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Fenelon Falls Gazette, 12 Mar 1881, p. 3

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-,,,._. ‘1' FALL snow. EBEMPTORY NOTICE. _ “’4’ Parties indebted to the nndersigned,_eithâ€" “N A T 8' er by note or book account, are hereby no- , tified that the same must be paid without I invite the attention of all visitors to an by we tau; of February inst, or they Lindsay to my new and magnificent stock ' will be placed in court for collection, with- “ cow sxn SlLVBR WATCHES. Myl on! respect to Person. u h: u Irma: the stock 0! silver American watches, including rd" f" " mne- JAS. J. POWER ‘ n" “I "wa. "peek", N“pad f" Penelon Pulls. Peb.3rd,1881. 47-2 school teeâ€"chers’ use, selected from reliable Inth only, is the larger. and best ever shown in Lindsay, and has been purchased "lively fu- eash. I particularly solicit an lisp-odor: of my stock by intending pur- chasm,ead I am confident that 1 can quote lowc prices than they can be bought tor Javier: or from any expensive city estab- lish-oat, and instead of dealing with an 0.5. stranger, one who never saw you be- (m and whom you may never see again, you will have the advantage of buying from one who lives in your own neighbourhood and will have on interestâ€"such as no changer would haveâ€"in giving you a good arid: and. seeing that it gives perfect sat- 1‘76w Store in Sandy's Block. G. Gr. IIISI'I‘H is filling up his shelves with new arrivals of SPRle GOODS, among which will be found .A. SPLENDID 'LOT‘ OF TWEEDS, of the Latest Patterns and the Very Best Quality, LADIES’ DRESS GOODS, Cretons, Prints, Cottons &c., dzc. HIS STOCK of FAMILY GROCERIES tater-v em «I Very mm . , . I rim. A large and well assorted stool: 0 will be found fresh and at bottom prices. Specutl tnducements in sugars. In BOOTS & SHOES he is offering a splendid assortment. of Wright's L 5, make. and is sole agent for Fogurty's celebrated “ Gordian Seam." which is from 82 50 to 810. warranted not to rip. Any pair in which this scam fails to outwcar the boots LADIES’ COSTUME CLINT“, will be replaced. Blankets. both white and coloured, and , 18‘ All the above goods will be sold at the very lowest living prices for cash ' or farm produce. A call solicited. Fcnelon Falls, March 4th, 1881. O N" 1881. XMAS AND NEW YEAR. 1881. I I . I O ' The Undersignecl begs to inform his customers and the public generally that he HAS NOW ON HAND a New Stock of Hardware. DDWN, DDWN, DDWN, PRICE AT T. w. READE. B. A., .u. D., BINITY COLLEGE,TORO.\'T0,M. C. P. k S, Ont., Physician, Surgeon and Ac- couchenr, formerly Physician at the insane Asylum, London, Ont. N. 8. Special nt- teution paid to diseases of Women and Children. 3' Office for the present on Francis street west, Penelon Falls. Ml’llOVED FARM FOR SALE. IN The east half of Lot No. 19 in the 2nd Concession of Vcrulam, about three miles from Penelon Falls, The soil is a clay loam, and about sixty acres are cleared, well fenced and in a good state of cultiva- tion; the balance hardwood and cedar "hon." swamp. There is a frame dwelling house, ’ . G. W. REALL- 32 x 20 feet, with kitchen, a. good log barn. the 1 rice: comm! be butt. Cold: 'Ilt’ Ila! Mudoorto llundu 4,574. stables, die. and an excellent well. For t “b 3'3”; LI terms and cdnditions apply to J a, 0 ., \VM. . .' JAMES DICKSON P. L. s. A & “"“Y' Sew“ 3°”? "80' ’ 42-tf. We are selling every description of building Hardware, including . , F9901” Falls. NOV" 12m» 1880' Fenelon Falls, Dec. 3Uth, 1880. GENERAL DRY GOODS, L flcABTHUR'S BLOCK, FENELON FALLS. 0â€"â€" Thanking their customers for their liberal patronage in the past, beg to inti~ mate that. they have removed to larger premises, Austin's old stand, which have been thoroughly repaired and fitted up, and in future will carry a larger and BETTER ASSBRTEB STllll of goods than heretofore, which will enable them to supply their numerous custo- '3‘ a ll 0 y ('3’ 0 0 (1 S, were and increased demand _ I Mtlltnery, lluutlcs. Feathers, Flowers and Ribbons. AT CHROMOS, MOTTOS and would ask all in need of anything in their line to give them a call and EXAMINE THEIR STOCK, and be convinced thut ther are selling cheaper than‘any other house in town. 0...â€" . . .. NEW GOODS TIâ€"IIS VVEEI’. GS, Canadian Tweeds, a Large Assortment &Choicest Patttrns. Over-Coatings, in Black Worsted, Tweed and Nap Cloths. Grey Cottons, at Bottom Prices. Splendid Heavy Cottons, for 8 cents per yard. Blankets,uhite and Grey. Woollen Shirtings, a large range. , Dress Goods, Black Lustros, Black & Coloured Cashmoros. Shawls, Clouds and a Large Lot of Woollen Goods. White, Scarlet and Colored Flannels, from 25 cents per yard. JAMES DIUKSUN, h. Surveyor. Comnissioner in the Q. D., . Convcynncer, kc. Resideucc,nnd ad- dress, Penelou Falls. EW GOODS. _. Mrs. KEELEY Has just received and opened up a large stock of NEW TOYS, in great variety. DOLLS, VASE S, Toilet Sets and it good assortment of NAILS, LOCKS, HINGES, GLASS, PAINTS, OILS, &C., &O., This season, at the lowest price they have ever been ofi'ered’for by the trade. EVERY LINE COMPLETE. A call from intending purchasers is respectfully solicited. E. E. HENDERSON & 00., Hardware Merchants. A.LALBERTE respectfully informs the gentlemen of Fen- clou Falls and its Vicinity that he has com- menced the tailoring business U ‘ I On Colbm no Stt oet, s I opposite the residence of Dr. n..-.n'. and solicits It shun: of public patronage. Cloth- ing will be made in the lute-st styles and $3.1? A Good Fit Guaranteed. Garments cut for persons who wish to make them up at home, and charges reus- onnble in all cases. Fenelon Falls. May 17th, 1880. REMOVAL. JOSEPH NEVISON has removed his Harness Shop to the west side of Colborne street, next door to the .llechanics' Institute, where I he will keep on hand a good stock of Single & Double Harness for farm or road work, Valiscs, SHAWL STRAPS, BASE BALLS, NEW TAlLOR'S SHOP. “ch03: VALUABLE FREEHOLD I’ II C) I.) 3?. Ii '1‘ X7. Under power of sale contained in a. cer- tain mortgage made by Samuel llarr. ot'tlie village of Penelnu Fulli. hearing date the 28th day ut' August, 1378. there will be sold at l'ublnc Auction, At the “ McArthur House,” in the village of FENELON FALLS, at 1 o'clock p. in. on Saturday, The Twelfth day of March next, by Saucer. Jnllxslm. Auctioneer, the follow- . ing property, namely: The frnmv: house on Francis street east, in the village of I-‘cnclon Falls, at present occupied by the mortgagor, Samuel ilnrr, With the burn, stable and buildings upper- taining thereto, together with the Int on which they stand. described as fodows: Thut certain parcel of land, situate in the village of FI-nclutt Falls. in the county of Victoria. part of but No. 3 south of Francis street and east 0! Clifton street, delcrihctl as follows: Commencing ut the north-west angle oftht- said lot; tin-nee easterly along the southern buundnryol Francis street l3" feet : thence thI-nct- nO‘Illll'fl)’ purnllel with Kent St.. Lindsay. MEDICAL HALL, FENELON FALLS, and Motto Frames, Pluln and Perforated Cnrdhourds, Canvas and Berlin “'uols. A nice lot of Wall l’ancr and Window Blinds just received. Mus. HEELEY. 565" )lillinery Store and Show Room, one door north of ll. 1’. lleming‘s hardware store. Fenelon Falls, May 26th, 1880. NOTICE _ Notice ls hereby given that the under- igned “'1” not be responsible for any debts ontractcd in his name, unless the party ontrncting them has his written authority or that of Mr. J. D. Smith. Where can be found an excellent assortment of Trusses and Shoulder Braces, Toilet. Fancy (l3 Rubber Goods PERFUMERY 8270-, 830-, always on hand. A large and R. C. SMITH. our..." street; un-ummemu- urullel with w L dies’ Iantlo Cloths Black and tire . Fcnelon Falls Ml ecu . 1880. 144 '. Francis street I30 feet: thengepuortherly'u- WM” "31,0", snaps @ aA fun stock to choose “on: Give us a can go trouble to Show goods -â€"» long the eastern boundary of Clifton street ’ i ' ' . . ‘ ' ‘ ' t . k 36 ' i ' ‘ l t 1 - r 53 feel. to the place of beginning. 01 “w beat qlnhty 1nd at low prices Ako’ a whether you buy or not. I x .0. Currycombs, Brushes, and all articles in his line of business. 30LLARS WARRAN TED. Repairs promptly and neatly executed. He begs to return his sincere llutnks for the libt't‘ttl patronage with which he has so far been favored, and is determined to merit a continuance of it by turning out good work at moderate prices. Particulars and condition: of sale may be bad II. the tiuu- of sale or on epplicntiou to ll. SHEPPARD. Vendor’s sullt‘itor, Ft‘llclun Falls. Pension Falls, Feb‘y 16th, 1981. 50-4. WELL SELECTED STOCK or STATIONERY, comprising a full assortment of BLANK BOOKS and general stationery. Naom Horse and Cattle Medicines, I’hysicinns’ prescriptions and Domestic Recipes carefully compounded. @ Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purposes. TIDIE TABLE. â€":0:-â€"- Summer Arrangements. ~20: â€"- Taking effect on Monday, 21st of June, 1880- LINDSAY TIME. STATIONS. Ordered Walkâ€"a. Specialty. A Good Fit. Guaranteed, and in the Latest Styles. Agents for Harper's Bazaar Patterns. JARVIS & MoDOUGALL. McArthur’s Block, Fenclon Falls. A “ MERRY CHRISTMAS” OLD sour C RUSSEI) GOING NORTH. OV’YCK. LARGE OF A full assortment of Patent and Proprietary Medicines always on hand. A ‘ L gent for H. ll. Stcvens‘ Purely Vcl'ctablc VEGETINE. ‘: .. Toronlu. \‘iu G. 'l‘ R- leave 11‘: Mn. 7 = AND “HAPPY NEW YEAR.” TO ALL. ,~,;,â€";-,;:â€"â€";,â€",; ,,,,,,-,, a Surprising Feat! but most of & E' W 1 itdliu‘uy . . ilt‘rit‘t; ll 50 ” D ' Fenelon Falls. May 27th, 1880. . Manager mgrâ€":1.-.” «:â€" ..“ u . .Mi.)',_-.‘_ 3'- P '1 x, has Just Received at his shop l- ,'.T‘.____-" m | . . I I P ix S, AND ’ Lindsay . . . . . . leuvc 3M0 nu on their return by nut bmug properly shod. O ’1 0 b L ‘ ‘ . ‘ - I . . ' -. r In 3 OLD-FSTABI ISIIED sill‘llllcl:0)n Junmon “'- ixfi'lt': t Are you afraid of Illlcd spur: sadufuie? If ‘ a huge and we“ selected stock of {hwy”'.'.”.'.'.:" ,, 8"“) , you are, you in e cr ca n . _ e ' The subscriber begs to inform his custo- Font-ion Falls “ d 0' “ . bourrht. before the rise selling L 7' mm “m, ,h, by . . n r 1 ‘ V . .. , , v 7 » a 2 I 1r" *0 swam tht he has 1 O S t n 4.2’ u JAMES .1 mm W S, 1‘ 9173’ a e- a. n... . or . Y * . « ......... . .. where you will get . The subscriber returns his sincere thnnka and New Year's Gifts, which he will be able to sell at. the Lowest Possible Prices, Juno it“ . for the liberal patronage bestowed on him E as they were bought cheap for cash- ;“ind-m Sumo.” mum. 5.3” u & during the past nine years. and begs to in- , ingnmsby “ U ,3 , form the public that they can obtain Cured Meats, Ilcuings’ 03.5,,” u “‘2. u. to Suit all Sights. enquiringly C'nrap for Cash, as he is Gould's " 6.15 ” Spectacles AT First Class Horses and flies ’ - ‘ , , - ,_ t w I DETERMINED to SELL :1 ‘ Cod F1511 & Mitchel cl. good and choice stock of ”“ "1",” “'5‘” . 7 . H" _ any hour of the dayor night, at his stu e . , . STANOVS GUIVG 5mm.” «if his stock in order to make room for hi: K) a A choice assortmemo y y b . V , T V e 0. . . e - . J '- 5W, M, m, M. "M, ,u n m; U ., 0.. Francis Street East. 5 J on ellel y, Clocks, Watches, ll cddint3 .ngs, _ W fl Mm, time. Having at very moderate charges. Pale and Brandy, Brooches, Lockets, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Gold Keys, Scarf Pins, l’tpes, Purses, "Mihmwn ,euvo h” :; mm“ m: , I , , p , , . LINDSAY: 363- cgmmercsnl travellers und't‘heir lug- . . ,. and other articles too numerous to mention. GUM,” .. 7:2,, .. Tm“ LARGEST “‘S‘SORTMENT _. __ _.. S‘W’d “INK-W? “My “‘1 "‘I‘cdmu‘my ‘° p0" W1 she"! “mei’ 365” Please giVe hima Call before purchasing elsewhere. hymn « 7.32 H In the village, be is able to supply every “'3' “"0 pmm“ ~ , ' inflow“)? " 74” “ cusmm" mm “I”! be my: mum uu” s". P U M The subscriber never had a. stable-fol of Ilonwud and Ton] Glns, Min‘h" S'““"" I 7 55 H int»! “fuic who may patronize him the trou- I better horses than at present. Come and scum} brands opwmsky’ Bowed Ale and (I ‘ ‘ ' Mylea' lt'y Juuc. “ H.140 ” hle ot running ull ut'rr the village for the . _ try them. put”, am‘ The nucnmm 0pm,,“ keeper. "_-_‘ Kmtuouut " $.40 “ needed urticle. lie is now ufl‘cring Tficubscnber begs respectfully to In- E. R EDW «RDS am, 0,1,,“ is immed ,0 ,his flock '~ Ilettie's n tun n. "v - g B I rum me inlmmmnu or Penelon Falls Feb'y 24th 1831 dl tf‘ ‘ I r ll. Fen,“ “ “‘35 " omen s . ) ti o s _ v i ‘ ‘ n . n " 9.5!. ~ ‘ °“ R" 90°“ FENELO N F :tLLS â€"- # â€"â€".â€"r*â€"â€"~_ . . - ’ __._.,. ' .32: .. per pair. 357‘ Don't fail to coil and exam- A r Ill‘i NE“, DRUG S FORE. t A nice assortment. of Hall's H u, go u inc his Stuck before purchasing elsewhere. ‘nd surround-mg mum”). and [,0 5,,” con. )nnwrou “ 10,32 “ tinucs to manufacture his Wooden and 221- of all kinds. alwnvs on hand. The cash L “Flynn, Wyn“, Mm, ,, Ordered Work 8 Specialty. ebmted ' system will be strictly adhered to. ’ . 3 ’ i‘iii‘iyiiy- vim”, ._ .. . . I.‘ Repairing done with ncntuess and dcspnteh. - . _ . . [1‘ 1:- M, R. o tl ,l 12.1.5 , . . . . . . . . . n... .m,.l..,~.i......n.- American Iron Cap Pumps, DYE STUFF-“s, Cash for- Farm Produce. ac. dc, which 1 mn sell cheap. "" .. 4..., ".3", ,,,,,, , ble lit guarantee . . . ,.. . . . _. __,,__,.~_ ___, Lindsay, vin W. 1’. l’. 6; JOHN ClllSIlOLM. Next to the. Globe Hotel, Kent st., Lindsay Removal anil Change in Business. Mofiat tall-cFarland Return their sincere thnnlts for. the liberal patronage bestowed on them slnce they commenced business in A Heller Assortment than Ever, Fenelon Falls, Comprising Gurden, Field and SHEET-IRON SUGAR KETTLES FDR $1. Never yet sold for less than $1 2. . ' ' ’ ‘ Toronto vlu (l. 'l‘. t. or. 7.52 " . . . . . . . . , GREAT REDUCTION IN MILK-FANS _One Dollar I." ha”. mac". 1,-3.0“ 1”“,an “[0 money, Fcnclon [Pullmwitbstngo forltubr-nygenrr Kinmouut,withslnge for Mindeu. JAMES truss, but 38'- Don't ask for Credit “$11 as I am not able to give it. Cash for Skins, Manager. llidcs 5L0. JOSEPH HEARD. I’unelon Falls, February 15th. 1881. VIWHERE’ S “ One More River to Cross.” In order to reach the climax of JAMES A635,“ fur wells, cisterns he. Penelon Falls, February 16th, 1881.“ a L.ll'y lt'lll’t.‘ 23D " .......,. JOHN NUGEN‘I‘ thanks his numerous customers in Fen elon Falls and the surrounding country for their very liberal pitronugc during the. past 4 years, and takes this opportunity of informing them that he has now on hand “EENELON FALLS am: ALL WORK lVARRANTED. s. nuoxsssums, S ‘1‘ O 1!. E. l-‘enelon Falls, opposite Victoria R. R, S. J. W. LEONARD, f â€"â€" “l’illfl‘ltr Traflir Agent. April 81h, 1880. 5â€".ly Lindsay, May 3rd, Hid-'1. ESUMED BUSIN lSS. The undersigned is now selling Gross Out Saws, Hanlnn & Lance Tooth, Axes. Logging Chains Cow Ties. Toronto and ‘Nipissing Hallway. TIME TABLE. Taking rift-rt on Monday. l5 March, “330. Kennedy & Newman would inform the citisens of nod beg to inform the. publicthat they have JUSI moved into the pN'aliit'S lately orcu‘ F 11 F L 0 W E R S E E. D 8. gti°2.‘;s.;':;,‘:;s.t’:rtzii- 33:35:23.1: a S n” Slum Emers as well as their own. Having leased the bakery and secured the services of Mr. tiiilfi'fi - Local Wilfred David Barrett, y'acy are prepared to furnish and vicinity that they have resumed busi- CutleryQ out in Mr. Newman‘s old stand. The stock E Toronto, deport, wot (miâ€"pm,“ “N .u km” or “flan” consists of perfume G d l t L Pi Exhri‘dm‘ e. turf: i: s.’ )2 no . m mm“, m ,, W, on V a. no a. ow gures ,,;33,,,,.. u m ‘i .7 .j‘ .. Midland Jet or. ll 45 u and no efiort will be spared to sustain the 1 Lindsay iii-l n. Hugh “puuuon which ,he pens,“ h". purchasers will find it to their advantage to cull upon 1 A. F U L L ASSORTMENT ol LI!» 8.00 “ 2.2!. 4.10 p. m. 12.45 FANCY ARTICLES. is low as Any Other Huuse ubakery has deservedly borne. "their stock of , ' T Hrillia ” l 4!. 7 Brushes, Combs, kc, to. l DG & . . in IN County. ' , I ‘ v )Iidlnml I .d l. H .m . . 2 .4 A , l xmâ€"i‘hysiclans' prescriptions prepared: I L Y G R O 0 E R1 E S l L O l. J- .) CONN"; "I- 1405 5.3;“ Geo 8. Bear ‘ CLOTHING. with care and despsteh. A full selection of; rm be (and, " “ML “uh, good ‘nd 3 who» Mock 0,. (50GC SUCTlllWXiie t. -“Lviiilil..llni|, ' ' GR OCEHJES School Books & Stationery i 't" “WM- ‘ m N k v , a - ~~-~ I, F , rum Dean“: 8“. ,3”. g | I t m .‘depsrt o “I spit. 1 term _ "a on m Confectionery and , up.” on hand. . f l C E R I E S P R I S I O N S, ‘1 gnomes: qmarm, ; , , i , " ’ crockery ma elm-re. , 3%.“; ., 7 .. “:1”- ;2’; 1'. -â€"-CHAS ’ 0 & l C“”'"‘ cillbe kept on hand and ism rod 5 r ‘ fl “ (s: . . . . - P “C9 . fl '7‘ . _ eâ€"ZE'R‘DS .5 ' generally dealt in. A nice lot of } I‘ L O L R A 1‘ 1* L 114 I), (-301 I u u Revenue: i is now full in every department. Give them a trial and judge for yourselves. 2 giving.- _ _ . » nrrmm arrive The Highest. Price paid for Form Produce, Pork, Butter, 193333,? '_ _ 7 I, V Passengers Iran.- Lindsay at 12 4.1 p. m. l S i ' d Hides. _ hark.“ an Q , . l and reach Toronto At 0.341;). or. Leave To- :6‘ Just received, a large mm'gnmem OI 4" “‘1 (3‘3" O‘l‘ ronlo at 7 45 a. m., and reach Lindsay at l i ’ d door north of J. Nngent‘s Drug Store. etc p. in. Remember the Stan â€"one w. Goonzmuu' Jr], Womlrillr «lei-m 8 ’5 ‘~ 7.40 “ 2 55 “ (fanningawn arrive‘! 4" " 7.53 “ 3.0! H 10.30 “ F! 5.5 u 4 l0 ” 11.1% " 6,30 “ mountains, FENELON FALLS. Any person who with to get their hair lode up into swucnss. ems or stuns. to an etfally invited to give him a call, :5 be will do the work in good style and as "collide. falls,Feb'y lowest. :04 3 Trans 813th 9351.1. mmi 't . .. . v h . ; j (Q 1 AT AND BELOW COST. 3 mar, gammy” “3:33;: ;.... u.....1.....a_..u bosom-s .ml 3 her-nous am swim ac. gas any to town. A nut ofinspcctton from use “FPALUS m .84 Fuh- ant. in" needing nnylhing in their line of busi-l Boon end Shoes a specialty. Perm pro- c u :d 5' 5213;122:38 éneu is respectfully solicited. due: taken in endings. ‘ e 0? R". 3 late i . l of Hamilton) 38 Adelaide-st, west; (near? “Urn”. * H‘pAm'ASD' l Greed Opera. Toronto. ' ’ Eenelon Fells, May 26th, 13s). l Raving purchased the stock of A. W. Luh- er, they will sell the same New s at a small advance on cost. g Pcnelon Falls, October 25th, 1880. momma, x‘rch 15m, 1390: McDOUGALL s BBA‘NDOS. , Managing mm, 1

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