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Fenelon Falls Gazette, 14 Oct 1882, p. 2

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~-‘». LEGAL 8:0. l Janx .x. BARRON, ‘ .‘lv.'~.T-I.AW, Lindsay. Office t-tocr west of Xciib’s emott Slur... .\l.\t’.l'l.\' .v uorktxs, PAB'ilfiTI-ZRS. SOLICITORS. kc. bio-I ) .. to i..\'t at '2 per cent. 'iicc. . e. t:r~.~~:t.l.inda¢y, (Jul. I C. H. Harri». r, U..\l001’.~1, , )ARRZSTEH, .tTTuitNl-L‘r', bSOLlClTRl ) and Note. l’ublitf. Money to Lean. O ’ f‘:':£tl. -l; ' l I : liliib‘l’l-ll‘ll x JACKSON, , I).l.iif’.l~i’l'l'!!:~. SOLILITORS, .‘rc. ., ) tit-r. ‘VliliJLl‘ street, Lindsay. A. JUJZAOS. 3 Off .\.ll1‘:.-.l'.f.l. l)’l.li.\li‘i .k U‘lJIAIiY, ‘ ).\ll!:l.~lefi!:S, ATTORNE't'ri-AT-l.AW, ) Sancho” HI Charmery, .kc. Office, Duhenv tuck. l‘\L':.'. street, Lindsay. Azur. -.. 01.2447. llcou O'Lunv. l McIX'l'Ylll'i k STEWART, PARRISI‘Z‘IRS, .tTl‘t)l’..‘.’l-IY$-A.T-I.A“', I S; tor; in (.lltdfllfltrfi'. kc. Lindsay. ()zfim: owi- Itntario flunk, Kent .ttreet. Slo- my tv: luhtzt at e per cent. on rcul estate r-:n:i€i I. l) J. ,‘.lc?i:.rvr.i;. ALEX. A. )lr‘llt).\'.â€"\l.l), T'l‘flllfil‘lY-A’tlln W, Solicitor in (“ htr Tuos. Srawmr. I i l I l l l l i l ; awry, t'unwyaucv-r, ken. .kc. tut- l ten‘iou given to npplirntiom for Patents: m l. in 2: from (Stun n Land's Department, Maine} to f.‘v.t:t nu Mortgdge Simon'in on: [Irvine ti. wit hermit-cu. Uziitzv, Colburncl llt‘fvl. l‘ivhelnu Fiilln. ‘ W l . -. _- . ___( i ' I MEDICAL. 2 l l l | t i l A. W. J. lltlztlilASFl, M. IL, '(llltth'lilt, l'l.;."'ei;ru, Surgeon, .‘rc, .ke. J Iz'lvltit'lili‘f, liriek Cottage, Wellington street, Lindeny. WM. lil'l‘ll’T. M. D., C. M., ll’..\f)li.\'l‘l-I of Mefiill l'nivcrsity, Mon I trmrl. anti l‘r-iviurial Licentiate, Physi- I'ill'l rquv'Utl null Ulistetricinu. Medical lit in the Standard, l’hu-nix. Connecti- eut Mutual, and X'i’lllllillll“ lninrunre Cum- [lztltiH-T. tllliue uuvl Pfiltlt'flt'f‘. in the house lately I.t‘t'lllvit"l by lit-v, Father Stafford, at -rut' l.iu«.lj.i_v and flu: streets, lltt. ;\. WILSON, \ l5.l].‘il\'l‘ilt>['l‘Y of Trinity College. . .. M ILL'wivs-rnty of Toronto. Meinb. Col. l’lxys. :tnxl Surg., (Int. l’liydciztn,‘ Surgeon :tn'l .\cvu:I<-h-.-r. Ozlice,Culburne ' et't‘t-t, l‘enelun Full-I. lttt. J. ll. LOWE, )llYSltllAh' .l: Sl'lltiHON. Coroner for: the l'rovisionzll County of llulihurtuu. l " next door to the McAt'thur Home. . nee, the house lately occu- pied by Dr. luysuu, on May street, l’euelon ' l-‘nllL SURVEYURS. .l;\.\l l‘lS‘ lthKSUN, ) L. Surveyor- Cum nissiuncr in the Q. 3., . l)mtvv)‘:~.nver, kc. Residence, und ud- tlress, Feneluu bulls. 7 IvzzsanLimEons. 1 filitjuhl) Dl\'l>'lt).\' (tulllt’l‘ IN. b Tlll'l CUUNTY OF VICTORIA. The nextaittingv ot‘ this Court will be held on Thursday. Sort-tuber 23rd, 189'). (ll-ll). L‘CNXlNGllAM, Clerk. .l .\ M lCS J. l‘()\\‘ 1-] ll, ‘ lITlIXFlIl) .\:H‘linm‘t't‘, Accountant and J (low-ml (‘onuniuifin Agent. (‘ollet-t- iug :u-wuzuta 2t specialty. Uflicc, Feuelun ‘ Valli, Hut. l l 6. PER CENT. 6. 310?; 1‘1‘.’ ’1‘(.> LEND M 6.03 ll'lll 7 per cent“, ucr‘nriling t0 secu- rity, nu lh-ul l'lstnte mortgngus. Apply to .tmtx A. umnox, 1 Sultt‘ilttl‘. Lindsin k-... L...-._._.._.___. .._.-..---..- . A L... .3. rtEELntvns, l I)lzl.\"l.‘1.~i’l.‘. I.1?€1)s‘.t‘h’. t (tuv of the firm Will he at the )li-.\n'ruvn ll-u'sn, l“li.‘ll-ll.0.\' FALLS, , on thi- thiri‘. .\lnn.l:i_v ot‘rarh mouth. Teeth extracted l‘y laughing gas withnut pain or; injury, --r no charge will be nmde. ‘ 5-33" Htl'we established in Lindsay ncurly ‘ fit’t. [‘ll _t'<'.tt~’. . -_,- _, .- .,...__ _.. . -__..__. 2'4 I .4)()() l“()l§1“.l'21'l‘. Inmix (.‘auccr lfuru- Depot. Coaticook, P. Q.,, (Kuntdu. CANCER contain? withuut the In: of the knife. The Only l'rrmmivnt t'nrr In the World. l‘vr §‘1\t‘lit‘ttl.lt’timuluted French jealousy. r .\u exchange of views has taken plucc this week between Earl llruuvillc and M. Tissot. The result. is unknown, but. it is conjectured that the French Minis- try is seeking to extract some sort of compensation for the inevitable surren- der of the joint. control. Baker l’nshn, in telegraphing plans for organizing the ~ Albanian (lenduruicrie, hints at. putting Turkish oliicm's in cnuuuuud. His other pluus are strongly rllgrttslch of :\ pur- pose to strengthen Turkish influence in Egypt. The protests against. executing Arabi as a rebel multiply. They come from huumuitariau writers mostly, who ignore the mischievous effect of clemen- cy on Orientals. It. is probable that. .thc military authorities will ul't'uugc to hold a review at Windmr or .~\ldcr.~t|mt, on the return of the umin body. The ’l'imcs republishes without. comment Sir Stafford Nurthcotc's long speeches in (ii:t

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