Daily British Whig (1850), 13 Jun 1903, p. 1

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DAVY WENORANDA. PIRES] 'wmphel] Bros. for the best hats. i Spring fever by any other name would laziness just the same. j fohr minutes of sun light. on: Sunday mind isn't necessarily balanced because he parts AE Gengrally s when a woman tells a racy story she gets the point ' that it is m' a dead calm. Moonlight excursion for Nurses' Home, PE MDL Hi ' l fi alain i € . ) A NS LW n # the sun rise and sun set will be at 3 Fhe bast mui and the only chair that and rability, from A Kentucky editor has the following announcement standin 2 in a third<class post office." 'Opens House, Princess St. RADING UNDERTAKER, . RTC. Our Optical Department is in better condition to-day to look after your Spec- tacle or Eye Glass Wants than ever before. SMITH BROS. AND OPTICIANS. JVES CAREFULLY ~ EXAMINED. ical smite ra T06ONTRAGTORS. NDERS WILL BE RECEIVED AT { the undersigned (where plans cations may be seen) pani, TUESHAY, 16th inst., des works required in * Home and for remad- Wing at the Kingston BEAUTIFUL SETS Oo you 'ut a price Lo a e in odd shapes, and very cheap, $1. 2.25, $3 and up' OBERTSON BROS. (LAKE ONTARIO X' PRK) Eniatged Pavillion --Seating Capacity 700, THE SEE ) tender not necessarily Monday, June 15 Evening at 8:30. Matinee Satarday ats o'clock High Class Vaudeville HUGHES AND BURNS. GWLANDS, Architect. Mice 258 Bagot Street. A WANDA EGYPTIAN PALMIST tine. ee ee Prices from 50, '$1 1.75 RICE AND LAMOTHE, Comedy Acrobats. VICTORIA WALTERS. In Songs and Dances; Found 1! At No. 332 King St. The best place In the ¢ity to get your mebls. Spécial rates' to table boarders. Short 'order work a specialty. "WE NEVER CLOSE." CONGRESS RESTAURANT D ROOMS; BOARD; arders, at Mrs Street. | SPAY, IN OR NEAR MAC- ark, A GOLD BRACELE ded on returning to W TUKSHAY, BVINING, Clergy and William A ded on returning to Mi TA Wh Apply te Mrs. Breden correctly --does it at all times tell the truth add only the truth? send it to our repair de- partment for correction-- watch repairing is re: ceiving 'special aitention at our hands. p. B. CREWS, JEWELLER, ¢. Johnston & Bro. Suopessor 10 4, © §50 REWARD. 16 the con- having hoison- 1.8 WANTING STEADY at vGould's factory; op Tin street. OY OR MAN TO MILK whisk "makers. St tories (Limited), Toronto. -------------------- PORTRAIT AGENTS WRITE fi easily clean- STOP RUNAWAYS; aghape" Coy also women to Was te Geopge Gibson, having caused p MURDERERS. a : with Money, Take worge Duy near Columbus, lay night by ntered the Duyer, bound gretfully demanded money theny his cash, pundred dol ars kberately shot and Mrs. Duyer | herself and gare pon a wealthy farmer, FASTER EES - bo Ss i. bir winido, REN 0 ZEAR HARACE TE hs, The Bisley Teani ; Jors mst gley team on the | ! RY Bele af ee Fin : in i Military hip corsets, Soc. New York , | ther was found grasping KINGSTON "CALAMITY : ---- y Would Be The Adoption Of The Proposals. ) LORD ROSEBERY A SPEECH BEFORE LIBERAL LEAGUE. 7% MADE Chamberlain's Plan Not Well Thought Out--What Had Made The Loyalty of Feeling Evine. ed in Late War--Proposals Very Detrimental to Prosperi- ty. London, June 13:--Lord Roschery presided ut a meeting of the Liberal League, yesterday, and in the vourse of a speech he declared more empha- tically than ever his previous utter ances Against Chamberlain's tard proposals. He credited Mr. Chamber- lain with the best"intentions, but de- clared that the colonial secretary had net sufficiently thought out a plan. The burden of proof lay with Mr. | 850000. Chamberlain, and it was imperative dd ------ that he dig up the robust tree of free A FINE EVENT. trade, to soc whether the roots were ---------- fullest enquiry be held. The system of free option for every part of the empire had made England the market of the world and produced that mited state of feeling evinced by the outburst of loyalty in the South African war. Morcover, the vast virgin tracts in the colonies, which were pointed to as sources of Great Britain's food * supply, where none were exempt from droughts, and it wai impossible, if the éropk of Canada failed, , that England could cose her porte to the world's grain. Lord Rosebery had come to the de jiberate conclusion that so far he wn disrsweod * the proposals fothing more detrimental to the prosperity of the empire had ever heen suggested. sound, and that -------- THE GREATEST YET. ---------- Outlook Is Realized By Grain Growers. Winnipeg, June 13.--The spring bul: letin of the department of agti culture of Manitoba, shows an in- grease in the total crop area of 568 155 adres, of which 42,958 acres havg been in wheat. "The bulletin, which 1s Jooinpiled from the reports of corres: | pondents itr every rection of the peo: vines, also. makes it cleat that with a Coarti of good ther and' the absence of any untoward . oocewrrence, | Manitoba will be able to nunounce, 'If The next fall, the greatest crop in they history .of the province. the C.1.R..also has issued a crop reporpramdle; up from telegraphic de spatches from all parts in the west, which shows that, on the whole, up to the present, the conditions could not have been improved and that the prospect for another" magnificent crop was never better. iem-- MEET IN PICTON. The Orange Grand Lodge of Brit- ish America. Winnipeg, © June 13. The: Orange Grand Lodge of British America prac tically concluded its session last night when a grand banquet was held in Scott Memorial Hall. Over 100 guests were present. Major Mulvey acted--ss toast master and the list included all the standard toasts. On account of urgent press of business the dedica tion of the hall, which was to have taken place, at two 0c lock was post poned until to day at the same hour Speeches will be delivered by the chief office holders in the grand lodge. The result of the election of officers caused among 'western mem that some of be selected next year at disappointinent bers. who had hoped their members would Grand lodge will meet Picton in May. -------- How Matters Are Arranged. Pekin, June 13.~The question of the establishment of a Chinese customs of fice at Dalny, on the Russian frontier, is practically settled. Russia, who had the right under the Manchuria rail way convention of 1598 to appoint a customs officer reporting direct to the Pekin government and uncontrolled by the mar#ime. eustoms, has consented to adopt the German Kisochau sys which the commissioner is tem, under ) . always a German, appointed by Sir Robert Hart, and approved hy the While granting the shadow, Russia retaiiis the substance, the commissioner Germans, however, in| for she nominates 0 while the pevenues will be paid into the Russo-CUhinese bank. eee Irish Agriculture Reviving. 8ir Gilbert Park- London, June 13. a fortnight's er, MP. returned from motoring in Ireland as the guest of the viceroy, said "Ireland is forty oars behind Canadu in education and the standard. of comfort, but un der Hon. Horace Plunkett, commissi oner of agriculture, the last decad + has produced a wonderful agricultural measure of prosperity, practically kill: ing in the mass of the people the de mand for home rale. The aritators 1e realize, this! TM embargo oa Canadian cattle and the bill taxin' certain kinds of Canadian butter, which ig almost certain to pass, will help the Irish producer at the expense the Canadian." » of J Found In The Vessel. Marseilles, June examining the was sunk in co amer Liban, Hision off this port, Inst Oswego, NX Jung 12-«Mx: Root, secretary of war, paid an offici to (Oswego yesterday, and inspected Fort Ontario; now abandoned, © The fort is to he it and made a bat' talion post at an' expense of 8300, 000, half of which has been ap roi ti- ated plates the renioval of the avow $500,000 hospital and the Ontario railway tracks, st a 'American Money To Entertain ciety, it whose names are fo he twoen the cavers of the must exclusive Bde books, is on the ui vive in an ticipation tertainment 'to at hor house in Berkeley Square the Princess Watede Clara Practically it fist play for British fashion, has spared pense in perfecting the arrangements. It is pumored that many surprises are in store for the together it will he the most eluborate' affair of aims to make stepping stane to the highest social position she caloulites the affair at the sent time. The censon has heen il, both from the point of view: of society © and the tradesmen, '86, Gituation evoked an wal from King Edward to leaders oy set' to enliven mutters a bit by giving Balle and other entertains metite! In being the first to ) Plo this © request 'the a 'wome: large Jormance by Jeanne Grabier and gome 13. Divers who are which SECRETARY OF WAR ROOT. 1 visit hy Congress. 'Thy plun conten and Woatern cost of nearly Londonérs. o Tomlon, June 13-8 London so that is to say that portion of found be of the much talked of en be given this ctening hy ; fortorty Miss Huntington, "of New York. will he 'the princess's and she ex: neither @iergy not guests and that al the seasoft. If the princess the "entertainment a well in giving Nin fact that he" fashionable phi i< 'certain of winning! the vortol his mrientf hich open sesame tO British kociety. furiction 'of 'the evening: 'At its dom clusion owe three' handred gusts will 'be dsked to an evening party at which ¥arious forms of entertainment will be dispensed, including a per excellent! music. Lord's Day Addresses. Toronto, June 13~The Toronto An glican Synod concluded vesterday af ternoon Sunday after Easter be set apart sermons and addresses 'may be deliver od, setting forth the paramount obli | gatiogs and privileges of the Lord's day. Rev. C. E Ingles' 'motion that bo made illegal was adopted. New King Sixty Years Old. Belgrade, Jub 13 Prince Kara Georg te time past from which place he has con olaims for the throne. ene-- Students Not To Marry. Arbor addresa to' the senior Profi. Mortimer FE, University of Ann farewell neers, the engi ily would take tention away from husiness. good business before marrying. Finance Minister Favorable. Ottawa, June the request for a subsidy toward Canadian Mr. Fielding pers put into it. t ne Received A Subsidy. Lofidon, June 13.-- pared the way for the ite rapid Fosnde against yectived a subsidy from the government. the To Exchanges Territory. Melbourne, Victories, June of "the 13. tories, the Australian governipent open focting exchanges of territory. Lebar ---- Rifle Team Sails For England, 3 ve found the Hodies of 5 Sunday; fifty persons who went New: York, June 13h rifle team | Jilimoie and Wisconsin word denied _B lown with the steamer clinging to the pelected at the sscenite Sea flirt hm motion for anew trial thd food $100: netging of the after gdeck. "A fnther, | petitions 10 represent the United och. # i | mother and three children were found States in the coming contest for the one corner, and in another place a Palma trophy, shiled for England ta! Lowney's chocolates, fresh to-day. her baby. | day on the Lucania, Taylors Palm Garklen drug Store 1s Not in . |DILKE'S iT ALL DEPENDS UPON AUS- Guarantees Werd Speedily Given ont of the Daily Express, at Semlin, Servin, a short distance from Rel grade, siys that news has reached | there from .a tensted source that the apmy is not unanimous * for Pring Peter. The. troops in. the Nisch dis: trict: did not jacqui in the killing and a report is correspondent doen pot: vouch, that troops from Nischar are Belgrade for the out Prive Mirke, of - the Austria Hungarian winister, Relgrade, sination of mandod from the new prime niinister comprehensive' guarantees for the curity of they wore frontier from Peterwardin and occupy. Belgrade. upon giv keenest students of European politics, expresses the acquiesce Prince Peter Kavageorgevitch to the the' families, of Furope. fo! ims. an, | 2433. the government. has: taken ets Tuner temples of - No Abig dinner is to presede the chief The report of the committee on obsetvance: of the Lord's day was adopted with a motion that the firsl as the Lord's day Sunday, when special gambling at race tratke and in clubs k, the new King "of Seria, andson of 'Kara George { Black } 'who, in 1804 "reisbd the first instrrection against the Turks. The new king is about sixty years of age He has resided in Genova: for some ducted' the propagandg in favor of his Mich., June 13.--~In a ('ooley, of Michigan, advised the boys to put aside any present in tentions of marriage, becanse a fam valuable time and at He ad vised the young graduates to secure a 13.~The finance minis ter has returned a favorable reply. to news service from London. approves of the proiect and says he will recommend a erant of dollar for dollar what the newsra ay A Times despatch from our Rudgian correspondents, sys that Bessdrbyetz, the anti Semitic or gan published at Kidhinefl, « hich pre i massacres by Jows, of 25,000 roubles In exposed condition of the Yie British New Guinea frontier contigu ous to the German and Dutch terri has od confidéntial pour parlers in or: der to ascertain the possibility of af Favor With The Army, : TRIA'S STAND, On Demand For Security Of Foreigners -- Order will Be Yully Maintained By Govern . ment. London, «June 13.+The current, for which the marching on purpose of driving the ministry and proclaiming ontenegro, as king. here says that v at two hours after the assas- the king and queen, A special received * foreigners, saving 'that if not given, Austrian artil- immediately crores the ory" would The guarantees were thern: on. Sir Charles Dilke, M.P., one of the opinion 'that if Austria in the succession of throne of Servia, no European ecom- plications are likely--to result from ihe tragedy at Belgrade, indeed the event will tend to keep things quiet for a long time. The extinetion of the Obrenovitoches leaves Austria without a candidate for the Servian throne, and. the Karageorgevitches are .in the strong position of being the only roy- al family of Seryian origin, and of bei recognized as one of the royal | Sir Charles says, heides Prince Peter, whom he > years ago in Paris, is not without ability. 5 ths p mn-- : i #0 Order Will Be Maintained, Cologne, June 13.-A dispatch from Belgrade, to Cologne Gamette, asares to put 4 King Peter will not ap pear. in Belgrade until affer he has been summoned by the Skupstehipa and senate. The members of the late government, who were not assassin ted, 'but who were arrested, have been sot fice. The pew premier has issued a proclamation declaring that he will guarantee (he maintenance of order nt the price of his own head, RICH WOMAN ACCUSED. disturbanees. Worth Thousands--Charged With Shoplifting. Now. York, June 13.--Tearfully pro- tenting innocence, Mrs. Martha Ken worthy, fty-five years old, a willow, who owns real estate worth 875,000, was arrested in a Sixth-avenue de partment store charged with shop-lift: ing, Several hours later she was car vied from the West Thirteenth street police stationto an ambulance and taken to the New ork hospital pios trated. Mr. Kenworthy lives in Sunset Park, in the Catskills. According to Detective Sagave, she stole pieces of lace velued at $15. Mrs... Kenworthy denied that she had stolen anything. "1 have an income of $5,000 a year from property 1' own in Manhattan and' on Staten Island," she exclaimed. James Livingston, a contractor, and his son visited the station' in e night. "She is worth at least #75000," said the younger Mr. Livingston. "Her rélatives in this city are also wealthy: I cannot believe that she intended to steal." A brother of Mrs. Kenworthy, who lives at Sunset, Park, has been sun moned. 2 -------------- CONVICTED OF HERESY. a lp Hugo Wendell Has Eight Days Tp Recant. Rev. Philadelphia, June 13. Rev, Hugo Wendell, Trinity church, Tronton,. was convicted hy the Lutheran Minister um, assembled at St. Paul church, of heresy, in "'clabning to have eom- munication with departed spirits and the angel Raphael', 'The charge = of healing by the laying on of hands was not touched upon... He will have eight dayv¥ to submit a written recantation of his errors, or undergo suspension. It was further decided, howeier, that if he wonld agree to refrain from all ministerial fungtions whatever, and take a vaestion for three months, the time within, which he Janay consider whether to recant or not would be ex: tended for that peripd. EACH FINED $500. How. The Chicago Ringsters Were Punished. 4 : Chi¢ago, Juns 13.~In an opinion delivered 'hy Judge Horton, mem ors of 'the = Northern Illinois 'Gozl Peal ert' association 'were found guilty of conspiracy in véatraint of trade, were fined 3500 each, The imensbers of the Retail Coal Dealers' association of TE a of Emery," who hat a home on Calumet Island, stockholder the Y i EW « |tenae hotel company The property in question includes tl ! {hotel at the park, about Tots and several cottage profess svg Grand View Park, : on Wellesley Tsland in ¢lose proximity |. to Thousand island Park, was lished. about fifteen years company in which Hamilton Syracuse' was prominent. was erected Which cottages were erected. time ago the remainimg on 3 Keller, of race « ro. Allen J, , of 8 with whom Mr. Emerv, throu Hall, has been negotiating for wo time for its purchase, Mr. Hall refused to state the oon wdération, but' it is understood that Mr. Emery will p | sume are on the property. Under MV. Emery's ownerahip Grand View Park hotel will not be conduited as a public resort. j what use he will put the property those who know refuse to state, bi be is eredited with having a' philn thropic having it that he will a place for entertaining fresh-nir chil dren from New York. : i King Milan's second Seistics, whom who, 'it Fax heen reported, will d to 'the Serv vone," lives at Con stantinople with ha widowed whose father was formenly atehitect to the sultan, a ' brother. King openly edged the parcntage of the boy, now fifteen years of age, who is described as heing strikingly handsome. ---- here, to-day, that hy agreement bo tween the powers diplomatic 'relations with. Servia have broken present. was issued, declares that doclaved king of Servia; nob ) military positions, be oceapied Aassing. D. Storie, Gouverneur, went to € da yesterday, leavin straighten out hie affairs. His wife pe' cently secured a divorce from hiny and $2,000 alimony, payable $100 monthly. If he defaulted the whole amount was to became due. Having defaulted ' the supreme court ordered. the collection of Meanwhile Btoric confessed judgment to Mesh Hilliths co-respondent, equal to his business interests, tuken possession of the. the sheriff has #tore, day. meet in Torosfo. ford, was property, consid land, to Chr palatial summg and who in the Fi at Round Islay Which is located | estab ago byia . Tots sold on Some. ae handé and nunierous i Ir, me and ds¢ pay $10,000 there whatever "encumbrances To just 'project in mind, one rams we tho hotel KING MILAN'S SECOND SON. Parentage Of The Boy Openly Ack- nowlpdged. Petorshurg, June sn by a Mn, legitimatived al Kt. he right mothdr, vost. now hald by her ilan acknowl Relations Broken Of. Rome, Jone 18.-1t is annowsiopd off for note, which whoover is the powers >) hy A vemi-official ---------------- AFFAIRS IN A MUDDLE. Store Defaults Amount Due Fore mer Wife. . , | Ogdensburg, N.Y., Juno 18:--George the courts full alimony. in an unit en ent ESTATE TO BE HELPED. Better Things For Creditors Than Expected. stood that the inspectors of the bank ruph fiom of CO. Ww. private, bankers, eroditors shortly. completed with the cight and ton thousand dollars, Given A Good Salary. of wound up its year's Next year the Pr. chairman of the elected medical hoard at a ply, * he" whip of out u revolver an fired "The bullet grazed od. 'Tt iv believed that he ie insong, To Exchange Territory. Melborrie, Victoria, view of the exposid British New Guinea fromtier titories, the Australian. ie territory of affecting exchanges Vienna, June cob Reich, a jug a slick in a threatening man tushed of his majesty s car "Thy was insane. at-- Ho! foc Oddialiows" excursion, 17¢h PE Nahe fate | 4 le ot abou The Toronto, Ont., June 13-14 is under- Anderson & Coy, Oakville, will maki a more definite statement of affairs to It is not probable that the latter will receive very much on the dollar, although the position is better now than at the last meeting of the directors. A compromise has heen practically of Hamilton by which the bank, it i¥ believed, will allow the estate between Bank Hamilton, June 13.-The high-court the Canadinn Order of Forests business yoaters high court will Stanley, Brant: " salary of $3,000, tered und inured" whether he was the consul. "On receiving en aflifioatice re the conyil's tend, The sailor fled, Hat wos aivest: June 14. ~ In condition of the conti guous to the German and Dutch terk i government has opened _goufidenginl, pole. par ha Spent. £00 adh i poibiity ¥ Tosade Man Rushed At Emperor.. 13. While Emperot Fi ix Joseph was out driving, Je ei commercial agent, hold: riage. man Was arrested. I is thought hg Toadies' White. éf mg, Mounting and Matting ' n A 1 the Novelties' ususlly "found FirstClass Art Store | 4% ail ON'T. DO : Upbn'y tire 'yourself out the tub i hot weather, Send your to "uw. 4 © se rarder's'Dyé Works and L po B, HAWLEY, Manager. hens 406. 100 BUSINESS OPPORTUNT Ne POLAR Ho Y 8 i 2 she corti 4 Si come Tur, Big Anvestige Lh] o opportunity. marks bld LADIES | Our harinloss without fail nenstruation. For Paris Chemical Co, FURNIS catiol Aguncy, 81 Brock wsireet. rt' wae ED [A Rome, Jisie 13. ~Thus feast of Ce oy Curr, Oh fing, mags. lv' th i Tam Jy and intit R. Gilpin, London, wos elects mbites ind Tae ghaplai. ! friends were admitted. ------------ | * After the éeremony Italian Consul Shot At. & was fatigued, the 8 Havana, June 13-While the Ttalikn onl " naw Shot Je wan ful ly te consul, Viagi Tormielli, wan seni in | py Ea yin x his office, i young Ttalign sailor ens | TOF ra tg i -- ou. & wN 2 C an : 1ada : un Sp on, bead 4 n pod Bowl Leda patter r : 3a ) avon All Gorham Co. make, in' able weight. 'We will send b above, nicely boxed on receipt ri

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