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Portrait of Charles A. Larson, Grand Superintendent of Niagara District No.7, 1956-1957 
ObjectsImages  1961,   Framed portrait photograph of Rt. Ex. Comp. C. A. Larson, Grand Superintendent of Niagara District No.7 R.A.M. 1956-1957, dressed up in full masonic regalia.
Portrait of John Knox and two of his medals 
ObjectsImages    Framed and matted together: a portrait photograph of John Knox and two medals: Canada General Service Medal (Fenian Raid 1870) and Past Master Jewel from Niagara Lodge No. 2 John Knox Born Niagara Township: 1845 July 25 Married Georgina Jane Young: 1879 February 5 Children: Lillian Jane Harry...
Lord's Prayer with masonic symbols 
TextsImages    Framed and matted depiction of the Lord's Prayer intermingled with the symbols of Freemasonry. Presented to Niagara Lodge, No. 2, by the W.M. and visiting brethren of Hiram Lodge, No. 18, Akron, Ohio, to the Niagara Masonic Hall, September 30, 2006.
Centenary watch of Electric Lodge No. 495, 1909-2009 
Objects  23 Jun 2009,   Centenary watch of the Electric Lodge No. 495 of Hamilton District "C" under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. The Lodge took its name from the companies from which its members had originated: The Dominion Power and Transmission Company. They drew their...
Various masonic medals, Niagara Lodge No. 2 
Objects    Centenary medallion of Skelmersdale Lodge, No. 1380, Bootle, Lancashire, England, 1872-1972. Masonic medal released at the 75th Communication of the Grand Lodge of Canada, on the Grand Lodge of Canada's 75th Anniversary in 1930. Gold-coloured metal with light-blue ribbon. Veteran Past Master...
Grand Lodge of England 275th Anniversary Medal 
Objects  1992,   Gilt, coloured medallion hanging from a blue ribbon with a vertical crimson centre stripe. The two flags depicted on the obverse of medallion are surrounded by the words: "275th Anniversary of the Formation of the Grand Lodge of England."
By-Laws of Mutual Masonic Compact or Funeral Aid Association of St. Catharines and Niagara District
Texts  1871,   Pamphlet containing "By-Laws of Mutual Masonic Compact or Funeral Aid Association of St. Catharines and Niagara District".
Framed Masonic Certificate of Bro. John H. Brown 
ObjectsTexts  20 Jul 1898,   Framed Masonic Certificate of Bro. John H. Brown, Niagara Lodge, No. 2. A parchment document issued by William Gibson, Esquire M.P., Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario; in English and Latin; with the seal of the Grand Lodge at...
Masonic certificate of James Pendergast 
ObjectsTexts  1872,   Framed masonic certificate of James Pendergast, Niagara Lodge, No. 2. A document issued in 1872 by James Seymour, Esquire M.P., Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario; in English and Latin; with the seal of the Grand Lodge at...
Masonic certificate of William Kirby 
ObjectsTexts  4 Jun 1920,   Framed masonic certificate of William Kirby, High Park Lodge, No. 531. A document issued on June 4, 1920 by Frederick Weir Harcourt, Esquire K.C., Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario; in English and Latin; with the seal of the...
The Grand Lodge of England, 1887 
ObjectsTexts    Framed illustration, entitled "The Grand Lodge of England" with more description below the picture :"Voting the congratulatory jubilee address to her Majesty Queen Victoria at the Albert Hall, London, June 13, 1887. H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, M. W., Grand Master, in the chair.
Crest of Niagara Lodge, No. 2 
ObjectsTexts  1989,   The original 1989 design of the Niagara Lodge, No. 2, Crest drawn by Bro. W. H. Jennings, Niagara Lodge, No. 2, and approved by Grand Lodge. Presented to Bro. Jennings in Open Lodge, February 7, 1990.
Masonic cuff links 
ObjectsTexts    Various gold cufflinks with Freemasons' symbol of square and compasses. #102 Masonic cufflink presented by Bro. Roy Lees, Niagara Lodge, No. 2. October 1990. #104 Masonic cufflinks of Wor. Bro. D. A. Duquemin, P.P.G.S., Province of Guernsey, British Channel Islands, donated by Bro. Colin K....
Antique masonic tie bar 
ObjectsTexts    Antique masonic tie bar with Freemasons' symbols of "G", square and compasses. Date unknown.
Portrait of Bro. John Graves Simcoe, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, 1791-1796 
Images    Framed portrait of Bro. Lieutenant-Colonel John Graves Simcoe, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, 1791-1796.
Masonic apron worn by Bro. D. H. Swinton and other masonic memorabilia 
Objects  1906,   A Masonic apron (#16) said to have belonged to Bro. D. H. Swinton, Rubicon Lodge, circa 1906. Other artifacts (on right side): Item (#17) A silver plated spoon to mark the centennial of Lodge Ponsonby, No. 708, Scottish Constitution, Auckland, New Zealand, 1884-1984. Item (#19) The Grand...
Various masonic paraphernalia, Niagara Lodge No. 2 
Objects    Items #79 #80 #86 #88 Wooden gavels Item #81 A sealed jar in which there are various symbols under liquid Items #82 Wooden line Item #83 Wooden Jacob's ladder Items #84 #85 Wooden mauls Item #87 Wooden rule Item #89 Wooden ballot box Item #91 Wooden ballot box, with a...
Piece of the Lodge Room carpet, 1911 
Objects  1911,   Framed piece of the Lodge Room carpet purchased by Niagara Lodge, No. 2, in 1911, and replaced in 1990. The fragment of floor covering with a few masonic symbols: the Sun, Stars, King Solomon's Temple and the Square and Compasses.
Lithograph of H.R.H. Albert, Prince of Wales, M.W. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, 1875 
Images    Framed coloured lithograph of H.R.H. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, M.W. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, 1875. Prince Consort, Albert Edward was eldest son of Queen Victoria and king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British dominions and emperor of...
1946 "Victory Issue" postage stamps 
Objects  1946,   Two three penny (3d) British Peace Issue stamps of 1946, also known as the 1946 Victory Stamp issue. These postal stamps feature both masonic and non-masonic elements: face of King George VI surmounted by a crown, a dove carrying the olive branch, the square and compasses, and a trowel and portion...
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Niagara Masonic Lodge No. 2