Mrs Strachan's Grimsby Beach Cottage 
still imagetextmystery This is a white-bordered postcard which has a divided back and is postally unused. It shows a Grimsby Park era cottage from the front. The cottage has a wrap-around porch on the first floor and a balcony on the second floor. Above the second floor balcony is a sunburst-shaped fretwork in the...
The Drive to Grimsby Beach, Canada 
still imagetextAug. 10, 1914, This is a sepia-toned postcard with a divided back that is postally used. It has a Grimsby East, Ont. postmark dated Aug 10 1914. It shows a tree-lined dirt road with a railroad track on the other side of the trees. A man is standing in the middle of the road. On the other side of the road there...
Beach, Grimsby Beach, Ont. 
still imagetext This is a white-bordered postcard with a divided back. It is postally unused. It shows the beach of Grimsby Beach in the summer. There are six women in the foreground sitting on the beach and in a canoe which is on dry land. A few other people are in the background. A boat house is visible as well...
The Piazza of Lake View House Hotel 
still imagec. 1900, This is an illustration from Harriet Phelps Youmans's book Grimsby Park, Historical and Descriptive; with Biographical Sketches of the Late President Noah Phelps and Others which was published in 1900. The photograph shows a crowd of people relaxing on the porch and lawn of the Lake View House...
Statutory Lease with Mrs. Phebe Glass of London, fragment 
textgenealogical resourceAug. 17, 1878, This is a copy of fragment of a statutory lease from The Ontario Methodist Camp Ground Company to Mrs Phebe Glass of London, Ontario. It is dated Aug. 17, 1878. It is a lease for 999 years. There is a modern note at the bottom indicating that this lease was for "6 -- Victoria Terrace & #1 Block D....
Fair Ave 
still imageobjectc. 1980, This is a linocut or woodcut by Dirk Vermeulen. It is ink on paper and is number 10 of 28. It shows Fair Avenue which was named after the caretaker of Grimsby Beach starting in the 1910s, George Fair. The linocut shows cottages and a stop sign.10/28, Fair Ave, artist's signature
The Midway -- Grimsby Beach, Can. 
still imagetextAug. 18, 1925, This is a white-bordered postcard which has a divided back and is postally used. The postmark is Toronto, Ont. Postal Term'l A. and is dated Aug 18 1925, 3:30 pm. The front of the postcard shows a photograph of Grimsby Beach in the 1920s. It is the Midway of the Grimsby Beach amusement park era....
Jackson Family Reunion, Picnic Group, Positive Film 
still imagec. 1925, This is a positive film. It shows approximately one hundred members of the Jackson family at their reunion which was at Grimsby Beach. They are sitting on grandstands.
Grand Trunk Railway Double Track through the Garden of Canada 
still imagetextOct 7, 1908, This is a colored illustrated postcard with an undivided back and was postally used. The front shows the engine of a steam train with several cars, double tracks, telegraph poles, an orchard, and buildings in the background. The season portrayed is summer. On the back is a Grimsby postmark dated...
Noah Phelps, President of the Ontario Methodist Camp Ground 
still imagemysteryc. 1890, This is a photographic negative of Noah Phelps. It is a portrait photograph showing Phelps from the torso up. He is turning his head slight to the left. He is wearing a a dark-colored coat, vest, a light-colored shirt, and a bow tie.Phelps was one of the founders of the Ontario Methodist Camp...
Single Illustration from Lithograph Sheets, Drawing of Grimsby Park, Ariel View 
still imagecommentmysteryc. 1890, This is a single image from the lithograph sheets of illustrations used in Grimsby Park programs. This illustration was produced post-1886 because of the presence of the temple. The illustration depicts many of the activities and mainstays of a Grimsby Park summer day from the train station...
Illustrations used in Grimsby Park Programmes 
still imagetextcommentmystery This is a page showing multiple illustrations of Grimsby Park. These illustrations can be found in Grimsby Park Programmes. Included on this sheet is the illustration of the temple, with the Lake View Hotel and Spoony Bridge insets, which is found on the last page of many Grimsby Park Programmes....
Illustrations used in Grimsby Park Programmes 
still image This is a page showing multiple illustrations of Grimsby Park, the Chautauqua of Canada. Many of these illustrations can be found in Grimsby Park Programmes. Among the illustrations are depictions of the Lake View Hotel, the boat houses, the pier, the beach, steamboats, and the temple and the...
Pier, Steamer and Crowds Negative 
still imagec. 1890, This is a negative of a photograph taken from Victoria Terrace. It shows a steamboat docked at the Grimsby Park pier. People are crowded on the pier and the beach. Many people are lined up on the shore side of the ticket booth.
Boarded Up 
still imageobjectc. 1980, This is a linocut by Dirk Vermeulen. It is ink on paper and is number 22 of 25 prints. It shows a Grimsby Park era, circa 1890s, cottage in a dilapidated state in the 1980s.This is probably the Ledingham Cottage. The owners have restored it to a Grimsby Park era likeness.
Map of Grimsby beach circa 1950s 
still imagetextcommentc. 1950, This is a map of the Grimsby Beach area in the mid-twentieth century. It shows some of the features of the Grimsby Park times which remained through the changing uses of the area. Auditorium Circle, Bell Park, and Victoria Terrace remain today as identified features in the Grimsby Beach area.
1890 Grimsby Park Program 
textstill imageSummer of 1890, This is a twenty page leaflet or pamphlet, advertising the 1890 program for the Ontario Methodist Camp Ground Company. It is accomodation listings, lecture listings and advertisements for other companies such as Bluthner Pianos from Galt, Ontario. It has seventeen numbered pages.
You Don't Know What You're Missing 
still imagetextNov 9, 1914, This is an illustrated postcard which is postally used. It has a Smithville, Ont. postmark dated No 9, 1914. It shows an illustration of a young newspaper seller shouting out "Extra!!". His right hand is holding up a copy of the newspaper with the headline visible.Front: Daily Morning Bomb Extra -...
Big Crowds at the Beach on Civic Holiday 
textnewspaperc. July 1905, BIG CROWDS AT BEACH ON CIVIC HOLIDAY Over Six Thousand Amusement Seekers Visited This Beautiful Spot. Macassa Carried Over Three Thousand. Hardy, Gave Performance On Tight Wire. Vaudeville Show in ...
Prof. W.E. Church's balloon 
textnewspaperMay 10, 1911, Prof. W. E. Church's balloon being filled with gas preparatory to his ascension. The Prof. will make a real old time ascension and parachute drop at Grimsby Beach on May 24th....
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