat at the pier in Grimsby Beach. There are many people on the beach and on the pier.Murdoch photo, Grimsby Beach, Ont.
Steamboat at the Grimsby Beach Pier, c. 1920's 
still imagec. 1925, This black and white photograph shows the Macassa steamboat coming into port at the Grimsby Beach pier. There is a crowd of sunbathers, swimmers, and beach-goers. The pier is crowded with people heading towards the boat.The Macassa stopped running in the late 1920's.Murdoch Photo, Grimsby Beach,...
Casino Pier, '20's band at Pier 
still imagetextmysteryc. 1920, This shows a group of nine musicians on a raised stage at the Casino in Grimsby Beach, circa 1920. The men are all holding or sitting in front of instruments which are violins, trombone, drums, tuba, banjo, piano, trumpet, saxophone, and clarinet. There is a sign behind them that says "Red...
Michelle Teitsma, At the Races, - 1910, 2013, Oil on canvas 
still imageobject2013, This is a painting that is oil on canvas. It shows well-dressed women, men and children walking on the pier. In the water near them are small sail boats and row boats. There are boat houses on the shore line and Victoria Terrace is visible.
The View from the Point 
object This is a representation of the Grimsby Beach area. It is assemblage on plywood. The plywood is painted and different types of hardware is attached. In this way, orchards are represented with nails, etc.
City Hall Picnic at Grimsby Beach 1923 
still imagemysterySummer 1923, This photograph shows the Grimsby Town Hall picnic in the summer of 1923. There are approximately 75 people shown in this photograph.June 20 1923, x Jim Hannaford x Mary Hannaford There are two X's on the photograph with the corresponding names of the individual.
Horses and buggy at waterfront 
still image1929, This photograph shows a team of two horses drawing a wagon taking a drink of Lake Ontario at Grimsby Beach. A man is sitting in the wagon. The Grimsby Beach pier is visible in the background and looks run-down.1929
Lakeview Casino Dancing, 1923 
still imagemystery1923, This shows the Lakeview Casino dance hall. There is a sign resting against the building which reads Lakeview Casino Dancing and a man is standing in the doorway. There is a car parked beside the building.It became a major attraction in the Grimsby Beach area in the 1920's.1923
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Lincoln & Welland Ont. Dedicated by Special Permission to His Excellency the Earl of Dufferin K.P.K.C.B. Governor General Compiled Drawn and Published from Personal Examination and Surveys by H.R. Page Toronto 1876 
still imagestill image1971, Section full page, 36-37 This is a two-page illustration from the Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Lincoln and Welland from 1876. It shows several lithographs. The centre and largest image is of Auditorium Circle which was the main meeting space before the Temple was built in 1888. The other images...
Views of Grimsby Park: Spooney Bridge 
still imagetextc. 1890, This is a negative of a photograph of a photograph by J.H. Ford. It shows Spooney Bridge which was located lakeside on the west side of Grimsby Park. There are two men and a child on a tricycle standing on the grass while a woman and a child stand on the bridge. All are facing the photographer....
Houses on Second Street 
still imageobjectc. 1980, This is a linocut by Dirk Vermeulen. It is black ink on cream paper and is number 14 of 25. It shows houses and a road on Second Street in Grimsby Beach. The cottages are on the right hand side of the road.14/25, Houses on Second Street, artist's signature
Aerial View of Grimsby, circa 1920 
still imagec. 1920, This is an aerial photograph of Grimsby Beach. It is taken from the north, looking south. The pier, boat houses, and temple are dominant structures in the photograph. Another dominant feature is the amount of tree coverage compared to the surrounding land which was probably used for...
The Pier, Grimsby Beach, Ontario. 
still imagetextcommentc. 1940s, This is a white-bordered colored postcard with a divided back and is postally unused. It shows an illustration of the dilapidated Grimsby Beach pier as it appeared mid-19th century. There is a wooden lifeguard stand on the beach and a wooden building on the left-hand side of the postcard.The Pier,...
Resort Fire Swept 
textnewspaperAug. 10, 1914, This is a newspaper article from the Owen Sound area with a short article on the devastating fire which occurred August 10, 1914 in Grimsby Beach.
Balloon Soars Heavenward 
textnewspaperc. September, 1915, This is a newspaper advertisement for Professor Johnson's balloon ascension and parachute drop which happened at Grimsby Beach on Labor Day circa 1915. It also features an advertisement for the musical comedy "My Wife's Family" by Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Stewart.
Lake Ontario at Grimsby 
still imagetext This is a postally unused colored postcard depicting the beach at Grimsby Beach. It shows a stretch of sand and water with a few people on the beach.Front (top): Lake Ontario at GRIMSBY Front (bottom): F.H. Leslie, Ltd. Niagara Falls
Balcony: Dirk Vermeulen 
still imageobjectc. 1980, This is a linocut by Dirk Vermeulen. It is ink on paper and is number 16 of 28 prints. It shows a Grimsby Park era cottage from the front with special attention paid to the balcony of the cottage. The linocut shows a sunburst pattern fretwork at the apex of the roofline on the balcony. The linocut...
Steamer Macassa at Grimsby, Canada 
still imagetextc. 1915, This is a sepia-toned postcard with a divided back and is postally used. It has a Grimsby, Ont. postmark with an illegible date. The postcard is a photography of Grimsby Beach and pier area. There is a steamboat which has docked at the pier, and people are disembarking. There are people on the...
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