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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 19, 1962, p. 2

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philip and pe ler 118 urlph st hava re turned from a two week va catitin at their cottage on deo rian hay miu marv rum daughter of mr and un jimri ir ram of uelph st ipenl the 11 week with the nohlei several pupila of irkl 1j auccrfuly aad their i 1 t tap and rhthm eiamin ationi held recently in harm ion j an i a houakill received honoura atandins in her firare two joy llainaa uaa atirceu ful in her ffrada two and ie anna ijt paaed her primary sgt albert carter haa retur ned lo camp pftawwa after k tt 1 v v- 1 ii a m rl him m h f r hhola dix on i trnlr o the wrrk she ti 1 1 i vol mini iom v cifu rom mi i unity frieixl- ait 1 nrl kblo ir lilheir 1 rlllln and nnlf err held and mr h r idr ctk anl mr i llarclay m i rr w 1 nit r ijinl inch l- r l1 lis the hote aa mo ts tr- m t onipton and h- j tamtxll pending three werkt u parrnta ur and ur cherries grapes peaches w w h a w ha 1 cai lirm luutftul ttlngt u i graa tharipin tamdlait ha 1 grade dallclaui fraiana lb 29c lb 29c qt box 25c a u w 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formed a bick eorjrrtown i for lha mreddinb ot dit owen sou rn st till and jiarlrv prior to tn nnth cilliri in st george a hrulr ua rntr un churtth on jul 7th ichrn horr c the bride li the daughter of trndant- and mn howard stull of s milton and the groom 4h aon of mrs mane tillif the lata harr illin of h 4 milton rv ronald stublev official t h double nng cere y xtui ttarbara lvani of etrtwn tantr pcrfr i and the wedding pra dunng ihf aenire i given n niarriag b hrr the bride chme a tia i ttiottal white floor length of aatin orrskirled in ijrlofl with chant ill v lace ind i her veil of r nglih chin itr lac and net wait ikth she carried a cascitlr rd tweethcarl rotes i the bnde a auter in law pn t marie stull wj matron of flur and hrr cousin i mil irohmcnt attended hrr dfimald dremrd identical turquoir waltz lenjth of lace and net o r itln thry wore while arte- i m tnd earned bouqurti of ly fold roaea tit flower girl i 1 the bride ivy anne stull waa d retard in white nvlon lid lacr v it 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china tha latter part of t hi rramboiiom of 1 month where he ia to be at a lioned in saigon for the nenl marsaiet arnul i jear mr and mri i arter i i with hrr um olhrr ann signalman rranri nia arirr it ilationed at rorlhrn rv soejt cermany t onralu iti n k john itvrr- ui r a little m n un kirkpttiirk i miihonaliu harrv dillon hat been kit thi giorgetown herald mi with hli coimn he thurtday july lth ldl smith at the atore talvin pacik 2 sjndrron and i nda and itn in sji ballinafad cottages from fire local tes save feneloii a local umik mr an i mr- herb lurlow ur tl and dims 1 of 7 sarah st err credited with siting 4 lire of mimmrr oittitp 4 111 ion tall- from mirr di triictmn 1t lhurj jhoi in n to thr radio ktation a 1 indtav a mu ton i i mr harlow and marv were 1 tutuing o thr ir own cottier after swimmini icmhis when they dicorrcd a bruh fire rajunfi out of con irol near the uiimnrr whim llir pair umni wtt bal u brat out the alancin flamr ami urrcfull un peded the fire until fircnirn arrived to ukc v r thr battle mr- harlow hrlpc i l orfiamzing thr cottagi 1 into a bucket brigade ai thev arrivid at the scene the fire chief aald the cot tjgei would have gone up for mre hut for the quirk action bj ttie eorgttowu famil accordinji to the new a broadcast collection is stolen thr while fathers at mass mr and mr i rirl and inilv he returned rmr ro p w s aftrr hiiidaviug al tobin a is min swetman and their i nd in uke iloeau the nei lw0 bldren bob and anne dav mr larl flrw to ho land from kmon w viiton on a humiirsi trip georgetown and nmnal hopilal lulv 1 strict kll cub pack camps at ri waterfalls playground in plnuffe are 1 this week with alio viiiting lativei i onratulation an beat ihi are 1 xiendrd to ithoda fy dunn and donald dickson of tluin llir win sjlurdjv in i nilel church th mr and mra gordon itea and family is retwav drive he ia mrs rea 1 brother and have been stationed in with ihe rt af id mr ere married ar n 8nln 0 ere married sprina whrf hf w tl hhinu rertainlv had ideal tioned th mm 1 la rase their mother mn ii j thr for tlm allmportnl of toronto waa ilo ocrasmn hl if ihr nqw iuln i waiil it nice to hear e i tape cod man for 111 band coiinl on the green week a hnhdav sundav aftrrnoui t he were rntrrtained at the u heeler col limihousi tjle at life conclusion of thr concert mr- m ka the former net 1 duki non and osildren of mjsillori ohio kited with mrs paul uagttaffe lat weak llir huiband n stationed in rrinanv with thr isa arm mission ladies monthly meeting w e welcome mr ai genii m hrinnin village thehave boujhl thr former home of the nrdin hanagana we rjnl the re rnoval from ih xilljr of ih hanagana who have muvtil ti nramptun i un are plmrd that mi- mitchell is progrrmiij favour ablv in si mirhael hnpilj following her oprralion 9 are aony that mi la mri rindlav is ill in teorte lown hospital but hi pe tint she mav aonn he well again hie 11 llil nnm i rn nut f r hi nd mi 1 and illi tht m f 1 i nl parv m k nt rt n lohnwo plav 1 mr and fa d wi rr mr roberl lcrnery is feel mg much better and is a hie to he home again after being confined to hotpitat for a few da free mr ml mi ith in- hi itln r mr 11 mr and mrs rred mack and family of urlph vimted with mr mark on sunday the ground are being level led off and a well drilled la ihme vvrek at the site of th new week hall a meeting i also being lt mm hed this week to consider the ilendrrs diamonds cleaning inspection ultra ionic method will reitoro genu to onqmal tplendour security impaction at well boughton jewellers 3mainsl nti 74313 i ilnn iini i i v liuh ill i fnrtnrr nnalil in hi li v 1 1 ti mil lin akiir hi nil nl mn a umtnr anil mr hnh ami ill hiihrmi intllit w ihr slinrllll cil lll ml anil and mr inclr rn a mnlnr uip i iki inh ihncrnl i tha wa lr jnyfil tha w m s mrt al tha hnml of mra rrt rfnton on ttiura day vnins lha pnaidrnl mft mltchrll l rnrcr ami it mpcclpclhoma mr slnr tnok th chair thnrlly mie ao wtitrd wuhl w r hv mrl hrr parrtiu mr and mr jim cr d 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make a worn ujiiyvli il liliiliftl compliment he can pay her and lta usually tha laiu the recent thunder itnrm with their ery loud thundrri and fierce lightning did not mf and mr- mnirj u it hrlp the dry condition of thl rirlvenhlirsl intj brtcebrlt8t ground very much tbe l wev are all brown and tound like walkinson straw cuterna are dry and wella are running short of water what ia need ed ia lesi mtue and more rain but trv telling that tohe weatherman most home ou orrji of the jjllaitc rot qiiheahookthta pnit week when they received their tax bill in many caaai thy taxes were aim oat double the newton thiddelu atten ded the hardy reunion al stanley park a couple ofwaeki ago mr and mra rert benton her little cousin audrey jeanette king of btlwood tended the kllri unon thornbury on sunday wtat they were laat year in aplte of the fuel that they have been rising tnntinumigly anlde from the rihinu public arvd iluti school tayci he raiie ap parently la due lq the rhm psjiinent viuiemrr old 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