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Fenelon Falls Gazette, 14 Oct 1882, p. 1

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.fl, AIM!) doe no: «convoy tuik cents why nbc “an in mney sylbblu. " Min-1y may Iii.“ company," says a colourr-l philosopher; “ bu: I rathcr lab de rilumati/ iu; In: for: dull to tub in but. ' I \Vbich wot-d would you rstlfc: mile. "tweedlednm" or "lwecuimiec 2' '-~â€""’l”r.rr:lv laden," becausc it is writtcn with mun. can: ; â€"â€"c'l. . Don't beat yr ur bees and firmness. bu; if that doun't keep them town. send for a polietznan and have them taktn up. Love is the most terrible and also the} most generousof the passions ; it is the only one that xnclitalcs in II! dream the happl nest of sour: one the, “'hy is it that whcixcvcr you an: looking for anythii 1.: you always find it in the last {2252 you for I lien-lute you always stop High ovc: lh': wild sea-border. on the furthest lti ng wh- i. you find it. The largest sailin ship in the world hm, A Teflon. The vessr-l, ‘53:: I heard In the winds his story. as they been launched at ’ which is four-muted, is leJ ft. long, o2 ft. 8 in. broad. Wilfrfift. (IL‘pZix of hold. 1 “ \Vhat a clungm'Hx-Jsirus a novelist. carpets. Try kind- ‘ v l V0... X. THE SEA KING'S GRAVE. B'n' 32331;" "ODD. I. .wns lo the \Vcst. ls l. v: ' ren grave mound of the Norseman. .- .f the yew-tree grove on its crest. . :cap: up salt from the \vnvc, Ant. lore at the creskulz branches that grow from the sea king’s grave. _ Some sun of the oldâ€"world Vikings, the Wild sen-wandoribx lords. “ one Mlle woman cm mch In a m“? m... sailed in a snak¢:-prmvcd galley. with a life." “ Exactly,” said a victim : “ NM! sl -( uircs whz'c I From the llonls u _ What a heap 0‘ Change m n l f i came on an :c)‘ bu t. doing it." -' "How old are you, my littlv: man 2" mkcd n cntleman of .1 ymmgah-r of three year: to wfiomhc was hung introduced. "I‘m not old," rcplicd tbc little luau ; “ I’m almost new." . In view of the iii-.Lsuttcmlant upon cater- ing for the floral...- o: Ccmmr us, it Is propos- ed to inert-am: the allowance to thc caterers to “.000 sycar. .-\t prcscut the allowance is £300. Mr. lusticc [’3 (2,1; well-kl own bringing judge, on being a: 'ul uftcr his health as in: WI! coming out of court, answered, “I'rct- f-y well; you see I keep just imaging 02â€"- hanging on.” The Amerian Consul Stanton at St I’etcrsburg reports that sand I as been found In the American cotton recvivcd thcrc. ' A l the holes that had been (-xmzincd conlamcd sand ; one had 45 pounds I 'I‘ c vicar of a landing London \l'cst-l‘lud {itualistic (lunch infoer all who care to look at lli- Ill’ffIIJZ-IIUIII‘II‘I that “ announce- ments of marriages and of deaths to be pray"! [or should he gimll to the vcstry clerk." “ Clinr'cy," said a mother to her seven- year-old boy, " you must not mtcrrup'. me when lam talking with ladies. ion must wait till wo stop, and then you can talk." “Ilut you never stop I” rctortcd the boy. _ Archibald Forbes rays in ' thc .\ orfh American Reriew that the Amcrlcan army Is superior to the English army. My. I'orbcs has just been married to an American lady, and could not with any suicty have said otherwise. The Suez Canal has produced an unfor- uuatc effect on the Mediterranean fishcrlcs. Sharks from the Red Son and Indian Ocean now migrate through Lthc canal to the Mediterranean in such uumbcn us to seriously diminish the catch of nmrkcfnblc fish. _â€"â€"â€"â€"‘N4-.-)vaâ€"-â€"-‘ MUSIC AND THE DRAMA. .â€" Goncrnl. Maud Granger is to star in “Only a Fat-- mcr's Daughter.” I Mum. 'l‘hco has Income 3 grcat favorite in New York. Shu is the head of the “ naive ' school of comic opera. Emma Abbott's ncw play, “ bin; for n Du '," has made a hit whcrcvor performed. It Is said to bc sparkling, light and catchy. Lnurn Don's now play. “A Daughter of the Nile," has mm c a great lift at the Standard Theatre, New York, and s 0 Will take it on the road. Miss Mather, the now slur, is said to be as fully the Rom/iile of Shakespeare aswvas I'lllcu 'l'rcc, and her support as worthy of the play, and of herself. llaguc's llritisll Operatic Minstrcls have rcturrcd to New York and have appcarul at linvcrly's 'l‘hcatrc. They; are said to be stronger and better than ever. i D'Oylcy Carts. tho London umuugcr, who sent Oscar \Vildo to America, says that thc motifs of tho trip bavc rcaclicd $30,000, to )0 divided equally bcthcu thc tvo. Mlle. Khan's IIml/‘icz' is said to be every- thing that could be halted or dcsircd :‘charm- inglv groccful mid tt'llllcl‘, and the ulcul of the hcroinc of Sliako‘pcarc’s romantic play. ____.__..â€"-....._â€"....»â€". Amorlotut Fables. A Horse owned by a l‘onsaut one day l'tbl fused to draw his load, having bccomc tircd of the tyranny of man. . . ’ “ l‘crhnps l huml wu too hard \i‘ltl'l'llllll, soliluquim-l the l'.- 'ILIII, “and I will now make his bu.dcns nasirr for :\ fuuc.‘ The Home wits thucfmo given lightcr‘ loads, his supply of provrmlcr lucrt-uscd, and his mastcr n-.vcr llppt‘Jl'ctl at the stable \vlth- I out n lump of sugar ill his fingers. .\ Fox who had nlmrvcd how the thing \mrkcd paid a visit to n Mulc uwncd by the snow l’cusant nml lu-kcd : " Do you want more oats and bay 3 " “I shouldmurmur." rcplicd thc Mule, "And vould you likc to loaf half your time away in tho clov-r ficld T " “ I'm blessed if I wouldn‘t." " And have some one rob you down with a pious of vulvct and fccd you cut loaf sugar ‘3 " ‘ I "It makes my mouth water to think of it," said the Mule as llc nibldo-d n: the fence. A . ‘ “\‘cry “1‘”, tlu-n," _cuullnucu the box. “ All you have to do is to refuse to budge when bitched up. Thu llorsu playful tlut game, and the result is that Ill.‘ has become aloof: and fat." ‘ Next day when the l'casant lntchcd the Mule to his cart the animal icfuscd to move. " What! Nbclliun in m ' old .\Iulc, too 2 “ shouted tho l‘cmut. "I A'S. terror of twenty s _ : snub-ii Winter, they ’I‘ill over the whole world's sculmrd the shadow of Odin passed. Tiil they sped to the inland waters und under the Southern skies. _ And stated on the puny princes, with their bluc. victorious cycs. And they said he was old and royal, and a war- rior all but day s. . But the klng who had slum his brother livcd vet in the island ways. . And he came from a bun lrcd battles, and died in his IllnI wild quest. Forbc tulll: “ I will have my vengeance, and then I will take my rust." _ He had passed on his homcward Journey, and the king of the isle was dead: . IIc bud. drunken tbc draught of triumph. and his cup was the isle king's head; And he spoke of the son: and feastmgmnd the ladncm of things to be. Am three days over the watcr they rowed on o wnvclcss son. Till a small cloud rose to the shorcword, and a gust broke out of tho cloud, And the spray heat over thc rowers, and the murmur of winds was loud : . With the voice of the fur-off thunder, till the shuddering nir grow warm. ’ And the duy was as durk us evcr. and the Wild god rode on the storm. But the old man luuzhcd in the thunder as be set his cusouc on his brow, ‘ And be waved his sword in the lightnings, and clung to the painted pruw.- . And the shaft of the storm god's qulvcr flushed out from the flame-flushed skies. Ilslur down on his war-worn harness, and "311 bflCk Into my apartment and caught at learned in his fiery cycs. Am hisnmll and his crcslcd helmet. and his sight. hair and his bcu rd burucd red: And may Midv -- j, is Odin mm, ;n and he my. off the tumbler with the watered side upper- nnd they found him dead. 80 here. in his war suise armored. they laid far dissolved by the heat and moisture as to him down to his rest, In his casquc with the relmlccrnntlcrs. and the long gray heard on his breast : Ills bicr wus tho spoil of the islands. with asail of each on the body of the envelope. Mean- for u shroud beneath. And on our of his blood-red galley, and his but- tlc brand in the sheath: And they buried his bow beside him, and was impossible to fasten the door save by planted the grove of yew. For the gruvc of a mighty urchcr, Cllcll of his crew: the sea. birds circle and swarm. And the rocks are at war with the waters. with tllcirjnggcd gray teeth in the storm: And the huge Atlantic billows sweep in. and the mists enclose Thohill with the grass-grown mound where 30 recently harassed mm I looked at the the Norscumn‘s yew tree grows. ____â€"N<~O->OODâ€"â€"â€"â€"â€" A CONFESSION. Most men would hesitate at tolling such a story of themselves. But I am convinced that it will afford a suggestion of mercy to- ward such as do fall, and some may be turucd away from temptation by its rcci- till. I had been an under clerk in a. large cs- tablishmcut for many years. Naturally economical, my savings had attained to such a l'cspcclabll: sum. that I ventured upon married live quite as much as a refuge from the monotony of my inexpensive style of living as in obcdicncc to those yearniugs of nature which a man is either very foolish or had not to hood in season. Like most men, howcvcr, whose adventures of this kind are not followed by the comfort and case which dcpcnd upon money for their possession,in the course of time I came to repent the undertaking ; for I was in debt, and my family had increased, while my income had not kcpt pace with my expenses. My wife lacked the courage to practice the proper sulf-deuizd which would be consequent upon a rctrcuchmcnt of our expenses. I was daily annoyed by duns. I had borrowed muucy in every available quarter, and a walk in the public sfrccts was literally (le- uicd to me by the fear of encountering some one to whom I was in dcbt for house cx- pcnscs. lcturniug homo late one uightjadcd by a iistlcss stroll through the town, 1 found the junior member of the firm awaiting me. The house had rcccivcd intelligence, after busincss hours, of a transaction entered into on their account. which required the im- . u . . l s ’ . . y. y mediate trunsuussxou to an Isolated inland my“lfes “doptmg "ly means ofh‘mg' sale town of several thousand do lars, together with certain papers and statements necess- ary to conclude the affair. It was too im- portant a matter to be trusted to the in- security to d uncurmiuty ofthc mail. had been sclcctcd to perform the necessary two days" journey. I accepted the mission with alacrlty. for the rcascn, among others, that it would be such a recreation as would divcrf. my thoughts for a time from the per- plcxitics of my miserable condition. With the usual foresight ofthe firm. every- thing ucccssory to my promptdcoarture had been m»,,«..,gc.1_ The necmul papers and their sir eof the house, shone through their accounts, and the indispensable money re- qulrcd to finish the transactions were placed in my hands in an cnvclope addressed to the gentleman who had acted M agent of brilliant bars “light- tllc onnccrn in the matter. A letter of iu‘ struction was also iucloscd. lrcmcmlu-r \vcll tlu: bright September side in prayer. the luau with uplifted morning on u hich I started on horseback and alone on my jomucy. of which I accom- plidxcd half thc first dny, arriving at a farm house, \vhoso occupant unlu-situtlug granted “deem I mnuut my petition for a show for the night in its nnit both animals to defy my authority. ; humble hospitality. naving exhausted my kindlwords and sugar : m, “to "om I will try the virtuvp of a club; on the Mule." The weather had Frown coldcr M the cvcnmvcamc on,nn:l 0' tbs timc lhnd grcuch the houscl experienced a scusible llu tbrn'upon founded lllcauiuul nulillu: i dnly I jml WM, “,0 “Isak of “‘10”. Md was glad to spcci faster and draw a hcavlcr j load than ever before. smut; The Fox had been watching the f-fl'sir from ‘ a fcncc corner, and u he saw tlu- I'vslllt he chuckled to himself : p I i "A rich man may have his now u, m... was ft'rmsllcd at my rtqutst at bed time. l with ;-. small quantity of hot watt-r, with Mild. to runlpullllll asort of punch, as 31.l-Illui\‘ to tin: or ld I applchcudcd h.vir.g takcn. l ILI-l l‘t’ movcd the 17d; kngo ofmom-y from my Pvt};va and laid it on the tablc. with a stun-t, but a poor um must lm-p his :hlt“ E “=~‘“ “1 1mm“: 1: "mltr my pillow before “1", m repair to escape the Law. take a case I n the fellowmg terms. " If I lac," said he. “ I got nothing. If I win. you £fo uotb as." A strut railway has been bid in Athens. l w] you csnjnstâ€"-~tbat Is. if you want toâ€"~ {mine a modular r wring along the law men whobavc gone, and wont oriug if t v‘d have Iron smut onough to beat the bell punch. A Hamilton lad 's husband was letsincd ‘ mm in laverhill mmM-mjdnauhist party towbichbol been invited. "‘be dhln't Charlie ' mf’ukaltbohust. “Btum"answucd wif Mind to stay at the stoveâ€"[slur invoke-Incl: for the ml at“ named}... his emu." “Balm in" Is: . “in in: hunting for. ’ Itisuisdflthat the electricll hum of “j. Vaudeville. on tho Bonk“: mood tbeupcclatioa of lactic-blemitisa ' ll~bons nr ‘1... w nMQIDSmh-Ph‘m," 0' W- l , umet though: a brcath upon my face. Tum- ing suddenly round I beheld my host with ‘ fhc hot watcrf had called for in a tumbler lie was quite beside me, and his eyes rented, or I fancied they rested, on ’ Um juickngc upon thettblc. l l was sellsiblysfartlnl by tbisincidcnt. My concern “as not dominished by observinc that he had removed his boots from his feet, ' and was then standing as be had come up, in his stockings. l'y first impulse and sat nuts to take tze water out cfhis bsnd. Not ‘ being quite ready to use it. I put the cave- ‘ lope . f moncy on the top of it as the most lmnvcnicut thing to keep it hot. I did not turn t c tupcmri'dioa downward. because tray the suspicionmhich l l “or Mm‘ifly amename‘" 0‘ an! mm j and clasping its little hands as it: grand. , in his band. pi“ and hall of Pericles. medium: - on the l l l l K‘dn‘p? lo bod. As it lay on the table the ad- _....-......._..-. u, . _ 3 A kn," “woqu m 3 die": m mule!“ Ptf .mn- r Hrs a memorandum, "8.1.000, l «irt‘n w.l~. uppermost ; on t c left hand up- luclcm-d." I was standrg with my back to the dour. Sucm‘mlmg a fcwmiuutu oftntirc uleuc», I heard artcp behind me, and I al- a I feared it Wu“ 1 lien: on the put of wy_entcrtainer, who Mout- l quilted the room as nouelesafy as he IIIII Seamed ; l imagined a great many iaysin which he would have been acquainted with night the ball is; the cause of my joerucy,and assoc rapidly; It seem that the pours: l to the conclusion tbs: my employer's funds; l Hate in dangrr. That they were lam... "mm before the night had ‘Ml. [recalled the mi. comm prayer. The little fellow secured to have vividlytomy recollection. and examined this by bait. He mud it word for “"0 “C0 for became convinced that as yet everything “'hcrcthcflowcrlcssclilf‘s arc shccrest,whcrc was safe, and yielding to a feeling of" U on self that much more time before finally decid- a consultation of the members of the firm, 1 "‘3 “P0” 3“ “Ct ‘l'hmh 8'“ my “gmncm‘s “nth I must confess FIE‘JYELOB'T FALLS, ONTARIO, SATURDAY, OCT. 14, 1882. NO 3 ii; m~ g Q‘ m A Night In the Bests". be strong hot breath of the land islasbing The M! so: horses:th ram and race: The plunging rows of our ship are daeth Pull in the our; vaulb wine‘s loco. V She rcnds the wa'cr. it foam: and failule And the slhcrv ,icl of the towering spray. I And tho phosphor srark in the deep wavrhol- lows Lighten the lint of our midnight was. . . 1 the moon above. \~ irZi its full~arbod lusin‘. , Lining lht‘ veil of the slumbcrcus land. Giulan u‘cr a domino island clustvr. And the breakers white on (be lonely stud. And a bare bill mum in the. distance frowning Dim wrapped in burn like a shrouded about. With Its jams: peaks the horison crowning. Ilroods o‘er the stark Arabian coast. â€"â€"~â€".......__._.._ See. on the edge of the waters leaping. . The lamp. fur llashllt'. of I’crlm s Strait ] from in. mory his features, so as to make word, his tiny, silvery voice sounded in gimme estimate of the character with which sweet accord. Iconld not turn away, nor , I had to deal. Physically he was more than no longer resist the better emotions which . my equal. When I first nlightcd at the I had hitherto kept down. A rush of to l house It struck me I had seen him before, peth feeling passed through me with an . and offer some moment: of further and pro- effect that shook every fibre. I fell upon found rclfection I distinctly rccallcd htmto my knees, and with tears streamieg from my mind as a merchant who had dealt with my eyes, juincdin the concluding words of , our firm. during my early connection with the prayer. i it, and who failed through the dishonesty of I need not say I changed my mind with friends whom he assisted. I rcmemb 1: him regard to the money. I passed a quiet night as having been spoken of as disgusted with and rose early, hastening away toward my trade, and as having soughta home in the journey’s end. so as to give myself the wilderness with his family, and earning a least possiblctimco opportu ity for chang- living by the sweat of his brow. ing my nowformed resolution. In hand There were but two bedrocms in the lug tbepackngc to the agent I said to him, house, both on the same floor, a pawn: that as there was money in it, it might as which commenced at the head of the stairs, well be opened in my prestnce to see that dlmdcd them. \\ bile the thoughts which I it was all correct, etc. He, of course, dis- have related were passing through my mind, covered the error and luuuled me back the I heard voices in the other bedroom, and summit that was over, with which I return- qulctly opened my door, which my host had ed home and delivered it up to the proper closed behind him, Standing out in the owners in due time. WINE,“ I mum dialinguish 3' man‘s and It was fortunate for me in ever ' ' - . , . , . . V _ _ - y way that “ WM“ 3 ‘ oxce' At first the" [mguaéh “33 I pursued tale course I had adopted. It ap~ unimclligible’ butgmduauy my 8‘“ bewme ed that the money had been obtained accustomed totllo duty I cudcavorcd to put I v | .. . - at to, and I could distinguish that the bur- mm t" 0 bank aft'r bunk hours' m the ab. . ' ‘. _ scncc cf the teller, v from one of the officers. 3e" or tlhélrtf‘lk “11m thnr glues}: c elpcn' There were no loose notes on hand of the cs’ m" defieuem curreth "he" thougl't" larger denominations and there were sheets was the difficulty of getting through thh ' l . - . . - , , ccrtam undertakings they had in contcrnpla- figwufljfezzdn‘dllu 3:;iicids’ iiffluéd t1)? tlou or had commenced. It was evident p ‘ ' ‘ l r “0 s t ' . ' - ' r - that the man was more hopeful tlzantlic wo- hcc's “ere plel‘ca up m mmdl‘e for one’ ‘ . . . . or the wrou ' batch of sheets selectel from mm" M) exciteqmmgmanonat oncemmful â€"tllati~w thrillsands were taken insic'id of the theory that the reluctant man was being " ‘ ' ‘ fivc hundreds. The no‘cs were hurriedl ,, .J _ .. .. . , . p y akgmpn by the lcss scrupulous or b1..\cr cupped, strapped and ‘ndufled “$5,009.. A sudden movement of one of thorn to- “if: 51:), eajelgpfidl Ind ward the door caused me to retreat into my C ”' le an mt ‘ [mm or. mom. I heard the bolt of their door mow Ed tle error, and no doubt waseutcrtained , . . . . an l Bu ., mg- - , - __ lit 1: 1e pussm" money was with me. \\ he- ‘ H mg It “as to unfasmu It’ I hm flier I should Ilavc had the face to with~ stand the imputation, even with the ap- parently undisturbed condition of the enve- lope in my favor, is more than I can say, but I doubt it. But the notes in pursuance of a. precau- tion s ill in use in some banks, were .pay- able to tllcordcr of one of the clerks and had. not been endorsed by him. I could not, therefore, have used them, or, if so, they could have been traced back to me. I found also that the numbers had be u carefully ascertained of all I had taken with me, and thus another chance of de- tection existed. What an escape l Upon returning and'entering the cOunt- ing-room I handed the surplus to my senior, witha feeling somewhat of pride, but mixed up with othcrfcclings not easily described. My precaution of having the money open- ed by the agent in my presence, was high- ly commended, and the possibility of his misappropriating the undue amount, as very little personal knowledge of him was possessed by the firm, was duly discussed. W hat was said on this point: brought blush- es to my cheeks. - In course of time my senior accountant was taken into the firm. I was put in his position, and with his salary, I saved the envelope, intending to hasten it out of In my eagerness to grasp it, it fell most and opened ! Tnc wafers had been so split in two, leaving: one-half of each (there were three) on the flap, and the other half while, there was no sign or sound of an in- road into my room, of which I had scan it moving some of the furniture against it. I curiosity, I drew the money from the ca- closurc and counted it over. There were ten one thousand dollar bills ! I was astou- ished, and for the time forgot the fear that memorandum on the back of the envelope. It was “ 35,000." The letter was opened before me. I read it; over. It named $5,000 as the cunt inclcsed. There was evidently an error. I counted it over again. Ten thousand dollars was the sum before me ! Again and again I countedit. I had been used to handling large sums, and counn- large'sums of money daily ; but I actually found more difficulty in srrivin at the actual count of ten bank billsiefore me than I over before or since encountered in counting any sum, however large or how- ever numerous the notes. Finally, putting a chair against the door, I spread the notes out singly on the little table, in a row, and counted them with my' fingers. Then I made two rows of fivcnotes each and again counted them. Ifinally, though slowly, became satisfied that I had ' my possession double the amount of inorlewaas expected to deliver t.) my cmploycrs‘aqcnt. 'I'cmptatiou entered my sou . I never forgot my former host nor his grand- child; but at the death of the former, I took charge of the boy. He, is now my partner and the husband of my daughter. â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"-os<‘.'>o¢I*â€"-â€"â€" A Elndoo Hercules. All entertainment of a. novel character was given on March 6th at the house of Mr. Moarjcc Goculdas, at Bombay, who invited alarge number of guests to witness some extraordinary feats of strength on the part of the celebrated Deccan athlete, Bahajcc Tulsiram. The company, which included many of the leading inhabitants of the city, sat in a. semi-circle, at either point of which were placed several pretty little native boys arrayed in brilliant and costly apparel. The picturesque dresses of the native ladies who were present, the white robes of the Parser: gentlemen, and the gay colors of Hindoo attire had a remarkably fine effect when seen in conjunction with the beautiful surroundings. After seine preliminaries in the way of handing round for inspection the materials with which he lntcnded to perform, and having satisfied the company that there was no deception, the athlete, a tall. soldierly man, some ‘27 years of age, with a magnificent development of muscle, proceeded to crush a. number of cowrics be- tween the palms of his hands. He com- pletely ground them to powder, littering, durin r the process, sharp, shrill cries. which be pro ably intended tocxnrcssthe magnitude of his exertions. Then the performer placed a cocoanut upon the head of a boy, and, with what appeared to be a. fearful blow, broke the nut in pieces, and scattered the milk in all directions, without, strange to say, hurting the boy in any way. The next feat was breaking a stout coir rape by simply pulling it. One of the most extra- ordinary parts of the performance was the following: The athlete placed a betcl leaf between two of his fingers and than, by pressing the fingers together, cut the leaf so as to throw the upper part several feet high. But the most startling foot was the breaking of a stone laid on his chest. The man lay down at full length on some chairs, and a hugc stone, weighing four Bengal maunds, was placed on his chest, which was simply covered by a thin tunic. Two men then struck the stone some tremendous blows with heavy hammers, and after one or two attempts the block rolled off the man's chest in two pieces. fie next made several attempts to break a cocoanut with n handkerchief. Ilis mode of procedure in this case was to roll the handkerchief tight- ly in the shape of a ball. and then throw the ball upon the nut. Pulling a piece of sugar- cane into two at exactly the joint, and bend- l"ive thousand dollars would relieve me of all my debts. Here it was within my grasp. I had but to seal up the cuvclcpc by rewct~ ting the wafers, luck-sing but half the money, and my trust would be, to all up- pearances. faithfully discharged. Once the thought occurred that possibly it “"18 a. trap set for me by my employers. but their cou~ fidenccin me was abounded, and the sus- picion was formed only to be dismissed. I do not attempt to glaze over the dishonesty of what I contemplated. But I had been so unceasingly worried by domestic troubles arising from limited lesourccs, and so per- secuted by creditors, that I almost urged myself into the conviction that appropriat- ing the money was simply authorized self defence. I would pay all my debts, gel: clear .with the world once more. insist upon money, got into business for myself and finally pay back the sum. I concluded to leave the envelope un- fastencd until the morning so as to g.vc my- mysclfhud riotulailc entirely rcconcilable. Arrived at this conclusion my attention nmin turned to my host and his wife. I could hear his voice alone now. It had been sounding alone in an elevated tone for some moments. I crept quietly to the partition dividing their apartment f'romjtho passage. The bri vht autumn incon, which was on window, and through the spaces between the shrunken planks of the partition, and out into the passage, and upon its floor in It was easy for me toscc what was passing within the room. Mon and Wife were kneeling at their bed- hcnd and closed eyes, uttering an earnest supplication. his wife beside him, and will: arm passed affectionately through one of his, and her head resting against his breast. They were kneeling at the side of the bed opposite inc, and his face was plainly visible. Ils calm and pious expression at the moment was a sufficient rebuke to my suspicious. ,I began to listen in time to hear him say : " Pardon, Oincrciful father, not only tho sins of thy humble servant and his household but turn the hearts of those who have done evil unto him, who have wished him injury, and who have harbored unju~t suspicious of him. Bless such, 0 Lord, and preserve them in order that tllcy may turn from tllcir ways and seek the path of righteousnms." llis serious. earnest and manly voice struck achord in my hcaimlot only in sym- pathy with the honest and tender suppli- {catiou that was passing from his lip', but of . contrition for thcwroug I had done him by my suspicions. Iinvoluntarily com red him, whatever were his good or bat deeds, at lmst an humble pcnitcnt before his ch. lwiththc wretch that 1 had decided but a sugar cane so its to throw up a piece thereof 150 feet. If was done thus: A man held out a cimctar with the edge downward, and the performance to a close, and the perform- shawl. ._._â€"‘u 4-.» oakâ€"â€" The Moon. No one ever go's tired of the moon. God~ does that she is by dowcr of her eternal beauty, she is a true woman by her tactfâ€" Luows the charm of being seldom seen, of few momma “:0 "0 nuke of m’uu' by me coming by surprise and stayinv but a little misappropriation of my employer's money, and-till, however. by the relief i: could obtain for me, would not quite give away to the feeling of repentance which was knocking for admittance at my breast. I had ball decided to turn away and drive these better thoughts from my mind, when ’Iohscrved something movie in a small crib that us p'aced at the si e and toward the foot of their bed. Its occupant. a grandchild. whose parents they had inform- Eed me were dead, awakened probably by ibis grandfather's voice, rose up. looked around. and se tied down ujon his knees. nights running. nor all ui 'bt the some way; use illness adored ty poets, artists, her foot-steps, and hang on her lovely looks, ,1 father's were clasped. and looking upward, 1 out throwh the ninth)! at the mourn. whose bright light fell full upon its darling face. beg-an moving iulips as if tryingto re- pat the words. Nothingso like so an cl ever met mt- ln‘gbt. The grandfather the Ixxd's ble. 0 .. .â€"-- point. money, and am now. as you know, rich. » ' and finally by convictions,that they were 1a- ing a thick irou plate, were among the other feats performed. The company then went out on the balcony, where the athlete cut a llahajcc struck the cane upward against the edge of the sword, the piece thus cut flying agreatdisfauce into the air. This brought or was then presented with a handsome while; never wears the same dress two commends herself to t e mntler-of-fsct poo lo by her usefulness and mum her and all lovers in all lands; leads her- self toevery symbolism and to every em- blem :is Diana‘s bow and Vcnus’s minor and Mary's throne ; is s sickle, a scarf. an eyebrow, his face or her fsee, as looked at by heror him us the madman's bell, the poet‘s heaven, the baby's toy. tho philos: opber's study; and while her admirers follow she knows how to keep ner woman's secret â€"hcr o‘bcr side-unscented and ungueua- U total: ‘esr l‘lCDrJnlyouepenoninfioo cools read of write. Tailors bad to dun in non, and when a young nun wanted to at a ~rl know that be loved her be had to meet er atlbc gate and come right tothe " â€"â€"â€"â€"-â€"- Gli‘llcrs nod grows. as t e ship R005 swooping The Remedy for Strikes. cmmuzn m nmosnmo. l “5‘ °“ "5 “m” “’r m“ 3““ 3““- " Do awa ' with strik " u â€" And onward stll‘ t i the broudcnin ocean I e" “y the emplo) An Engine Explodea While In Motion and Out of the narrbw aud perilous 55”. ll ' - < . zigostfimusm would fill-“o with me Leave; a, c)“:- mck {or the min. j Till we rock with u largo and listless motion Wm am a mum I In tho mom soft air of the Indian breeze. ity. and panics would be no more." “Maintain the strikes." say the majority of the employes, ” and labor «will at length be emancipated from its hateful enslavement to capital and tho bitterness and contention that brands our workshop life will be overcome.” Neither party is 1 PM?” who arrived in the ciw “Wm” And the Southern Cross. like aslandnnl flying: « , ~ - - ‘ . Hangs in the from of the tropic night. day mommg 8“ ‘3 “‘9 l-“u‘ucul‘u‘a 0‘ ‘1‘ me“ But the Great Bear sinks. like a hen) dying. debt which occured Tuesday morningiat 6.45 And the pole sun- lowers its signal light. o clock on the horthern \\ isconsin Division . of the Chicago and Northwesmm And the round oxith rusbcs toward Ibo. morn right in the main; both have a show of Railwaymue mile southof Ocouto, and which Andni‘lio waves grow paler. and mm the right and reason. It. is often a uecemxty of Is the most extraordinary in railroad history. foam: " human progress that evils should be an- tagouized and overcome by evils; as, for instance. we see in Russia the groaning evils of official terrorism are being antagonized by. and will be overcome by, the sharp and terrible evils of terrorism by tho subject f lass. The despotism of the numeral: nur- tured and developed the despotism of the mob; and’at whatever point the despotic tendency of the autocratic will had checked itself. the symptoms of antagonism by the subfbcts had ceased. The same principle rules in the diagnosis of strikes. '10 what- ever cxtent the employers arrogate to themselves special benefits derived from the labor of their cmploycs. and to wint- ever extent they use that advantage by im- posing on their cmploycs' burdens rud rc- strictious in labor which they do not them- selves sharc, to that extent the spirit of striking is raised. There may be local ex- ceptions and variations in the symptoms, but the law nets with‘thc certainty of the tides. That a man who labors should with- out restriction derive the natural results of that labor in the commercial world is the natural thought of all who labor, whether as employs or employer. llcucc those who having capital to control l for make use of that control todivert the natural result of the work of others for their own special be- nefit are held in check by men who take cd- vantsge of the common necessity of labor to wrest from the man in control the bene- fits he is mouopolizing. Each of those Oppos- ing acts of will are evil in them-elves, but one is a necessary correction of the other, and they follow each other as naturally as feasting follows fasting, Self control, cx- pcrience and reason will alouc cornct the original evil ; and experience is already making way in bringing about the millenium of labor. Mr. Scholficld, afriend of John Bright, and a member of the English parlia- ment. is a large employer of labor and has adopted a principle in his establishment which has worked out in practice with splendid results. He lays down a certain percentage of profit over and above the cost of running his business, and fixes this as his ’reasonsble due for his care and work. All that the establishment makes over this margin is divided at the end of the year among the employcs. Thus the economy, the honesty and the industry of an employee brings its legitimate and personal benefit, and the very spirit of discontent and strikes is dissrmed. As a natural consequence Mr. Scholfield’s place is u modelof contentment, order and industry. By such a plan cmployes would have aprivxlego which would enable them to tell how their employer was thriving, and would make them sensitive to his ups and downs and more ready to respond to the necessities of his business. They would not be disturbed in good times by suspicious, The northbound passmgcr train, with a Misty and dim. \vitlrn glam-o of warning. very large number of passengers was run \ mush the stars of my northern homo. Ding along at nobless that ‘25 milos an hour Lct the wlilo \vuslc sea {or a space divlflo nu- when her locomotive exploded Wm, gigantic Till the clusq~cuilcd circles of lime unfold; force. as I was seated in the smoking-car Till the stars rlsc \vcstwurd to greet and guide . . . . “B the third from the engine,” sand John I". \\‘hi.-uthc exile ends and the years nrofolfl ififffffmft Efisii‘éilbff'iioif‘fé‘}1}?ka “T” "“ C""’.__"‘"’ “'.'.'_”‘"“"" what had hap nod. I was talking! at the id“ "#9.". . - time Mr. Vhitney. of l‘cnsaukcc, and, SUNBEmS springing up, I said, ‘tbc bOIItI' has cxplod- “â€" ed !' and I ex cted in the next instant that the (timirlpvgtlx d be sumshcd into kindling- woo . 1: most the same moment amass ‘ -. of rubbish from the explosion full if n the “"1. 1“'“°“|~Ǥ1s. _ . top of the car, which rattled loudly, ut did . hone“ mus?“ are no“. “mm”: “mm”: no dwmgm of course in a moment the pipes of aquallty prououncod quite equal to sensation of danger was passed, M the mm, the mecrschuum, from celluloid obtniucd run smoothly along, except a peculiar and from llomlocs' unnatural sound from the from of mu train, An international c nvcntion of clcctvi. which seemed to move along without any L'lfims is ‘0 "Wu “11‘1"” "9“ "mm-ll- Th" perceptible diminution of speed. 1 comm. Ululmlu-rs llavc uppropriafcd 00,000 francs ded that iliyixuprcssion that tho limit-x- lmj ' towards the cxpcnsc that will bu incurred by exploded \vascrroneous. ascvcrythiug scclllcll lf‘l‘t‘llt‘ll llill'thllm‘ts. then to be n‘l rlght. and a gentleman rcumvkâ€" Iii *3 and princes are getting down now- cd thstu torpedo lindprobablyqbccu cxplpd- 2-day to the sonic prosaic, businesslike ed unllfil‘ the tram Wild! a View to lnlsclllvf- way-i of tllinkingaml doin us other mortals. By this Itlmc. the from had run down and 05¢“!- 11., a sovereign of Swollen and Nor. crossed toe bu lgc ucrr :3: tin: Oconto River, way, bcing about to undcrtuke a journey to When “10 bl‘fikcmflll Suddenly Slit “18 bullies the latter country. has had his hit: insurcd “'ml Smut exel'li‘m , “ml brouSht the train in favor of his family for the Sum of 600,000 to n. halt. Up to this moment no one on the crowns. truiu know what the actual situation was Vidal. nu ‘. . . ~ L, K . I ~ gas latest ucdlctlons are that 3:35,}“$0,331,133? 1? Md P355983“ “lent France, Italy. and Spaiii are destined to be on the gmkes to Sta gaoszzz‘inr‘a‘ffiiet‘; I)?!" the foremost rcprpscnmtiycs of civilization ; was finally bmu M a) a stand s'tm 1t that tho Turks Will be driven out of Europe. the“ mum, the gm” forward trucks of the and‘tlmt'the‘twcutlcthcentury will see all enduo were 10 d I d I h Africa civilized bymcans of tho Mediter- l= . a 0‘ “an some y “Pm? t c rancan powc 5, including: I'lnglnnd owing to tender, winch was intact. It was evident hex. mssessiom qt Gibmu“ ' ’ taut not an individual on the traiuns it stood xlbo “u m; “1 0M Of‘n' m 1 . I o 10 ~ - . l '. ' r1 c. :x m . [If n. t “0' was "unred' and the in“ than the Ho “'13s still alive. and the opinion of majority of the passengers did not know .. . tbntunythinglmd occurred until they were experts' “To test‘fwd “'5 the “"l"3"3" “’“S that he might costly have been rcvlvcd. A told, as the report was not heard very far . . physician was summoned. but ho refused to back and many were asleep. But the engineer and firemm,_thcm “.33 but respond, because nobody would guarantee the payment of his foe. When u. humane one voice. ‘they are dead.’ Some of tile . passengers and the train mm, mm back, and man was found it was too late to do any good. were utterly amazed to find them standing A boy \vzls tic-d upon a. horse at Santa by the wrecked on ino but little the worse for the dreadful s taking up. After a, carc- Barbara, (1111.. to prevent his falling off while ful examination of the whole ground the 110 was learning to l‘idc ; but tlllfi PNCMMOII caused his death, for when he fell sideways following conclusions were reached by me he swung around under the horse with his and many others: First, that tho explo- sion had been most terrific; that at the head down, and hung there. unable to frco himself. The frightened horse, beginning time of its occurrence the engine was lifted from its connection with the tender and vio- to kick. lJI'OliL’ “10 l’OY’S 1089 and Bll'flSlw‘l lontly wreucllcd clear of it; that at the bisllcad. 33m“ “‘01an the COW'CEICheI‘ Wfls “WOW” London’s present topic for discussion in d0WflW4I‘d 1158‘ matter 05 course, and 05 “'33 the newspapers is the propriety of shooting burglars. Tlr: discussion was started by a shown by three ties being rooted up and bold and brutal robbery, in which the in- brokcn in two nearly in the centre, and at the 33"“3 Pomt by the 3100 Of the “Mk lay mates of allousc were beaten lanl‘lY to death. Numerous writcrs say that thcy sleep now the nose of‘ tho badly demoralizod cow- c‘}t0hel‘- This must llm'e Qccure‘l ‘13 FIN? {31" with pistols umlcr their pillows, and will R1119 “'88 tllroflin forward "Ito the 3" “'llll firc without compunctiou on any intrudcrz; tile m0“ Fem“? IOICO, “5 “"15 f"HY CStflb' but others raise the legal question whether 1151104 by “5 I’Fmg 1”" “USO feet {OP-WWI prosecutions for manslaughter mny not cusuc. and along ‘1 little to the “BM0f the lira-Ck and the moral one whether the life of n beforrltstruck the ground, where it burricd thief "my [,0 justify-yth mkcn except. in actual sclf-dcfcucc. itself hdf’out of sight ill the mud. Of course‘ “"8 30't0n mass of “on mu“ have Janesvillo, a Wisconsin city, took itslumnc in 1840 from Henry I“. Janos, one of its turned a complete somersault iu the air, at. which time the forward trucks were drop- .- ~ v founders. In lbu-l ho was of sulllclcnt cou~ Pei?) upofhtgm giggldggdlztgesflmyl ‘1"?knowi scqucncc in Iowa to bcstow the name Janos- y g‘ l 5 w am ’3‘“ cum ville on a town that fills since bccomc im- portant. For the lust. twcnty yours his old and dead by the escaping steam underneath .' ' the “an “new the enmne flew through acquaintancus thissidc of the Rocky Moun- tains llavc supposcd that; ho had died somc- tlle air. The huge machine took itself and all its immense rubbish, the rc~ult of . ~- - where on the lflt‘lflc coast; but when somu the exploswn’ nbmlutdy out of the “fly and of them latcly rcad of a .lancsvillc in Oregon, they rightly concludcd that ho is hllllltlivn left a clean track for the train to pass along and’ “range to say' the “"18 M the pomt 0 and engaged in tho occupation of bestowing his name upon Lmbryu cities. the broken tics were scarcely disturbed. fill the fireman and engineer, were carried along , ‘ I , in the cab and landed with it, or very near. ,1 “0 ‘mlanm‘Bflll‘y 0f “‘0 mm”, Uri-‘9“ "1 ‘3 0uc mm. of trucks on the mail carjmnped refill tl‘lumplmnty oclchratcd Ill lucrmauy. the track at tho point where the explosion “"3 I'm": the“) “'0?” Jl’i'ful CXCI‘CIICS "lull occurred and ran in that situation one mile “’9 P‘El’lw “hm”: “WI” _““§” “I’l’wl’rmw passing over the bridge at the Oconto River music In the town hulls, buildings were. doc- iu tlmtway, and another odd freak, pnsaing “rated ‘W'tll “fill-‘1. “"51 “’"HIOEW “MI I'll-7L“ a switch a moment before the train was of the Itmpcror and brown l’rlncc. socwlum _ . stopped they mm on again and no you and corporations had banquets :lnd commem- fllly and those im°5li expencnccd "1 water damage'wm (10m, cxccptw “gm-off we 1,0,,15 orativc mcc'ings, and the pcrformunccs m perished. NOt one Of the crew 0501111011 ; of all the spikes from one side of the mix {or the theatres and other places of public resort while the victims Were drawn from almOSf: the whole distance breaking neij an the Wcl'e all arrnngcd and presented with rofcr~ every part of the country and included bolts which wunoc’t um and” of them,“ to, once to the character of the day. llcrlin, man-V I’mmlnunt Peoplo' M“ A' Dunc‘m' gctlier all this without one life being lost Dre-“Mb [I’ll'llil-‘v “M’lm‘v wcl'HMv “"‘I Who“ body “'35 “covered: was 0110 Of the or anyone seriouslyinjurcd “rho cm, “to l’oscn joincd with particular cht in tlu-sc best known and most respected merchants anythin, like this in mil’mmlfl to day ,1. festivities, The New York gamin in a quick-cared musician. Ifu catchinghitof music is not of Hamilfonland Mr‘ Spark” 05 Ottawa Illilwau-ee (Wis) Republican-Srn!inol. I was consulcred one of the ablcst and most carried into every homo in that city it is because tho inf'ultcs are deaf. The com- cxpcrienccd surveyors in ' Canada. Illnpy others were known in their own localities Bad for English Landlords. poscrs have no morn appreciative friends than tllc gamins that fill our streets like cock giglafc °;;:;L$S%Pi%0“51ilsugzzrnhlly 1 1’32? Asi nificaut proof of the dccrcascd value which no previous disaster on the Northern “lug;- “lvfs nflufidca ychtlerthy fntlcilrtijncm' . n . I“ ,, “i “c a“, (In “,1 'Lakcs has done. The government have t" nr.cl' ‘ r‘ .lal‘ 0" .0 a lamp bl? "W'B' - 5"} 'H'” "y 'y ” . . - f u Castle, Gloucesterslnre, submitted the tcu- night. until tncy “car a tune threadbare, “‘“nl‘cned to the 3?"°‘,’“;§”N° [g 1??“ oncy of two farms which be had on hishauds and then flu-y drop it fora new favorite. and “mic sent Cf‘l’f‘ b°°t ' ' .' 0 . a I,“ to public auction. The reserve bids were 'l'hc gallery 14ml“ “'1'” “wk 51”“'" M “'0 {WV “5 special com"““;°n“r tofimlmm? he half the former rents. The first form close lights are the most attentive auditors at u. c‘rflutf‘smnccs' I .c. “0,” I. k0 3'10 10 {in on 700 acres in extent, was lot at £405. only new opcrctle,nml thcyquicklv dcculc which ‘lmrfmto the coniht‘fon o‘ffe (ju- ltin; cs £5 above the reserve. The other farm was is the best music. Indeed, the merit ofsuch SUI‘VIC“ Ellen,“ " or t "i5, “0‘” ,mlte. a put it Mil-150, half the former rental. and uproductiuu may tondi-groc lu: determined more Praetlcal mi “cpl” 0'} [mler nm‘lga-mn thcru licing no advance if. was not let. The by the amount of whittlng it receives no the thom' 1‘ “."qt “animating :lle:°nft:5'2:s price of the farm that was lct barely cx- streets. of the commlsmner o my m “I o ccededl’ls. -r acre, with frccdom of crop- The Wm.“ mum on mm, in not, My,“ hitherto bi-cn believed by meteorologists, Ynkuuk. in Sil crin, hut l'crkoynnsk, in the exception of the Cam there is not one __ . I ,4. steamer on those lakes built With any rcfcr- ph'g' '5" "m" (’"Jm' same region, lying in sixty-seven and ouc- half degrees north lutitudn, on the river once to the character of the navigation. The Asia was built for canal service and was no more fit for Georgian Bay trmlc tlmu awnsh- I I. _ boiler is to sail on Toronto Bay, she would harm. Its lrm cstmcau umtcr tunpumturc is forty-clghf. and hlxotcntlm dc'rrccs ln-low zcro Centigrade. This In the cold pull: of the earth in Asia, the corresponding polo in hold an immense cargo, but hero was the difficulty, for in order 30 do that she was so America being to the northward of the I’ru‘ry islands and the line joining these two plucm high and inclined to roll that no safe use “0”” that give ground!” .tlw alarm. One could be made of her sailingpowcrs especially Of, “‘53” "8!“ 0,1 “19 ti’mt' ls that merchan- in a choppy sea or when deck-laden as these ‘1‘“ '3 filmmg 1"“ WW)" “"80 (111310"va l0 ‘ ' Vessels men,ij a", ; while she was no tlxcpuctuin ropms of ’Ioronto. An instance docs not: pass through the north polo llfutlf, broad an. plump an “mt when moving well Is given In winch a purccl of dry goods, m. which n4 thus. in all probability, outside tlu: line of grcalmt col: . ()n the other hand, the greatest heat in the tropics is not at tho t-quatur, bu‘. some distance north and south. There are in Lucknow and Cawnporc, India, 45 publishing houses engaged prin- cipally m lssumganti~Cllristian books, tracts, boring and he was accumulating unknown piles of wealth, part of which at least be- longed rightfully to them. To remove such suspicions, which are often the more mis- chievous because of the vagucness of the cm- ployes’ knowledge, would ban most ch'cc- tual stroke against a strike. As it. would not do to leave in the hands of the employ er alone the fixing of the margin of profit, boards of arbitration could settle the rates in the same way that strikes are now occa- sionally averted by a conference and a mu- tual compromise between employers and em- ployedâ€"Toronto Truth. â€"â€"â€"â€"‘.N4-PO¢»â€"-â€" Tho Fonndored “ Asia." The facts that have come to light during the past week with regard to the Asia make it pretty clear that she had on board a little over 100 persons. of whom Miss Morri- son and Mr. 'I‘inkiss were the only ones saved. It seemed a mysterious ' providence that brought safely to shnre these young people both of whom, it is said, were not yet twenty- onc, while the strongest and most power- __._.._.‘ .«w. v.--__ __ Look out (or Squalls. The Glofn’ has a min soundcd itl warning of a commercial cprcssion. and tho .llon- (fury Time: of last week gave a few indica- with the wind her screw could get no solid cognac“ “3 hm‘lnfl been pllrcbascd'thcothcr hold on the water and her helm for the same (by from “ lWlmS home "I “"5 “U ("I ll“: reason was almost useless. Such defects, itis 05"" 30’3"". and for €011"er "W10. WM to be feared. apply lo most of the other boats 5°“ With"! “ Week W fulfill)". 50 be. Hold on the“ “me”, But the grave“ trouble. for what It would. bring. ‘Anothcr is flu: which is still untouched, is that the nm'cr “Ilium “160104 in .Whlcu wlmlcsalt-rn of a lake steamer is not really plaster. as is d'l‘I’ogc 0! “00‘1",” “mill-’7' ‘“ DIM-'3 “'fl‘lcl‘ um me with an W steamer, He is sim. can return but little or no profit.‘ 'f Ibis ply 3n emplnyc of his company and bouna state of affairs,"says the Timer, “indicates to carry out their 0,11". when,” hi, pro. either an overstock of goods in the country. fessional judgment revolts or not. If he rc- 0’ Admire It? '10 a business for the sake fuses to carry out their will, be is told somc- "I'ch 0‘ 3 W5, mm'm'c,’ "‘3" 0‘ "WON'T one e1” can be found to take his mum. marng of profit. In either case the situa- Knowing that the captaincy ofa vessel is “0" "_ “I” "New: 91 Bil-Igfncwry. Ibo not picked up every moment the came i, complaint here made gives [mat to what we very apt to obey u“! mg“, the he“ of took occasion to state in these columns, a his dangers and difficuhiu n, mng Lt, fortnight ago. ‘_Onc of, the purse errors of concluded that whatever reforms are now 0‘" "film" “I ‘lomg 111mm“ 1!» "‘32 Milly mule by the gnrcmmeu they mu“ begin all along the line the seller. and not the with the owners of steamers and not With buyer: 1' We Mkeh' It means over-trad. the officer-a, inn. with all the inconveniences and dis- asters which are certain to follow in its ' train.” Canadians will not be sorry to hear of Times of depression and times of pros- Cornell's defeat in the nomination for the perity go in cycles, and many who are con- New York governorship, because he was sidered execllent judges of trade think we thsnxan who threw cold water on the Ni- are pa-nina, or have alrudy passed, the man Park scheme. Partly through him high tide of prosperity. While there [my " the wonder of the world" is now in great be no ocession for panic. it will be well for danger of being turned over to the greed of all discreet merchants to beautician in their speculators whomsshade moreimpudent future a rations. At the present time and exacting, while a shade more polite, nearly a’ manufacturers tell us that they than 9 Niagara hackmen. Their object is are not able to fill their orders and could do test: out a free View of these falls for- three times their present volume of trade: if ever. The question iswhether the two 0- they only had the fulfills/s. “'bcn the vernmenta'illnotww join beadst country suddcnl ' findsltsrlf farcvmwcked King's Falls is yoperly kept in trust for it will see that I this clamor for fresh trade the world st large. .. was a mistake. A Sumer palace u‘ the Shah of I’crnin ncar 'l'chcmn has a central hull puvul with blue files. It is a polygon, 20 yards with; with a fountain in the middle and a rsisul dais at one side. The angles nro adorned with frr-scoczs by l'cruiau artists, represent- ing European sci-furs. 0m: picture shows the lobby of the House of Commons; another the Ifltbl'llfl’ of some large London mutan- mnt; a third the imidcuf a church durin ' service: a fourth the nave of a wthcdrs . The Summerhouse is thrce static» high. and the upper floors are laid out in rooxm brightcncd by mirrors and decorated with pictures of joviality and festive proceedings rctwccn two persons. 'I'bcae. according to a late traveller, arc ludicrous to the last de- ce. both youth and maiden being om ed in what the artist considch the latest .11- ropean fashion, while their eyes have no re- rd for their own concerns. but are steadily t ircctcd on the beholder. One panel bears a gigantic wasp-waisted while crinoliuul damsel, in whose lsp sprawl: a lover of about half her size . the wins on that dan- gle: from his non-class band upil s it» ruby contents over the white skirt of his sweet: heart. - -»~â€"-â€"â€"â€"-â€"â€"-â€" Sir William Thompson has been studying the moon and the weather, sod he says tb have nothing whatever to do with we othcr. I'lessc correct your ledger: and start on some other theory. mm» v~,~. 1V

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