Daily British Whig (1850), 13 Jun 1903, p. 3

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kes good . K. & P. and CO. Pi [EE # i Poli. oz. Supt. could wish, Our Boys' clathi Mew \ ' ia as onl the ay Py : THE BAY OF SUH RAIL ing ori arta in Tweed, Napanes, D -- : : ta" Fur. al pointe: Thala Je BE, oma to, ms. pot st 4 pam. TW. B. Qt Ry. Kisgstoun.s. 30ys". 1 BRANCH LINE . -- Y In Effect June 14th, 1902. RAINE WILL, LEAVE (ITY DEPOT, FOOT OF JOUNSTON STRRET. © GOING EAST. | GOING WEST. Be a uve. No.8 Mall: JL m. { No.o Mail..... 1.08 am ---------------------- "3 ig 8 ai 8 Fast an e00otsscnsoney " 13 Le A im. | #11 Lomate.80 am "8 re Fe #1 Internatio al © q "3 13% pm i Expiess.1.20 p.m. 3.25 p. " " -2 Lota. A LEP m, ©8s . ¢ Nos. 1, 3, ud ran daly. Now. © asd 8 ni . dally, except Yr 0s. 8, 7, 11, 12, 15 and 18 2 Q daily, except Sunday. hirkid e Direct "voute tb' Totohte, Hamilton, Bufial e Loudon, Detroit, y City, Saginaw? always carry a ® Ottawa, Quebec. Portland, St. Joba, Pen . a Halifax, Boston and New York. si An. . other ¢ "1. ° Por Pallmél' A Scomigodution, Tickets and all & -otber Information, spply to PARKER LUCKY ® We q . J.P. HANLEY, Agent, BuArantee earh ¢ City Pass. Depot ---------------------------------------- S0 up: rr J DOMINION "LINE STEAMSHIPS Kingston at ° FA pe be TORT a 9 AoNTREAL AND quEBHO. TO PALM GARDEN § therian ..... Hy arene Oe: ... June ol L G STORE Can June 18, July 18, Aug. 22 | H . Kensington, Jue $90, July 25, Aug. 29 roet, :4* "Photo 80. @ Jpominion, June .' Aug. 1, Sept. © that dots (69 pace). ® DE WA caer lh x it sw: oor sone SRI 4 Ieee ° " BOSTON TO LIVERPOOL. ee! « Comm th w. June 4, July 3 ' . 88eceeq y a A " Hy Juke 11; July 9 Mayflower ... .. . June 18, July 16 wr RORTRAND TO LIVERPOOL. "paling, June 6. Norseman, June 18 | Knglishmes, June 20. Nomadic, June : AVONNMOUTH DOCK AND BRISTOL. 1 From Moxtreal. Turcoman, Jume 20. Mauxman, July 4 i J ly. 18. Turcoman, July 81 TO MEDITERRANBAN. une 6. Cambroman, June 20 13 ply te fi) £m! ERSLEEVE, 43 Clarence St ¥ mien Liue; Moatresl & Poft- The Domi tend. "WUEBEC STEAMSHIP GOMPANY oi eS ee ogi Swmmer Cruises in Cool Twin Serew from SS. ed witiislestrie lights, -electric bells ort. . ' * eNILs PROM MONTREAL ON MON- ty DANS Et 2 pm 1st 15th and 29th Jumes "18th and 27th July: féth august ; 7th and 21st September, . for Pictou, N.S., callin at Quebec, Fa- ther Point, Gaspe, Mal Bay, Perce, Ca re .. Cove, Grand River, Summerside, PEL, and oT PEL The heat trip of the season for health r: Ee iu SU Latitudes. « Campana," and all » - or A HERN, Secretary, Quebec ts and staterooms apply to or P. GILDER- gents, 'Kingston, Ont. J, x HANLEY. oe ---------------------- L.D. &B. of Q. Stb. Co., Limited The Bay 'of @uinte Route '+.. Rochester, N.Y! "teamer worth King ** leaves Swift's at 5 p.m, for Sum- i Sundays. what! of x ort of Rdhester). [mrville, NY. (P + pop" 1000 Islands Steamer <Jeaves at days, for: Thousand. I Alexang you 'one paying 8 oque; BE Niu net." : For full information apply to . P. HANLEY, ly you with what 3 Bb GADERSLEEVE. 10:17 am, slands, calling kport and Ganan- at most profitable. ia Bay; Roel lire ad low rate of DAILY i aaa & MONTREAL. NGSTON 3 IRO EA : nia wily, except Monday. SMOG AST. : PRCIAL EXCURSIONS GOING WEST 5:00 p.m, ng = Saturday and Sunday Tu! Tate ly vd dS LEAVE KINGSTON A 4 a e : wi i KIM Nini | pb oaudy Mixed Point a «peat many people have | M20 SUolihe Tone: Fo ony gy. OOING BAST GOING WEST, he maar | thought that Mr. Charlie Wrenshall And soiled and: hard Bnd bruised and bay, bine a van * 1:80 pm The very best paint on 2 { bad given up banking for a military scared, rei . "A "of int NL Ww 20. S, i i vi i i or five h to the ay; | WnBEHARLEY. + A reight Agent. | ket, most durable, finest colors, lle, his poopie would Sle. iv der. Thee lb lr, BIR oe with striv- ch Koc Sen a pa and prices right. Kitigston | 8. John's branch, and his military | To APE.« life's many needs 20 aes B AN LINE Sole agent for 8! | They are whiter fag than the White ail - | hands are RR By rom Quebes. |X STRACHAN, HARDWARE MERCHANT. | BEWARE OF ON pr-- CATAR om] Thor aeurn. life's. humble deeds "In a.m June 13.7 p- eee a | THAT CONTAINS All ye whose hearts are burdened i a, ), am. J uve 20. 7 pam. OF ALL KINDS | T ill surely dests 1 th With pie of the long, long way, G5 Chuan 7, Sami; June 27, 1 P-0 CAKE | As er Hl etal Pe | Whose days and years are stained withy EE ey Bs Spwares London- | ar goods are bendled by nearly all { aonse hole system when maring. it. Gi ro things I say alent to $43.50; London. $3.50 | (he grocers in the city. We wag nothing trough the niucous gurlaces. exon ar Though your are bruised afd' > Age. dt | i s, | ticles shou never ken, a Sa ods 'und $26: Liverpool, | hut the best material. Bik tar ours | Helen ana trom reputable phys ne a. broken. ote apd Sting Detry, Belfast, Glasgow, Londos | take no other, and we & as the damage SY can do is Witield { maan the empty hears 'that fils ho | ta : MONTREAL TO (GLASGOW DIRECT-| (ii be suited. ER Boy 00, Catatrh Cure, man a mary ld' Abas ive. .maY & 8rd class only) July 1| M .. | slactored' sy FJ. y & Co. Ta- 1 . . se 0 EEL |. POLLITT & | ie i EL RE NTE | en is g ): i. ' . i " § an 50 5% : [* COLLINGWOOD STREET. | taken interne) Tn acous . surfaces of the Overheard on: thé car: "Take then lass, © gest; GFR, City | a the Blood, Muying Hall's Cutarrh Cure | o Taylor's Palm Garden." Why did he Ae | ---- [ape AND MARKERS. |icsure you wet Df Sull® sot RT er RR te street, pies ni STAMPS OF. ALL KINDS. {en Internally y *Uhency. & Co. - Testi-|= Al the sale in Perth, on Wednesday, SON RU inkers, Lines 4 Ticket | monsals free. vote | the Peat farm was knocked down to CHARDEON. |" 80, Scie Betul yroows | Soi, FIRS il am ie ft Morley Beh Fs t' y . Sun- | LINE . THOUSAND ISLE, NTO' BAY OF QUINTE used by particular people. th young and old. Keeps the skin soft, clear and white. . * No other is just as pb reg. Al bog bh. Marmalade Jar +52. Asabstantial evidence . of Diamond Hall's marvelous value offerings. Sterli Silver RYRIE BROS. JEWELERS 118, 120, 122 and 124 Yonge St., Toronto A GHANGE TO MAKE MONEY ! We receive + @aily ' information from our Wall Street reporter that enables our customers to be on the right side, and to wake mon You should be amo them and stop making continual We have Inside, informe, losse! tion aflecting at wil. Rave a 20 10.850 POINT ADS ANCE, Those terested in such stocks a8 A Mexican Central: New York Ceupral. Colorado - Fuel. Brooklyn Rapid Transit. Southern Pavific. Amalgamated. And others! Writs us. We gharge: hut 4 per ceat Io- terest Yor carrying stocks. It you haye never traded and made money in the stock market write us and we Will explain the "to represint wa towns who can Ajents wante in 'all cities and control trade. LER, THOMPSON COMPANY, Bankers & Brokers, 131 State 8i., Boston. Welfopolitan Stock. Exchange Under the Laws Af Massachusetts CAPITAL $100,000 FULLY' PAID, KINGSTON BRANCH - Opposite Britt American Hotel. Phone 400. J. J. MCKENNA, Manager. Bonds, Stocks, G ain and Provisions bought on | margin or for cash. W.F. DEVER &CO. | iGold in ih who went down ta Prescott, on 1 diy, to attend the seventeenth annum! | meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary, of thé diocese of Ontario, came back to Hyhted | toric Clarence Chambers, Clarence St. 27943 3T e sal dan eeoesstpaee * With! a 'few exdeptions," the town yesterday, Everybody was . de with the i people of little riverside town. Ag Mes. Lennox Mills said, Prescott opened not only its homes, but its heart, and if Prescott, cares for grateful appre: ciation, it is hers in fullest wensure. Each hostess individually, did her best for the comfort of her guests--the branch as a body, did its best for the furtherance of the work of the meet- ings, Everything went smoothly. Each officer of the board--and this is where Kingston takes a little pride untg it- seli--did her work with a single eye to the cause, and was convinced that her sister officers did the same. And this spirit of Joyalty, to the bishop, . and each other, characterized every. mem: ber present, with the result that there wasn't a trace of undercurrent--that bane of societies generally. One of the pleasantest parts of. a pleasant meeting, was the présentation of a life membership to Mra. Clare Worrell, the diocesan treasurer, "yl Mrs. Lennox Mills on behalf of the W. A.'s throughout the diocese, the gold cross of membership being given by the juniors. rs. Worrell's duties, which consist of keeping track of small and large sums of money sent in by the fifty nine branches, complicated by sums contributed by individuals for this and that, are very trying, and Mrs. Worrell does all her work as well as a man, which, of course, is the highest 'praise. that can. be given. Mrs. Worrell has held the office for some years, and if the Ontario W.A. has its way, she will hold it , many 3 'eC years longe E : 8, Mrs. J7 BE. Horsey, of Toronto, and Miss Horsey of Powmanville, are guests of Mrs. R. M. Horsey, Queen street. Miss Meta Dobbs left on Thursday for Chatham, where she will speni some time with Mrs. O'Hera, Mrs. Grant has issued invitations for a garden party at "Roselawn," Monday, June 22nd. Mrs. Robert Campbell, will cntertain at tea on Saturday, June 20th, in honor of her debutante daughter, Miss Elsie. Miss Edith Drury is expected home about the eighteenth of the month and will bring Miss Richards from Winni- peg with her. Miss Queenie Merrick and Miss Trixy Wrenshall, will be amongst the debu- tantes gt the June dance, People will be delighted to hear that there is a prospect. of gecing Mrs. Brige« this summer, her preseat intevtion be ing to come home from England: in August, remaining till October! 3 Mrs. Jack Richmond, arrived: in town on nesday from . Philadel Phia. and 5 with - her mother, Mrs, Peirce. ++ Invitations have been received bv people in town, for the marriage of Miss Emily Bowie of Brockville to Mr. W. B. Scott of Quebee, which vail take place in St. Petor's church, Prockville, on , Wednesday, June. 17th. ve *. - - . * Prof. and Mrs. Cappon went down on Thursday to Metis and were follow ed on Friday by Miss Macnee and Miss Alice. Mrs. Hendry is giving up her house here and with Miss Ethel, and Master Allan Hendry, will go to Ottawa where she will live with her sister, Mrs. Gilmour. \ Mr. and Mrs. Frances Hill Macnee, have heen spending the week at Charle ston Lake. Mr. Fred. Folger has come home from his trip to the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Knoff have arrived at their summer home down the river. Mr. Alfred White, of Minneapolis, who is off on a month's furlough, ani is visiting his people in this. part of the world, was in Kingston on Thurs day. Mrs. Grout leit on Tuesaday for Del hi, N.Y., where she will spend a few weeks at the rectory with the Rev. Herbert and Mrs. Grout. . . . . Miss Macaulay, 'who has been at {the W.A. meeting in Prescott, left | there yesterday for Ottawa, where she will be the guest of Mrs. Karles, re turning to town on Thursday next. Miss Annie Daly came up from Pres cott to-day. Mrs. Dalton was this afternoon. The Rev. George fi. Starr went down hostess at a tea BROKERS Cor. Brock and Wellington Sts. ¢. H. POORE; CORRESPONDENT. Stocks, Bonds, Grains and Provisions, Bought and Sold for Cash or on Margin, Interest charged stocks carried over Sunday. Telephone No. 588. Folepons ELEPHANT only when | | on Wednesday to Montreal for a few | days. | Mr. and Mrs, RB @ Carter' have | taken a house near Gananoque and | will have a family . gathering this summer, Mrs. Hamilton Evans and Miss Win nifrid Fvans are expected from To- | ronto to-merrow, and will in allpro | bability spend. the summer here. Mrs. 'Lennox Mills went down to Montreal ' from Prescott yesterday, and will be there about a week. | Wiss Marjory Rivers, who has been | visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Gilder | sleeve; has left for Ottawa. | The Lord Bishop of Ontario, went {up to Picton this afternoon. | eseosad |v Henson hos ity |. pretty and Lis { Mise arrive. in Kingston to-night to spend a . a. _in_r ng by her sis ta Callaghan, wore.s : clinging White, which. ly dainty and tea room, on ¢ Callaghan, and ; the honours, and. on was the throng pressed into the servige. Dr. and Mrs. Minnes are expected to co = of their honeymoon with Mr. and Mrs. W_T. Minnes, Gore street. f '. . . » Mrs. Arnoldi, who has been with her sister, Mrs. Mervott,- left on Tuesday for Toronto. Mrs. Hubbell is expoeting two vis- itors from the west next week, Miss Merriman, of Colborne, and Miss Los- combe, of Kineardine. Mrs. and Mi Miss Fargo, are the gests of Mrs. Fargo's daughter, Mrs. Albree, Emily street: Mrs. Wo. Bu Gilmour, of Montreal, is visitimg ber sister, Mrs. Clare Worrell, An engagemebt of great interest to " Kisgstoniam that of Miss Rita Rodriguez, 'olonel Brown, of Pre Mrs. § Clarkson, in t's staff. who hag been town for some weeks, left on Thursday Miks Kathleen O'Hara will be ond of gitls in town for ¢ ° ball, > Word, has heen received lately in Kingston af the engagement of Miss Katharine Upper, to Mr. Hunter, who will be remembered who knew him as RM.C. Mrs. Stafford Kirkpatrick, Jr., and wee Miss Winnifrid, will spend the summer at Wolfville, N.8., with Mrs. Kirkpatrick's, mather. by many people. a cadet "at the Mr. Herbert Horsey has been up in Toronto this week. aie. eo Miss Daintry Yates, who was ex week, has changed her mind, 'and gove on a little tip through Pennsylvania, and - will net be home till the twenty-second, or twenty-third, Miss Margaret Hous ston, however, comes on Monday fo Mrs. Yates'. i Miss Alice Chown gave a luncheon yesterday, in honor of her guest, Miss Woods, of New York, when covers were laid for ten. Mrs. Robert Campbell, will give an informal little dance to-night for the | not-ou 8. Miss Ethel Mudie is spending a few days in: New York, on her way home from Philadelphia, She will arrive in, Kington about the end of next week. Mrs, Petrie is staying with her sis- ter, Mis. Richard Hooper. . J Miss Kathleen Richardson, Univer «ily Avenue, was hostess at a jolly gitls" tea this aftemoon. . Miss Giles, of Chicago, who was with Mrs. Easton Buras for a Jew days, went up to Belleville on Thurs day. pected home this 1 As a sequel to Dr. James' little story, told in the legislature with rave effect the "other night, Member St. John has béen christened, with blessing® all around, "The Cave of the Winds." {Continued on page eight.) GONE TO REST. Death Of Mrs. Dupre, Of Rich mond. Napanee Beaver. At the family residence, in the 3rd concession of Richmond, on Mcmday afternoon, about six ojclock, the spir it of Charlotte, the: beloved wife . of Sylvester X, Dupre, took its flight in to the world beyond. For some two months st she had been ailing, the cause being weakness of the heart, and which was the immediate cause of her death. She was a faithful member of the Western Methodist. chirch. and was greatly beloved by all who knew her, and especially in the neighborhood in which she resided. As a loving mother and devoted wife she will be greatly missed by the husband and five chil dren who survive her. The surviving children ave: Mrs. Birrell, Bath; Mrw, James Spencer, Uties, N.Y. Mrs. Charles Vanalstine, Richmond; Milford Dupre, Richmond. and George A. Dupre, Richmond. She was the daughter of Alexander Forshee, . who survives and mourns the loss of a daughter. Two brothers and a sister are also bereft of a sister, They ave: Cyrenus, of Dresdcn, John of Tapy er ville, and Mrs. William Martin, of Mos cow. The remains were taken from her late residence and laid to rest in thy Napanee cemetery, the services being conducted by Rev. 8. T. Bartlett. The sympathy of the whole community iu extended to the hereaved family and relatives. Decensed was aged sixty: two. years and eleven months. Grief And Gladness. be | ston Ladies' Clg" ook place Friday afternoon. ho following prie. Mr | dents of The City. 8 of the King on Fuglish, Marie Carruth of the ten table were fers. ' Led tiroly in green and | Given by Prof. 'Iva E. Martin; fbr. i and stocks being the § French, Chatlotte Worrell. owers used, scarlet carnations strife Given by Mrs J.B. Carruthers, for ing a and effective note of cel sh, Vera x ; our on the sideboard, and about De Given by Mrs. George Richardson, rooms, > for wathematios, Edith Young. iN ed oe ee + Given by Dr. Walkem, for French, Borothy Carruthers. Given by Mrs. Lesslie, for English, Kathleen Crisp, . Given by Mrs. Byron M. Britton, for history, Portia Mackenzie, Given by he principal, for the groat- ost general improvement, Jean Duff Given by the principal, for Portia Mackenzie, ; (liven by the principal, for regular attendance, Eva Richardeon. Given by the principal for arithme: tics Phyllis Knight. = Given by the principal, dor history, Jessie McCann. Given by the principal, for German, Pora Oldeiove. * Given by the principal, for spelling, Hilda Hague. Lat'n, Given by tho principal for French, Dovéthy Goodwin. + i Jiven by the principal, for general proficiency, «Fdith Hague. xX Given hv the principal for French; Blanche Kent. Given by the nrineipall for general proficiency, Eno Hamm. . Given by Mrs. Macnee, for sewing, Doris, Kent, \ Given by Miss Bates, for general pro- ficiency, Faith Kearns, Given bv 'Mrs. Campbell, for sewing, Kathleen Carruthers, Given. by Mise Bates. for good econ: duet and regular attendance, Ellis AK mon, Given hv. Mra. Macnaughton; for drawing, Faith Kearns. Given by Miss Bates, for sewing, proficiency, Helen Campbell, Given by Miss Batee, for sewing, Norah Coy. Given hv Miss Rates, for general prog ficienay, Arthur Wilkinson. Given hv Miss Bates, for general pro- ficiency. Norah Cov. Miven hv Wiss Bates, for peneral pro figiency, Kathleen Carruthers. Weakly Children. Stunted, weakly childrén are those whose food does them. no good, be cause they do not digest it properly. Keep 'the child's igestive organs right and it will grow up strong and healthy, and it will Bot. couse mother such trouble while it is growidg up. it is the weak children -- the puny children = that wear mo! out caring for them' day and night. AR this is changed when 'a. Own Tablets are used. They promote 'di- gestion, they give sound, natural sleep, they keep baby bright and cheerful. They are good for older children, too, and cure all their min: or. ailments, It costs only 20c, to prove the truth of these statemente-- and you will be thankful afterwards. Mra. Archibald Sweeney, Carleton, NS. says: '1 have given my little one Baby's. Own Tablets, and am more than pleased with the results, 1 can recommend them to every mo thor." That's the way all mothers, who have "used the Tablets, talk. That's the way you will talk if you will try them when your little ones are ailing. You can get the Tablets from any dealer, or they will be sent by mail at 26c. a box by writing the Dr. Williams Medicive. Co., Brockville, Ont. -------- For Confirmation. Beautiful shoes all the newest styles and lowest Prices at Abernethy's. at ------------ Clarence B. Robinson, youngest son of John 8. Robinson, of London; for: merly in business in Napanee, has been. appointed assistant city clerk of London, « wis x i Phy li rt, aba i 1% Given by spe Very Rev. the Dean of Ontario, for: DR. BARNARDO says + * We have alrea used Neave's Food in two of our Hotes ies' Castle and the Village Home), and I Have no hesitation in saying it has proved very satisfactory." July 27th, 1901. ------------ J USED IN THE Russian Imperial N Wholesale & Oo, «THE LYMAN oronto and | FLY Killers Wilson's Fly Pads Furaishes You With the. Kind That Builds Up the Body. People who desire' to' take advant age of the health-giving properties of sare Malt, make use of Malt Break: ast Food. This scientific and. choice food is made of pure, fresh Malt, and the choicest Canadian Wheat, . Malt Breakinst Food is partially predigest. od, contains no unchanged starch, it is delicious and . appetizing. The ablest fad, experts after the most" trying tests and experiments, 'fully vecogaire the value of Malt Breakfast Food lor the morning meal, Thousands after one trinl of Malt Breakiast Food, have quickly and gladly given up oatmeal and other grain foods that taxed di westion. 11 you are not yet a user of Malt Breakfast Food, avk your grocer about it; he will tell you it has no x ation 'for # glow Is an at The Ty and heat of our coal will felt with : SH 3 a LADIES' SUMMER SHOES Are _ particularly stylish and made in a very skillful manner. You mist see them to appreciate the value. Good for $1.50 a_pair. H. JENNINGS, King St. ------------------------------ 1. G. BOGART, M.D,, C.X., od, Sobel vie -~ y neurly oppo

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