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Fenelon Falls Gazette, 21 Oct 1882, p. 1

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, «cm-yW‘wâ€"ix" »_-v.».;..e,Ww-.s WH-W‘L «- a > ~> MW}... 23% mlxvumanw-«n’ wow w acum- ~ ., - _ , , ., f . . G GOSSIP. i _... l w ' f nicotine in tobacco, says, Dr. “tailing, rctnates lztwmiiwidelimiis. 5 “'ithin the last 2.": years the steam pat-.- i sure of loan-noting has" flu-u lncnm~li from ‘5) pounds to ova-r lilo puma-l1. to the square inch; ; The llunian Machinist-f Company. wiicl‘ hunow acquired important mm:- on the: Neva, is I‘m‘ to abandon the cumimuiiun 9f Matias and to engagv. in the build- ing iron-clad cannot-war for the Gov-un- meat; The persistcac-o cf the maguctic .o 11 observed in certain trues is attnhutelil IE} . Llrroquo to the tram tion of lightning I or: small icles of iron hchl in suspension With other matter, is hich makcs up what is knownzu the: dust of the air. Tlic'mctcuxl by \.'hi 2!: Dr. II. S. Marylou “'by do the xmumlways say Oc‘o recently succeeded in making minute do» moods alspcnds upon the solubility of car- bon in fused metals, and its crystalimtion afterward. ulna the music allowed tn cool very slow y while the crucible. is buried in sand. it: makes the carbon by calcining sugar. , , _ Basing his opinion A n lb .rrzulu of rxper- uncut: continual at tho .gnculturai School at Nordcu, Dr. \\'.:gm:‘. says that artificial manurcn can be applicd profitably on marsh lands. The harvest of the crops raised yields a very fair return for the expenditure incurred. Paper is made in Belgium which very close y resembles satin. Uonnnou papa-r is covered with a suiublu rim, and while the surface is moist nabs-stun Alyc-l to any desired shade is sprinkled ow r it. Any superfluous {nutter is easily shaken off wch the size In dry. Fine cfl'cctsarisomctimcs produced with aniline colors. On Sep. 16 Dr. Lcmstrom, of llclsintlfors, began a scrim of nxmsurcmcnts of terrestrial currents, and be will devote attention to the mmunngon thc Isl: and 15th of each month. They are conducted on two telegraph lines, one of which between Tomcat: and llcl~ingv ford runs north and It uth, and the other bctwccn Marichau and chholm runs west and east. Dr. llanamann warns fan-liners against the practice of removing straw from the land, as it tends to render the soil poor. Not only are potash, lime, phosphoric acid. taken away, but also aconsidcrablc amount: of organic matter. whereby the moisture is too much reduced. Care must be observed in restoring to the soil what it has been dcv privcd of or sterility Will be the ultimate rc~ null. ln tho Sclicrff prom-s3 for preserving milk, the milk while fresh is enclosed in glass vcs- sols and heatcd by steam for from one to two hours ton. tcmprcnturo of 100" to 1‘20“. All germs of fermentation arc thusdcstroycd ; tho cascous albumiuoids arc- pcptonizcd so that the gastric juices can easily digest the finely divided flocks, and any germs of dis- cuss from which the cow might be suffering arc killed. ' A German journal notes a singular be- havior of coppcr and lead salts with soda- lyc. If a solution of coppcrnitratc is mix- cd with lead acetate, and if soda-ch is then added till the precipitate first formed is re- dissolved, and if the mixture is boiled, the solution, instead of depositing black-brown copper oxide, becomes clearer and clearer. This phenomenon is stated to occur even in very dilute solutions. Mr. I“. J. l-‘arnday is inclined to thc be- licf that the breathing of air devoid of tho usual quantity of oxygen is apt to develop germs otherwise harmless into thoso whicn produce consumption. As giving to his sup- port hypothesis hc cites the dccrcasc of con- sumption in well-ventilatedbarracksand the relief alluded to patients by sea voyages, the air of pino woods. and the inhalation of carbolic acid. Small crystals of tin, says the American Naturalist, are sometimes fouml in the slag f.om tho smelting furnaces of tin work. As shown by Trcchmsnn, in slag from l'cnzuncc, and by Foullon in also from Muriascliciu, the tin crystals may be of two kindsâ€"either of the ordinary tctrngonal form such as are deposited by galvanic action. or more gen- orally an ortho-rhoinbic form not prcviously observed. The lnttcr has thc appearance of a louse irregular mass. A communication to the Academy of Sci- ence, Paris, by M. thvrcul, presents evi- dence that Joscph llubcrt, thc friend and successor of l'oivrc, in the Island of llcuu- ion, reorganized as curly as 1783, or ten: years at least bclorc tho Englisn and Ger- man savants, the gyratory nature of cyclones. It is allugcd that llurbet, in lSlS, or several years hcforu Dove, ascertained tho complctc formula of tho _doublc motion of gyratlon and translation of cyclones. .. --‘.-." Saxon Servant Glrts.’ Nobody, written a lady abroad, can fully a iprcciutc tho numerous gruccs and accom- p isbmvnls, thcuminbic (llrtllflslllllll, and the Inticnt and u‘uvdimt druwnnor of tho Saxon servant-girl -« in Sn win -â€"~but thou: who have suffered from thc views which the scrvnut~ girl in America \llll‘t‘lus with llt'l'llllfl uccumln lutcs as she rhangm places. l'crhnps I can best dcscribo the Saxon girl by nicntinniug what sh-~ is not, and t-iviug it list of tho things sbc docs not do. To begin with, sh v dot-s nut go to church at 6 o’clock every Sunday morning, rcturuing in lllllc to are her misfit“ and her employ or \v shing tho bn-akliizt dishes. She does not hurry up the dinucrbour on Sunday, and make every- body ill the house sit down to the table withoutnn a ipctitu because she has an cu- gugcmcnt wit l her aunt. She does not want two afternoons a week to visit her sister, wd she is contented if she gets two after- uoousa month. Shc does not make as much per months» a skillful mechanic, counting licr board and tho littlu thin Is she takes with her to Lcr bxothcr-iu-law a. Shadow not dress as well as her mistress, nor is she angry if lu r toilot is interrupted in the morning. lf aim is corrected in any work Iho in lluiu , she does not tell her mistress to take an: do it herself. Sho duos not two but annually in tho rlor. She doesn't sec any company in tic house. Her brother does not call on her three nights a uwk, and keep her It until midnigh. every time ho mils, and I c has up cutly no male cous- ins. Shc docs not 0 \jcct to doing thumb-gr. work, or to take caru of the children when she has nothhw claw to do. She docs not claim that the luwfntrak “luck is goal wough for her cmpluycl’ is not lit to ho cat- cu. She cannot throw up but place without “i. iug tluw inuutln'notiw. She st ivcsnot m was thc time talking ovcr'thc lllYlflOtl {cut-c in thc back-yard to the girl in the ucxt door, but on the contrary. in wrfmtly will- ing to do a‘good day's work, ikc other lab~ oncg people. $ho docs not receive St or $6 per- u'sck. even i the in tho very best luud otgirl. llc: wagon-n lean than Slot-85 per month, and mutations no man than 83. she is is honest as she is iuduntnous. \\' lutnvcr is done is done neatly. She is scat hemll. and the in not abort: wcaring calls-m4 oven on the “not, nerds-fill“ uchccrful, hn-r macaw-am goo-Lbs: _ ‘r infighglicrcyesus u“, her «implosion is fair, and, taking her flu thcr, jt u astonishqu lum- quickly she a. spoiled all" that lands at Castle Guile». ‘ r wwuvâ€"‘ooc-o-nubâ€"fl 5mm is" slid tube a kind “dwarfed themed l'llllu' of North- m'rsxn. lb holly Ballasts inches gluturolcglmuotmrcthwumu “moon-mun: legs inches, lthuutnil abouts indict hrs, umptatuft of long .uularidggot short The «ml 3 also E I ’ 'muy'wln a mat singer." ~__..__..___._.__'_. _._. -... “W... VOL. X. ls sober-l “'ould any man. Plumber or gum: llcs‘dinx in Japan, l’cr-i I or lspahan. . llol okcn or I’ouuhkccpsxc. , Accuse October of getting tipsy! Who ever thunk. October would get drunk? ' “'lzo oversaw it wave its dying-flowers And call for around of souni ln moniinir's guilt hours} Is October A bit more sol» r Than May. Say‘l . Does it sing a more rolslcrulli {lino Than June 3 Does it cut up more high Than July l _ Or make a great noise And go round with the boys I That Octobcr ls so sobcr And temperate l'crmit me to state 13 all nonsense and rot. Edgar Allan Poe. you should not llavc hurled Such a falsehood. browlcast on the world. October Is not sober; In fact, it hasn't a peer Among the nmntlis for drunkcnn year; . ' For tncn conic election times. And the candidate Flich around clatc And on the counter ratllcth down l For whisky, And five-dollar notes l-‘or votes. _ And gettclh frisky. . There are more drunk in October 'l'hnn sobcr ! 033 in all the is dimes October ought to sign The pledge divine _ And sivcar ofl’ for good on drinks of each variety . And become the happy I'rcsnlcnt of a temper- uncc society. _ . And then all men would mm: The voicc of honest praise And say. In a pleasant way. “ Octoberâ€" Dcar sir : In this we all concur, You're sober." _ And that is all we know about the habits of Dumber. _ And “'1: do not care a copper if it’s drunk or if its sober. ,. .._.._..‘_ ...._ .__..__â€"- Hills" AND MARGUERITE. It was in the dusk of the evening, and night‘s shadows were quickly gathering in tho little (lcriuan village through whom out- skirts thc lovers strolled. They‘had left behind thcm t 10 cottages, and had wandered off among tlltf green fields and under the shade of tho tacos, behind which the sun had almost gone to rest. ;.,,.ws,; MW: rm»; w»- .a m... . â€"»w....... awn-W:- “*“u“.w~»~~uw~ «1 - It was an old story, the story of theirl loving. They had been betrothed since the girl was fourteen. It was we 1 nigh five years now, and on her nineteenth birthday they were to be married. She was an orphan, and her snug dowry, lying so safely ncstlcd away in the village bank, she had accuumlatcd by t ic labour of her own hands. Zuf’. a shade was on her lover’s face to-night, and even in the shadow hcr quick cye discerned it. “ Sing to me, Hans,” she whispered, know- ing that inflsong llaus \Vcrtcr forgot all else. ' After a moment's silence he lobeyed her, and the sleepy birds woke in thdir nests and almost indignantly drew their heads from beneath the soft shelter of their wing, to listen to this strange, wonderful rival to the sweetness of their notes. The it was filled with tho cxl uisitc melody. I? rang full, and clear am sweet. It sank ( own to the violets, and they stirred in the listening wind, then soared to the stars. l'oor littlehlargucritc! lIans' music always brought the moisture to her bllc eyes, but to-niglit it seemed filled with something she hazl never heard before, and her little hands were tightly interlaced, and ljer' red lips parted in a sort of painful ccstaqy. Ilut at the close, she was all unprepared to see him end the last note in a dry sob, thou fling bimsclf down on the swal'd and bury his lace in his hands. “ llaus, what is it 2'" she or cd, sinking down beside him, and tr) ing to raise his head upon her breast. L “'as ho weeping? She had never in all files ~ years sccu bimâ€" thus niovcd. llis powerful frame seemed shaken to its inner- most centre by tho torrent. of cuiotion which swept over it. Almost rudcly, in his unconsc osncss to all but his own suffering, ho rcpul d her, only thc next moment to be filled with rcmorsc. Conquering himself by a migl‘ty cll'ort hu drew her to him with ventle for-c. “ For vivc me, dear, ' he said oftly, “ but never as ' me to sing attain, Mn ucritc. It only teaches me what I mi 'hthfvc bceunnd what lam. Think what it \vduld be if I had the money to reach Italy ! ‘ could have the world at my foot, Marguerith could be great and famous! I know itâ€"I feel it. But I am chained hcrc, tending my herds and feeding my cattle, powerltss to break the chains; I need so much moneyâ€"so much, 1nd I have so littlo. Though I sold all I have in the world, it would not bring me to my jouincy's cud. No, no! I must give it al up: but ucvcrâ€"ucvcr ask me to sing again?" Tho girl answcrcd him nothing as she stroked the hot brow with the little, cool hand, which, all browned and hardened as it was, full very softly, very lovingly. In her eyes ho was a king, this shepherd- le. Instinctich ' she know th it silence is nl’ttimcs more b iug than spa -h : and, be- sides, awoudcrful, dazzling - bought had are t into her own busy brain and driven all lighter thoughts away. Still silently ibcy rose. and u ly homo. At tl.c doorof hcr li he stoppvd and kissed her on they stood beneath tho stars. In two murc months he “'1( cottageâ€"«the homo left her by l cutsâ€"so they both had thong hour ugonc. To-night, Marg differently. How much would itbring, for the sale of this humble little Ilicltcrl It was this problem which ha her through tho long night ho rs. It was solved three days later, when he sum for its ion by strangers lay in her hands, and added to it tho aat- frv m the bank. made in the child's eye a fortune. What unttcrul it that she was beggarcd! It was for lluns‘ sake! It was now her turn to be silent, as hunl-in-haml tbuy walkul bound: the golden studdul sky she my. {mum tint time timid, almost fluid, in his presence. That she had per- formed,» act of almost heroism she never linme llo Iran I he 0 ; sl'u but a little humble niaidca, whore pron-lend duty was to save him. "Inns." the aid at Int, vc ‘aoftly, " I have born thinking. dour. silime othcr night. UHF-lint; we won't bu married yet I while. A wife would only pull you down. m1 of helping you to son to the birds when: an Instant. l don‘t not you to ‘ :1 Eu away and thick line. lit-sat yon to luthsgbmntlzcmueould «co the pallcr catharpakcr's face,ui.tgrcwrclmtcdoa hull:- uul. Morgan f" be “ .4: Wu. aa- dooalurhvt. "1"" lthcdrqun. child. [bu'thtitapiabsl cmyfaacy.’ lkud silent- {flu cottage, hc brow, as o sham her or «load par- it scarce an write knew ibhcd slum- ENELON PAL “ You can‘t crush it, Hans; for it's no dream, but a very part of yourself, and that the highest, noblest t! Nor is itmad- mess. Hans. See here 1” and she unloosened the string of: little bag she held tightly clutched in her hands, and :hoch to his dazzling eyes the glittering gold-pieces lying on a snug little pile of notes. “It‘s enough, H-ins,"shc said, in answer to his gaze of utter bewilderment. “ It’s more than what I heard you once say would let you be taught for a whole year. And it’s yours, Hansâ€"all yours !” And, as she spoke, shc stroveto thrust the bag within his grasp. “Marguerite l”-â€".sbc shrank from tho sternum of his toneâ€"â€"“how did you got the gold 2” “ Iloncstly 1" she answered proudly. “ The gold was to have been my dowry ; the notcsâ€"Iâ€"I sold the cottage for these.” “ You did this for me, and you think so mcanly of me as that I would accept such a sacrifice 2” ll 5 voice quivcrcd as he spoke. ‘- IllllIS, I was to have been your wifv,” she whispered. “ \Vho had the right: if not I '3 Oh, I shall be so proudâ€"so proud, some day, when you come back for your little Marguerite, and I shall be the wife of the great singer ! They will point at me and gay, ‘ yes, he married this little nobody, this little Ma-gucritc, but they say hclovcs licv;’ and they will think if; strange that you should love me from your great height. llut you won’t forget to do that, Ilansâ€" ever, everâ€"will you, my love 3" “ Never, until my voice forgets its music. I would pray to God to still it forever could my heart prove so false. Something within me, Marguerite, conquers myself. If: is a hope springing within my breast. I Will take your money, little one, a sacred debt. \Vait for me two years, frauleiu. Then I will return to give you richest payment. I swear it, and l scalil: with a kiss !” i i i 4D Q i 4.- § 'i .- Ilans had gone, and Marguerite was left alone. She lived now in one little room, high up many stairsâ€"up which she toiled wearin in the evening’s gloom. There were no more restful walks under the stars now. She might have had lovers like other girls ; but no, Hans must find her without reproach on his return. All day she had to labour from early down, even for the humble shelter now her’s. Sometimes she was hungry, some- times cold, but all muttered not to her. It was for l‘Iuns‘ sake. The winter’s icy breath but hastened the spring’s blossoms, and their first; fragrance the incoming summer, which would make the year complete sincc Hans left, and there would only be another year to wait. At long distances apart letters came. 0h, howcagcrly Marguerite spelled them out! She slept with them under her pillow by night, and they sunk and fell wdh every pulsation of her heart by day. Libour grew light, she even forgot her louclincss,fov they told her that stop by step Hans was nearing his goal. Then there were wch s, aye months, when she heard nothing, and the' child's figure grew thin and her chock pnlc, while every night she would run breathless up to her room, only to find the table vacant and that; the postman had had no errand for her. But. one evening, when she had almost given up hopeâ€"when the great dread lest Hans should be ill, dying or dead, remorse- lcssly sludowcd llCl‘ pathwayâ€"tho silent messenger smiled her welcome. Shc burst intonpnssion of team on: she broke the soul. It seemed as though the joy must kill her. But at last shc unfolded the sheet when something white and fluttering fell to the ground. She stooped to pick it up. \Vhat did it mean? It was a little slip, with some figures in the corner. They rc- prcscntcd the exact amount tilt} haul given Hans. Bewildcrcd. she turned LO the letter. Its first words explained : “I pay you my debt. Think, my little dovc, what if. has cost us, yet I earned itâ€"â€"- carnal it, Marguerite, on the very night of my debut. I have sung and the people have listened. I looked about among all the facesâ€"on all the young and beautiful wo- men, with fhciroycs fixed upon Incâ€"but nothing inspired me. Then I thought of you, will looking into space I forgot them all, darling. There wasa sweet; pale face floating in the air ; your blue eyes looking, not as theirs looked, but down into my soul, and I sang to you darlingâ€"t0 you. The flowers rained at my feet. Great ladies tore the roses from their breasts, but 1 would have given them all, dearest for one little wild blossom your hand had plucked. They say I will be rich and famous, I can- not full, flu: world is fickle. The village banker will cash your order. lut you need not buy back the little home. I am coming for you soon, to bring you to a cage hotter worthy my mountain-bird." ‘ Again and again Marguerito road and ic- read the spacious words. What cared she for the money ‘3 It had made llans great. “ Going back to your native villageâ€"you, who have the world at your foot! sighed one of Florence‘s most famous beauticsas she looked into the young singer’s eyes. . or v o c w I a I Six months had passed since he had paid his debt to Marguerite, and still he lingered. He had spent thrice that amount, sinCc then, on a trinth to clasp some fair lady’s arm. Did he, in holding it so lightly, for- get that once it had been a girl's all? \Vhy, than, did the sigh the lady llllcl’wl find a response in his own breast? “ It is duty which calls inc." “ Duty !" sho murmured. “ Arc sure it is not mistaken duty .’ Ah, your life is changed, llcrr Wcrtcr. If in the early time you plcdgml it to some rustic maiden, thinkâ€"could she fill its measures now 2" . 'l'hc beauty’s voice trembled. The cool softness of her flesh pressed lightly against the burning palm. " And if I give her up," be saidâ€"“ what then. You will be mine 3“ But the “Yes” she uttered was hushed by the madness of his kisses. ‘ And Marguerite watched and wanted. He was coming ; themforc ho did not write. " Ho is great now, Marguerite; he has forgotten you," the gossips said while she turned her back upon them, in the hottest wrath her cntlc spirit had ever known, that they ( and thus malign him. It was the second anniversary of the day which was to have celebrated her wedding, when they burst into her room. "lb, ha 2' they said, "did We not tell ‘ou l0 3" pointing a: they spoke to the h in the paper which announctd the betrothal of Ilcrr Wcrtcr and‘ the greatest beauty in all l-‘lorencr. "Leave me," she said at last, when the ' looked to too what Ilia would do. “I w" i to be alone." But can of kinda heart. after some hours had Ml stole back into the darkened room. The child bay timing in delirious fever, and the physician when called shook his '0“ Thestniu had lxcu too great. he said. Shcmustdic. 0n the third day alter, a: the watchers at about the bed, a step scandal on the stain. A man, stained with the dust of travel. bunt impetuously into 'thc room. "Marguerite!" he unkindâ€""Margie. “"35...” .... l 3 P LS, ONTARIO, SATURDAY, OCT. :21, 1882. ite!” Then he stopped and gathered the import of the scene before bhu. “I did but falter!" he cried, falling on his knees at her bedside. “ I come back, my wild German daisy. to tell you so. Oh, Marguerite, it is thus I pay my debt I" Then, as though that voice must penetrate even the mists of fever, the blue eyes 0 n- ed, a wonderful, ecstatic light in t icir depths. "Hans." shr: whisperedâ€"“Hans ! give me for the doubt which kills me And with the wordsâ€"a dagger thrust in his own remorscful heartâ€"the spark of life flickered and went out. Marguerite was dead ! She who had lived for him dicd for him. They found the paper he had sent her among his lot- ters. Thus had be redeemed his debt? An empty slip of paper, worthless to all, to re- turn to him. but bcaring the interest of a broken heart. â€"‘ u »â€"<--â€"â€"- .__L..â€"â€" SEOPPIN G IN CALCU‘I‘I‘A. For- In Not Respccmblc Among Natives, Hence Gurlously Dlfl‘icult for Foreigners. It is not customary with Hindu notions of rcspcchibility to go shopping. The bazaar is the resort of thc canal/la. You procure all that you want through your factotuui, the house-sircar. But the baptism of Euro- pean usage has converted the domestic economy of the natives, the wheel of re- spectability has turned, and we have begun to make our own purchases. For all that, Chinabazaar and Ulmnducy Chowk remain what they were a quarter of a century ago, or, if at all changed, they are only a. shade worse. Everyone who has been to a Euro- pean shop knows the studious courtesy with which he is treated. It is in very excep- tional instances that a. young braggart‘. shop assistant, of mixed descent, would treat a native customer with rudeness. Otherwise the European shop world has a. fixed code of inauneis and etiquette, from whom no tradcsman of standing over cares to depart. Every one, again, who has been to the na- tive bazaar knows the serious discomforts to which he is subjected. As soon as your carriage has cleared the block which is sure to obstruct: your way on entrance, and you have turned into thé lane where the bazaar commences in vicht earnest, you are invaded by hosts of lanky, bare-legged, dirty-jacketed, unprospcrous beings, whose cries road the atmosphere, whose gesticula- tions bewildcr you. They surround and run along side of your vehicle, or, if you are on foot, they make a. ring around you. One would hold a. photograph to your eyes, another would thrust a bundle of cheroots almost into your mouth, another would press a bottle of pcrfumery close to your nose, and another would light; a lucifcr match under your chin. They howl, accost, insist, gesticulute, pull, push, jostlc and bustle you into any shop. Thus many quiet, harmless people from the Mofussil are worried out. of their wits and made easy vic- films. 011 special occasions of unusual press and traffic like the Hall or Durgapujah, down- right robbcrics take place in the streets in broad daylight. Going inside the shop, the real work of haggling and fleecing commen- ces. Four times the prices are asked of you, had and damaged articles are sometimes at- tempted to be palmcd off upon you, and un- less you are experienced and \videuwakc you are sure to be done out of your money. Nor is "this the worst. Customers are abused and ill-treated. Sometimes opcn vio'cucc is resorted to. Some classes of shop-keepers are more rude and unscrupulous than others, and some bazaars have a. worse reputation than others in this respect. Al- most as a rule shoemakch and vendors of shoes, not Chinameu, but Molmmmedans, arc the greatest offenders. And the shoe vendors of Chaudncy Bazaar have a. wide- spread notoriety. N of: to speak of our own experiences, we have seen even bathed and trouscrcd people treated with scant courtesy. After you have once entered the shop you are considered very much like the shop-hoop- cr’s property. You must accept his prices, you must not bargain, you must not find fault with the articles if you have any fear of ilbtrcatmcut, Some people, we might say almost every new purchaser who goes to the bazaar for the first time, feels impatient under these circrunstancvs. l'lc utters an angry word or protest against the prices, or wants to go away. Then comes the tug of war. He is abused, hold by the hand and detained, or, if he ventures to resist, he is assaulted, sometimes severely. In this rock- lcss and lawless course these shoemakcrs have persisted so long that their commun- ty has come to bobl such conduct as a. sort of commercial privilege, a well-known ob- servance, a departure from which is likely to be injurious to the trade. They all com- bine in asking the same prices. They have signs and signals limv to treat a customer, and they nlwaysjight together. An Untimely Invitatlon. “'hilc of Cologne, the unsavory, the Prince and Princess of \Valcs threw the prium donna Trcbclh into a flutter. That zavoritc and favored singer was sleeping thc dccp of just sopranos at (3.30 in thc morning I .vhcn a violent knocking at her door aroused § ’icr. “’ifh visions of fire or earthquake, ; .hc rushed to inquire the cause of the un- iccmly clznnor. An awe-stricken servant informed her that their royal highucsscs the Prince and Princess of \Valcs, lcaniing that she was in the house, had sent their com- pliments and desired her to breakfast with them bcforc they set out to Wicsbadcn. The local chroniclcrdcclarcs that no vocalist ever tried to dress so quickly, and that no lady ever wasted so many pins, fastcncl so many buttons wrong on the top, and had to do them all over again, more unsuccessfully atttcmptcd to do her hair properly, or ever managed to lose everything except her natural good temper. In what inconceiv- ablc brief space of time the throwing ' of night costume and tho donning of t c habilimcnts of day really were effected need not be told. At length, at any rate, every- thing was right, and Mme. Trcbclli descend- ed to the breakfast room, to receive a very hearty greeting from the Prince and l'rin- ccss. '1 he royal party included the two sailor princes, who chattcrcd volubly about their voyage. Mme. Trcbrlli is one of the most intercsting talkers in the profession. The conversation with the royal party lasted about an hour, and at 9.30 the Prince and l‘riacas leftâ€"the two sailor boys inmting that Mme. Tmbclli should come down the stairs to the carriage to see them off. a Small-Pox in Cape Town. p tires ; 600 reached the inili usnatincd. The gm gees-ails in the diamond fields. having the infection. am is angering grutly. fix-q American shystcr. .a..¢.-,~uoxn14‘¢\~:.wtl.gk m.....4r.~«--i.-g-ww an-..“ . _ . Small-pox is raging in Cape Town. There have been 2,000 cam thus far, mostly as- proved fatal. The disease has Cape Town bu been declared infected, and all'venoll nailing thence for other ports in the colony will be tat excitement Illegal measures have been taken to exclude per- sons arriving there who are suspected of Tho streets of Cape Town have: deserted appearance, and busi- ueui Isibclla ores $9001!» and the own benefit cm abrtadcht with all the check of an wolf in the! . ,...-¢A«W..qm~~»-...u ..~...-.... ,_ 1,, ,1 - . . O INTERESTING ITEMS. Public Knuth. Notwithstanding the many physical and social evils which are laid atthe doors of the doctors, there is one sphere in which some of them have done a good educational work for the people, and that is in the line of sanit- ary science. This was evident from what took place at the meeting of the Sanitary Convention at St. Thomas, though it was equally evident that the attendance of the professional men was not. what it ought to have been. It might indeed be questioned whether the interest taken by a few of them is not merely arcsult of the coercive tendency of public opinion, rather than any desire to popularize a knowledge of the science. But it is certain 'that. while the attendance of medical men there was not representative of From all Points of tho Compass Ntccly Arranged. In a cave in the mountains of \‘ir inia resides a hermit of immense size, with oug white hair and beard. lie is over 50 years of ago, and for forty years has not spoken. \thu he wants anything of civilization hc indicates it by signs, but for months at a time he secretes himself and communicates with no one. It is said that he has lost the power of speech by disuse. At the mariiage of Mr. and Mrs. George Harris at Mount Meridian, \'a., the bride refused to say “ Yes ” to the question whe- ther she would obey her husband. She said that she saw no reason in such a promise, . and he concluded that no harm would be the bodyof the Pmli‘glmh '“illlyfil “1050 done by cutting“ out, since he intended to present were there for _thc benefit of the pub- “ make her mind anyhow," Two years lie. and with every damn: to have their good elapsed, and a few days ago the unsettled work understood by the people. To these question arose again. George ordered his all honorlsdue;midespccinlly tothoscnon- wife to fry :1 chicken for dinner, and she in. professtonal men of standing and intelligence sisted m, roasting it He brought in a who can have had iio-otlicr desire than to horsewhip. and declared that he would flog Clea-t0 a deeper "ltt‘l‘est “l the lmDOI'Umt her until she obeyed. She shot- and killed subject of public health. The usefulness of him, regular reports on the death rate and gcucr- Tree planting is pvospcrmg even in smoky 0: l’glilhl‘ot‘ul nil‘lfout‘.‘try may”? London, and Ill Tooclv streetâ€"which 13 dc- " a 1 n 0 l m ( “"‘ 8‘ “‘1 ‘0“““3‘““‘ L r ' o o e: \‘ ‘. I I I c v . scribed as a metropolitan ravine, a. sort of f1] C‘s-013' its"? it‘l’i'igcllta'iéfl“tm: lll'lij'i‘fi‘ml abyss in brick work, where anything that 0 w “‘c “ I "m an“ “"5- _ ~ . Dr. C'll‘ \cutcr‘s lcttcr advisiu ' a discussion 5m Olmfd of green. holds-[find patufilcss “hofmls on solvilug the problem of sax-ave disposal won t appear impossx câ€"a. orouq are _ . . n . I V n . , “as timcl ' and this sub cct was n’ifurnll ' in the un_sa\ 91 y neighbolhood called Bcr- the chief 3:10 taken u ) iv“ 0“! ' ml“! him)“ mondscy, if: 13 reporzcd that, of emlity- . . b _ 1' _. 5 ‘ r; four trccs there planted only twelve have “3‘5 “5"” “NM “Tl “""305 ""“t‘ wk" . . - . _ . -, a other interest in t us iu-s‘un if flu" died, while the rcmamdci me flouiishiug. wish 1m Ensure their hmrc‘l'r \‘n'h mm W This loads the Standard to reflect how much “mtion A phco m"; Turin,“ “film, m . _ ; i I . v k ' . :1- better It “0“1.“ be to ammo-V the Chalms or :hnrncs its oll‘ciisiu- and puimmhm i‘clusc h - Dammit, “mew the “gluw” 0f the town the fbhcus'mds of "ll‘ol‘s d-iily must scc thc I - v I . . y - ' n 5‘ t l i ' ' - h 31:31:33,)“ up Shaw‘s at “huh “my one vast importance of having :iuch ascwaqc ' .' . . system as will not disgrace its reputation for . mic h‘th‘Y‘BICChW t‘l‘m‘fi‘at PM we“ enlightenmentuoi'vuin its future good name introduced 111 Germany has given rise to sys- as a healthy city. A system that will have “111:1th and ,Céitfmalw S'l‘ll‘a'glmg 0?“ “’9 to bc entirely reconstructed in the course of borders of adjommg countries, particularly _ _ ten years as a consequence of the cit’s’ from‘llohcmia, Holland, and Russia. A fu- growth will be so much money wasted : but tal fight; occurred lutcly near the Bohcunnn . a. new system of some kind “'0 must havc boundary between a party of icwnuc olli- very Shortly, as om. city_fathm, g our on . culls and some smugglers who had a quanti- oflicials, and the city people and press all ty of cloth uudcr convoy. Onc man was shot agree. The Globe recently made a very in. dead on the spot. Others of the contestants tcrcstiu iuvcsti atiou as to how and where were badly hurt. But bullets have never g g' , . tlc r0 oscl man t uuks \' shoull b sufficed to put down smuggling when lugh ) p p ( l r o‘er ( e , _ , emptied into the Bay. But the question (1“?ch gave the .°P.P9"““'t.y 0‘ makng large might be asked, is it desirable to pour thc gains, and the llllClli tvnfhc on the German _ , , city’s filth into the Bay or near the city at border ‘3 531d to be 0“ “‘0 mamas“ all? Is there no danger of turning the Buy into a. vast latroon rocking with disease from the pollution of the waters and the gradual accmuulatiou of refuse deposits around the shores? Or if our sewage is turned into Ashbridgc’s Bay is there no danger that the lake currents will carry if; very frequently into the locality from which we now get what we believe to be pure city water? And are we shut up to the necessity of having Lamsou, an English murderer, insured his life for $4,000 just before committing the crime for which he was hanged. Only one premium was paid, and be assigned the olicy before his conviction to his lawyer in lieu of a fee. 0n the strength of adccision in the House of Lords, it was questionable whether the contract was not void, and un- til rcccntly an; interest; which Lamson had in the policy would have passed to the crown. But Lafnson’s interest would have bccn restricted to the marketable value of his policy at the time he was capable of assigning it, and its value as security for $5,000 would not have attached to it until after his death. The company has, however, voluntarily paid the money to the lawyer. Among the various plans now resorted to by English builders for rendering wooden flooring resistive to the action of fire, is that of constructing solid timber floors, composed of ordinary joints placed close to each other, and spiked or screwed at intervals with bolts ; the latter are fixed nltcrnntcly, and, to form a key for the plastering, angular groves are cut undorcach joist,_thcsc groves forming a series of dove-tails. In a similar manner, stairs are foriucd by a. scrics of joints scrcwcd or spiked together. With regard to partitions, preference is given by many to the French plan of constructing them with quartcrings, filled in with rough stonc rubble, then lathcd on each side with strong lathcs, audocoafs of plaster applied and pressed through the vacuities from each side. In the construction of roofs, the lay: ing of solid concrete flats on iron joists, or iron joists fixed to the inclination of the roof, and thou filled in with coucrctc on the French system, covered with asphalt, is a. method highly approved. Atcnf. was pitched ncav Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the announcement of a show brought a crowd. thn all the money ob- tainable for admission had been rcccivcd, a stalwart negro wrestled with a mnnstcr hear. The combat was fierce, and pnsscd from play to work as the bear warmed up. The spcc- tators screamed with excitement, and it seemed 9. question of life or death wi‘h the negro. lllwdiug and cxhaustcd, he finally got the boar off the stage, amid overwhelm- mg applause. 'l‘hc assuuhly insisted upon an encore. When the tumult had reached its height, the negro appeared, carrying a bag. After acknowlcduing the kindness of tbcspcclators, he stoo ~d down, and draw- ing aknife from his pocket; commenced to fumble with the bag. The people suppos- ing this to be some now trick, prcscrvcd a breathless silcucc. Then he cut the bag opon,‘ and there issued from it a swarm of bees. As the insects buzzed forth, thcrc was a movement of the crowd, thcna panic, and finally a wild rush for the exit. Sonic got out by cutting slits in thc canvass of the tent with their knives. I‘IthOOtl Cooper of Santa. Barbara, the leading olive grower of Californi I, says that be has trccs eight years old that have pro- duccd twu thousand gallons of olives to the sore. This would be equivalent to 250 gal- lons of oil totho acre, and the oil finds a rcaly market at 85 a gallon. The yield of one acre would thus be 8|,250, which for a hundred acrc ranch would be a pretty fair income. But these figures are not rcprc- scntcdto apply to any cxccpt the very choicest trees and an uncommonly good your. llut cvcn computing the profits of olive cul- turc at as low a figure as out-tenth, a twen- ty now much would support a family vcry comfortably after six or seven years of waiting. One of the great advantages of olive culturcis the fact that irrigation is not needed. In a 'climatc where there is oftcn inch a scarcity of rain as in California, this is a matter of much impor- tance. The olive tree also grows very old. Thcrc are trees in Asia Minor that arc known to be over l,‘.‘00 ycars old, and are still in full hearing. In considering the pro- fits of fruit culture, however, the daugcrs of insect pests, disease, and overproduction must be kept in mind : and these are usual- lypasscd by without mention in the glowing description of southern California. our sewage dischar ed into the water at all? For there are other systems of sewage dis- posal that are found to work with practical advantage in the large cities of Europe, such as the conversion of it into manure for farms, and the dcodorizing ofit; by blood and by chemicals. Since :my theory and any sys tcm applied to ’i‘oi'onto must soon take a practical shape, Tnm‘n suggests that the city council offer a prize for the best cssa ' and plans on the subject. Besides giving encouragement to native talent in an impor- tant branch of science, the city might easily save in the matter of construction alone, to say nothing of the cost of future mainten- aucc, ten times the amount of thc prize. Such an offer was the origin of Dr. Carpen- ter’s celebrated work on alcohol, and it is not impossible that the Toronto city council would be the means of eliciting the best practical treatise on the subject of sewage disposal ever to be written this century by a. Canadiau.â€"T0ronlo Truth. Brigauds at a Spanish Summer Resort. That llrignndage still flourishes in Spain, despite the efforts made to suppress it by successive administrations since King Al- fonzo nsccndcd the throne of his ancestors, is only too tragically proved by the accounts published in the Spanish newspapers of an outrage rcccntly committed by a. horde of baudifti at Fucnsnntu, n. watering plucc frequented by tho clilsofl’cninsulm' Society. It appcars that one evening a. large party of holiday-makers had assembled in thcgrounds attached to the principal hotcl, when .«iul- dcnly a number of men, armed to the tcctb, presented themselves at the main cntmncu to the garden and lcvcllcd their muskcfs at its occupants, cxclaiming : “ 'l‘odocl muudo bocauhajol" (liic down, all of you, with your faces to the ground.) Instead of obey- ing this injunction, fhc uucvfs rushed into the hoth and barricaded themselves in their rooms. The ladics' screams attracted the attention of two Guardian ClVlICfl, or gcndanncs, who happened to be near tbc hotel at thc'timc, and these bravo fellows char 'cd the brignndsdmt wore rcccivcd with 3. vol cy which stretched them dead upon the ground, as wcll us the landlord of the hotel, who had nrmcd himself with a revolver and volunteered to share their couragous outcr- prisc. 'l‘hc bandits thcn endeavored to carry the hotel by storm. but were unable to break in the doors, and after several in- effectual attempts to effect an cntmncc withdrew, carrying with them, however, the murdcrcd landlord's two young daugh- ters, since ransomcd by thcir relatives. Next day, as may well be imagined, l’ucn- santa was evacuated by iss summer visitors, and left for thc rcmnindcr of the season to its native inhabitants, whose prospects of legitimate spoil have thus bot-n shattered by their professional iivnls in tho prulntory orbâ€"London Telt'yraph. “flaw.-- i. Battier Cari-led Away by a. shark. A shocking occurrence has taken place here. Mr. A. M. Moss, the local agent of Messrs. Cutlcr, Palmerh'. Co., wiuc Incr- chants, ucut to the so; near his residence to have a swim about nine in the evening, a» time. Ills “'lll: stood watching‘him from the Pit-Itch. llo swam out fron’. thc shore and back again twice, and started for nthird swim, when, to his wife's intcnsc honor, ho was (1 "ed away, presumably by a shark. ller cal s attracted the attention of some natives who wcrc mar, and who immediate- ly ran up. They could do nothing to help Mr. Blow, who had disappeared, but they prevented Mrs. Mom from rushing into the sea. Later particulars are to the effect that Mr. Mona cntcrcd the water about 9.30, and in a low minutes his wife heard him calling out, but could not catch his words. Almost immediawa afterward be 3-11: a piercing shriek and dial poured. llc wman export swimmu', and t icro is littlc doubt thatho was carried ofl‘by a shark. lfis age was about thirty-four. The body has not ban recoveredâ€"limbo: I‘lllrfl'. ...â€"~-â€"â€"q-â€". M 1-? '0 â€"'â€""““““ That is an amusing case which the Grand Trunk has on hand now. A poor ncwsboy picked up in tho Union Station a purse con- taining about $70. lie was honest enough to inform the ticket oflice man, and left it there for the owner. Afterdiligcut endeavors not to discover the owner, the Grand Trunk turned tho money over toâ€"uot the boy, but their own treasury. The boy's [vii-cats brou ht suit in the Division Court to com- pel their: to deliver the money, and now the Grand Trunk appcsl against the judg- ment. not, of course, with a view of hob - ing the money, but to test their 'tiou. A station platform in a public thoroughfare, and although the Grand Trunk had full right to the temporary custodyofthsmonry they had no mom right to convert it to their ' stihebnys claim,t.hanthc lc had to accuse the lamb of polluting the stream below him. Thth who predicted mat the railway in; sioa would soon result in a further i of local tmilic intcrcstndu order that t roug tnth may 'lhrirc may be gra as they branch is sadly neglected. not get them in Acvca. tendency is to be permitted. he had been in thc habit of doing for son“: : wring tilicd,or grieve-d feel inclined, to know that their prophecies are tending to fulfilment. Al. mdy 10ml traffic on the Great Western cm have coins to light whcrcmcu who was accustomul to having good: delivered in twodsyn, now do The question that am has to be asked is, to what extent this Tan mm 01‘ mos. “Do thc subij of the king of Dahomey lac-2p Sunday 3" was askol of a missionary. "Yrs." be. n‘pliul, “and everything clue lhcy can lay their hands on “ “\\'b-.\ was if that said it is “of. um i inf man to lu: alum t“ naked nSumhiv-sclicol lwncbcr of tho run. A bright boy su~ iswcrud: " Dana-l. si‘, when he was in the ' lions' don.“ Iugcrsoll says no such man :3 Noah cvcr existed. lIc prolubly basvs his belief on the assumption that no man in his senses would invite a pair of mosquitoes into the ark. . We notice that it takes a very rich man tr appreciate the bit-sings of overty. Solo. mun “as worth about 3'." 080,000 when he said: “A good icons :3 to be chosen rather than great riches." An exchange puts a solemn truth in a nov- el way when it says that “ some men wcar their best trousers out in tho knees in winter getting religious, and the seats of their pants out in summer back sliding." The qucstiun of how a young couple can live on $15 a week is being discussed in some of thcpa crs. A Cincinnati deacon says it can’t be \ one at all, as it \vpuld take 55 for rent and $7 for beer and picnics, thus leav- ing $3 f ar food and clothing. . A Scotch minister was oucu busy catechis- iug his young parishioners before the con. grcgatiou, when he put thc qucstion to a stout girl whose father kept a public-house: "What is your name 1'" No reply. Thc question having been repeated thc girl rc- licd: “Kano o‘ yer fun, Mr. Minister ;yc '01) my nmna wcll eunuch. D'yc no say when yc come to our house on a night, ‘Bcf, bring inc some ale 2" The Bishop of Limerick being in failing health his physician recently told him it would be necessary for him to sock rest and change of air at i'icc. 'l‘hc bishop positive. ly declined to do so. Then said the doctor, plainly 2 “My lord, I tell you candidly ypur case is a most serious one; and if you do not go to Nice, you must very soon go to ln‘nvcn." “ 0h. \vull, in flint mac,” ru- p\licd the bishop, dismzllly, “I will go to five.” “ Como Mary," said lIcuvy, tho ot‘yl‘ t'\'t‘|llll‘_.!, :i-i fhcy \vi-vu preparing tho church \‘cstl‘y for the monthly meeting. “ you can land a hand, can't you ‘1“ Said Mary, quitu dcmurcly, “And il 1 did loud ulmudurc you quitc sure you wouldn’t. liccp it?" “No, by George,” exclaimed llcury, his face lighten- ing up with a new revolution : " no, I am sure. I wouldn‘t. give it up, ncvcrâ€" ncvcl'm ncvcr.” Of course (buy wow married. and of course they lived happily ever after- ward. ‘ ODDS AND ENDS IN FASHIONS. I l‘lcwsilvcr bracelets arc nmdn in (exact unjtation of the handcuffs worn by crimi- na 3. A pretty dross nfufl~ for childrcn‘igsuits is crepe-finished surge in bi‘okcn Scottish plaids. The fashionable lincu collar is n standing military band with avincof cmbroidcryncar the edge; Shrimp pink, strawberry rod. and electric. blue velvet bows are worn at the neck with lines collais. The ucwcst embroidered squares for the neck have .1 wide hcni on tho edge, with a vine of embroidch above the hem. Dark satin dresses are liked for small girls because they do not show soil, and as they are Clltll'uiy of cotton, are easily cleaned. The fancy for birds has extended oven to nunu'niugdrcsscs and tho disagreeable fash- ion is seen of a black raven pcrchcd on an English black crapc bonct. The newest; contrasts of color for walking drcsscs arc innsts green with striuvbcrry rcd, seal-brown with ccrisc, garnet with copper color, and black with ruby. i lav A rifle-green vclvct costume bonrdcd with gray fur, with a small mull‘ and a smaller bonnet of thc some vclvct, cdgcd with fur, is a Paris design for the coming winter. lllnck and white wool, known as she hcvd's chock, promises to be u very popu fabric for bruidcd costumes. llundsomc “ Roman," and “ Egyptian " pcus,clasps,jcwcllcd bauds,nud bucklcsmmdc in the Unith 'n'tutcs, are a prominent; feature of milhucry llll'l cloak gm'niturc this season. The Joanne d’ Arc Corsage, open on ono side and blood with silk cords, and corslcts lnccd undcr flu: arrow, will his much worn with full evening drum this and the coming season. 'l'hcsc cui‘sngcs are cut. rqunrc, heart, slmpc, or in n \’ point. in tho neck, and accompanied by a guimpc and slcovcs of white lace, ova clicmiso Russo of \vhito muslin, embroidered in the varied colors of the dress. Thackeray's First Lecture. Mrs. Kouihlc vouchcs for the fact that William Mnkcpcncc ’l‘hackcrny, on tho m:- cmaion of his first; delivery of lccturcs cu “ 'l‘hc I“Olll' Georges," was despite, his great rcputation and undoubted genius, absolute- ly unmanned by fear of his audience. This accompllshml lndy happened to look in at Willis s Rooms just before the hour fixed for 'l‘lmckcmy's reading, and to her surpriso she found the cmiucnf satirist standing “likcnfm‘loi'n, (liscmmolutcgiant," in flu.- middlc of the room staring about him. “ llu held my band like It scarcd child,” writes Mrs. l'nuny licmblv, "crying, ‘Uh, don't lcnvcmc! I'msirk nt mysloumch with fright!’ ‘ llut,’ said I ‘ 'l'hackcray, you musn't stand lu-rc. Your nudicucc arc beginning to chino lll ;‘ and so saying, Mrs. licinblo kindly lcd him out into the retiring room ad'oining the lccturc hall. The novolist half loft tho manuscript of his lecture on the reading desk, and Mrs. licmblc voluntccrcd to rc- covcr if. for him, and Ill so doing scattcrcd tho IL’IH’I,B all about the floor. In the great- cst confusion aml distress blll: took tlic wreck of his llluullscl‘lpt bank to 'l'hackcray, think- ing she had done some irrcparablc injury. The rcnl kindncss of front of “ Mr. 'l‘it: marsh " showcd it:wa utoncn. “My dun- soul," hc mid, “you couldn't have donc bcttcr for Hm. I have just a quartcr of an hour to wait hcrc, and it will tnkv mo nlmut that time to page this again, and it's the best thing in tho world that could havu hap. pcncd." “So I lclthim," adds the dough our of Charles Kcinblc, "to give the first of that brilliant mum: of literary historical c:.sayu with which ho oncbnntcd and Ill- bll'tlulud countch audience! in England and Aim-rim." l A Great Gas Project. The fact that llradfonl, Wcllu‘illc, llich- burg, Bolivar and all the towns and ham- lets on the northern and middle oil fields an: not only lighted, but licawl by gas, tho ma- chine sbo s, boilers, and hotels being In i~ phcd wit l the suns fucl, has attracted t w atttntion of capital'utl, and, according to a correspondent of tho l‘hiladcl his l'rru, a s ndicnto is formin I to still urthcr utilizc t 1: natural gas of t to northern belt, which extends from Lake Eric cut 200 miles, and from Bloomfield. Ontario county. N. Y., south to near l'ituburg; in other words, 200 mil“ ujuarc. As an evidence that this gas in practically inexhaustible, the [not is stated that one well at Sheffield, \Vmcn county, has beta flowing steadily for flltcsa years, and another in “'cltmmellnd county nearly as long, and the from either would light and heat the City “Philadelphia. lt is mun that the sandwich who are in. umfcd in the ratcrpriu are all largo capitalists, and are confident of ultimate moccasin supplying the great cities of tho Union with gas, for liglitaad fuel, at much luv: r3th than even electricity can be fur- nu ie . Thccxloononthcl’o if t. 1 about thlrxf '~two human mpgflfccxll? b’i‘v ii: mum tbs at fatal accldcatthal hum! on than: circular lroaclada-N. l’. b’un. No they are liable to pop off at any time

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