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  17 Jul 1923,   "By-law No. 746 for the formation of the Police Village of St. Davids, passed and adopted this 17 day of July A. D. 1923." Certified a true copy by Regional Municipality of Niagara.
  1944-47,   A black hard-covered book with lined pages that contains handwritten minutes of Queenston Young People's Union meetings between 1944 and 1947 with some details on past and upcoming events, list of members, receipts and disbursements etc. Notebook with almost 100 handwritten pages; size:18cm x...
  June 24, 1894,   Clearance form for steamer Ongiara filled out by Port of Lewiston, N.Y. authorities in 1894.
    Sketch of some lots in a village of Queenston, located between Dumfries, Princess, Partition and Queen [today: Queenston] streets. One lot marked in red indicates location of the Queenston Baptist Church. Drawing on wax paper; undated. Handwritten note by B. W. Ellis, Deputy Registrar: "This...
  10 Dec 1957,   Black and white photograph of Niagara Township Winners after election on December 9, 1957. From left to right are Trustees Robert Kirkby and Ernest Selway, Deputy Reeve Fred Goring; Reeve Harry Dawson(Seated), Councillors George Carr, Jean Huggins (Mrs. A. E.) and J. Henry Freel. Photo was...
  1921,   Sepia coloured photograph of a suspension bridge with railway track in the middle.
  1921,   Sepia coloured photograph of the stairs on the riverbank.
  1921-1964,   A black hard covered book, with lined pages that contains handwritten minutes of Queenston Police Village meetings between December 1921 and 1964 with all the details, list of members, financial issues, upcoming events etc. There is a list of elected trustees on the first three pages of the book...
  1876-1880,   A black hard-covered book, with lined and numbered pages, that contains handwritten minutes of Queen's Forest Lodge (No. 445 I. O. of G. L.) meetings between February, 1876 and February, 1880. Book: p.214 (missing pages: 3-6, 21-22, 99-102, 161-162); size:22cm x 33.5cm Inscription: "This volume...
  17 May 1966,   Document "in the matter of part of lot 181, corporation plan 1, in the village of Queenston, in the Township of Niagara". It was prepared by Bench, Keogh, Rogers & Grass, Barristers & Solicitor after receiving an application from Alma Hill Anthony for an absolute title to this land. It has been...
  27 Oct 1959,   Voters' list for the municipality of the Township of Niagara for the year 1959. This list was posted up in the clerk's office on the 27th day of October, 1959. Book: p.80; size:16.5cm x 27cm [Page 1] "I, John K. Couillard, clerk of the Municipality of the Township of Niagara, in the County of...
  21 Oct 1952,   Abstract of Title regarding Lot No. 141 in the Village of Queenston. Document: 3 pages; size:50.5cm x 28.5cm The Queenston Baptist Church is located on this lot.
  23 Jun 1928,   Copy of Conveyance of Lot (No. 140 and 141) in Queenston issued and certified by St. Catharines Deputy Registrar in 1928. Original transfer of title to property in 1880 was between Mrs. Bell Wight Duncan and the Trustees of the Regular Baptist Church. The Queenston Baptist Church is located on...
  19 Sep 1928,   Deed of Land between Lillie Bradley, George Elliott Levitt and Marshall Ernest Levitt (Trustees of the Queenston Regular Baptist Church) and Queenston Women's Institute, in regard to Lot No. 141 in the Village of Queenston. It was signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Alexander Fraser...
  November 16, 1825,   Tender for Lime. Official contract for Lime purchase for James Thompson, signed in Stamford on November 16, 1825 and addressed to the Deputy Assistant Commissary General on the other side (reverse). Document:1 page; size: 19.7cm x 31.7cm Stamford Township was a township in Upper Canada (later...
    Plan of the Village of Queenston with street names and numbered lots. Drawing hand drawn on blue-painted paper and attached to supporting wax paper; undated but created before 1920 (see inscription). Scale: 100 Ft.= 1 in "Given to Jean Hill by George E. Levett in 1920"
  1 Oct 1928,   Abstract of Title regarding Lot No. 141 in the Village of Queenston prepared in 1928 by the Deputy Registrar in the Registry Office of Lincoln County. The text in handwritten on a standard form with lined paper. Document: 2 pages; size:54.7cm x 26.7cm The Queenston Baptist Church is located on...
  15 Nov 1893,   Quit Claim Deed between Francis A. Wynn of the village of Queenston in the country of Lincoln and John K. Crawford, Archibald Morrison, Hugh Mitchell and James R. Johnson all of the township of Stamford in the county of Welland and Robert J. Niven of the township of Niagara in the country of...
  12 Dec 1816,   Indenture for Lease of Park Lot No. 4 in Township of Stamford, between Hugh Alexander (of the Township of Stamford in the County of Lincoln in the District of Niagara, and Province of Upper Canada Esquire), Peter Thompson, Archibald Thompson, and James Cooper (Trustees of the Presbyterian...
  12 Dec 1816,   Indenture for Lease of Park Lot No. 16 in Stamford, between Hugh Alexander (of the Township of Stamford in the County of Lincoln in the District of Niagara, and Province of Upper Canada Esquire), Peter Thompson, Archibald Thompson, and James Cooper (all off same place) and James Thompson of...
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Queenston Collection

Queenston Collection includes an extensive historical material from the area collected by Jean Huggins.