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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 17, 1969, p. 7

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5 8 people have more time to do things in the summer mora time to shop and more time to write letters j5 judging from the many have re ceived in the last couple of weeks here are a few excerpts dear hilda as a consumer i am interested in getting the best quality at the lowest price consistent with satisfactory service mr h dear mrh well said your words should be the slogan of every consumer what you are interested in getting is exactly what we at l oblaws are interested in giving dear hilda many thanks for your kind attention to my letter it is good of you to take time to write me and i assure you we wgllajways be loblaw shoppers appreciative customer deiraic i answer every letter and sometimes spend hours digging into questions to make sure i come up with the fight answers we hope our customers benefit from our answers as much as we benefit from their suggestions y director of consumer relations w if yoti have a shopping problem a suggestion m or a complaint hilda wantt to hear from you write to her at loblaw groceterias co ltd kjg 545 lake shore blvd wesf toronto 2 m wa weawjfam wawatafavmba ib special cudney choice from 2 k 5 m special cudney choice from jjll concentrate h ft i s j mmmm raik swifts lazy maple mindless side bacon 1iarcc vacpac tmpoklto boneless lamb ideal for barbecuing prime rib steaks l first 5 ribs short ct prime rib roasts li v w lb skoal swifts sugar plum minimum fat shank off cooked smoked hams whole or half lb special swifts premium oven roasting corned beef brisket special mary miles wieners ideal for barbecuing lb 2lb pkg vac pac 79 98 109 85 legs 89 5st chops 45 ly jhja blaakfll4 ammatf mpikt mvcd irnrd vlhw minced ham 79 nmi mirnow cure rtcmu nm udmcmtom loaf mumma tcto wa cooked meats 29c siema brand salametti 109 siena brand kfcv sopresetta j 09 79 cod fillets lowaws thuk little pig s pork sausage minced bccr chuck dccr booth bftamo vc p 39 69- i i i s special hush fc choice hh p haddock fillets 82c braising ribs 65c speciali ocean spray or universal red a f r a wwawawm wjk special alpine club special powdered skim milk milko special nabob coffee 3lb package ttl mb bag each n mfammwwmwawrjavajawwmawa speciali trivalley special loblaws kitchen pride large 24 0z size special mother parkers special libbys fancy imukorsi m wa wmzawjva wawjrjrjlmwjlvjra y j apple pie special mother parkers tea bios special sx ihi cooked injsip ims economy pack special allens all varieties special lynn valley standard 14 fl 0z tin peas special mother parkers deal pack 1p mmomm special loblaws majestic atmy bread xl tomato or vegetable amrjtaxx rarawwawaraatxrata1katjkvtlkvar rami ecnocmi i fwmgttrgayluuirrleswnst01ieiiaiaiaot s cream opthecrop from amzoima pjren lgifli then edls grapis fr0m south africa sweet juicy mmm4 t pound a pound from aust crisp ju i i 27e iimioimtsw x iooo for havaipwayv niriir miriraiiirjt

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