Kingston Chronicle (Kingston, ON1819), February 19, 1831, p. 2

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herireopporiedbyhi boo colleagooaod si others on morion of mr morris the houso went into commmiticio on certain resolu tion respecting iho timber trade mr morris said the resolution which ho wm nhotit to submit fr the couiidera lion of the committee became necessary for the protection of ft most important breach of tho trail of ihis country the imperial parliament arc it is said ahouf to alter the duty on baltic timber uod un less the people of this colnuy take imme diate slept to convince hi majesty ml oisterthal flay material change affecting the timber trade of the canada will cause its ruin and the bankruptcy of many per son who have embarked their fortunes with a confident belief that no sudden chan would take place ho stated thai the expensive voyage to canada and the high rate of wage to labourers and sea raoo put it out of the power of the canada raetchaot to compete with the baltic trade unless some protection is afforded he eootended that tho importance of this trade to the empire ought to induce hi majesty government to listen with cau tion to representation which would drive 700 ship out of a trade that employs thou- aoda of british seamen and cause the consumption of van quantities of the ma nufactures of our countrymen nod thereby jive employment to foreikners another advantage of tho trade with canada he thought to he the mcaos of removing vast number ef emigrants to the colony who could not leave home but fur the cheap pas sages afforded by the ships arriving at que boc in ballast these persons become r- pectable settlers and thcrchj relieved the natioo of a most serious burthen it had been argued that the lumber trade was in injury to the country as it diverted the far mer from agricultural pursuits but this opinion he could by no means agree to the thousands of persons employed in that business consume vast quuuuue of ttiu flour and pork sent from the western part of the province and arethe means of iu- traducingao extensive circulation of mo ney which could not otherwise exist he thought akn that the timber was injured materially by the duty of one peony per foot on all timber of a certain description which i cut from the waste lands of the crowu this he thought ought not to bo exacted as it operated as a direct tax on the raw material and was as injurious ns if it met a duiy in the home market- he- ide he knew of no advantage derived from it collection for the public were kept in total iguorance of its application here mr morris rend hi resolutions as follows resolved that h the latest accounts from england the imperial parliament eouteinplate sotno alteration and reduction ii the present duties on timber and deal imported iutu great britain and irclaud from the north of europe resolved that the timber trade nf up per and lower canada in consequence of the protecting duty imposed on timber im ported iuto great britain from the north of euroc ha oflate years induced capt talits tv invest large tuni of money iu the construction of expensive sawmills and other works necessary to eusore a regular anil extensive supply of all kind of timber deals and staves fur the british and west india markets revived thai any material dimiou lion of the duties will probably exclude ca- aida timber from consumption iu the bri tish market to consequence of tho exten sive vnyitet iu north america aiul tin higher rate of wages paid for labor iu these colonics as well as its british seameo hushvcd that the employment of ma ny hundred ships mauned with british sub jects is h iijrlf h consideration which in the opinion of this comtnitteo ought to induce the imperial parliament to conti- nue a regulation to important to tho wet fare of hi majestys north american co- ionics nod the shipping interest of the empire especially as the nature of that trade euables the colunists to consume vast quantities of the manufactures of the mother country while at lh same the re- dundant papulation of the kingdom fiud au easy method of being conveyed to a country where industrious families have a ccrtrtin opportunity of earning a livelihood and thus relieve the uaiiuo of a most alarm ing hurthen besides the expense of their removal as a national measure resolved that beside the long and expensive voyage ami the high rate of wa ge which operate so injuriously against the canaihau timber the recent regula tion which impote a duty of one penny per foot ou timber rti from the waste land f the crown in this province is not the least of the many decncouragements which fet ter and blight fhtj efforu of those who pro secute this interetiug trade resolved that an humble address be presented to his majesty in pursuance of the foregoing resolutions and beseeching hi majesty to continue such duty on tim ber imported iuto great britain from the oorlh of europe as may he thought ttoffiri- ent to protect te tim her trade of his majesty faithful canadian subjects ami also tu remit tho duty flintgod on timber ttftt from the waste laods of tho cruwn io ibis province- the following bill has been passed by the legislative council ami eut down to tho assembly fur its concurrence whereat it might tend greatly to the re lief cf debtors io execution fur small debts and at the same time cccasion uo material prejudice to trade and public credit if muii debtor should after a limited period of im prisonment bo allowed ihoheuefit of a dis charge therefrom the creditor at wfaum suit they were so in execution heing at the tame time authorised in take out other writ of execution against the land aod gnudt of inch debtors or to use other remedy for the satisfaction of choir debts as if the per sons of such debts had never been taken in execution re it therefore enacted c c c that from aud after tho passing of this act all persons upon execution of any judge- went in whatever court the samemay have been obtained for aoy debt urdamages not exceeding the sum nf twenty pounds ex elusive uf the cons recovered by such judge ment and who shall have lain iu person thereupon for the pace of twelve successive calendar mnnttu next before tho ntnu of their applicative w u diecarid asterets- hi shall after mentioned ahull aud may upoo his her or their application f r that purpose in term time made to hi majestys court ul king bench in this province to the satis faction of such court he forthwith discharg ed out of custody as to such execution by the rule order of such court provided al ways that if it shall happeo that any such discharge shall been unduly or fraudulently obtained upon any false allegation of cir cumstances which if true miht entitle the prisoner to be discharged hy virtue of this act such prisoner shall upon the same be ins madcto appear io the satisfaction of the court of kings bench be liahle to be again taken ir executiou and remanded to his formcrcustody by the rule or order of the samo court but no sheriff gaoler or other person whatsoever shall bo liahle as for the escape uf aoy such prisoner in res pect of his enlargement during such time as he shall have been at large hy means of such ins undue discharge as aforesaid aud be it further enacted c that for aud not withstand i nr the discharge of any dchtr or debiors by virtue of this act the judgment wheretipou any such debtor or debtors was or were taken or charged in fa ecution shall nevertheless cuntiour and re main in full force to all intents and purpos es except as to the taking in execution the person or peronof suehdehtor or debt on thereupon a is hereinafter provided and that it shall and may he lawful for the cre ditor or creditors at whoso suit uch debtor or debtors intd been was or were so taken or charged in execution to take out all such exfcailou w executions on every such judgment against the lands tenement llenrdiinments good aud chatties of any such debtor or debtor or io bringaoy such action or actions or any tuch judgment a- gainst such debtor or debtors reprrijvely or to brine any surh action or to ue any sorb remedy for the recovery and ltlisfocthf l of his her or their demand nvttuist my other person or persons liable to satisfy the same 111 mm if tiutl ttic aiue omttuct n uit i ditor or creditors could or might have done in case such debtor or debtors bad never been takeo or charged io execution upoo suchjudgmcut ad be it further enacted c that no debtor or debtors who hall be duly dischar ged in pursuance nflhisact shall at any timo afterwards he taken or charged in ex ecution upoo the same judgment nor be ar rested in any actioo to ho brought ou any persooshave thooght that if the mean of rommuniratiik a knowledge of iiirh or rnr- phicc nire b sgtiipral the nomhor would be considerably reduced we do not pre tend to decide m id the correctness uf this opinioo but w mfl observe that if mania of imitation e l nne ipecie of crime it may exist tual at to another and hi- though it wotlm be absurd to withhold from the public ieltlionofcriine under the be lief perhaps n erroneous one tin they produce othfis it may he as well to ascer tain the fact bwl to considerubcthcr there re nieaus ol repression iu c1wcs of mur der the prop to crime even thuoh that propensity be a mauia may be check ed by a dread nf detectiou aod piiiihnicni hut the act of he incendiary is committed w ith impurity autl hether frtnn the wickeduess nf die weakness of the mind the clime is increased frightfully by the fi eility nfeoniitiiraieu- it must therefore he proper to use great vigilance aud in cases of deievltooi uo matter what the mo tive or secret agency great severity tow ards the offenders a spirit uf imitation of this kiudcvn though it may be a niooo- m a old i must m checked nud as we have seen severity exercised io france by capi tal punishment even in the most establish ed cases of th disease wiih great effect a a means of prevention in others probably by creating a dread of the mind more pow erful rhau ihieieeiei propensity we are by do means ad fur misplaced leuieocy here rf it should really be fooiitl that honir of the cases o arson are to he attributed as the french say t a delusion of the mind whiill woc l ivcv ioo uupbilio- phical t uuderstaml but tle existence of lyrooduiouio from london her j flifhnessis to poesft a house in t terrace cahoullill marshal bno has been at llolyrond for these some edinburgh covrant the extract of a letter from paris relate here a good story abnutthc wfk ueven and prince talleyrand e prince bow is your revolution goin said nhe to the kcat man ltevnl restoration you mean madarn kilow it is just what the efflfrtfth andcr wisbeil iu 1814 and we haveh accoinpltshed his iu tenuous herself which weaio unwilling to deny tl mi vou alex ippily 1kftiir diplomaliu bit her lip aud remained n promiliog to herself to choose a p ground another time of attacking rnwee talleynnd theducbesade dioor tuloodonin a few days hi majesty has been most psro i rumi to appoint john h glover f a s keeper of tho extensive a l r loable collection of urisioal drawi r cd d iv the of ii i lufb jndgmeot and that no proceeding whatsoever by scire facias actioo or other wise shall ho maiutained or had against the bail in any action upon the judgment wheetn the defendaut nr defendants vail have heeo charged iu execution afterward tlischarged by virtue of the prnwnsof this act john b robinson speaker great britain from the london courier- one of our cooicinporarim says we have heard inun a s4iurcc on which tve are accustomed to reply ibat the ex- secretary uf the homo drpanment was fully persuaded that the burning and dis turbances throughout the country have heen aud are abetted and encouraged by the same individual who directed the movement of the people of paris dur ing the three days who uth afterwards een activity engaged in a similar task at brussels and who were k laboring in their vocation on and about the ninth of novem ber we tin not rvcwvfc tvftte cvcvv ry was persuaded nf any such thin but supposing that he was we should agree with ourcoutomporary io thinking itstrange that no steps were taken m to meet the oc casion in tho oo filling manner viz the detectiou of the person in question the truth however m that sir r peel bad received no information upon which ik could have proceeded and we can assert that when he retired there was not a sin gle documeot at the home office to war rant the impression which is stated to have existed iu the mind of the hxsecretary but which it is hunlly neccsary to say at least to those who know ir r peel uever hail existeocc the circumstances connected wiih the fires in france nnd in this country are still clouded with mystery but probably thedis tresses of the lower orders are not the sole immediate cause of such atrocities on the contrary we think that io tnny instances they have proceeded from an unaccounta ble propensity of the uneducated mind to do mischief aud perhaps in some cases from a dreadful spirit of imitation an ab solute mania widen we are cot philoso phers enough to understand hut of the ex- iteoce of which if we aro to believe the medical men of the french capital there is a frigtfhul certaiuty we find by a letter from paris that a meeting of several of the most eminent medical men in thatjcily has taken place to ditcus the subject and that they agreed unaimtnouiy aftrr reading ihu dispositions of various uilficsr who ad been examine that it many cases there nn other rational way of accounting tttnhuiius them to the w for the fire than hy sort of monomania to which wo have al luded what our own urdieal men will say to this idea wcknow hot bat uo are ijft surprised at it in the fonrh fiiulu considering tho extraordinary tubcl of mo- umnaoca whrch they have nmtrssed the example of a woman in rhru who was charged with tho inuider of uue nr more children and who was found io have bceu perfectly an nu every point except a hor- rddft desire to destroy huutaiijife hail near ly thirty imirnr wiiom unnatural crime they were mothers who destroyed iheirowo children wft clearly traced to the satoe mvrco and in three iutancc it was c- ahlihed that the wrttcbetl waotttci bad imbibed the honihle irtpruity on hearing the account of that mine rfad lond m a factory iu which they were otoplirctl two of thee women were of remaik rood conduct aud tenderly attaebd their children one of them destroyed a child almost immediately after hearing the account read and the other after struggl ing hard tut two or three day agatoftl the 0 shed mood nnd repeatedly can- by to deirc tioning her husband to guard her children suddenly gave way to that desire and de prived two of her own progeny of exigence in this country it has been iretpreutly re marked that murdor aud siiicie celoi rili dreadful netm zi r tion to person whne medical education i practice qoilify tben to offer an oplpinoi london dec is it has been dirt riniued that every r- ti- ment in his ttjey9 rmreidil ic rom plehd to its lull establishment of 740 rank and m eu4 uirv been directed rir cdccting that object tho present of each regiment we be lieve is limit nt nen u that it will require an additional ni ruber of pomen to make the ful compliment the total in crease will no be large about 6000 men and we be there will he no difference of opinion a to the propriety of the same measure when the severity of the duty in the tlttiturbcil ilitricia i taken iotoconside- ratiou cov the venerable h beef steak clubfirst established by kich covent garden theatre aud f which the duke of sussex the duke of leiuster lord brougham the knight of k mr deuisoo m p for suney c members intend to hold a private meeims on the 8th instant when it is expected il1 chancellor will be present permp for the last time whilst be continues to hold the seals since it may hecooidercj infradig that the keeper of the kings cv should attend cunvi vial mceting- we regret to learn that the marquis or anglesey has had within the last few days aoolher attack of bis inveterate disease the tic dqulounvf u has not however been so violent as on former occasions we under on5 ft the earliest measures of economy to be put iu operatic on by thene government will he the con solidation f tlie navy and victualling boards with fl admiralty and the codso lidatioo nf the custom tax exrue and stamp hoartl with the treasury an litis meuse saving of money will he cfivctt d in rhis way but in simplifying tie iraosac vim i av m teiitfjhr ifite tim try the public benefit will mill be more sen- sthly felt at present if a man has any affairs to transact h ith any of the revenue department he always calculates that bi real chance of satisfactory arrangement u in au appeal to the treasury which ac cording in the existing sjsrein he ran on ly reach through a lone irksome pmlut tiouary correspondence with the lower boa rd standard this morning dec 10 james sisk a- lias seek the man who wat taken at the house of korrls where it was ulledfied he was wailing for an opportunity to murder the dukeof wellington w a brought from the house of correciiuu to iiow street office to undergo an examination the evidence nf the principal witnesses was to ken in wtiling at the home ofiiceon wed uesday by sir r biroie but the case was gone into dc novo no this occasion the examination was strictly private and we can only state that after the depositioos of the witnesses had heen taken and signed the prisoner was fully committed to new gate for irial on the capital charge of feloni ously presenting a pistol at mr jilherttbc marshall of tho house of lord and polling tho trigger thereof with iuteot to kill aud murder him fashion ad vametiks while the new lord chancellor takes bis seat as a peer io right of things old and new that is uudcr an ancient banner of hi house that uf vox ns well as un der favour nf tie fresher hlazmiry nf brougham the herald college ha a no less bright quartering to shew in bis ba ronial shield on his ladys side both being equally charged with thn double inherited nobility of birth and talents she was the niece uf the 110 lord aurkland and the prreot lord henley a well known efti cicot statement and servant of the coun try the family name is eden and tho head of it an old baronetage in the north of england then were five sons nflbe recent generation who distinguished them- scivts from the rest sir john edlrll who inherited the eatato aud title and long liv ed a worthy example as a literal land lord tu all the gentry of hi county sir ko hcrt the second son who h created a baronet on being made governor of imuni ford having previously umfriml the iitr and heiress ol lord iv iliitnrf the pna bndhddcr in lht wilhan ltui aueij od b ii i li t d tf lr jvink for bis public mvv mv tmiuti j kdcnibe fourth son a uati of i i sterling qjahiiej wns he fathri u lflj ilmuham lad graham mre and siy edeo maul of liononr in her preeui ala jesry morton kurd henley nxi the youngest of i he five four nf whom left he- hind them ton not a lew of lvhow iube i it in an eminent derte the famil chaihe- ter talonl inynlty hod irne briti iude- peolenc i iifipirit fviidor cou jtmrnnl her royal llihnes ho ilu the old masters priots c fonr their late majesties george iii nr no w deposited at kensington place greater part of this splendid portiuo majesty collections formerly beloh cardinal albani of whom it wa pir v ed by george ml as an appendage l0 truly royal library lis said io the political circles it count flahault will be the neiv ft ambassador iu the place of m j rand whose recall at hi own re will lake place soon after christma lhe count is we believe married to a i x a scottish family and possesse mj jm countesss right a considerable ptpv in thai country an address from the cotton wea of flin and little bolton was jee proscnied to the queen by lord sr with various specimens of their ma iure which her majesty received mfj i ciiuly auo au address from the t j ot ireland trnhsmitied by the earl of j huilson ksq- secretary to karl hone which her majesty also received very gra- cinusly hnc to curt prf ant svxqrinfrxcith poundcake an original jnrcrfo two gentlemen travelling between twnimponant ibwn iu georgia fell in with a driver who in the language of the day wore by note every gully or obtruding root that jostled the vehicle callrd fonh a tremendous volly of oath one of the gentlemen at length observed to his rompaniuo that it would ne ver do they must fall upon some plao to correct the enormity the companion re plied that it would make the fellow worse however the pmlcman determined to make the experiment and bit upoo the fol lowing expedient driver said he you seem to be a pretty iever fullnw we are de- sirour of consulting your cotnfnrt and well fare a travellers should do to each other oh no doubt of ihat gentlemen no doubt of that said the briver well now driver said the kentlcniao if you should sec any thing amiss io our conduct in any respect whatever we should take ita a great fa vour if you would correct us and permit us to do tho same to you oh gentlemen said the driver i have no doubt yoo will both behave like gentlemen as yon are by this limo our swearer had become quite interested iu tho conversation and very anxious to show the travellers that he con- sidered them too polito and genteel to do any thing that would offend him pre- civing that he was in the right state of faction though swearing like a sailor at everylittloiucnu nl j rv ft geutlernau told that giving his friends at m of hd laken care to sur hl tha very large pound cake k he ner that mir good undersr e pmioo nf each other mti opted let me be that you w s si fa and if you will t il have largely of thi fine pound ch lon ll 1by all means said o driver sir any thing ucntlemen that i do flr y t aid the motlema 5twar f wrt it had the cleaire effect and for the re mainder of a c the dri ver ate cake and i u wg- yotbadatvu ajwuon stepped ioto our office a few w ajpeared about three shec lle wd and very kfind humored olcd us doe thee know my w ire h xoid uxm we dtdoot well he continued shell kingston chronicle saturday february 19m 1831 bv the arrival fif the sovereign and ca nada london dales to the 4th of jnnu aiy have been received we luvo gi- yen tlic snbstanco of the important in telligence contuined in these papers we liavo no oilier opinion upon the as pect of the revolutionary work than that which wo at first expressed our conviction of the impossibility of eng land avoiding 9 collision with the con tending powers burnings and distress prevail through englunddiscontent and disorder ap pear unabated and the long recess nf the british parliament is not calculated to allay the suspense by which the pub lic mind is agitated the whig ministry has it difficulties sofarit hn rjittiuguuhrd itself only hy profession the ceonniny it boast of was pursued with equal vipnur by the duke of wclliogtnu of this the country is now satisfied on the other hand some of the new appointments particularly that of lord plunkett has been severely con demned acd the places and patronage en joyed hy earl grey and hi relation are by no means forgotten reform in par liament is now the sheet anchor uf the cabinet that may sustain it out of doors for a while but we cannot consider the p irr ol the whig permanent they are sincere doubtless in their pledge for reform and threaten a dissolution of par liament should they be defeated in this pro ject we certainly think tho people are pre pared fur some moderato change in the mode of election mr oconnell with a view of uniting catholicsaod protestants adopted on one occajduu the oraoge colours and it is af firmed drank of tho boyne waters soma catholic it i also iaid have io this city tfince this iutellicenco arrived worn the same ymhol albion the commercial bank bill wo lenin from yoik that this bill is still before the legislative council it is said that unless some of the absent mem bers will speedily appear at their post the measure will be lost an annulur eclipse was visible heteon saturday last about noon the ob scuration commenced the thermome ter fell 10 degrees and the cold was excessive pomone aod tho netdjed arabimn sheik was declared by the 6rst judge on the turf to be the mou perfect arabian that bad ever heen imported ddghtt the ptopeny f commodore barrie c b possesses in an eminent de gree the docility mraciiy and good tem per of his sire the nesdjtd arabian shaik must desperate woman in our iuquiiy whyhe marricd her if such was the case he ropl m wcauso he makes such good apple umpjim after compli menting him on he efl u 0 lhc nne spirit as he came us at the same time thatp mistook our mgo for au opposite one ccrmrtrtown 7rgrna a side hilr pari paper states that marshal soult r raoge hours for trans- htfinft busineps aod wb hav nn doubt habit must pr annoying to place hunters tho mh maken appoint- ments for four eloefc in the mnrnior with thnbe who reque bave audiences on w hich the times remarks we are great advocates fur eniy risin but w nevor knew a veryearu rijcr who wat nm asleep either pbysicialu will the journal be good enough to re member when pi landed hi highness for being a rly riierv aod will they he pleased acknowledge note that i iip wa mentally f during the w hole of hi administration of this physical drew cinetewe know uoihlog population f poland at the beginninc nf ir29 the kiop of poland i e the l ionian proving so called of which wrr- nn is the metrp tootained 4088- 2r souls exclu- of the army the in- itcme since the 5 890 had therefnre hwn 9s3 llc jewuh portion nf the nhahitaqi hd hfca almost nnivfr- dly located in titict quarter they a mounted to 334 x3 individuals the est lent of prnpet aurancc ofl pnesse a pt i itidepeoileiilly i nun and of th populatinu 30i4g are nf ibis uwliiih fiirti ithasbceu rr that the innutee- ti0 at warsav nitit be more extensive than ha heen iuht as it readies hum polo pel- nted ia 3343 imlttidoah insnrrd in warsaw was 42oooo000 gulden vnlae warsaw melf ion of mioi souls cnnisonofahoul 150011 a i for the chronicle ma eoitoa it is wiih much pleasure i have observed your exertions to promote the rising literature of this province aod inferring iheuco ihat your column will he pen to all communication connected with kdueation nnd literature i make 00 apo logy fr calling yu attcntiim to the sub ject of my ptesrnt latter and therefore thnueh willi diffidence i end you a few crude observations on the suhjert it hn long been a mailer of surprise to me that creator attention has not been paftl to the exertion zealous and unremitting f silt john coi promote lhc civil moral nnd pttliiical iiucrest vf this province and it was with some impa tience i awaited the redemption of the pledse utl made in mtticiug the advertise ment of the literary society at york that you would shortly return in thcmdijrrt atld i bee thrihibhthemeiliiimof ynw jmirnal to offer t sir john coliioknk the patron add advocate uf the new society my bumble tribute of gratitude fur bin ear nest and uncea9ing endeavour io promote the welfare of this province and i am de lighted to avail myself of this opportunity nf puhiickiy expressing the high ene i have reason to know is generally entertain ed throughout this district of the preat be nefit be ha conferred upon ti by hisaitcu- rion to the risiog literature of the province oftpper canada sir john colhorne it must he remembered came lo the govern- meut at a time nf great excitement w hich ulonewas sufficient loexiinguish every hope of improvement it must be highly gratify- and discriminating conduct those angry feelings have gradually subsided to that settled good understanding which oow ex ists aud which is the highest tribute of ap probation which a loyal people can pay to tho representative of a beloved sovereign but it is not alone in hi high character of governor that his cooduct has challeng ed aod won ourgrateful applause his un remitting altentiun to the general welfare and improvement of the commercial and agricultural departments of the statestand equally high io the estimation of the upper canadian and has established fur him a character and a fame for sale at the chronicle office tae hfcr witch or the skimmer of the seas also separation by lady charlotte bury the 71st regiment now in this earrisoo has wc bear received noticotn hold them selves in marching order to leave this place in the spring and from the very polite and obliging conduct of sergeant mardonald and the band in the various parties at which they attended we are told that it i in contemplation to show them some mark of respect beforo they leave town- cana dian freeman we have been favoured with the pedi gree of tho horse imported into this coun try last fall by commodore barrie c ji ll is as follows daohek a beautiful bay horse with four black legs he is oow min two years old and stands full fifteen hands and an half hih he was hred by captain barrit at swarthdale in laucahiro and imported into this province last fall daghkk was sot hy mutty out of cap tain 11 ir- s v mareioma vfnah sir llarfnrd jones celebrated bay ncsdjcd arabian shaik out of maria maria wtw brrd hy trio late duk of hamilton out of a tetrmathus marehy sir peter th per formance and pedicrce of itr pettt 7v itmachust maria and muty are wrll is mm n in ihn sporting world aud are recorded iu the racing calendars there is rnniantic history attached to nesdjed arabian shaikwh sire of doghee sir harford june iu the year 1810 was the british ambassador to the pereiao court at this lime thi horse was farncd throughout the nesdjed country fur hi swiftness hi sagacity and his docility aud he was the occasion of many disputes a- rnnncst the arabs his origioal po6or hi fame however reaching the fare of shaik ncsdtt the governor uf hassora he sent troop against the arab aud forcibly took puscsinn of him neeer had not long pouebfd him bifnre thu king of peria who having heard of his aurpritdog qualities scut to demand him tl i demand shaik nesser contrived to evade but the king nf persia again sent an order accom panied by soldiers with orders to search for him shaik nesser this time concealed the horse by leading him up a flight of stairs to an upper apartment but finding ihat ultimately he must be discovered be took advantage of a dirk night and mol him to sir harford june who was en camped a bhort distance from bnssora sir harford was roused up at midnight by twn of the shniks confidential servants who presented him the horse upon condi tion that sir harford would give hi ho nour that he should never alive fall iuto tho hands of the persians stating that urh a oohle animal wa never intended in he the property nf thieves and bobbers for so they denominated the persians on sir ii jones return to england be mstbseoriviilts h h 6ht 4 the rude breath of factious calumny neer yet has dated ettafl it now remain to consider his conduct as a civil henefactor to the province and to regard the literary institutions of which he has been the founder and the friend iu- smutinns which will in future age stand forth the heralds of his fame aud whose incalculable benefits win in years tocoine extort the grateful tribute of thoe the cood and the wise whose golden npi- mon will dim equally the glory ofihe warrior and tho pnliiicia how grhtifwng to the heart of the noble pairun nfthcup- per canada college must he the univer sally approving suffrage or all classes of all parlies and of all religion on the in teresting nliject a man nay be dazzled hy the bright radiance of militarv clnry and successful enterprise in the field of war his pride may he flattered by suc cess in the senate o by triumph io the uantoet i boii dclighud thtavd relm bv the contemplation of the immense be- liefit present and prospective which 0101 flow from institution which are devoted to the education of the youthful mind my ardent gratiuide may perhaps have led me into the public expression of feci togs which thiuld have been confined to private circles my letter may contaiu sentimenrs which may be io opposition io the political character of jour paper if thev have done so i am cuotent to hear the censure they may call forth my only exeuto must be they are honest spnntn- nevus and not to bo controlled i all unused to politics could not pause lone cide where the lino should be drawn and on a subject like this so remote from eve ry sense of politics or party i was de lighted to let my feelings run riot in the excess of their joy and pride- on manyoc casioi my lime and aitcminn have been devoted to the subject uf kdueation ami i ant happy to my my efforts have at all limes been received in that same pure spi rit and singleness of heart with which wo made them thus far i have availed niycelf of pub licly expressing that gratitude which i know is uuiversally feh by all person for that greatest of all earthly boon education which the present governor of thi pro vince ha made so peculiarly the object uf his fostering care aud in yeais to come when his countrys cause may require hi services iu other dimes or when he shall have retired from the busy stage of lie to enjoy the caloi and swecu nl dooicitic joys io bis native land it will not i trul he hi leat gratifying reflection thai the hlrssings of thousand whom hi exertions have tended in raise in the scale of socie ty are wafted acioss the atlantic to bel low the revered name of sir john coh borne i have the honor to be mr editor your obdt servt a wellwishkh to improvement for the chronicle history of the career of benito de soto the pirate chief cdntinued from out lastj the ship morning star copt gibhi commander sailed from ceylon for en gland on the i3ih december 1827 having a valuable carpo on board consisting of cmuamon cuffeo ebony private consign ment of jewels ivory c there were also several passenger oamcly major logpje io command of luvalids lady aod daughter asbittaut surgeon good win 1st reft of foot con6ned to hi bed during the whole voyage by disease con tracted in ceylno mr robinson ord inance department staff ataui ceon johnston in medical charge and

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