Niagara Masonic Lodge No. 2

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Letter of appreciation to Niagara Lodge, No. 2
Objects  1948,   Hand-written letter of appreciation to Niagara Lodge, No. 2, for a food parcel sent to an English brother and his family in times of scarcity and the continuation of official food rationing after World War II. Beneath the letter: The Summons of Enfield Lodge, No. 1237, Middlesex, England, the...
Various artifacts uncovered during restoration of Masonic Hall in Niagara-on-the-Lake 
Objects    Artifacts that were uncovered during the 1975-1990 restoration of the Masonic Hall, Niagara-on-the-Lake. (1) A square-headed nail, circa 1817-1840. (2) A square-headed nail, circa 1817-1840. (3) A square-headed nail, circa 1817-1840. (4) A Bank of Montreal half penny, 1844. (5) A bromo seltzer...
Masonic altar light bulbs 
Objects  1989,   Two Altar light bulbs, Niagara Lodge No. 2, 1989. There are the square & compass inside the bulb.
Wax seal for Niagara Lodge No. 2, circa 1850 
Objects  ca 1850,   Wax seal for Niagara Lodge No. 2, circa 1850, together with the imprint of the seal above.
Various masonic memorabilia, Niagara Lodge No. 2 
Objects    Item #18 Masonic medallion marking the centennial of Lodge Ponsonby, No. 708. Scottish Constitution, Auckland, New Zealand, 1884-1984. Item #75 G. R. C. Niagara District No. 7 jewel, inscribed on the reverse: "Ernie A. Staines, 1973-1974." Item #78 Gold Masonic ring and the brass buckle of...
Cuffs for the regalia of the District Deputy Grand Master, Niagara District 'A' 
ObjectsTexts  2 Sep 1992,   Pair of cuffs for the regalia of the District Deputy Grand Master, Niagara District 'A'. Last worn by R.W. Bro. Douglas J. Garrett, District Deputy Grand Master, Niagara District 'A', Niagara Lodge, No. 2, in 1991-1992, coincident with the Bicentennial of Niagara Lodge, No. 2. Previously worn by...
Certificate confirming the election of Richard W. Allen as Grand Registrar, 1920 
TextsImages  24 Jul 1920,   Framed printed certificate confirming the election of Rt. Wor. Bro. Richard W. Allen, Niagara Lodge, No. 2, as Grand Registrar. Issued by The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario on July 24, 1920.
Congratulation letter from the Government of Ontario to Niagara Lodge, No. 2, on 175th anniversary 
TextsImages  24 Jun 1967,   Framed printed Certificate of congratulations from the Government of Ontario to Niagara Lodge, No. 2, on the 175th Anniversary of the Lodge, 1967. Signed by Robert Welch, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Citizenship, "On behalf of the Hon. John Robarts, Prime Minister, and the Government of...
Honour Roll of Past Niagara 'A' Deputy Grand Masters and District Secretaries, 1930-86 
TextsImages  1986,   Framed printed Honour Roll of Past Niagara 'A' Deputy Grand Masters and District Secretaries, and the order of rotation as mutually agreed upon by the lodges in Niagara District 'A' for the District Deputy Grand Master. Presented by Masonic Masters and Wardens Association of Niagara, District 'A'....
What is a Mason? 
TextsImages    Framed printed declaration under the heading: "What is a Mason?"; with masonic symbols and allegories. Unknown author and date.
Portrait of Robert Hamilton, Provincial Deputy Grand Master of Upper Canada, 1796 
Images  1796,   Oval-shaped portrait of Robert Hamilton, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Upper Canada, 1796; in decorative frame. Inscription at the bottom reads: "Hon. Robert Hamilton. Queenston, Canada. First D. G. M. A. F. and A. M. 1794"
Masonic Certificates of William McGhie, 1861-67 
Texts  1860s,   Framed printed Masonic Certificates (3) of Bro. William McGhie, St. George's Lodge, No. 15, St. Catharines. Documents issued by: 1. Masonic Knights Templar in England & Wales, London, February 27, 1867. 2. The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada, Hamilton, March 25, 1861. 3....
Masonic certificate of John Law, Lodge No. 14 in Upper Canada 
Texts  21 Apr 1842,   Framed printed Lodge Certificate of Bro. John Law, Lodge of Friendship and Unity, No. 14, Upper Canada. Document signed by Master Oliver Smith, Master, John McGill, Senior Warden and Secretary [?] on April 21, 1842. Printed by:"David M. Keeler, Job Printer, King-street, Brantford"
Summons to a "Lodge Emergency" in Niagara, 1820 
Texts  8 Dec 1820,   Framed, hand-written Summons to a "Lodge Emergency" in the Grand Lodge Room in Niagara, addressed to Stamford Lodge, No. 12. Document signed by Edward McBride, the Grand Secretary on December 8, 1820.
Masonic certificate of  Daniel Service (Servos), 1784 
Texts  7 May 1784,   Framed hand-written certificate of Daniel Service (Servos) of Lodge No. 156, the King's or 8th Regiment of Foot, Fort Niagara, 1784. Possibly the oldest masonic document surviving from the Niagara Frontier. Presented to the Lodge by Bro. L. H. Servos, Niagara Lodge, No. 2 in memory of his...
Illustrated declaration "Let There Be Light" 
ObjectsTexts    Illustrated declaration "Let There Be Light" in a walnut frame. The bottom reads "From Darkness To Light". Blank masonic certificate, full of masonic symbols and details, that would have been filled in and presented to a new Master Mason. Text on right side: "This is to certify that our worthy...
Dispensation from the First Grand Principal of Royal Arch Masons of Canada to the Niagara Chapter, Niagara-on-the-Lake 
Texts  18 Feb 1873,   Framed dispensation from the First Grand Principal of Royal Arch Masons of Canada to the Niagara Chapter, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Petition was presented by Companions: Alexander Servos, Salomon James J. Brown, George A. Clement, Robert M. Willson, Robert Best, Henry J. Brown, John Mewburn Clement,...
Photograph of a portrait of Dr. Robert Kerr 
Images    Photograph of a watercolour portrait of Dr. Robert Kerr, Worshipful Master of Dalhousie Lodge, No. 2, a predecessor lodge of Niagara Lodge, No. 2. Robert Kerr was the Provincial Deputy Grand Master from 1797 to 1802. He was active in forming the schismatic Provincial Grand Lodge at Niagara and he...
Stone embossed with the square and compasses 
Objects  16 Feb 1916,   A fashioned, oblong stone, embossed with the square and compasses. Said to have been made of stone from King Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem. February 16, 1916. Donated by Wor. Bro. T. W. Bishop, Niagara Lodge, No. 2, on behalf of Dr. Faulkner, Ransomville Lodge, No. 551, G.R.N.Y.
Masonic medallion engraved to Abraham Genung, 1798 
ObjectsTexts  1798,   Silver Masonic medallion engraved to Abraham Genung, St. John's Lodge No. 22, 1798. The medal said to have been found in St. Mark's Churchyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Obverse inscribed with letters surrounding a central figure; the reverse inscribed: "Abrm. Genung, St. John's Lodge No. 22 [2?],...
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Niagara Masonic Lodge No. 2