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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 19, 1962, p. 4

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georgetown herald 22 main shs sav ontario w c ub4h rvmkur thursday july 19th 1942 editorial comment hospital needs help hcntly the local hospital board n t- u uhet to over 2000 town fend district wskuai tiling enisiinc in cash or pwd- jpm to assist in mking further impow toents and tn hap rvg lo py off if large jebt incurred wtn the hospital vvai bult ye go j acceding to ma wm b hamilton hrdld ibe mailing for the board t lo date have been enyth ng but raging and ih it hopeful that en tr wcd n rive herald miy conv nee meny of those who received utters of the mpoiinc of dd rg their financial w ght fc pwe wtv4n the kovpiftl was bu it there w tubtuntiet pledqei nd donet ont from ff4ldnh and without thai no bu id ng cdold heve ben undertaken the board feels that newcomers f town linos than hav at large a ttaka n the hotpttal ai had rat dents at t ma of cteulructton and it feels alto that ton who c6utd not pladge at thai tima m ght how fest able to tpara a few dollars seeds for a reunion soceeii of a recant party in honour of mill roenc lukt pr or to her departure fo new teach ng pot it on in the c ty how how popular a complete h gh chool reunion could be sat pome to latter tent to students of the peit thirty yaan who had aat in m it lukvt cutiroomt wat tremendous and cipecity crowd which attended hid a wonderful evening of reminiscing the committee which handled tha party wisely plarvle minimum of tpeec melting njp0ved ample op port un ty for chitting aftar the dinner we have never teen a happier crowd and would udg there ware a few hoarse vocet next cuy personals please one place where tha herald hat been stymied in a fatt growing town it in the number of items con tan ed m the soc at ftnd personal columnt it teems to work m ravers tive larger the town the less itamt th t column contain with town growth we have loit tome of the pertonal touch which made th t on el the herald i bait featurat in yaart gone by time wat when a sunday drive ferourvd town would toot a strange cir a lewnful of vlntort and often we had our peronr without evan a phone call now georgatown u of a size whare we do not know our neighbours at in timately and we mutt rely more on the kind nett of people phoning to tall ut of their vultt and visitor in thlt tame department it wa quite uiuat e fw year back to have birthday v partie included for young georgatowneri no one need stint rhemialvs to donau to a hospital many may feel at we do that hospital should be enliraly financed by a senao government and that locauied campaign are not the proper way to raite money for a service which alt can ute but until th t time tomes it ji lmpr- at ve that private money be addwd to the a ready substantial governnment a d and lite lioip ut board it anxtou to obta n th t with a minimum of afort and expni a few dollar from eech of the two thousand odd recipients of the circular would v go a long way to tolv ng present financial problem if you have had a ralative m hotp fit or foresee that th t wilt happen you are really not clonal ng at ell whan you give five or ten dollar when you th nk of tiie transportation coits which were formerly incurred in tr pt to brampton and guelph may we hope that large percentage of people wl o read th t w ii dec de r qnt away to ancloie a cheque or a peuj i tha envelope they received now that t hat been proven rov for mer ttudentt i ke to get together peihapj thoie reipo n ble for if d nner m ght cont der a full icale rtun on at a later d it would be particularly t mely nei tpr ng wnen our new h gh tcitool w ii be in full operal on gradt of a few yeart back would welcome the ct ance to tee through tr e new compoi te tchool and con pare t w th the d imantled o d bu d mg where tney rece ved the r high tciool educat on there are many who would gladl terve on a reunion commute and it take only one or two to get the ball roll ng sugar by bill smiley jve anw til yu wrl feuw tvrw ot tike ew ftuwajknwl atvtf k i utlif aeewar bl ua aw uali4 be yt what li iw about a rluall6klaf tadau uiat briaati eut uw too- atrattlcn forvmuj ia every wo- fauut i hvbt bu ae buty unte i workad tbe ttldnlgbt le noou falrt on tbe uka bau twenty yara ago i rrt lb uwo cbalr out in tbe tuonuni isd uvcr t oer u agtiji usui if time to pet away al blb hwvaktv ymj abfiuld tbe uue in ily kitfatrtj for tbe avaohia tumot we doot faj ar buad with tbaa barbecue eta un tbat jreu uuirt on tbe ebexcoat ratbr just tkrw aome taaufl it vba b bva a fauuh toward jt vu avarybody biu tha dck nat oa o tbe faulty bu been blowa u yat our ebaroeai burna whb a claw txire ftii ajid u lvw tbe food a trul rniup i t a rr a o ii tr init to ut tun unlrt 1 f tli mjur t t i tlir lofk f i eral sli irl warty ill hi t t all i ilia hurt tnnnufm unr ui t u4ii1 aurora if il it r o it of ur 1 il r t 1 bffi lisli el these too teem to ha of a larger community we hope that reidprt w 11 keep ut n m nd particularly when they have vti tort from a distance or when they travel tar afield for the r own vacat ont the soc a i and pertonal column it one of the intr ettmg featurat of a weekly newspaper and we like to keep it br n ful of nan n and newt occationally we are aked wiiat s tie charge for inclution of such an item or someone phoning thanks ut for do ng thr n a favour of publishing their newt the reverse is the cate there it no charge at alt and the favour it all on the t de of the reader or allowing ut to include thit in the paper next time you have outof town visitors a birthday party for your youngster a tin ti t forfcottrrt 01 uirr t txnr uu t urcks if duck risl utrr placet in thr l t a htll rrl h n thrj har ince htrhnl an 1 cull rrn hr krimii i thrir bnt ktritnothtr ii n ihr mil romp runnn whenptr sif clurkt ml it micm thev tmd tlr t idr jt cunlrnl 1 cure divtrnl j n nr bfini krpt ainuwl h l i anlu- of the funny fraiti err1 fsmitj milton the nfw iwlniinmc p 1 t the kelfto dam uivmi area rl of milton oprnrd lat ueek nul ud arr r ti i u it i n thiimat n hiinrtrcrl of swim mrri 1 tir i n- r it n autli ont has h rr i tlirtc 1 ti iu t ipi r s thr pool ni tu i including a iior in ui s 1 1 urr un acton app n mi it of u i 1 j u rikkinr i arwir for thr town ol alton lut uirk ronphtrs lint town mini iripi u1t ilhout a full time twoi r sine novi in lwr of la t ur tic irk ha impii d ne by ihi office auft rr ihe past etp it jcar he hi b n in tie vtcv ns ilepartineiit f melnipohtan toronto in f tohicokr the date book sky high in dreamworld sir i si i i in in wir 1 fct me ur i t i ij 1 i i c inr up x k 4i1 i i hi irjrn ui mm i the i j1 think at r pin i t i hi in jin b ah i ml in ta i i ha 1 iut i i 1 i t i 1 lhit i h mr krmrd t tie aajink ha c jine aim t three lb uand mllei b rail f r thu trip to the spjre setdle ik loft ai wkaf ilk ewut it u n u aw ua skavufl j u u eukt u om 9 tke auya m i pot e twwcv a w w a i1vwt h iwry tlm i turn areuaj tke trvuue el ru tee hv tke je lajy akevaa e elikautk avar frfce aevue w alukaa u a fcrty iu e rk ute ilmlh4 4iin4 e eaaw wy 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reewi en talrty tke d vbuul picnic tha way ibe sacand disadvantage la that my uos afur it i wife falu atuap in tke middle lf e dandy wastertt and kaeek i knew the wkele tklne was n ebeut twe keura in bar mistake in tke ftrtt bjk chair befere we turn a tke wt and i led hr to wkan k wat yken tke lurakaa ev te bed ipadlruj if up but tke paid n and cant slaae a wink keed i ta kar de tke waedlne in tfc garden and i combln a roomful of dirty handle tke weadtng in tke balk dishes and an exhausted owly woman and you 11 understand why my morning beauty sleep another great time contumer tr rudely ahattered day after the kueit list he spend t day pr iple i i 1 t r it tht 1 1 r j r all i f the k c i i alhb an i lwnr pi ii r t i run trutbfutl a pjw h 1 a trm picture of wtial t t uns co il i expect 1 ik r hji 1 rn a number f rl t t ri in thu century 1 ji v uludfeu sjn cisco sw nk an i iflk uni hul m t ha lu i a ncortl of j tt it fllljiiri ll 1 f w f tin huil tn k ir koond- h- e sun t 1 i r mrvid a puip i n i i th ir t xh h t n dalrn h m ti pi clar e is plan nrd i t oiil for the sunimt r ui i i ii of lv2 but its tmild m s t vi a vt iwr in the uorld th i i r 1 f r i nlun 21 1 hi- w u i a t ir cntrr i whin lh kuuch auj and mt tie rkhihit disappear lh i utiful kolbif arrbts of i tl i i i u d stjti sumcr 1 j i vii n hivi a p inn t f per mini nl in ii tin ip n hi use c mp i s uith mimlir auditor nini m meril of our inadl ji citn whil th onl mono ml n hi minimi will be in i iiik pi ph to id from 1 this an i f t in un i in t n mi i nr slirk ut iut of thr span snilli will hrckon earth pr iph to m in it heighth be d tin lihtim th uis lring to fit pe pl in ou havm t thr gutt when ou ine in vacation coun tha ontario safety league to hul your eri drak in a try do this is jut part es that as you grow old in drip hrwth krit r treth f the annual summer deal uut e tably ou become bald and i 1 t kt it onh hr didn t lt ralhrr alarn mg when ji u ou lose our grip if o i js it n all j ihi th iiikht 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of dollars mdcenta mii ihe a f 1 1 t of thr spit w i com dawn in tha mern- t interest nit du t lhi tup bark tn the coniforl of vour bed at night vi 1 on 111 11 orail there have been two novel in the ih rl minui like a pleasant pastimes for the un wnmk man 1 wi nt 1 vi r fjmilv this summer however 1 prjcticall niv uholf lifr s his j both of them ue re about i r 1 rrnu inhered what it ten ears behind the rest of irrls like to treter alop a step the country but that th way ladder u h had 1 subjected up seem to operate in our mvsilf lo the prospective lor f were so busy trying tun of st in ling 10 high above ti keep up with the smilevtl lhi rood earth that we haven t time even to georgetown herald ublisked by heme newtpaaer limited georgetown ontario walter c lake publisher it wasii l anvthmii like the gid lj senxatmn i ilwa s experi 1 ncr whin looking d wn from liddrr or into a deep stair wi ii i gursa it was as close to limit a bird an one can come this was not like flying in the chin of a plane litre we were look around for the joneses let alone keep up tlh them garfield mzguvray production superintendent the first et eur new activities j l news editor is eutdaer ceeklna a few year ape we received a free barbecue sat for buying tan gillani el eat er tamethlna we office staff alleen bradlaf accountant ude parker advertising uaniger nkm lo the cloud above 0i seen u since but un- leslie clark july i 1119 73 years aoo john l sullivan fought th l i 1 1 c it bar knuckle haavvwalght thup tkvitirs tint whin rltv limn irom ovi or th st lh u50 tr t in 41 rcnl jka kllraln in 75 rsundi july i ill unt al the tool 10 1im 7j yirt gol wyom i n i lin a- i hunil in linr in dmjim it th union july wulnj j uh ln iwtj if you take a vacation trip yourself i u at tr 72201 district news at a glance oakvilli miking ri0ht turn on nd llht will u bollthml in otkvlu if in tmendment to th towns trtffle hy uw pro- pojmd by council mccu with th mmovl ot the department of tntuport the town tolic- iter 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request seams quit reasonsbla since mslton people an prea lontly travailing to brampton or rokdala tokonto townihic n q biu davis provincial member of tb lethslstbra for peel said uaf weak that th location of th ontario research foundation will b of great benent to toronto town hip it will help to at tract major industrlea to the area the research foundation picked s alts in the vicinity of tl queen vlliabrth way and the fifth line last hampton donna luack of r r 1 brampton a composite school student captured the idsj pel county delay princess crown sh dged out four other contestants at th annual ilolatein mealing held at ed mund peaeheys farm otronto cor township eahh girl gsvo s speech and waa interviewed by judges irin bert dicklaaon erin area farmer announcd plana for a farmer owned meat processing plant last week us dickjeion is welling ton county chairman of farmers allied meat en terprises th organbtatlon bulldta ota-plant- -th- plant will be the largest of seven amd will parform a complte prooeaalng cur ing and canning operation helroui th big new in fergus is that beattyt bros ut big local ural whka ehanod it ojwi n davs hastings of in my ot cll ln esrthed l whll i wss luklnolrjob baskermlle mylsa gllsoa hr thiiimiulk h rynattlm ntrl model ten thr planes i my w w wesksi bob mscarthur irl dal in the hair run i lh hack its abut 11 inchaa hlh rsnsdisn ihm cm slot n it l 1n dleter se w m jj ui mill it fur hntirt and ate our j- mm l aj mhhu aanl watkiy nawpapr association and th onurie aaaoeiauon made i- 11 1747 195 vrs ago blrlh 1- bjtl chickuint out dale- of john qulney adams timti jnl drcidril 1 klmply i j sixth us president july ij rouliln t muslir rnoukh cour 1117 145 years ego john f ke to accud when i mw the kennedy nemlnaud or prtsl rk duappulnimrnt dent at democratic netlanal platimm uhtte ue tnt un ln diameter se we sinilhii for hour and ate our ga in for reastln ekn lp looked ukr toya it but hav triad about everything jr onr a frrling of rnt nnjctv and crrtalnly 7 iplauihlr oir fantastic prcdic aloft 1 1 hirer ur cenvantlen day july 14 bastll tin ccs of my crandvon ll was j wnt and undi ritandinj hut oir look hr hivi nir niddn my stature shrink to a minute merry menagerie by walt disny when vuidoviii 1aldeda ho took up unahgl firxt ci ntury will be like fes it is in the exhibits jrrat industrial irnu andj list cmintriis of the world i shall hove more lo write nbout next week especially of tin utopian promise the loin mon market icems to te con j vivlne to the peoples of this troubled earth while i stood there aiisorblnc what euro mart means to the worlds fu ture men and women on our continent were flshtintf fear as the stock market took thu worst dive alnca the 1020 crash there aeemed to be so much more aaeurily in tlta european communityi endea or than in our habit of malt inc a fait buck by speculation certainly there are lessons to bo learned tn the visual ad venture of a jtvorld a fair echoes from th pages of th herald july 191 10 years aoo a six iocs boy scouts attendee th toronto dittricr camp at camp knnabl near haliburlon last weak roas mc- gilvray paul prust grald scott john doherty jack living- alon and bill xardman billa mothr mrs bob hardman has bean chief cook at rhft csmp this summer a holidays raws mr and mrs harold henry span last wxk vacationing al mlndn mr henry stranded or school at th univrslty of western ontsrlo srli- p ann mcniven rturnad horn yesterday from ottawa where she had boon visiting for several weeks witn her unci and aunt mr and mrs jamas marshall mr and mrs edward flnlay of buffalo war visitors for a few days with mr and mrs gejorg arnold mrs vane kntnar and her granddaughter barbara wlcrr who stayed thh lighter sidb a flveyearold boy had one line ln a kindergarten christ mas pantunt appearing in an snuel a garb to say i bring you good tidings after a rehearsal the boy u iced his mother what tidings in town last yar to attend school here are spending th sumrner in claybank sask wth mr and mrs dick welch mrs blair armstrong grry and randy ar holidaying wllh mrs armstrongs paronts mr and mrs duncan war- rindton of atlanta georgia whll mr armstrong is at sumrner school the first of tha baseball pleydowni starts this tueiday night whn gaorgatown will fleldthl6llowlng-nup- she explained tldlriri- por credit catcher sonny townslyj 1st bate ab ua robinson 2nd bass scotty pettnon or paewea matters shortstop jim klrkwoodi 3rd bat splk scott or harv were newa com tho performance and ho bocaraa tluiterad after a long embatrasslnk silence ha chappfi outfield pick dillon bobby bruce ron crendll bt rrj dou tor youl glbbs and sammy snjdar f

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