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Lindsay Boys Overseas

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Lindsay Boys Overseas (October 1944)

Pte. J.T. Attridge
Capt. R.B. Alley
Trp. O.G.A. Allen
LAC H.L. Allen
L|Cpl. Douglas Armstrong
LAC R.E. Ainsworth
Gnr. John Aldred
Cpl. M.C. Atkinson
Pte. Chas. Armsden
Bdr. C.H. Arthurs
Pte. B.C. Arthurs
Gnr. B. S. Arthurs
Gnr. J.J. Arthurs
Stoker C.A. Arthurs
Pte. M.N. Armstrong
Pte. J.F. Alcorn
Gnr. Vic Amyotte
Gnr. R.H.C. Ainsworth
Sgt. R.M. Algar.

L| M. Balfour
Spr. N. Blackbourn
S|Sgt. L.T. Brown
Gnr. E.H. Bailey
Gnr. O.K. Bell
Bdr. S.W. Braunton
Gnr. R.L. Burke
L|Bdr. Geo Baber
Pte. A. Bagshaw
Gnr. Clifford Bacon
Gnr. W.J. Beighton
Sgt. A.J. Balfour
LAC J.W. Black
Gnr. C.I. Barjarow
Gnr. R.L. Blackbourn
Lieut. T.M.F. Brisbin
Bdr. D.W. Burtchael
Spr. L.C. Beadle
Sgmn. J.C. Breaw
Sgt. D.F. Brown
Pte. G.T. Barjarow
Cpl. L.M. Barjarow
Sgt. G.H. Bate
Cpl. J.P. Barney
Sgt. J.B. Baker
Pte. J. Begley
L|Cpl. L.R. Begley
Spr. C. Barnett
L|Cpl. J. Bishop
Sgt. J. Bowen
Cpl. R.D. Bowhey
Pte. W. Balfour
O|Smn. B.A. Brown
Gnr. F.C. Balance
Cpl. W.J.S. Brown
Gnr. F.H. Brimmell
James Roy Bools
Gnr. L.T. Byard
Pte. C.M. Blair
Pte. W.L. Brown
Pte. S.F. Bryant
Pte. J.L. Black
Sgt. F.H. Brooks
Gnr. C.R. Bonisteel
LAC S. Bryson
Sgt. W.E. Betts.

Sgt. Robt. Clarke
Sgt. C.S.P. Carew
Sgt. G.D. Connolly
Cpl. E.J. Crimmons
Pte. T.V. Collins
ACL C.J. Cote
Gnr. Ross Clarke
L|Cpl. Colin B. Cresswell
Sgt. J.J. Crafton
Pte. L. Chase
Pte. S.K. Clarke
Pte. W. Crowley
Pte. W.C. Curtin
Cpl. A.H. Cornell
Sgt. D.E. Crimmons
Sgt. G.W. Chambers
Pte. E.B. Coulter
Pte. W.J. Crowley
L|Sgt. T.F. Cook
F|Sgt. C.E. Campbell
LAC D.G. Corley
Bdr. J.C. Callaghan
Sgt. H.A. Clarke
Sgt. Maj. Fred Clarke
Pte. O.F. Casement
Gnr. A. Crossley
L|Cpl. Arthur Carew
Cpl. J. Currie
Sgt. J.H. Conley

Tel. Frank Day
Cpl. E.Day
Sgt. L.W. Dennis
Sgt. R.A. Dupreau
Gnr. B.S. Davey
Pte. W.G. Daynes
Sgt. I.B. Davis
Spr. H. Drury
Pte. R. Dolan
Pte. D.H. Daynes
LAC Dougherty
Sgt. R.L. Day
Bandsman J.L. Dames
Gnr. R.A. Davis
Pte. H.J. Demoe
Sgt. H. Derusha
Lieut. M. Dickerson
Lieut G.M. Donaldson

Sgt. E.J. Elliott
Gnr. L.B. Eberts
Gnr. V.S. English
Pte. Ross Endicott
Sgt. G.H. Elliott
Major T.H. Eberlee
L|Sgt. C.W. English
Gnr. J.M. English
Pte. V.R. Elliott
Sgt. G.V. Endicott
Gnr. G.D. Eggleton
Tpr. J.C. Endicott
Pte. W.T. Elliott
Sigmn. G.K. Eagan

Sgmn. Leo Fanning
Lieut. W.G. Ferguson
Gnr. Harry Fisher
Pte. A.M. Fraser
Gnr. B.E. Freelove
Pte. G. Frocking
L|Bdr. L. Francis
L|Sgt. T.M. Fisher
PO L.J. Fox
Pte. C. Finley
Sgt. I.C. Found
Pte. Harold Foster
Driver W.W. Fee
L|Bdr. J.C. Fitsell
LAC J.R. Fowler
Pte. E.J. Fox
Sigmn. E.L. Ferguson

Gnr. E.A. Grozelle
Gnr. B.H. Gemmill
Gnr. P.J. Galley
Gnr. L.E. Gaynor
Gnr. J.F.K. Green
Gnr. George Graham
Sgt. V.C. Gendron
Pte. K.E. Gemmill
Pte. F.J. Gassien
Gnr. N.W. Gassien
Gnr. N.R. Gale
CQMS L.A. Gilkinson
Gnr. H.W. Galley
Sgt. Albert Green
Sgt. R.E. Green
L.Cpl. C. Growden
Sigmn. D.E. Gregory
Pte. Clifford Green
Gnr. H.G. Green
Pte. G.A. Grozelle
Sigmn. S.R. Graham
Pte. W.L.Grant
Pte. R.L. Gamble
Lieut. C.L. Gamble
Pte. T.M. Grozelle
FO Chas. Grant
Sgt. E.M. Green
Cpl. Lois Green

Pte. H.R. Heels
Gnr. Chas. G. Homes
ACL W.G. Hope
Gnr. V.E. Hancock
Cpr. J.H. Henry
Gnr. J.D. Heenan
Pte. E.M. Holmes
Gnr. M.L. Hancock
Cpl. Lloyd W. Hussey
Gnr. T.A. Horslen
PO E.A. Hamilton
Pte. Wm. G. Henley
Gnr. F. Horn
S|Sgt. V.H. Holdaway
Gnr. R. Hutchinson
FO M.A. Henry
Gnr. Kenneth Hancock
Lt. Nursing Sister L.J. Harding (candy)
Gnr. Brock Harley
Sigmn. J.H. Hosking
Sgt. L.V. Henry
Pte. R.L. Hepburn
PO A.R. Hall
Gnr. R.D. hart
Pte. Wm. Hawkins
Gnr. P.W. Hart
Gnr. W.G. Hartwick
Pte. Earl Harwick
Bdr. E.I. Hill
PO G. Harpur
Gnr. John S. Henley
Gnr. AC. D. Hulland
Tpr. L.W. Hazelton
Gnr. L. Hutchinson
Gnr. C. Hobbs
S|Sgt. Fred Hayes
Sigmn Garth Harding
Pte. G. Horton
Gnr. D.J. Healey

Bdr. I.A. Irvine

Sgt. W.J. James
Gnr. C.M. Jackson
Sgt. P.S. Johnson
Pte. G.O. Jackson
AC I.H. Jones
Pte. M. Johnston
Gnr. N.A. James
LAC T.H. Johnston
Stk. R.O. Jardine
L|Cpl. H.W. Johnston
PO M.L. Joyce
Sigmn. J.W. Johnston

Pte. Geo. J. Kelly
Sgt. T.A. Kingsborough
Gnr. John A. Kelly
Lieut. J.A. Kennedy
Bdr. J.J. Kearns
Bdr. James C. Kelly
Gnr. A.M. Kingsborough

Pte. J.N. Lee
Pte. Lloyd Langdon
Pte. S.G. Lamble
Pte. D.C. Lamb
Gnr. F.R. Lewis
Pte. I. Lywood
Pte. N.F. Lywood
Pte. O.T. Louks
Pte. J.G. Linfood
Pte. Clifford Lyttle
Gnr. W.J. Lamble
Pte. H. Luck
Pte. R.G. Lyttle
Spr. T.A. Little

FO A. Menaul
Rfn. H. Maxwell
Spt. L. Montemiglio
Gnr. R.V. Mark
Pte. H.W. Mauder
Pte. J.J. McMahon
Hon. Capt. W.C. McCarney
Gnr. R.A. McLean
Cpl. John R. Murray
Bdr. J.N. McGuire
Pte. J. Montemiglio
PO Ian F. McIntosh
Cpl. Thos. Madill
Rfn. R. Mitchell
Lt. Nursing Sister H. McMullen
PO A.O. McLean
D.J. McCabe
PO L.J. Mackey
Sgt. R.B. Magahay
James A. Magahay
L|Bdr. A.H. McLaren
Sgt. G.L. Mayes
Gnr. R.F. Moore
Gnr. E.J. McLaren
Pte. G.D. McFadyen
Sgt. C.O. Mark
Pte. F.M. Magee
Tpr. C.O. Moore
Pte. D. Moir
Pte. Howard Mackin
Gnr. G.P.B. Murphy
Sgt. R.L. Muir
Pte. C.V. McDonald
Pte. W.H. McCausland
Rfmn. J.D. Martin
Sgt. W.C. Maslen

Gnr. S. Nowell
LAC D. Newberry
QMS (M) T.G. Neelands
Lieut. J.R. Nesbitt
Cpl. D.N. Nesbitt
Gnr. R.M. Nesbitt
Sigmn. W.H. Nugent
Sgt. J.A. Nicolson
WO J.A. Nugent

Pte. J.W. Owen
Sigmn. F.J. O’Leary
Pte. L.R. O’Neill
Lieut. L.G. O’Connor
BSM D.E. O’Connor
Sgt. J.C. Owens
Gnr. Leo J. O’Connor
J.M. O’Neill

Gnr. G.W. Pugh
Sgt. D. Pollock
Pte. James W. Parker
LAC Chas. E. Pilling
L|Sgt. J.E. Potts
Pte. E.R. Payne
Pte. J.F. Parkin
LAC A.C. Parrish
Gnr. S. Polito
Pte. W.A. Phillips
Pte. P.A. Parkin

Pte. G.A. Quibell
Pte. Ivan C. Quibell
Pte. N.A. Quibell

Lieut. B.W. Rich
Gnr. J. Roberts
Pte. T. Rodd
Gnr. E.F. Reeves
Sigmn. N.E. Ranson
LAC E.F. Rogers
Gnr. W. Ryall
Pte. C.T. Rivers
Sigmn. C.E. Richmond
LAC B.M. Rogers
Cpl. E.H. Reid
Gnr. A.F. Rose
Pte. J.S. Rogers
LAC C.H. Rogers
Pte. F.S. Ryan
L|Bdr. J.G. Robson
Pte. E. Ruck
Tpr. L.J. Roche
Pte. A. Rivers

Gnr. B.R.J. Shaw
Pte. Howard A. Scott
Cpl. E.J. Stone
Gnr. L.G. Snook
Pte. S. Simpkns
Pte. Edward P. Scott
L|Cpl. P.H. Shuttleworth
J.L. Shannon
Pte. G.N. Steward
Gnr. P.C. Silver
Gnr. C.O. Switzer
Spr. N.A. Swenson
PO V.I. Sleep
Gnr. E.L. Spencely
Gnr. R.P. Spratt
Driver G.L. Scott
F|Lt. H.K. Stinson
Pte. T.B. Spanton
Bdr. A.V. Smith
Sgt. A. Stickle
Gnr. Milburn Sedgwick
FO H.S. Sleep
Sgt. Melville Scott
Sgt. Alex G. Smith
Gnr. W.C.Sinclair
Gnr. G.A. Schell
Gnr. W.G. Simpkins
Major E.G. Scott
Tpr. O.H. Sharpe
Tpr. F. Spratt
Gnr. C.L. Silver
Lieut. J.D. Steen

Pte. J.R. Tolmie
Gnr. B.J. Thacker
Gnr. N.A. Thomas
Pte. Alvin T. Torrance
Pte. G.A. Tully
Gnr. A.E. Thomas
Cpl. J.G. Trotter
Tpr. C.E. Thomas
Spr. W.J.A. Trick
Gnr. G.O. Trotter
Pte. J.R. Tobin
Gnr. J.G. Tully
L|Cgt. W.E. Tully
Pte. J.J. Thibideau
Cpl. E. Tracey
G.B. Tolmie
Tpr. R.T. Trotter

LAC Vickery
Pte. T.E. Ventress

LAC P.A. Williams
Pte. J.A. Williams
Gnr. B. Wilson
Gnr. R. Wakeling
Gnr. R.W. Wells
Gnr. Jack Wallace
Gnr. A.M. Watson
Spt. Jack E. Wright
Pte. W.H.D. Watson
Pte. W.W. Workman
Lieut. H.B. Winter
Pte. J.F. Wooldridge
Pte. G.M. Williamson
Pte. T.A. Wilson
Bdr. W.H. Willis
Pte. W.H. Wakeling
Pte. L.G. Wittaker
Lieut W.S. Winter
FO G.F. Williams
Gnr. J.R. Wilson
Lieut. H. Wainman
Pte. E.B. Weddup
Gnr. J.M. Watson
Gnr. W. Wallace
Pte. C.E. Wagstaffe
Bdr. L.L. Williams
Gnr. C.K. Workman
Gnr. L.E. Watson
Pte. Arthur Woodbury
Pte. C.B. Woodward
Gnr. J.T. Wright
Gnr. C.W. Walton
Pte. H.L. Wilson
S|Sgt. F.W. Williamson
Gnr. L.G.D. Watson
Pte. Pete Workman
Gnr. J.W. Wheldon
FO F.A. Wilson
LAC W.G. Woodley

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Genealogical Resource
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Date of Publication:
Oct 1944
World War II Service Files
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Geographic Coverage:
  • Ontario, Canada
    Latitude: 44.35012 Longitude: -78.73286
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Copyright status unknown. Responsibility for determining the copyright status and any use rests exclusively with the user.
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Lindsay Boys Overseas