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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 19, 1962, p. 6

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germanborn artist opens new art galhry a bearded rou brunmlaf j coat ol paint baion that falury wlli vitality od rtrllnmanl qpjolnfrvr and aln sommer puna- to bnaf a uttl bit of tutorporrfcajftd too former perc greenwich vuuo or too lett coflin boon ofl charlaal siml baok to coorgotowbl f new veterinarian join stiff of ahumi clink i the mottmtown hiralo twway mr itth im1 page a surpriaw aa it taay w6nl farm niwi you too can bow hav roe op- f portuoity of bromln bully tbrouib ea ajrt gallery ilalilllir lclwumi hloll llr elac it tin end of lb in iktul ilktnllwi monu cmu bom trtlat jaba m lalki jua souucr id 0po ajl art kal v lary la ud buuia it 43 cturl b j r si arthur lw un tf jv willi lb epcaln- of toll a ud urt david ltwu litltod er a dretu will b rilud vu tlgh tcuakut a tb iiih of tba artiil who with bis oil umu iw jucujlnal coop- ud two cblldna tinu buuoii bw on july 41th arthur ibt jur ago u lmlik aww trophy by tb ourert th warutb aad iruod 1 crail vuy sjla od lines of the firm tkltbbours tw ui k coarv u than wu aad li a coniualuoa utborillm tbi y- source of joy to th cnaaa fouj fcjd oa lia i at tl tin of hit trlwvrn m x u fv roolaun what if it f uruda he wu disappointed at i fcfwt fanner jennifer hsrorkle- tb ttal of art in canada m w ta by of scoluod baa i i iv brtao roobnao jlvjt tadis wjtcv- s gradual of kow dick vureoary col v of kdinburch scotland u im boriijl vrlua dr vlckl xavtti at u goorilalown an concmti olava uuuno uno toao cmlavu hu aad tot tott stoni wow tom haines now u wildly anthiuiastie u lait few yran hava teen tremrndou upsurge in canalan rt a th irtul and no to 1 rt 1 l ontario aj uoa wu biiriu uusray aruto n wa aardwj a on wlt tuli ouri at lh younif canadian artttt u of agnrxiuurai coj canidj for only ftva wki but hj twn in prrtka la lan4oo fmflmui awl in uncolnaikir he- will aunt iv ziviti rll rularly id tha larger aniiaal work dr and mrs toounan zavtu ytlv jon hioto farmerenes trade greener fields mus ttty jian ahmison a teacrwv at chapalsl public school and 1l daughter of mr and mr cureme an jer on it currently enlightening new hampshire uo or farmf and 1arm1ti on life on an ontar o i arm wh le at the sawn time learning the wayi of ttte new england rurahte its all part of an eittiange program worked through the cooparation of the 4h club here and the grange in the state betty jean jo ned dor it mellett on the farm of mr nd mx pobort millett near wooditock new hampvh re at th fir of the month end w ii ijvr on the mrllrtt farm tkltil early august whrn ttm loiltn bctonwii the guet oi the anderson farm tor a nxrlh mr and mr ainjcrion nd mr arwj mr jack mcdonald accoinpon ed btly jean ouln of the byrder i he anui ion la hi ii u i lln tun 1 no between tfve glei and terra cotia surcharge no excuse domestic price rise pool and ipraylna from thr norval air or ground it u rilimaied that auch cummumtv pnnrrjini are cutting canailiaru about k cent each prr pr hut tht modern ipray inwcll i ride methods prrtrnt some pro grandfathers death saddens vacation some milled in otrau spc al ti on rial n j auln ui uould h iterajd ttierr u no rpam jwmt i to lhi where applicable aor caiudiana to curtail thnr pttc4ta4e because f she cv einmrnt a new liriff urc at ra this uw wi- emphj i il here by a pokrwian for lh 4ii1s uiil s lhlt takrn by hi department ol sational hr knxih i bovcrninr it aue in dimniam the pumiihlr i urr tt it used the ur tfeds of sie mrmiiii ril pn ini s a- fc knl to nkst im tkml in hoohinx import dut p ru holllc ra on tome kon u sutti for rumple i in it mail he rimmibrri 1 thai cr av h x j5 r tnoul the new prolan covirm onl t fc of 13 per vtnt ne goods ami there arc aild p ieaiijtioi eflect o many othrr impnrted articles 23 nnb uould create an ait which are mt affevtmt the ujl tct men se d onlj 4u n n 1 i mmptv took t e opp rt initv ti ad 1 an extra w3 rcn j im ttlr to its oun pri vincul prolit van dea em afe not uor run atkiut the effect of the sur ch iri oi tht r sales the aa tin r i o lafkf i luint of prmlu u to w fl 11 not tw af it ti 1 t either drvaluatinn or bic urclvar and if a hox 1 the nioc tniuilati the irunuljcliire of mon jiuiii in inadt tooda th luul itttt lor the nilini tan ik imihiuiji oftuiiu j revenue ofticnl ri 1 the goods uhioh are included uill have mlher a 10 or 15 mr eent aurcharse a tiled th si h kf aurcharce p aced on tht bnneavential luxury items lie einlamiil tjt the pi i i hu tuo haiio pirpors 1 put a brake on imports in oril r to improve canada a ha lane uhuh bayment pomtlon and veron i y to attmulate the manufict ure and sale of more analim foods the oftir al atmttil h ever that the aim of lhe pi m tould be drfiatcil if ana r m tttinufacturrrs hol j en j 1 retailers use the suroiar s an excuse to hicmsim tht ir oun profit mirk m any undut oo l in tht pr k i canadian jimmk to linn them closrlj into lint with tin new pries of import d pr t duru niiiht cjue mhih n n umcrs to prefer tn import 1 product it is acknoulid i that while mati lanilnnof arirultuii rtstarch bran nude fiooils arc of comparable s ihi h ipi that m me ria or even better qualit than im tin i ana iun miinmi r pest uill ported kooils iiini cam h insi uninminun as a rattl re tnfluincrd by the fasrm siuki hiu hut tin admit that lion or tnotkppcai of a f r din nu im far ofl 1 no majoi elfin label joilticults is unim rise me lot inada with its inriad minims piols mirsliio and lluinura and somi mwiupir th f-utilt- m xiuitu lire i rticioa that iuj t it thi cnt kniuiuls mo it land work continues on mosquito control til i v isp clal to the hi i ilil 11k iu u c ime u hi n m miiit n ire w pell out i i i anada lint don t hct on it sou nt sis rft the dtpaitmin blrmi r or one thing mot quitoei tend o develop an im riiunity to intecticides the talt marsh moaqulto in sew hrunsuick it an example of the dreopment of a ntw retitt nt rain lhe research branch thjt it u nut doing very much uork un new insecticides at it it aware of tetrral new chemicals wtilch are ready to tie thrown into the fight when it beenrm ohsioo that the typet now tn ui aie lumnk their rfftctivi- ick- second crops the agtuulture department ta that tiiine tpes of mot quitoet prodiue a second leu eration in the tame ear par ticularly if there is a lot of wet wrathrr in mid iiiminrr 1 his help to prod me a sec ond crop of the pts in aujiut or earl siptimber line a mosquit krkc it self on human or animal blood it lavs it eggk hut thit dots rot nerrsorih mean the end of tha mosquito it ma still he around for some tinu and looking f r a ec nil mt al and cienuil are uurrud about lara scale use of msicli cidet some ma cause harm fill effects bv killing nm ful lift j n i t an run he injurious to humans hr world health or ganuatiun now r quirts tipprm al of an new ch mica killer bcfitrt it n reliaseil for ii m ral nst some expei ts art of tin opinion that chemicals should in l be used in rim rgi nt v kiting with mr an i mrs jiarle llrua an l k mix rlr anne for several das utre their niece and nejiluw mary anne and aujjhn sha of ilneprove hit sorrv 1 re p rt that tj t ir h 1 1 1 re intt rrup t i 1 the o jlli of tin ir kfandfathtr mr are sw of uimhlhridko tlie fu i eral was hell on ihirwlav julv 2 with burial in si ho n ih rj ct meti r mr and mrs rruk 11 irnt s have her daurht r r ranct s and fami mr ir i mrs 1- nuorlh martin i t ar i rruklr of mm mt f ll t i v ting vit m 111 i t f irs s i ce thtt u it h i i i i iniii t njo ii t n with n la tm s in tin d tnrt mss mert n harm tn i i a familv n uni ui it h r hum in 11 mill t llsii lat iii v illh uhile mr ai i mr m irtm and famih wi rt him t hi s n jocd a litrlnrut ttimu r an i a sala kii pi r an i all rnjiel the f n kt t i u r 1 mr 1 1 mr it v pin ro haw in i t j s r luir hou cboit on hi e ljke on the uet ktnd mndat juh rti tuphtgbt aulus lie went on ie lo say that twenty year ro l cohl y dr now thi will b looked bark on u a tiltuch time tly loot as the tlm of renauimc in j i partiittol in gtftowo canadian art an excitinf a iv roolman haa had eonidr tme in art he deirribed it j uouguaj uurwide aautnl rxw wiui medictne traditional impresaionut or ajertculture yzs abstract art are all welcome cooperation with the soils ive wlt 7 in his gallery the only require- prtmettl oai snd imwiw hj an ha ment 1 quality but how ow ponaorhip the credit vl l 2 tain doo he ordinary people know qu1 in sixteen and awelve ule v id onlv by looking and look 0k contervauon auth int j rh ing at all different forms of art herein lies the reaaon f or rortylwo conteitanli took art galleries he explained part in the coinpetition hjoh sn uon t 11a to mt you i the amst hat to recapture conteuni rlatifvej- 4 toll wrrt urn plating around with the innocent outlook of the typea rtl eaoh for the frow l blonde on the beach in horl viy uunl he felt reminded ill f four different crop arwi da try tn own rtmark of the rec rata reasons for their wlect e well what did ouex tut public school children a art ion pect me to play with at my i how he apoke with delight of the land judgiru compel 1 age a pall and shovel the work of tha ounjfr ehiu tlon wa atarted in 10sb mnce rrn ijter on they tend to i that time us junior rannera ropy the accepted form and awl 4 11 member have reeeiv cardhoua fpucing m liar lim their freth approach be ed training in 1and judging t ow tbompaon 60 id j regretful ln addition 111 farm operator unur he was lavish fn his praise were instructed in land use i nustell murray 74 fwinrwrl of art teacher bruce mackisonthrouifi this competition 0 11 course at ojk c bill whom he felt has the ability to pnie winner in the compe jjncliir t2 uariljn sherwood inspire originality in his pupils ution were sj follau tmon llunter hodtfen i lu the extoronttnian it may itaxnea m bob merry m bill i come at a bit of a shock to mevke ilobertxon i8 john stuu 51 know that toronto is now look tom mcdonald 70 kd van ed upon u m mecca for the iioekelen placinga 80 larry artitt an exhilarating exciting go margaret hunter pact uial hat happened to ii fifl thea tryhmtiaan kind old tory toronto the jonn a imacngs 67 new cit hall seemt to be the i kine c7 ijoreen amtol of the change iit- thel murra mctaitg minds of the artist at least ra mintay lurria c 1 mr sommer 11 deeply imprest 1 el with the design and feels it i junler it the flnt r atep touarxl jx utton ftop contcilant hrmtmg anada a architecture qo troph uinner bill aiex into tu proper time antler 70 ken ilson 78 he wat somewhat leta than mildred martin 74 don fea- enthtisiastic about the average then tone 72 alei rinhie tubdivision houte while he pucing 71 jeff nurse 71 duntil thrlr deilgn tie uas maureen aweeunan 70 iarryi empliatlcallv approving of the f ct most of them are occupied li the ordinary worker in this iphin i u rope is behind can ad 1 hr stated our reporti r left u ilh the picture tif this bearded artist tliisstd in jamaica shorts paint inj but not with canvas and pallette with an ordinary pain brush and houte paint he wati uj a ladder gmnj his house a for dependable sales and service pl ymoutu dodgl chk ymlr valiant hat forgo tiuth inurtulwiul tiiuki come to maveal motor sales umited main st notth tr 73611 insurance travel walter t evans co trianglo 72512 si mill mm samving your ovmrnunlry for over 40 ytart mr nn 1 mrs shorn in i jitlu iuti r 1 uni io hit n liw i iiauhi n vi ih ion iboat ml hill 1 mros mr an i mrs mil hrissie i ii i t1 iv i tin n t n the i nj ii d the discount rumours ct gooda u doing to kkjroclut in tni n a nu land in the next month or two w re iultitaud mon juamp dram discounted here one prcv alrt morp 1w und report su- imed that a s100 jin mosquito mj im forced mans suit mlj cost m0 hv i ur ljck fn september hl lhl ar i factors national ilevcnu pona out l prl rly plnud ev that the mi mat nil an i i mw irr proj ct und lj lruj if unportsl will fici a ah f urchnrgl of nnlv 5 pi r cmt while extra char s tind ti i w it r which uiwtt an increased crop of the tins buzz b umber and tlun of cdutm there is j tht wind a coniniunity or an 1 an a tan tpi ml jt v t ral hutul rctu or ihnilsjnils of dollars on tprjing pro onl to eyramid as koods pasx from n port cm to manufacturer lo wholesalers and to n tailrrs the ojtielal mid he u be tcr fikss ztjl u ww thouhimds of the 40 per cent fcukktcl outiiiu an eocample of how the tur iul aincll dcp r1 chariie works u eiven in the blulve t cnmmun ease or an item impnrted di am taurljlt a thmlld cou cl by the ri taller ul a co4 to him ni 100 the normal jo per cent tariff would uitdsuu to tlio cost and if vm item i jtinnc tn do hattlt they say lllkru it no quest i u ti that a proper anti mosquito prog rum v idoih pnv uivtdeiuli in added in the luxury ejus the is pcril or peopie eent surcharge would incroae tha price to 135 mhon the js vwlmlolralc ta of 11 ptr cent pvls oddod it lirinsuu rolul cost or the item to 140 09 umltfi the now sohwlule com pared to 133 20 under the pro r vious rste a 40 per cent rt i tailors markup on top of this would result in a total price i io the consumer or 2000 compared to 18648 fravitv modern methods whilts solno communlllei such ui orillia odtsrlo ailnod early recognition or a concea- tratcd program of oiling swamp land in the early iprlnf the more modern methods are now fovored tlito include upread- ma granulated ddt on the snow throwing plastic capaulei of insecticide into atasnant churches combine for vacation bible school the nation bible school kjminsored hj the irt shvti nan and united cliursh unili r the leadership of he h duncan son and held in the irabjcr tan church come to ah end on lriduv july 13 leadert liesldrt u dm canson were mrs join m mc ci ure mrs 11 o knapptr sharon burk sallv names and lnda shea wiui the ajnisi mice of i vtral ouu rs ulio hclpexl out for two ur thrci daa i clilldnn attending leanntl i new onu and memory vltsis und did raft work in relation to the hubjects taught 1 lu topic for the junior wus km hht ut tbo king ami for tin primary rriindi of uie kliii during craft period the jim iors built the knight castle nn a sure foundation and each took home a knljjuu uiiold they had made the prlnurv group made a knights chapel alonjf with other crafts and proudly carried their work home thoseauendlng jpnojt ed the vaomllonsostool and are sorry that it is flnftihod for this yar miss milrley pinley of ivranvp- ton uu bejhalwaihg with iter aunt and undo mr and mrs john mulder buaabbth and laurie tor aoveral oays svv i nun 1 1 mil filun lie wh on of ilnmjilim i v isit ii with h s st r in 1 f imtlv mr ni i mrs t mel i in for a coiq t f u i ks missi s rvst l en 1 1 vrlvn lamth hi rjl lit mil uol ii it lot k sp nl si vinl tins or their holidijs it iikt sumoe mlct htm ms shir was held it th- h miii of mr nor m ni tiiithru on ut im mi iv v entiu j il ii ji i i mi of miss rhndi dixon of trim wth lamsi former of norval tucstt svere mostly former school friends a social tn mm of jnnes aftir uhioi mrs slu ill tood lt avifcted the bride in open ln htr rlftt 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