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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 19, 1962, p. 7

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ino offence scotsmen but r te minor baseball ttr td in jackamvllu lost a eloe game bwhu 41jckuivlll pitched and run atw iimimi yiuao theyve finally buried the pipes good fcruff tww hit a inurtutiooal league bowed to their ant ou of tb wason at the wwdl of rocbesur pllcber avt- ee inunwt ttotbasuf took full edvoialaga a t w aod pjtcbws wbo never found fjkelr fcirevua form fend cum top witb p toavlncw evl sritl iiwjdu k cvruii bplurge id tb flftb inaijc ceiuvtbi- war h6t aeriua tbrt at fcay hbm to- ye who took the tini 1bjj lack of ft com petent piteber for toronto kl lowed troato rurttwkjf ivkd which tby malnuind until thir final innlnir tbe wmki american league tetlott productd i crop of lour avco which reflects the in treating proficiency if ibu ufo ww tdfrd ful cswuw by oni run to leke tha kama 4 3 carl yowling ifeulng arrow tmr the winning kan city and ratio elated with a 44 tie boston wx0 abead 4vq in the fourth bu kuui cam up with two doubles and two triples in tht flftnl he up u game ftal t wmf elipped from tha top monday was c day at the ate ia the myth cal concree fkxor that are a parror a d board men bart a ke have pot wllh a 4j lou to dtrlt jebaled about for un plee seasons wont n f r ally and the result n akei tr o old ice palace look ike a new sroclure jlotb team turned in 1 p per ac pounng 4ta moxjay morn ng at 8 a m and by lata efternoo i tho u qhfly gr d of ppi that carry the buwairvlll illohm w br no were con pletrly bur ed the operat on iho ud n ako iho bu d ng more popu ar year round up until the flrtt innlnf off twobaie i no ha been vo d of act v ty for 6jnonln out of every yiar bit by creg hlftbatn but de troll bald tbam off tha scora board for tha remainder of the gaua while chalking up on in the third and three more in tha fourth chic white tan pitcher curry faeedy recorded 14 slrtkeout to ahut out the oiling mw yerw yankee 4 0 fehterrw alto played a etandout garoa behind theplae for tha whit bo cuv war wide tha yankee a first base- faun hit a double and a triple and right fielder dan dens- fear made an outitanding catch tha vatlonal league also produced a tied game clncln- tati levelling with the la pieir 7 7 ullwaubae pitcher mtlllp lav 1 1 parked a good tan affort and recorded a so abutout ovtr the st leult car unala the other game in the league taw the glanta tike a narrow 33 win over the pittt- burajh flralea liaoui standings kaniu city a 3 i 1 minnrkoti 1 1 3 clevrland t 3 3 ii 1iuton li 2 2 2 n new urv u 11 0 nation u j w t 1 pu mlluaukre 0 4 j h st iiun j 1 0 llnclnattt 3 2 1 2 5 iii anbi ira 3 2 1 2 3 plttsburth 3 2 3 4 san francisco 0 2 4 4 campbellville wins game little leaguers despite mclaren pitching to play in toronto stadium international p w t i pis ulchmopd buffalo rocheitar toronto columbui jack aonv ilia s fl 3 s 3 s 3 fl1 s 1 10 1 10 2 6 2 5 a 2 5 1 ill amtjucan i p w t lpu detroit 6 4 2 8 chicago fl 4 2 8 baltimore 6 3 12 7 lam uhrkb hksllts jacksonville 2 uutfalo 4 itorhrmer 5 ilichmr n i i columtms 3 toronto 13 cleveund 3 minnrsx ta 4 baltimore 1 prtruit 4 chlcako 4 new york 0 kostun 4 kansas c tj 4 ullvwuktr b st 1 n 0 pittsburgh 2 bun trancin 1 ctncinatti 7 los aiths hjti m gamrn july 19 jirksonviile vt nichmnnd columbus si lluffjlo ilalllmore si cleveland minnesota si detroit milwaukee si san fraucio july 34 jacksonsillc ss toronto ietroit va uomon flaltlmore s kansas il milwaukee vs pituburh loi angeles v st iouis 1 july 36 i rochester ss tolumbiu buffalo vs richmond can pbellv lie defeated georgetown 6 3 suncfay july 8fh n campbellv he but tr ey were hard pressed as lyn mclaren one of last year s all star p id ers held thtni to three i rs mclaren was n top form as 1 e allowed o lly li re i ti walked three and struck out seven harry ham hon itartcd for campbellville and was brill ant for the f vo mn ngs he worked ham lion has been out almost two weeks v th wrtt n i j nk wa oakville turns tables drubs midget ballsters b at at o- j4y sarh4rb bw m km aw ocate 4l s wrw ee s4w cit vawy vmt ilihi m w kl wetv wakl nly isvw mm w w ww tak att ucud t t a tons i infection and he t red relieved by jack roberts hamilton tough i hamilton shut geeraatewn out ever the 6ve complete innings that he pitched he allowed two hiti walked two and struck out ave in four innlnai rob- trts allowed three runs off five hit and struck out seven campbellville jumped into a 1 j i in the first inning icad ft batter ullott walke 1 and scored all the uav from first when the left fielder let win drove single get iwi from him winkroc ended up on trcond he stole third and scored on an infleld out i ingllt homers the score remained 20 until the top of the sixth uhen the first man to face roberta was in the intense heat and was minnesota si new york vs cincinnati vs chicago cleveland san francisco lyn mclaren afe on in error inplls then stnashc 1 i home run rr the right meld fence t tic the score at 2 2 it remained tied until the bottom of the eighth hobrrts got on when his tilth pop in the infield was dr pperi he stole sec n i an i ittrr hholt walked ui rii rove doubli i hun home i llliott scored ai dredge grounded out to first and win grove came in when 1 lender on ground d to thorttr p the hortstop overthrew first and henderson scored from second on an infield out in the top of the ninth with tun out three straight singles by ilitcliit mrljrrn and i hi etttt produced ciiortftluuns fliul run illiko infills homered and singled for fr orjetow n lilt chio smjilcd twice and doucette mel arcn and mclchlan all hit safdv onci al wingrove double and sin gled for campbellv llle and jack itolerls tripled for their only hits ltyt i w peter jftivoa pboto george knudson likes georgetown thi ooucft that people mre comparing with stan leonard and al balding at canada s top ihot maker george knudion was tha gueit of georgetown golf and country club proj i m button jll5urdbyt and had pothlnq bujgowlngadjectiveaforfhet8 rjole tost of golf c1 1 1 on the towns northern ilmlta thechampion of numerous pro toumamttnts toured the rolling layout in 69 strokes five less than the home pro ho called the georgetown course a pleasant change from most now courses which can be circuited with half tha clubs in the bag saturday auuit 11th will be the day th miner ball player have been waiting far arrangements have been made with the toronto ma pie leaf baseball club te al low all member of the gear- calown miner batabell as- teclatlen to participate in little league game george town player only at th maple leaf stadium pel lowing their awn game ell players will be the free guesta ef the maple leaf ball club whan thay ptay richmond th omba gams will alert at t e m end will run through until 1 pm fellow ing the games all niemhare will gather fer e picnic lunch in centre field at the stadi um with their parents tach player and parent will be expected t provide their ewn lunch parents ticket fer this gata allday affair regular si 3 general admission tic kets will be available from gmba teaches umpiree and executive at the reduced fi gure of si 00 each ef which the gmba will receive a per tion this ticket entitle ad mission te the morning lit tle league game end the afternoon leaf richmond double header we want all the beys te enoy themselves at this e- vent end tine wa have re gistered iso bays we will need volunteer transporta tion any adult interested in making sure no boy will be left behind due to transpor tation shortage and who wish te volunteer their service ere asked to call any of the following mem bare of the gmba executive a toon possible w r bill smith yr 73043 n i norm macklem tr 7w44 d k dave bouford tr 73510 w r ray ballenllne tr 7us6 m i mylei gil ion tr 44459 bunkwri itettw i wvv i mu w to oi ykdy jv ualv tkebtw aewe a art i il vliu a- fcuu tkw fcb a ixteaty at mt ited t utj nw wltb diw w waw wucai st tie uoj by devlmt b as j k mi a pieyu sw tm wayisa k wv euy i lwllws m l rluf fcusd nly ww suskk s ejl kwiwk mc twdrw uslor and i mut aju4rt 1wm ciirjl wjy wri tly to t wtuj ui eab j umm kw um ba in ill vutwy ciin fc arw ftr sad d-itr- gv kuta kum te mm4 wph ki ttuael bb wkwl twy mimt ow sw yto mhr e4 ylitil kit twy le t wu tdcerned ttuw hit md fcleln vmj w- dwwj pjtdhin tba rsmwmd mu mlh flwlm utu by u9ub fcfid tuftunuxi j oppurti a frutfiaifcw c plyr ajsd mtmmu fv fw j ciiri tbe uj i i i j tewfi runs stele ehxkt aus tcie allstar took dvaugttab al tj bail tad alusoyasb of every sakville snuuka tfeej i m tka ball tkk ia tba ing eight bears and tilting u tat mt tmj whrf baa on pafcrd balls or wid trkee ale tt a sinailw bit bail tba two locol rune were trov eaelbrr bara rlrtil to 14 it perfect cqueeae bust plaj v rtfapl asa aad ftl fcaatla both the georgetown rrew played i one of their best games to dale georgetown bid evea vruas u five hits and on error oik vi lie mets ha i two rune a ease hit and four errurs uavttsai wae the winning pitcher sink ing out ten batter and usuuag nine walks gregory was tbe loter for oakville ctrikinf ul sevm batten and luuin ut wa in turn tabtea od fh wara tuuty of error taw chatter of che atnaer keep 4bem m d uanger bui aaond ettook dp bk ktya tss tbe loot btfoisg end prw ed eoave enveepbac cbancjee tb kvtiins gaene at oekvilu ttedfy ktmitmt oejcvtlui ton afie goorgeiinrn coes casibeuvuw tbk tbor ead runj haoa la boat i viue teo eejb oa sunder july 32 at 1 pa laiowff jubdr tuhsssv rherer ajj h kbl af iwry laaa s7 jo jf kirk cwnwina 1 6 8 kvok jiraweur b 3 1 jiql lllik- m 8 uk ctldceod s3 4 3 jbtl bsu jesrejra i3 4 1 jstl wayne lwtdm li j i aml alktw bleir 1 x oo job uonktaass is s o omi itod ptmatwood ull biea ivwdley j 17 1 x fi rvillingcreaoy hafmihufcouae tuir ru wax imr i bob edwards plumbing 8766951 ksrmtdr on sunday s4 bemr tke table were completely rover sed as oekviue met rubsrd the georgetown ailur oor ki the dirt by clobbrnoc tbeea u3 oakvslle bad aevesi bu and two error to georcetowws two hit and fifteen error 11111 jeffrra took tb bu aftrr allowing five run lb seta and 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