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Lindsay Weekly Post (1898), 2 Jan 1903, p. 10

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Save coal and keep; your house warm by using a Weather Strip around your doors and windows. . Do you want a Lantern, Plow-Lines, Root Basket, “Cross Cut, Saw, Buck-Saw, flalters, Cow Chains, Scoop Shovels or anything in he §DUVUID UL (It'll; vâ€"â€"-â€"q ‘ Hardware llne. Edwards is the place to buy. Best Gdbds, Lowest Prices. fio Inc: In Bruin: Columbia 0‘“ have My. With Their Mm on Christina DI!- Nelson. B. C_., Dec. 27.â€"Christmaa any a lugs mowslide came down the mountain gt. the Molly Gibson 211111;:l donning. Two of the me}: escaped, deepinz‘ that MW have m'mv‘ .d and seven are still missing. A re- lidjlr-tY. a‘swcoznpa-nieii by “ Phy‘ um has idt Nelson for the seem ottho‘disastertotrywd'm“ °r “ loop Up Search For m Hour AndUOn. ‘ 'Aahktbtd. Russian 'I‘urkostnn. Dec. ”.me oscillations of the earth at Andihn continue. The people there on usingruilroad cars to live in. They m not leaving the town on wt of their business interests. Committee have been appointed to we lists of the losses to life Mmmperty. In the Andiju dis- m.15.ooo houses were dcstroyetL flat! the shocks cease guards will be lepton the railway between Antwan ud~~Fedohens to wait (or fissure- along the line. The railway sta- tlomet Andijan threatens to col- and fund. In.“ no Wm Banning Home to Spend The]: Holidays mm 0010., Dec. 27.-A_ c991 SC; Potenburg. D00 Dro- Society is 9‘33“ “V. to Andijnn t9 I’m wvâ€"vâ€" ------ city, :53 just before he died yester- du tint there were 1.4 minor- bank. Mmthecaxmwhich ho w” m cud which mm renting under his 0! wreckage it is now enu- mei that the number of lead «an much from 25 to 30. ~1‘he mm m coming here to spend the bolls W “Amati up“ I um. um ' in mu- WW bee; 91.41 the cam Sessions an 1*th Judge MW“ WM senmmes up” Jam; may in Adapts»; mam», Brady was m We years m the; Umtmkwgm hangs on amount at a waviefien to? W a?“ a? man wt». Lam ma :9; at 41599;“ was! mm an “Manama: wnmw ma films nu ma mu m gem! Mama» may“ . 27am um”; or an nonunion Alliance. given the, malt 0! the voting on Poo 4. an m as follows Mority for the act ....... 93.466 Complete returns iron: only 76 con- Ititum have been receiveitp and there no no figures for Fort. Wil- nun, Manitoba md'Por-t ”that. Toronto, Dec. 27.-â€"-Tho--men Lands Department has received. an application from a. party, .0! Italian: at North Bay, (or 10,000 acres of land, in Widdifield Township, subject to the ordinary settlement condi- tions. There would be. no dificulty In the Way were it. not: that» they vat to hold block; lot-the [and {or their friends, who have not arrivgd from ItaJY- Withouz Any Dhmw . London, Dec. 27,â€"The remains 0! Br. Tanple. the Archbbhop ““Gfin‘f “bury, ward remolwflfycsway at: tut-noon from the Archfepiscoifil I’aI-fi .nm at Lambeth toACantg‘bury {or‘ Chicago, Dec. 27.â€"Fore_st Gale, a 15-year-old boy. attachedm the de vation Army. was fatally burned Christmas night while playing Santa. Claus to 300 poor children, Says a moon Iro: .m at Lam interment t Jam to The Record-Herald from Mitch, Ohio. nun! LASERS NR ”BABY; FATAL AVALANCHE. lod Croat to 61v. Belle!- DMD WILL won 3‘ the missing rm. Suns Burned “aback. he has received returns vâ€"___°, , ,_ ciety is sending represents.- Andijnn to organize r9110! contributed 817,500 to the Dds. LOWBSt Prices. .1111. with savanna!!! nun-u Want Fun“. 3 mm mum! 300K3- V'sâ€"oulierrin. 'nmjf.h_ 0‘ theb'e to-day. Thu-owns JAN 2. 194.700 101,23‘ :Romng Stock Set in Motion i Earthquake Shocks- ‘1.de h m W Soul. of the Shocks-TU No. L017. District Ithuukuâ€"ThG C Bobnfltâ€"Buflom Renovati- SEISMIC msrunamcs‘s DAILY. St. Petersburg, Deer-Zégâ€"Acwru- ing to the latest advices from Andi- ian. Russian Central Asiapthe shocks of earthquakes are continuing .there. There have been four or five seismic disturbances daily, and a particular- 1y violent series of shocks during-the night of. Dec. 22, and. the following morning set all the rolling stock on the railway in motion» resulting in e. huv‘lvâ€"wâ€" v One section of the city has completely destroyed; one cotton gin and one church only are standing. Thofirst shock drovcthe inhabitant: genernlly indoors. cm the lou of 11!. Would have boommuch great- .1110 W prucvnua -- 7â€"â€" cent earthquake amount.- to several million of dollars. Tho tamper-Mun has fallen _to freezing point and thousands or person. are hemeleaa. ‘ " â€"a I‘m -3L,- er: inc-WW v. ._v _- -7" are acmpfingtho 91mm atoicaMy. Notwithstanding the oflors 0! tree transportation they are remaining in the vicinity of the city, which will be rebuilt. A substantial start has -1--- Andljnn is a. cotton oenuo nuu u- ports 40,000,000 pounds of cotton annually. The population. number- ing 56.000 souls. we.- gmwing n.- pidly. The people, who axe mainly Sarts, were engaged in cocoon rd.- ing and ginning. Of twenty gin! nineteen have been dodroyed. m Sorts nre‘notliko Russ‘onl. They are private owners of land. but live in cities and towns. The houses in Andijnn are principally onutorery; high. and are built. of unburned been made in lief mad. 7 . h the population will be housed; being built. brick. Anothu' 0! Sb. Primrose night. . The Late Senator was 72 you: at age and was appointed to thoSenq no in 1892. He was a. Concavauvo-, in politics. He had been for you: g. prominent mm in public and busing”; afiairs in Nova, Scotla. This leave. five vacancies in the Senate. City to P37 “0.0... Katmai. Dec.» 24.--M: u meeting of the Local Cabinet here yesterday: it was agreed that. the city would pay the provinm $60,000 in View of standing clams against the corpora- tion (or Benchers' Court «has. Not-d. tug nevlly elected Paid.“ 0! ,Lu- 1.1.]:- “AA“ Scott'sEmulaionisthemode ern methodof feeding thin: the consumptive. quk is too rough for senSitive stomachs. Scott’s Emulsion is the most refined of fats, especially prepared for easy digestion. Feeding. him‘ fat in: this way,which is often the only “5333., is" half ' the 'Bfit‘tl‘ei" B'u’t’ Scott’s Emulsion does more than that. There is some- thing about the, combination of codiiver oil and hypophos- phites in Scott’s Emulsion that puts new life into the weak parts and has a special ~. action on the diseased lungs. “WW Salt pork is a famous olda fashioned remedy for con» wmption. “En; flaky of park,” was the adv ée to the censumpiti‘ve 59 tad 100 years ago. ..A Salt potrkzii 300611? a than can atomseh it. The idea behind it ‘13 that fat is the food thc censumptlve needs moat. cmaummian ‘. SIFA'I'OI 2m Dw- ’03!" In the Son“ (Io-o. N. 8. Dec. 24.â€"-Sona.tor- died at Pictou Honda] Eh; collection of a. éotton centrq tad _ p!- Doc, 26.?A0901'3‘f In» Poo!“ lot Inca Soul: Ste. mic, Incl», Dec. 26.â€" The [result volume doom h. the history of magma» IMp can. ad: 0! the world is shown .by the completed autistic; o! the tame through the mutant“- ot. Sum. Sta. Uni-1o, mu... and Ontalo. {or the present, you. which amounted to 35,961,146 ,troight tons, exceeding tho: otlut you. also thou-or one. too. .by LMBfiBI ton... -. WI not become publié charm. "A man without cupiul may kh- or. or rduso to labor. so long an keeps out. of the poorhouso. “Capitalists have the right to com- bine capital in productive eutexfprisu and by lawful competition drive in- dividual producers and smaller one. out of business. ' *“---- 5-“ Eh. right to form unions and fight. competition of capitalists by 1: means." ' -- AL- 4.1.0 -0 means. . This statement; of the right. 01 com- binntion on the part of capitol ,uld labor.,wn8 handed down by J udge G. C. Blend 0! the Court of Appeals in a decision in favor of Joseph E. Walsh, who sought an injunction to prevent members of the m ' mhln- plx‘ee because he was not 1:. memben Judges Bucky and Geode concur- red'in the decision, which wu n I“ vernal of a decision in Judge Woods‘ court. - - ., ' . The Appellate Court. awhile holdlnc that the associationahould be .1“! strained, as Walsh asked. refused to dissolve the organization; e. be had requested. It.-wns stated ethnt the nuocintion we. a. lawful one, were their pu‘enu in his Sou-3w- gether. The first. tam thil h~ dignation became mile-t m to work. It was Wan-,1...- sworn that Theresa wu tam-hen two months mt! nine dull yam old. Little attempt wu undo gt. Because tho child but me the mill and is now. gttendin; pchooh tho :1: demantook a. merdml view o! t)» can. and find my. cheflnott fl lmua can. Conn-y mo- !)va P! Hall o! It- cfififlusfs’ m come. 695.157,. David m It“ run 3 min tuned an But. n in annual; [Mural Inst n e We “hung a m which oo- curred in 8‘ PM. 5 now. two» sh» vbu‘n In memo! Human-y a: a that King um. A war on when nd no “he Quantum a work «and on mud mum-m were amount we and. Maw: mama on m _ eh m: vwm wu 'mucd. mmmymdym o! m body an mu down‘ 1s a mum. M Mm“ Melt was mm by , ML The Minor We am who wore an m ladder mm Form M “but" son in about; an m 9: m. and a. wife and om mm d Honolulu. Tu Flt-anon [mod- New York. Dachfidri‘tro. which broke out early yesterday morning. col-Blinds! .Wm'ed ,Itbq 600m- plant. 0! Arbucklo. Wm: the pm- gresa at; mafia; one. of the wall: 0.! the build!“ tell, burying the mom- bors of one or the; fire compuilea bo- neath‘ a. mass of brick uni! other wreaiage. he were killed. The onu- mates of the 1038 run from. $100,000 Charla -; tau-1mm inland Bloc mgtogn in! - D Doc'. zedâ€"mm in the bunineu section here last night a. Jols “about 3200.909 London“; Dec.» 27râ€"At- a: special mowing-of the -City Council “last. ' .t 40.. R Edwards. ,BA‘A“ was elected city clerk to succeed- Hr; Kingston. mun ron Inuuwm. mninl s'unovsu "If. mu IANNING m u no, (Shoo..- mngpn'o cxty Cloth, I, v- _â€"-vâ€"7 '1- - "King" grew 6m 0! capital ,uu County Jan. The mm H n by JudgoO. with manslaughter. hang of Appeals in on into cuotody in advance >1 J oscph 3' comaér'u Verdi“. ‘0 an‘ injunction "0 ing himself Violonce. . E the m Samuel Watsonil3379‘ homeomhln- dembarewmh sell him lup- Both are big stout men. CI not q. membera “kings”. of themselve- Goode com the use ‘ot mm. Behind. (ha hich WM 9. 5' which-however. j: a. stow J udsre Woodl‘ 'lv startling'to ”00391: in_ 1 a: th mm: an; no :7. at. Sam. Sta. Detroit undo. {or the Lone. Cam) Which Mad. insane Cow- lrdi of {he Big Brothers. AWFUL TORTURE BY BURGLAHS. a...» wag». m mud III-W Wesley In nod} n nu. Lulu-t le- Iult o! Coroner’s. In.“ .34 ‘3 Adv-note! u to Prevent ll- - mu Doug Ill-eel! nun- nou- W.- van Luna. Barnum-d. Dec, 26.â€"Sunuel Watt- aon, who slew his bno r W081”. Monday, ocwpiea a... in the County Jail. The man is charged with manslaughter, hum been tak- en into cuetody in advance of ’the coroner‘s verdict, to prevent him do- ing .hhnnelf violence. . Samuel Watson is 88 you: of age, md Jame b a. few yen:- hie junior. Both are big stout. m. capable of taking-care o!» thencelva 'th the use ‘0! guns. Behind. thaw mun spirits; howovor, j: a. story mnemo- ‘ly swumg’to «count in g-meuurc (or their timidigy. .They had but ro- Lcently a. {rightful experience with ‘ robbers. winch _wu_mnaled..lor the first time by the pgeeent heartmndlnc mu) , . . A your 130. two.,.t9bbers entered their home, hound than. and deliber- atoly tortux‘e‘d both man until they revealed where the“ wodth was bid- den. Cotton was poured on. their test. and m,atm,u~w waln- od usual. their mesh, with ma to chop their heads on. and they were «Wad to other flocking In- dtg‘nltieo. This attack was undo in brotd daylight. and mom: .0 tamed. thin 18 _to be seriously ed and; “8°. but :13va In I by the brown in their “our 0! (-1-- MIL by. the om. Vi“! tho It'd: “a by. the M, um: we muons u I hope of m .vidonw- Mom Sumac! Watson (1W the killâ€" ing and mu» circa-unce- Innk- ad. “a I 1y. His brother corroborate! him. ~ m Bus-fl 'mcntâ€"ol the class most likely. to could by conduct. him-ell My, a he an M4180 ' to did under such dream-uncal- Dr. loafdod co Finette add. ham. thnt .n. 1.: than n. 1 quit. noon-try $0.00IflM tho nun. not w... since it was a cue for a corona". w. mi jury to determine. mutate b elm“ Pouch Iigned thacommltmt on g . m. thn .was L159 3‘ .Idl- .0. I L-.-| HEWAT'SONTRMEDY ! Irv nun V_‘- r.._, -7 - , ,, home in union. the‘dooro no mum, barred. and the {wagon m endot- m- _‘__ â€"-â€"â€" “swim” do not. ow they live Oh but I" “3' are not m ”99%”?! existed. wanna-um Detroit. Doc. 26.-â€"Wulay Wat-on. tho-mum: and whom»; bu bro- ther um Wort..- Ooh “M In Locus. Chan and mom In. Lone um: lo ,knev Wuley very well. u ho [had boon boudhg with atom mm m did. tound. Wesley 10R. londgy' morning at odd ho waging-{o {do ‘3' hank! mundane-two bl. Mme. ”Although I am not on much shout Wlw‘! mum-I. I mn‘twmthamupohotm 'béll. my [mum between than l a... bb mum would BM mu gum, «Mn; N! KNEE! mmo‘umm In In." “0|de London. Dec. Mn-Km “um at! mean Manna"; wont. cum. ml W at MinKhun. ”I"! W the am Girl-unal- “lair Who have spent at thou hvorite undue. since their uooeuion. The royal un- ily, including the Prince of Wain. Princes. Victoria. the Dachau ot Fife, :nd Prince and Princess Chur- lea of Denmark. stand-d. an early mi” “N“ Sudan“ ‘wm. which .wap mutually decoratodr: tor the..oo¢uion. .The‘ King dumm- person-.1137 directed the unnuol dit- tribution of beef and game to the employee and mm: on the Sand- ringham an“. were at. midnight mm someone broke into unwinding and set it on are. The flames were got under ,con- trol before much cum-go was done. Hontreufnee: see-Whilst!“ Blo- yrs 0! Providence Convent Pius IX. mu maven um 1.2%.; I 6-1. Stoops England. Sat Fire to convent. ”3.,M;w any of unbu- . m to In" M "lq W‘MO I on. um In in mud on Doc. 20. m. , “on W" to d M Prim wm occupy or '1!" mt . w».noflvlw u PM poo-om” o! the ma mat-M ”PM the "vulva Jo nwuwwy W â€" in the month. mly 0 Chum du- arrest. hero on sen tak- «y Wedneod‘y o! the mend: came into ‘ him do- cm, Wt. out of ’50 “YE pom» VI . Ivvv-vâ€". __,,,' um. and altogether 11an he was unable to nuke any resistance. and the robbers got. ewe: ”with h“ gold wetch md 860 in oak. Owing to the dances and the (act that both men were heurily melted, Ile- Enney_wu unable to give unclear description 0! his usailuntl to the police: wife ol,tbo Rev. Sunni. mw. reo- tor ‘ o! 8%. John tho Evumoult. Chumh. Ir. Funct- 1:311qu utr Med - uh unto. animm vent to thaw-um Wt. Sr a; returned with an mm“. o! Menus-1, where In. ng bron- “on. My!» manta-t --â€" a- d...- mun hut-ed. The W 0011”" Mom-while (cine a ‘ '9'“ °" (my nih- nn hour. No. 1,129 '“ an m engine out. out from Bath Greek to not No. 911 and help Pull the utter. which “I ‘ 1m" We. to m- city- Lt I“ ‘1'- Wm W- Carter’s Little Liver Pills am Dear 8‘80"”. °‘ wmso THE SAME TRACK. will. i6 )1, “to: st: Baton. SEBURITY. on i u h “:9“? 'l‘hb m mum. l. W an an NM. ‘3‘ mm nan-mot“. 3i thin No. 911 m m and... 0011“ . amâ€"Develoy- Icahn nun. El. Wat. W '31 g! Int“, .wu , l in 55mm Hanna-31.01» mm, mm: 1m; 1903', AT 11 rum; u. TOWNSHIP OF BBXLIY. - FR£E Ci. 5. Black OCTAVO VOLUME 0! . . . 824 Pages 'mnwmas we or Lms __IN THEâ€"â€" ' Wthavo not‘adnnoed the wont mu- mm mm we. .. tobacco. Babs, Qumra- cy 8nd tit M mm tob- uoos 1n the an. and pdootothe consumer 3: form- .ay. Wannabe theoflmoforandimm‘?! Snow-shoe to Jun m. 1904. mm!“ “00060.. nan-i |JOS. BIGGS: LI§3§AY W MFREE {all Baud or Orchestra. You an underwent! every word. t I the grates! entertainer ever made. It uses the and h which latter years. The Gramophone is made in much. A five yell! rantee with each machine. Write lot (Dialogueâ€"flee. TALfiING MACHINE PRUCES $15.00 TO $40.00. Soldon‘ EasyMonthly Payments. if desired. W IQIRII SPECIAL NWCE. mm; 2315.23.19 St. Cadrednc an. m ‘o' 6‘ ’65:!“ . 10 9 fl 1‘“ 2“ ‘IOWXSEIP 01' GARDEN. 1. no 9 £7 3 4‘ rovnsznr or DALTON. c u 23 1* 97’ mwxsmr arms“. 5 1 m nos 248 3; ¢ 100 11 as 263 ‘71:.an or mums nus. Lat Sikh-WP: ion, £6.60j§eu. Single Number, 15c. 57831,”: mull”) mwxsm F: g; E 4E1}: I‘m Luann-In to.“ as sun 9“ so 9 (I 8 4‘ 55111? 0! DAL'I‘glg. ” 14 VHSHIP OF JJIGBY. .19 11 as 2 43 IN 175 841 “if“ Idaho. N.Y.. Dec. nâ€"Four per- Ioumbunul to duck yaw-dc htbhomotJuliuI King of Pierce- W. I. prominent pulp Ind papa MW «WI-in the Adirono Mu‘m mind M such I wink-o it; intimate}! .mmtauotégetout. comm mm L‘s at 09‘" roux-mt.“ $14 a: as u 1192 I.” ”I n“ nmufl PM- COIPJ A N D AT T! ”fines new “on; No 1. flunk! five at hut] SEE Tutu The 3‘

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