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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 19, 1962, p. 5

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children enjoyed the fewlds tilde and teerr lot un and th wide opea apace farther hlong trough the wooded ara la very baauli ful lake fd by froth apring watf and the auppjy of water ecj u out f thia world tfce ladle arranged their picotf table nicely in the fahade o a very large baasvood pelw joiw photo tree unkwtrf of the numerous here frwrrping enow how gre o wen ivere inlwr fche bee tatisned with tanv ew df power t amelling blossoms of the tree wr not in te retted m the plrnlc are the rain by this time had one a use txsembert jirvduc- ed nammiu uwl t4 tw vh atutivcrary cjebratum o wad aooi jvr the gsftl u to ounis u oibrt mr and wr ucbth hirii robrt fcod kevu law return d boou aitc vitiiuoouik w4c at w4ij bck coatralnlattoria to uf ka un hanry iiy oa tbe urtb of thr- ind traadcahlld s um i bona to mr od mr normui lvwi t codtratuulioat and beat wbbei to ur wad mr gfeojf kiutlub uw former t viv pent who wr aunrud od sat urday july 14th tu st john a anguea chihreh roelorood happy birthday to janet wal ker who relcbralei her ftth birthday oo july 24th y in mou mr end mr chrle groig new library books for summer reading hook rnthumil ran lake ad ttiwakttowh terra cotta picnic dattki by and the ladlca had a very enjoyable afternoon fok tm mst mai oh tv and stereo mor milliere tv saus and shvice 1 4 watlayan st ica vkie cubimm fuka ataan maatu mal4a uwoai st johns church serves stewarttown service is sl johaa church stewarttown will in la charge of lb aea of tw coasrexatioa twjet sunday while th rev j k aiajtwu la oa vacauoo sl johns anglican church hu alood with difnity at the top of uwartl6wn hill aerv inf the community of not od- ly anxlkam but uiyon who cared to worthip within all are made wclcoo the conjprexatioa l fmall but the faithful few have earud on throuch the years nd in lb paat fw ar much ha4 bacn doae by way o uaptwmtt uiwrh tidd cuint alonjf with the stuo work recently cai- puled nwke the church uuch ioore attrahive all this has ba dofiaud by peopu 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