Kingston Chronicle (Kingston, ON1819), February 19, 1831, p. 4

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sympathetic sensldtlity at tuc card table so miss hectic died litis morning of a consumption she was no more than seventeen a sweet girl ah ine is she dead poor thing whats trumps t the man is dead my dear whom wc employed to clear the mouth of the well behind our house and which he fell into is he i thought he could nol recover play a spade there were upwards of four thousand killed in the last engagement how many childless parents are now in sor- row ah how many indeed the oild trick the captain is now reduced to such poverty thai i am told it would be a charity to send a joint of meat to his fa- mik thf hard i have not a heart indeed sir he fell on his head and has been de lirious ever since and the physicians have no hopes that he will ever recover the use of his reason oh i recollect that he rode against somebody play a ipadd ifyou please the prospectsof the poor this winter is dreadful indeed there well be a powerful appeal to the feelings of the rich yes one really gives so much in charity i will hot you a guinea on the game pray lady have you heard of the dreadful accident which has happen ed ro mrs 1 wtett 1 tef sw drowned o yes mind we are eight partner george madam george t am sor ry to say it put an end to his life last tuesday you dont say so i had two honors in my own hand yes and his misfortunes never come alone his mother and sister in a state of distraction dear me thats bad sin gle double and the rub readers and talkers seem alike pci- plexed in this country as to the true pro nunciation of the name of the new lord chancellor of england we can hard ly indicate by any combination of let ters the various attemps at it drawn from that most delusive of all princi ples in our language analogy they run through the changes of browam broam broham brogkam broo- gkam broggam bruggam siurn together with another guttural sound winch we despair of expressing by any form of letters miss m a young heiress of con siderable personal attractions chanced to be seated with a young man at a din ner party remarkable in the fashiona ble circles for the brilliancy of his wit who had long made one in the train of her admirers the conversation turn ing on the uncertainty of life i mean to insure mine said the young lady archly m in the hope insurance company- 4l in the hope of what v said the admirer m a single life is not worth insuring i propose that we you have no objection i should prefer the alliance laconic order of the day frede rick xi wrote one day to gen salmon commander at clevis my dear sal mon if the austrians come into my ter ritories tell them they have mistaken their way if they begin to argue make them prisoners if they make any resis tance cut them in pieces importation for s general winter trade- by j w armstrong- vo at their w holeaale and retail woolen and fancy warehouse after considerable lime spent in the different manufacturing coun ties iu england in tho purchase of goods for a general fall and winter trade the subscribers have with much care selected the choicest and most extensive assortment ever introduced to upper canada this elceaotsiock of goods comprizes almost overy article in the above lioo deserving notice and is now respectfully submitted to public inspection their establishment will be found re plete with the finest fabrics in saxony black blue brown oliv and medley cloths double milled olivo and drab surtout clmh ladies fancy pekuse and queens do bath coating gentlemens french nap printed tam cloth single and double milted caasimcres assorted qua lities and colours flushings yorkshire beaver and treble milled pilot cloth fancy silk tuilenette valentia and mar seilles vestiogs satioetts camlets anil tartan plaids brussels kidderminster and venetian carpeting hearth rugs moreens damask and chintz furniture supertine merinos bombazettes bomba- zius and norwich crapes printed cali coes london chintz and chintz musliu gray domestic and steamloom cottoos apron checks turkey stripes and strip ed ginghams checked horse cloths counterpanes and marseilles quilts silk cotton worsted and lambs wool ho gwryi gtemmti rm sw te conet cambric and mull muslios gen- demons fur caps chamois waistcoats and pantaloon draw- silk and cotton umbrellas fringes ers india taffcties and baodaooas oiid and painted baize table covering shoe thread dutch twine looking glasses and stationery their linen diaper and flannel de partments are largely supplied with tho finest texture and choicest material low brown and bleached hollands table nap- french cambrics huckaback dowlas osnaburgs and sheeting sail canvas no 2 7 blan kets serges flannels and baizes c c bank notice ojficc of the bank of upper canada kingston 13th november 1830- discount day satur- da or e ver y week notes offered for discount and made payable at not more than ninety days sifter date must be put under ctwer to the cashier and left at this office the day before john macaulay cashier for sale at the cltromcle office ji fno copies of the aitlatic souvenier- for 1831 splendidly bound in em bossed leather with gilt leaves and containg twelve highly finished en giavings on steel by the first artists kingsto 23d oct 18 copperplatkprkss a first ratecofplrplate priuling press has just been received at th chronicle office where visiting hards will be printed and all other voppcrplate work performed with neatness and despatch a variety of fashionable visiting cards for sale at the chronicle office ju rkjuovalthe subscri ber begs leave to acquaint his friends and the public generally that lie has removed to the corner brick building recently occupied by mr wm binley druggist where he a gentleman calling on a friend found two physicians with him he wrote the following lines on the back of his card 41 by one physician might your work be done but two are tike a double barrelled gun 41 from one discharge sometimes bird has flown 11 a second barrell always brings him down circular ojfiee of american and foreign agency for claims 49 wousb new york jan 1831 public notice is hereby given to all persons whom it may concern having claims debts inheritances c payable or recoverable abroad that this agency has established uodet ths special auspices nod patronage of distinguished individuals in this country a regular correspondence with eminent bankers c- iu the princi pal ports and capitals of foreign govern tncnts in commercial relations with the united states through the mediation whereof such valid claims as may bo con fided thereto will be expedited for settle ment and promptly aod effectively reco vered when furnished by tho claimants with the suitable legal proofs aud vouch er together with the requisite power of attorney to le taken and acknowledged before noy judge of a court of record or other competent civil magistrate munici pal authority or notary public and the whole duly authenticated by the governor of the state or territory in which the same maybe perfected and legalized by the ap propriate foreign consul having also established a similar corres pondence throughout the coiied states and british america the like claims for recove ry in any part thereof respectively will ta received and efficiently attended to iu behalf or americans as well as foreign claimants orders for the investment of funds on mortgage of freehold property or in the purchase of public socumio of the unit ed states canal loans of the states of n york pennsylvania ohio ac punc tually and faithfully executed applications addressed to this agency in cases requiring the investigation of claims search of records or tho interven tion of legal proceedings should hn accom panied with adequate remittance tode- fray the preliminary charge aod disburse ment attending the eame aod all letters jnust be post paid aaron h palmer councilor of thz cqf the l s actuary ladies who honour this establishment with a preference will find among the fancy part of theirstock many new aod fashionable articles- figured palmerines crape de lyon crape royal and gauze de athen lodia silks satin levantine crepe lisse and italianetts canton crape cyprus rock spuu and real thibet shawls artificial flowers thread laces edgiogsand quillings lace caps hobhiocus and lace veils fancy oiled silk cambric aprons jtlack aod colored silk velvets tortoise shell combs windsor and fancy soap visiting message and toy cards beaver bonnets fur trimmings muffs aud pelevioes 1 cllojlc i 011110 uj vvfcv of very superior texture aod prevailing colors the principal part of this splendid and beautiful stock having been purchased for cash enables the proprietors to offer their friends and the public every advantage that cao be derived from the present de pressed state of the english market their woollens aro particularly recom mended to the ootice of country mer chants as well as the consumer special care having been taken in every instance to procure cloths calculated for service also 50 crates well assorted crockery which will bo sold at a small advance by the package or lot j w armstrong co kingston 30th october 1830 is now receiving a very general assorlmentof staffs and fancy goods well adai for the season which he intends w se unusually low for cash or short approved credit he has also on hand great variety of school books apd stationery and a case of g lirisiy best waterproof hats w driscoll kingston october 9th 1830 tsew stereotype e- jyl dition of mayors spellin book the subscriber has inlhepr an extensive second edi tion of m englih spelling book ser eoty from the 32sth london edition a d 1827 this edition which will be printed on good pap fr tl mills of eastwood and skinp of york will be afforded much cht than the former edition storekee a others wishing for supplies ill please give in their names without delay- jas macfarlane kingston 22d may 1s30 kotig all notes or accoints due to the estate ofthelutcfrederick keeler are lobe filled with j p samson admr bellvile24th dec 28 an extract from the relations of upper canada cofcge the college quivers are order ed as follows first quarter begin immediately af ter the christmas vacation about the 4th of january and eni on the 20th of march second quarter bfgins on the 20th march and ends on he 10th june third quarter begs on the 10th june and ends at the tvmmencement ol the summer vacation about the 6th of august fourth quarter begins immediately after the summer vacaflon about the 1st october and ends at the commence ment of the christma vacation about the 21st december at whatever period of either of the above quarters a scholr is admited info the college or preparatory school his dues for instruction tf payable from the begining of that qiarter ttotice all persons having jj just claims agtfnst the estate of the late rodolph coifhe of camden are requested to preset them duly au thenticated with as liilfi delay a ijns- sible and all those indebted to said es tate will please to call and settle the same with the subscriber who is duly appointed administrator to the said es tate william bowen adm in istra tor richmond 13th sept 1830 just t o millers a second midler would find employment by immediate application to gananoque mills cjitfcdonald4co day 29 1830 m ice all persons having tie x nmands against the estate of the late doctor john slickneyofsophiasburgh deceased are requested to present them duly authenticated to the subscribers for settle- vrtr tp nil ipnnmnr indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment in the subscribers who are duly authorised to grant discharges richd solmes samuel scronk executors sophiasburjh november 2d 1830 i the mansion house hotel the haviog rented subscriber this extcosive and well known establishment has now opened the same for the accommodation of the public the maosion house is pleasantly eituat- od on store street beiog the principal and most central street in kingston and uo establishment of ihckiud in the province can surpass it in the excellence and comfort of its apartments in regard both to parlours aod b6d rooms all of which are fur nished in the very best style the subscriber having kept tavern for leveral years has acquired experience io that line aod he trusts that with unre mtting attention to the comforts of hi guests he will merit a share of the public mtrodbm in rear of the mansion house is a large yard io which there is an exteosive and commodious range of stablesand where a livery stable will he constantly kept for the accommodation of the public s cakmino ki 24th october 1830 ame into the subscribers indo- sure some time in august a brown hcifler supposed to be eighteen months old the owner is requested to come prove property pay charges and take her away wm moore fifth con of the townsnip of kings- ion december 9lh 1s30 he subscriber begs leave to in form the inhabitants of kingston and the neighbourhood that he has commenced business in the dry goods and grocery line ill the shop formerly occupied by mr thos- wilson ill store whore he respectfully invite call and examine c midland district sale of lands do hereby give nolice lhal i shall attend und offer for sale such portion of the laodi as are advertised by the treasurer of ihe district aod cootaio- edin the warrapls or thecierkof the peace as may be sufficieot tosatisfy the arrearages of assessmeots due iheieoo at the follow ing times aod places viz pittsburgh 9th april at stratahans inn at 10 oclock a m kiogstou 10th di court house 12 o clock a m loughborough iftih do at mcgregors mills 12 oclock a m ernest town lluh do at forwards inn 12 oclock a m portland 14th d at jacob shiblys esquire 12 oclock a m camden 15th d a adam bowers esq 2 oclock p m fredericksburgh icth do at clarkville 10 oclock a n richmond lgtbtlo a napane mills 1 oclock p m tyendaoaga i7i j at tyendaoaea mills 12 oclock a m madoc 19th do a marmora iron works i ii oclock a m sidney 20th do 9l thrashers 12 o- i clock a m rawdoo 20th do a fidlara 2 oclock p m thurlow 2iatdo al muoros inn 11 o clock a m amoliasburgh 22 j al j belyons inn 10 oclock a- hillier 22d do m hcrriugtous 3 o clock p m sophiasburgh 24 j al demorest- vi 12 oclock a a maryahurgh 25tl lo at stone mills 10 oclock at j01 maclean sheriff m d november 3d i83tt t just receded nn f sale at the ghronicl ollirc treatise on the steam eagii w by rrofegsor renwick lege newyork ol colombia col- pec 1830 street them io trusting that ihe quality of his roods and the reasonableness of his teunswill induce them lo favour him with a share of their patronig- and support william mackenzie kingston 1st december ifo s 1jq ins been 1 i i his stock l irtx of the late edu od in subscriber liav- iiintiil administra- irtl ilickey deceas- requests all i c the estate io prcse f idjustmeni and tli i to the estate io call and lll 0 rcouns vltn mickey kingston 30m u50 gainst public notice is hereby given that any person found cutting takiog away or injuring the timber oo the lands belonging to the canada company without a special authotity from this of fice willjbe prosecuted with the utmot rigour of the law canada compaoys office york 11th oct 1830 notice all persons having demands against the estate of the late abraham barker of hallowel deceased arc requested to present them duly autkniicated to the pubsciibers for settlement and all persons indebted lo tke estate are re quested to make immediate payment to the subscriber who ait duly authorised so grant discharges i b stevenson benj hcbbs ha may l6lhls29 book binding establishment at thk kingston chronicle office the subscriber having engaged an experienced and regularly bred book binder informs the public that all kinds of business in thi lino will be perform ed at his office with neatness and des- ptttdr won mooeart icrrfti the following is a list of the price when hooks are brought in by the quantitv a 5 advance will be made on the ingle volume binding in calf in calf oroa do 0 10 0 do 0 5 0 do ii 3 0 do 0 2 0 folio fu bound meotc quarto octavo 12mo 16mo 1 s 0 it do do do do hlf binding in calf folio b bouud and oroa- a mcntcj j ui7 quarlo j do 0 7 0 0 octavo do do 0 3 6 l2tno j do 0 1 t 18mo do do 0 1 0 binding in sheep folio fn bound and oroa- ft mented u t 6 quarto d do 0 7 6 octavo d jo 0 3 0 12rao jo do 0 1 10 8imo do do 0 1 a h alf binding in sheep folio h mooted quarto octavo tui 16mo bound and orna- do do do do do do do do o 0 4 i 1 0 0 n 10 a1 ledger blank work aod ruling fancy binding separate charge james macfarlane kingston 13th april 1829 kingston dock yard 1 uh november 1830 thr kingston mills reserve con- ling of lots no 36 37 3s 39 40 j the 4th concession of the townslipof kingston in the midland district having been purchased on be- half ot commissioners of his ma jesty s sjavy notice is hereby given that all arsons are warned from cutting down oi ta timber or fire wood or in an 0 manner deteriorating the said property and all persons found so ticspasng w p against willi tiit utmost severity of the law and i nolice is hereby given that no h j ufief iis date to erect any hu house or building what wilhoui permission from the officer of tin dockynrd jno r glover savat stortkptr michael spratt master attendant robert moore mttitti shipwright ublished by carey jao and carey of philiadelphiathe first vol ume to be continued at intervuld ofthrco months of the encyclopaedia americana a popular dictionary of arts sciences lit erature hiitory and politics brought dowo to the present time and including a copi ous collection of original articles in a uk pi cas biourapiiv on tho basis of the sev enth edition of tho german conversations- lexicon to be completed in twelve large volumes octavo try persons wishing to subscribe to the above work will plcaso apply at the chron icle ojfice where the 1st volume may be seen price tico dollars and a half each james macfarlane kngs 24 dc we the undersigned hereby give public notice that we will not be accountable or liable ls for warders or common carri ers on the river st lawrence for the hazard and danger of the naviga tion hence lo montreal and vice versa we promise the public to employ nunc but sober experienced men as masters of our boats we will at all times when it can be done effect insurance on property con signed to us with some respectable of fice for its safe delivery at montreal at the lowest premium to be obtained incases where no instructions are given with respect to the amount to be insured on the different descriptions of iimnmrm wo ihall cwtura miii amount as we conceive will be for the safety and interest of the owners the property will be made subject to the premium paid for its insurance persons who consign property lo us for transport and object lo this course will immedi ately signify it by letter in which case they must consider themselves subject to all the liabilities of the navigatiou hence to montreal signed h sjones james mccutchon hooker henderson john mcpiiersonco prescott 22d march 1s28 n b ownersof goods desirous of insurance against the dangers of the navigauo from monireal lo prescott will dx t jerchants from whom they purcle lo furnish us or our agents in joag2al wilh the value of each and every package signed john mcpiierson co ii s jones james mccutchon hooker sf henderson prescott 15 september 1329 in t w salt rheum this inveierat disease which has long baflled the art of the most experienced physicians has at lengih found a sovereign remedy in dr la grauges genuine oiuiment few cutaneous diseases are met with more re uctnnce by the physician none in which he is so universally unsuccessful this ointment bassiood the lest of experience and justly obtained an unparalleled cele brity it immediately removes the scabs gives a healthy action to the vessels o the skin and its origioal colour and smooihocss numerous recommendations but the proprietor chose thmafutr trial thould bo itsonly commentator it has in three or four weeks cured cases of fifteen aud twenty years standing that had re sistcd tho power of every remedy that was tried it not only at once rives immedi ate relief in salt rheum hut cures tinea capitas coromouly called scald head and all ncabby eruptions peculiar to un healthy children 0 there isnothiog of a mercurial na ture contained io it and it may be used oo infants or others under any circumstances whatever price one dollar per bottle for sale by wm binley kingston john mussoo quebec and george bent mon treal sole agent for the canadas- kiogstoo ll 1328 tht board of education for the johistown district give notice that from the present time it if their intentioo strictly to enforce the regulation mado some years back by which the use of american books in teaching is prohibited and the masters are directed to confine themselves to such works of elementary instruction as are compiled by british authors only a copy of mavors spellingbook may be obtaiuedbyeach master whose certifi cates have passed the board on applica tion to or hubbell that the compliance of the school masters is desired with a former regulation enjoining the use of prayers at the com mencement of school in the morning and at its cloe in the evening a form adapted to general use may be found iu mavors spellingbook and is re- a paid in advance commended for this purpose by tho board printed forms for the quarterly certifi cates to be signed by two trustees may he had on application to adiel sherwootl esq brockville july 1829 for sale a very valuable farm in the township of thuilow situated within four miles of the town of belleville and within a quarter of a mile of the river moiioe containing two hundred acres of land of which there are one hundred acres in the highest stale of cultivation on the farm there is a very neat substantial frame dwell ing house well finished in front of which runs a handsome stream of exrellent water there is also a barn of fifty feet in length by thirty five feet wide a shed and other out buildings finished in the bust style and nearly new toge ther wilh a good orchard well stocked with fruit trees forming altogether one of the best farms in the country indisputable title will be given for further particulars apply to the propri etor on the premises ronald mcmrchael thurlow 10th may 1830- alliance british and fortign life ond fire assur ance company oflondon established by act of parliament capital five millions sterling he agents for this company beg leave to announce to the in habitants of upper canada that they continue to assure against loss or damage by fire and that tliey have for the convenience of the public appointed the following gentlemen as their agents in the couuty towns of the different dis tricts viz uuy c wood lsq vornrcau messrs aw morrisc lirockvilk james macfarlane esq kingston james g beihune esq cobourg robt wm prentice esq york john ross esq niagara to either of whom parties desirous of effecting assurance will please apply the agents take leave to remind the public of the following important and striking advantages thai will be deriv ed from assuring wilh the alliance com pany 1st perfect security 3d honor and liberality in the settle ment of losses 3d moderate premiums of assur ance 4th a participation of profits 5th parties who obtain the settle ment of losses from fire are not thereby deprived of their right to participate in lite profits of the company gib losses by lightning will be made ood th the agents have iho power of settling losses in this country without referring to the board ef directions iu londcn sth reasonable expenses incurred in the removal of properly fiom fire will be paid ih in the case of an assurance be ing made on property for a less sum ha the real value thereof tho compa ny will whatever loss is sustained not exceeding the sum assured 10th the extended scale on which ihe society is formed warrants the ex- will he larpe mckenzie beth one a co agents montreal 2sth sept 1826 ill1am johnson bar ber and ii iir- dresser next door to cnrminos tenders his grateful acknowledgements to the public frrihe liberal support he has met with since he commenced business and he hopes by close attention and industry in me rit a continuance of the public patro nage kingston 30th may 1829 wanted immediately at the long falls south crosby on the ridcm canal about 20 good stone masons to whom liberal encouragement will be given apply to mackay redpath april 1829 for sale lot no 17 ninth concession of the in the town ship ofloughboro for particulars en quire at this office kingston 9th augustis28 the kingston chronicle is printed and published every saturday by james macfarlake at his office in front street kingston terms seventeen shillings sixpence perannum if sent by mail twenty shillings subscription to lever respective removal the sub scriber begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has remov ed his wholesale aud retail hardware establishment to the store lately occupied by mr atruax store street where he has oo hand as usual a very general assortment of hardware paints oils cordage c c aod is io daily expectation of a further supply direct from birmingham sheffield wolverhampton bristol aud liverpool the whole of which ho will sell unusually low for cash or short approved credit 51 doz follausbys grass scythes 20 doz english grass aud cradliug do forsalo uncommonly low geo w yarker kingston 0th june lt30 antjeulinmedijiely two journeymen ptinters apply at the anlucanadian office ugans masonry or sale at tho chronicle office maich u m price of advertisements six lines and under 2e 6d first insertion and and 7 each subsequent insertion ten lines and under 3s 4d first insertion and lod each sub sequent insertion oboa ten line 4d per line for the first insertion and id per line for eveiy subsequent insertion advertisements without written directions in scrtcrl till forbid and charged accordingly orders for discontinuing arivertiscmeuls to be in writing and delivered by wedxssdat noon at the latest no advertisement received after ten oclock on the day of publication icy produce received in pay me t at the mar ket price agents jnhn bigncll sm quebec david chwiolmr esq three rivers andrew porteons esq jimo- treal james mcintosh esq lwcasler john cameron esq lochiel r clinc esq comwtll geofgc browse esq matilda alpheus jones esq presctt henry jones esq brcckrtttf josifch taylor esq perth h bitmanh esq ftiehmiut j k hurt well esq bastand met c j mdoimld gartmque john dean eq bath allan mcphoroitetfq jtopm parker esq bcttvite joseph v kecler eq cramahe james g btthum- eq wamtjwi dovhi smart eq port hope william allan york daniel ros esq vutrxa john eq crook esq jmagar charles bigr ei j pglbci ewawjawmt

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