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Lindsay Weekly Post (1898), 2 Jan 1903, p. 1

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\\7 ANTEDâ€"Good Cook, wages $16 a month: nlsoxsmsrt Kitl-he- Girl, rum: 5!». Apply v. Centrh House. Fumen’ Hate. Supper over u: 7.30 wages $10. A} Fumen’ “010‘ nigh‘ly. -â€"de 1?. TRAY ED.â€"( can. 11. 1 Sheep. Five Luz: b? bro"!!! 9'00 PIGS FUR MALE. -â€"The undersigned Inns 5 number of younz pigs for ule. Wi'l amp and p-sy freight. for customers to net:- es: runway point; safe nrrivnl assured. Wrzre for price-. I. J. HADLEY, [Ind- Ezczznn Stock Farm. Hadlxngnon 0’. O.â€"wr.f gimp. Five-Kumbs. Ov'vner can hue some by provmg property and paying ex noes. firllLL MOLE )I), Bnlum Lake P .â€"â€"w4 ~ my; 9 0 -d4. “- 7 RE'NARDâ€"A Kemrd o $5 '11) ‘) be paid to an person g‘ving unfor- F-A’ian that: will lea no Lhavonvlctltm o! {93’ person sailing liquor in the County 0! ‘ Mom onberwisn than according to the ‘ -W as laid down In the Liquor License Act. 7‘50 armrest. of the lender will be rreate“ Rita cenfidenoe sud the informuuon a" 1 be "' {bfâ€"On ch, eight o’clock p. m. train, 1, banner: thtby wd *onyn, on Dec. 3.21: km... a. LADY’S PURSE conmimng .‘Jnr $20 an two return tickets from 'xmgev He no Sonya. Finder pYeue crum- .;fi. . ‘vâ€"uv ‘ARM FUR SALEâ€"One hundred no an In! good clsv loam, e'ghty «cres cleared swdln 20nd auto of culmvntion, twenty ure- in hudwood bush, b nk bun 3H160. :v» we! a of swing umber. an d being Int. IS can. I! in township of Emily nnd County of chmris elewn miles trom the town of Lmnuy. Pouocio gixon on the first. ox Much. H903, wnzh right. of entry in Septem- n- v- val-'0’ u. JIII’UH, Inna. wI-u L's .m. oer, 1902.30 put. in full crop on do fsll piougumg. For further psr icul-n upply to Wiumm Henna-lacy. New Toronto P. 0.. or no HU'Hi O’LEABY, Barium. Lind- uy.â€"-‘ amazed ion promptly. IOHN SHOR‘ Deanne Inspector. Box 473. Madamâ€"aw. .’"l'RAY'tlDâ€"On to the premises of abs 3 undersigned. 10? S, can. 8. Ups. on or ghoul the I‘m of . ept. has, six best! of -a','le comm: two vesra old, described an {mournâ€"Two R61 Suers, one Sparta >wer, one Red Hex'et. 0110- Black Heifer, one Gray Hrif-r. b: owner may have Jim-'0 b proving properry and ptying ax- penaea. If nor 0 alme' Within three: weeks from fira'. maertxon {thin advt the cane :OUig‘DwOn Cnriatmu day. A sum of money. Pct psrticulars pply at. this .‘i;e.~â€"wl TRAYED.â€"On to the premise: at lot 21, con. )1. township of ;El_dn-n, Two Ladies' Astrachan Coats, beautiful curl, satin lined throughout, large reveers, high storm collar. regular price $38.50, extra value now only .................................. $35.00 Ladies' Astrachan Coats. with large reveers, quilted black mercerized Italian linings, reg- ular value $30.00, now only .......... $27.50 Ladies‘ Coney Coats, with large reveers, high storm collar. twilled black Italian body linings, regular value $22.00, for only ........ $19.00 Ladies‘ Black Persian Lamb Coats, high storm collar, large reveers, new sleeve, black satin body linings. extra special at only, each $50.00 Ladies‘ Astrachan Capes, long and full sweep, high storm collar, black Italian linings, regular value $19.00, special only .............. $16.50 Ladies‘ Black Jap. Fox Caperines, high storm collar. long front and tails, twilled Italian lin- ings. regular value $5.50, for only ...... $5.50 J. SUTCLIFFE 86 SONS. OUR FIFTY-SEVENTH! YEAR-NO. 99 ..BUY FURS M [‘ NILâ€"About. The owner will 1:: a: this ofl‘xco 7Tâ€" A: Neili‘u Shea Store, Kov. lat, rs Fur Codsrette. Owner cu: have by calling at R. heill’s Shoe Store, 90 m, and ph'flng cos: of advertisement" be IOld MITATIDN ASTHAGHAN GAUNTLETS. MICELLANEOUS. {E’E’zié' 3; H. DELANEY, OUR LOSS IS YOUR ADVANTAGE. . . . , ut the l5ch int, l pig. will receive information by 38cc -â€"d3wl. UR still large and well assorted fur stock must be reduced 50 per cent before first of Februaryâ€"our in- ventory day. We have gone care- fully over all the fur garments left very materially. FUR COATS. Mk, I. apermes. LINDSAY. Agent for the Union Assurance So- clcty Of London. England, and ‘hc Scot tkh Union and National Insurance Company. will apply at. the next amnion of the Legil- latnre ofthe Pr Vince of Ontario, for an Ac: to incorporste ‘hem under the name of “THE R0 ‘5 MI- MUKIAL HOSPITAL." wxch power to hold 13nd, and other necu- any puwera, nnd also [.0 eanle Mumcipnl- mes to Contribute to the tundo of the Hospita’. Unlimited amount cf Cash to Loan 4: mortgages at lowest ram. Nam ibcounzed. Notice is hereby Elve'l that all persons hnvmu chums again-t the astute of the said late Rovrert \duuro, wno died on or about the Nth day of Nnvember, 19 '2. are hereby requested to dehver or send by past prepaid to John McPherson, Bel-over, Past Otfice, or to A. N. Campbell. K1 kfinld, Post Office. the Exrcutore of the lust Will and Team- ment of the em deceued. on or be'ore the full parbicx'ara of them claims and a state- menn of their accounts and the nature of the no ~uraues. 1f any. held by them, proper- ly 'Ol'lfiOd by sfl'sdnvit. lflflllflu am! lllfilllflflflfl And nomce in further given thnt. after the on I lust menti ne duo the uni! Executor: will proceed to dlsB'ibuw the vows cf the decaue ‘ among .be pal-nee entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of thCh they shall hme received nouoe end the Ex- ecumra ml -ot.he1iablo fur the nuts or any part. that of to my person of whose chin: hey shall not. hue rocl ived notice st the Limo of diurgbunion. -.. 1“,- ”6:535 ;t fitgdville this 9th day of ember, 1902. C. B. WEEKS. '4. Solicitor for aid Exocutors, Woodvilio. apes. 12TH DAY OF JANUARY, 1903, KISGSMILL. HELLMUTH, SAUNDERS 8.: TURRANCE. Holxcltom for the Applicants. Dated this 24 b day uf December, ’Uzâ€"wtf The Governors of the Ross Memorial Hospital 0T!CF‘. T0 CREDI'I‘ORS. In the Estate nf ROB ERT MUNRO. late --f the I ownship of Harden, in (he Cmnty of Victoria, Yeoman deceased JOHN KENNEDY, Adam Block. Kent.” NOTICE. THE ‘ WEEKLY P051: One Price MANY ’ EW ASPIBA‘STS MAKE A BID F03 THE PUBLIG FAVOR Two Members of Last Yur's uounc: Others Will Try Againâ€"Five Iinut looting had to be Continued la didatos' Spoochnâ€"Discusston I. 1‘ lulv the interest manifested by many of our citizens in town affairs is of an imziyient chnxacter, occu- Rion'xlly n 1" runner: _into a lively (lama. and than the kwn observer of passing events notes (aces that are uekhm seem a} Council mcetinza or [abliv gatherings. "J‘hin perm. ialiiy is gencrn.l!_v noticeable at MSTMONDM’S NOMINAIION MEHING. L ‘5. Mummy the attendance of mti- tens n- the annual nominatlon meet- mg hand 'he mwacity o! the Council chamber '0 the utmost. and the sight (1105' have been iusyiriug to those of op‘Jmistio tcnioncieu. Nomina- ‘jons wow recr'n‘ul by Clark knowl- son from 7.80 *0 8.30. am} they nut- *ercl in Ufoll him from all parts”! ‘hv hall Lke snowflakes in awintcr gale. Soon he was snowed under and hw‘ '0 buck the assistance 0! Anal. ‘01 Eaglcson. who was mafia assist- an‘ ertry clerk. When the hour Sum o>pireJ the list lookol like a. temper- anut- petition that haul been in ciruu- lunch for a month or two. The Big. natures aypoudej were as foliows. nomination moctingc. and prompts tin. thought that it rampage“: wank! manifest in the after doings of then- rt-[rwentmives atithe 0F .hc inter can! they «Yummy in tP‘eir nomination to truce. the business of t"e town Would be much better minister“! and there would be was 011.19.: for rmrimmatiou and fault-[inning at we cud of each year. FOR MAXOR. Robert Smyh, propostd by D. Siucmir. sccoudvd by John Crawford. J. H. Soothcrun. pmpuud~ by A. Higinlbothum. seconded by "Inns. Blackwell. may- ...... P. P. Buxrows. propused 'by John Duke. seconded by John Wilson. W. M Robson, proposed by Ina. Storer. sex-onle'l by Rich. Robinson. R. Kylie. }r0poe'eti b,» .1;le McDon- a141, seconded by “f. L. Hon-imam. Rev. J. W. Mm‘millmn, yrnposad by W. I-‘lmelle. swank” by T. Steven-t. Geo. In-gle. propch by R. Kennedy, secou'bd by M. McGeough Bobt. Konneiy. Irupteed by A. Jau'km'u cluir m»: .lu‘m L7 tru‘nuu'u. James Snorer, preposvd by D.Sin- Clair uu-l John C. mefurll. Lugcnv I-‘cc.1rop0~1~l by Me. nruwn and John C. Crawford. ThosV Blackwell. l‘nrpcsed by 1). Sin- clair and John C. Crnwxowl. D Cinnamon. }Vru;x~.scd by l). R. An. drrwn and John Mdknald. Jol-‘n McCrcu. rmpcsofl by M. H. Mcqu;h and A. W. Switzer. John ML‘DOIIHM. rrupasul by R. Kydo and Thm. Connolly. John Hare. proposed my L. V. O'Con- nor and Elias Bowes. Wm. M-"Wattcw. x’ropose'l by Jua Boxall and Jon. Stages. Rioh‘ Robmwn, xrqwsad by .-\. l). Manon and Jol‘n C. Crawford. Jamea Keith proposed by Thns. Connolly and 1M1 Finley. Rich. Kylie. proposed by Isaac l-‘iu- ley and Tho»: Connolly. Geo. Branden. uapomd by A. D. Mullah and D. Sinclair. ' A. I). Mallon. rropcsod by D. Sm- clair and J. G. Edwards. _ 1’. P. Burrows. propOe-Sl‘ by Juan Duke. and Join: lewn. 7‘ h nun." \"L'Hl' an- n”.-. .wm-‘ F. A. McDizu'mid. ”(5)0394 by W Flmcllo nn-i T. Brady. FOR SCHOOL TRUSTEE. East Ward. Jos. Staples. prrporu-d by .135.be- all and Wm. McWaLters. W. B. Fev. proposed. by \V. L. Herriman and S. McGiIl. G. H» M. Baker. propoa-d 'byRaobt. Poguc and H. chdo. (In the place of “'m. Mew-attvm. who has resigned.) Jus. McKnighl. proposed by Gm. Mills and \V. l-‘hvollv. Joe. Vickery. promsod uby Jos. Staples and “'11:. McWaucrs. W. B. Foo. ‘lnpwed by W. L. Her- rimnu and S. MvGill. 5011!!) “'21rd. A. Jewett, proposed 1y 1:. r. uulug- I; an". Thou. Baldy. A. Jackson. tropism! by J. D. Fla.- vellc an} G. E. Broicrick. Andrew Robertson. rropmrzd by R. Kylie mm W. I-‘luvclle. John O’Rieuy. proposed by W. Fin- Dr. White. proposed ‘21 and S. P. Newton. P. G. Pilkic, propose Deacon and R. Robinson r cfilh-V my} Ale}; FOR ALDERMA‘N of Last Year's Council Refuse to Oflor for Re-electlon. the try Againâ€"Five Iinute Speeches by the Nominees. yet the d to be Continued Next Eveningâ€"Ir“! Reports of the Can- neches..â€"Diseusston Re-Good Roads and Public Library Brant. tcn‘st muni'twlod by 'I‘hos. Council: proposed by Gm), tizonx in town affairn- Lytlc. and R. Kylie. ient character, occu- D. B. Anderson. proposed by R. fauna»: _into a lively g Brmns md J_ Bomll, u j by L“. (:rawforf! 38‘“! b)‘ John $13- F. p. Gino:- : Foe. _ 66-1 by D. Sm T. 5! v: wau‘l 7 c m-..â€" ‘ ___.â€" ..__â€"â€"-â€"â€" ___._._â€"~______,.. '5 LINDSAY, ONT., FRIDAY. A\UARY , 1991. .by Gm. Lytlc w by John J11 mes Some 0! the candidates In»)! .un-ady retired and others will no dumbt do so bedore the expiration of 1hr legal hours this evening. A remand lint ml; h- yuhli 110' in tu-morrow‘s ’amc. . THE SPEEUHES. 0n minim 301'. RON. Bryans w»; mpointod chairman. After .1. low congratulatory romnrku relative tu the large attendance and the kenn interest shown in the selection of camihlntes, he Mixed the 210de to Fix the time limit lo bc allowcdthe spmkcns. The members or thu old Coumil hul a. right to be hem-«l first. then the new mandates. and follow- im: 'hem the rem-mg Councillora Should be ullmvo-l n few minu'ca in which '0 nmwan any emu-mm whiz‘h mirb' be. made against mom by 1* re- culmg Hunters. 'l‘hv audience lixwl 'ha tune limit M [iv- minutes. and it wa-u decided run n..- mmirman .~l.ould call on the -' and walk-u Will have u; I»! ‘fLIlHllt'll. Th0 town had urevenun last. your of mycr 300.000â€"$.')5,00L| [ram hum and 36.000 from 'iwenses. cw. and if . not buxtloncvl will: dchcnturu debt. we would ham: agonomuw nulrlim {m- gonc‘ul imprmcmcm. .‘l-a for his ‘ Htmvzudship. Lo hm! zit-ted solely in ' SL'OU yoarly in hung. the host interests of the tnwn in .1" thing.» and luv! Voled against unne- cessary c'pen'lituro. II” haul been lol-' by lricnilrl {but it was hill-1.1M h5- Virtue a! lam: bchrl'K‘ Lo cur-1L. the Mayor‘s chair 10! «m: term.a.nd lu- thoupiht he was ontitlwl to the Honor. He had (upended $20,000 in building: u[. the town. and mid abrmt which '0 nmwa: any emu-mm whiz‘h mirb' be. made against mom by 1* re- (who: awaken. 'l‘hv audience lixM 'ha time limit M [iv- minuteS. luv! it wa-u decided ”at the Chairman Mould call on the srcakcrs in ‘he order in which may had been nomina'el for the oat-.vernl dukes. Mr. R. Smyh. Mr Smyth Karl it was hardly Worth .vhilc tu try to «my 1m) thing: in rm- minutes. When lw was Mnyur he had ulwayn defendth his trust he. fore when! were lunrfL Ho had not been consulted m! to “in m urination for t‘w anthyâ€"lr; had hall all “e dusky: of the 1K nor. and mod .2an 1-30 offcrmz. but n-r many trifle see fit to retire in then next 3-)vurs he WCuH .xllrw his mmntn '3: in till. tmmorr :w when he re- t if: in 1809 he l'a'l over 32000 t.) NEW FREE LIBRARY BUILDING hand over to the incomin at 1111. end of 19(1) there w: of 820% in ami{i_iti«3n u, w hand over to the incoming Council; at 1111.an of 19(1) there w:‘aa..-'eficit of 8:061, in addition to the surplus. and noun-y realizel from He salo n! a mortgage. In all the Uuunlril «if that your luv! excuodud tlwir income by 3:000. This year‘s Council had a. dam-it of 823800. W'LICII might or might. not include the delimit from last year. As for the {3001 l‘u-wln- ins-law. we have 45 milqa of utrwls. an! alter exponliug $10000 we Wool} still] bane 40milesunun1roxel. 1!. gm; mqucstion if it wuuid 3‘93 good iolLfiy 1,0 fo'low. The lute 1'5 high. and uuivkly nearing themat- utory limitâ€":8 1â€"2.: uzzll‘ The school boan. was 3.9km: [or mgr! money. marks with utmtu-iam of H19 rctnr- in; Council. ,He Went-1 not. 1an (0â€"110 had hcon :Ln alderman and know that what they nwml mod. wm 59m- {.:1(‘!;_'. He had had agtrd dc 1| t: noun-n! {Willab mm. m the way ul [also reunite. un-J Lhese rumors Wore.- hem: rowveJ. 0m: 01 t'wu- fulrae rhuurgca' was that he in»! trio] to w]! 1”,:er to the town at :Lh.;JI Lr'u-c, intending to pocket v: big c: u)- uussiuu. Toâ€"uy the [ark m ane! by I“; town. but it. phuuH _in;lu‘o the nuth 101:; :ml he [mi them.- h :- saleâ€"lean the umJl cwuuusumu -.~f 31-: per «cut. He (-udllcngud. amy- onc to any Iluxt he “Uni demumlcd‘uu unfun- [rm-c. It. Was also ull:,'.:e<1 that In- luui anew; tel to ~cll tho. presqu Home For lhz- Agt-d lbuilding to the lowesn at an ennui-baumt ii;- u-rc--whcn the offer was um'n Eu- “:u not a. member u! the Cuunnul. Tht speaker referral to Rev. J. W. Macmillan} sermons on municipui matters. and his aJIuSZmI to them- [zcrior tune oi Board of Education busxucss as compare) wntb the Coun- cil. and thought: the election of men for terms varying from. qu to three years. as in the case of uchoollboards, would effect the dcsiwd 1m} rove- went. said it went the cuatomary 1mm: new (undiaueq to begin their 11.12419 “1111 uc‘rstu'iam of the re 111,: Council. He Wcu‘yz‘ not. do (0- had been an alderman and know ‘. what \hcy nookj-l mod. Was 5 ; rov kit. for Mr W89 the next upenkcr. Hv said he had no am‘utim to be Mayor (11 Lirmsny. and wasn't. particular who- that he represented them in My (an- yuckyâ€"1t they wanted mm they mum. ask him. He could tell them that. if elected. and the new Orwell {.wposw to retain Chalmers. he would resign. (Cheer-a.) All town or- (iciala chunk! be paid salaries and base no gigging-Tho wouldn't trust. '-___LL-_\ ' “v r-â€"_., ,, ngel Galii'iel. daughter.) View Showing Librarian’s Desk and Book Room. are wqu be other chum; tu Dr. Burrowa J. H. Southern!) rob dvi : Mr.. W. M. Rolmn. so the nut speaker on ma :ist. m-‘kwl a] uu- forbeanma: of the nuLiem-o Whllc at he presented some statements in un- le. muc- (whim. A number of important ' (locations awatilol U‘c alt-ration u.’ i 1211- new Council. Goa! rumw. sewers. 'aud walk-u will have tn he pushed. w , Thc‘ town had urevonuo In»: your to 'of over anyw-sssyw [n :n hum an and 86.000 from 'iuenses. c'v . and it J . not burdened with dchcntum debt. we to wank! have agonomus nuzrhm fur he gent-ad imprmemcma. As for his Id ‘ ntowaxdship. he had ruled sulcly in at. the host interests of the town in all 'a 0r 10H, whd mimuge! the Court J lawn-non. There is umo: den hid- den under Lora! lmxroremcnw. liritor H0; kina get: 11 straight sul- ary. and the Clark and the magis- trato also. The Dr. ’next‘ rcfi rrul to the lighting question, saying the town lighting vum now costing $3400 yearly an comxtarod Wuth $3.100 paid formerly. The Council were fiddling between the tw0 com; nnice Instead or taking a business-like course. The ratepayers have in the town hall and fire hon two monumcutn raise} hymn ofliI-jzu whu Ls neither a contract pr nor an architect. 1130 mm no confi- dcuCc in Chalmersâ€"he Wasn't hou- est. “‘2 'vu'e here nblozkmous‘rin In: Crnt‘rc of the bull-ding. and over were aloakup under alzors: thbla. We have 32800 or «deficit. and un- paid accounts amounting :0 55:“) more. There was amnwiru'y Inst your by We {our [:igx (Chairman‘â€" wax given a hearty roocrtion as he and» bin wnv tn the platform. In meninz ho thankol his mover and soonn'lcr xmd mid he felt, :iko tho “barman whn [nun] a. 'Hvra «shoe. Put rummkc! that. if m: «mam find ‘lnet unre an! 1'. mn'c :w wouhl have n hon-o. .vaugmer.» So :1. WM vnm him-he mm the nomination and if he could find enough geoplc who would vote for him he might be linux- 0: of Liwqu. but no would not be. Mr.(};{ml‘\;yiiii~. fi'hcn (‘n‘k-J. Fdi" he would not xrnko n mow-h. and would decide later whether he would re- sign or stand». a. candidate and Would ask that an mum: be removed. [in Would. how- ever. make use of his five miultvn in giung aruume of Pacific Lubrary manure. Mr. Carnegie. a gentleman Wbll hwl amuse-l gnu-Lt vault." in th- atcc! industry by means 0! nuw methods and u Iu'wriuz tariff. had 021ch the town $10,000 (or the cruntuox: u 'u motel library building. site aw the «me test mm; 1041 for (h.- lulp ; ,0 anl the (‘ht‘.ilp"al lx-‘nua‘- the Hen-m buildings could be mid for u (oflsiictablu sum. True. mew]- den: tad exceeded the sum available. owing to tho uncreunci («ML of ma- terial. eta. but the “am wuull be moxific-t to suit. The mail Hf main- u-nuntc wuuH be only 70. p0: 510.” o! mcsmucul. or .‘c. [(-r (rpm; of “mutation. an) luv !r_\'-luw shu 1H be neuruiy anrrtcl. (Loud :zpplnui-n Mr. George lngle. tlu- retiring Mayor, 811.! it \Vuzl‘d ho mumsib‘o Xu' rim to “1’01“ :Lt any length he having been un-‘mr :uhr- Ior‘s care for some d-us. It might scn‘lu presumptuous to tour that he bunch! seek “third term. but that argument tun-J not. [tcvnil-m :tg.u-t.~:t other Mayors in thy past. It might he to umr best. interest-i to «lent bill‘ for the tint-J time. He Inul [fled to «'41 what was right in nll’ thing's. o? wwrsmucut. or [upuluuom :xn ) m zmuruiy empyrlc om. an} w.» Accegted. Library Bun-d «harnessed a bites 1m] tenure-l U}UUH$ -â€"tbc 81:1th lot and W (in. 1. 1m nmmbcrs “no In their xizoia'o. an} no n lh!‘ Romanâ€"st. site. luv. nu: inkug..txiun the ma ..c who; in Izn'm' of 12m “'1 to a, what was rngnt m an unuufli. :‘nl Woull 1.0: fee! annoyed xf defeat- ed (Lmi :qppluuno.) Mr. Rubz. Kenno '3' was at. cnrde'l a flattering recr-l‘tiun‘ He said he hurt been in town («-r 16 years. yet this was the first time he had been nominated for the May- orality. Many years ago. in a spirit of fun, he had been n-smimucd fur 1M: Co; ulchcVuflnp of \cruhm. He entered the fight. was 0'06in‘. and “old the gusitiurr ms lung as he carnal (or it. Perhaps 1'. lxke result would follow if ht.- PM) for the MagnraJLy, but ht would have to dcr‘linc. He believed the canmdaws Would do their duty it elected. It mmemher of Council mwlo «mistake everyone jumped on himâ€"them was wrong. . Smytb and Ir. Soother-1m and had ugericnqe and ban done fairly wall. l’crwxully Mr. Ctzrucgi Unt- qualifies-1m us .--.. in and wants w gn- l'usk to 1m: “wit fr awe. Hi. gun: was made an con. itiunn' an: Lu main -nh Rev. J. W. Hocmilhm Cnrncgid in 8.1mm 0! he us v.54”. of Sofia!- s w give hm money mmlc frtns Wham HI I. The 1'55"“; L! a number of ms on several lemu'd. .\l u- uuL u. unit a mu! favored 3'. after ("er- majority had “.119, n Corner m; u»! for tho at Int-1mi- the aintcnnn‘ ‘hli': A . nid that, Ming on the advice 0! M»: h lands. he mu] l-tmscntcd to offer {at tht- position of Alderman. It: w.“ prdbabic ttnt tbt Good Roads by-law would not carry. but if elc'flml. and if given the necessary sugprvrt. the 'owr. woukl have autumn roller by We first of May. {than he Would try to not the streets in mum Rim (.1 shape. The best interests of the town won“ be n‘u- sate aim. [:80er Eugene F00 and Thus. Bmokwvll were called for again and again by their many ”lends in the audience. but their maios‘y Would 001 [n'lmil mum to {are the music. Mk. D. Cinnamon ex; ream! his p1emsure ut seeing and) a rcpwmntatnc igqu‘crim: of viti- ailie'w weIIMcn wards. Tm names of Messrs. Wm. Simrflon and Joe. Mann/‘0? were onl‘cd. but the moors diu not res; ond. YPDO. uu it. anal-1e! a strong rm»! of tm interest taken in Hm town‘s nllarcâ€" the more interest the bot- ler th:- Council. He WM not [revient to ho: fault: with the retiring: 0mm- cil; it wur‘ mier to do thatand nu- Hum: "la-‘0 than to enter the Council and do the [eoplo‘n‘ \yorlr with-rm :m (-zcasionm mistake. IL was not his denirv to :wi're to the Cn'ncj', but, he ha! been urged Lu am'or. :uth 'h«,- ratorayers vbought he was p03. “you! of 'he requisite abilxty and. backbone to aa-rve them well. he won!!! do hiu but if elected. No «>th the members or the retiring; (Jaunvil had dune their heal. and they about" be given credit for honest. (an- thwarts. He Umuylt me; should have Come rrepnrod to 2.2V» :1. full “um...” (.r num- anJx-«hhic. and u, Mr. lnglc likewise had had a long a?- uuain'nnw wit‘h mmucirul matters. had been «large ext-plofizr of 1.11m:- uad could any what he (Kennedy) could notâ€"that he never had aalrikc among his men. In: helinve! in in full discussion of mm: attain. nn 1 h:- WOuH lSkc In nee the mambers o! the school board [mm :1. rublic meeting and give an auwnt of their btcmanbhip. He had ucrvmi for 14 years on that board. and might. of- [cr [0! the Mayan“; seven years hence: (.kppiaune.) ... u n. Chairman firymwâ€"“I are the (‘00.!- ly szmfil va'nidntcs hereâ€"Wuald you like to hear them ?" The andienve-J‘Nq." Chzmunnr-“frhen I’ll mull on thq uomiucuo for Mdermcn." Mr Jon. B‘rvwn. the first on the list, Got-lined the intended honor in any vnzn {or having voted ngamm him. (Cheers) ' Mr. John kit-Clea. Ewan his remarks by saying it was lM- first. time he [and zupmrwl he- fore the people at! Lindsay on an zwfirnnt fur upubiif positmn. mu "c 1181; ”(Ted 50m ya rs as xmmir‘llcr and degutyJeQ-ve in Tiléunhursr «Ind M :w fuming? wit" munwira! lusinesfl. haunt been chairman of the 80.1.1"! 0! “R 21:0 {(r :hrcc yonrHV Th: {tr-S- cat was Um: first time 21* hath-{er known a reuring (‘ouncd L0 gnt .1 way without an eermafion cf their re- rotate. and it [outed iikc n. yuan ht). Th" first comm"! gunk; built in (kmfiyra. He umuyu 'hcy imam have come [reputed to aiw :1. full account of their steward-mic. and u, do so thcv ought to have been at- lawn-l more time Um" when. He was in th\- fie” for the Count‘il. but; if rvj ctnd h" u'ouid not thmk Insect ‘I‘ilmnhurz 8v": 4 1-3 miles are now mm. 21» um not 11(1)?ch of Lindany Council lot- tin'! tru- c-mtrnct: fur 45.0w feet at the [.rasout time. my many now ov- n~cut companies are comp; into 'uuqi- noss. and the {recent high prim may :0 down u. 70:. ahnxrcl. It was an firm to buy atone now in order to aim cutters «chance to get through the winter. He was no: stubborn or hauled in any way and if elected would serve the tcwn faithfully in M! thing's. Mr. John McDonald. cn beim: calm-l mid he could not qualify andmmuld retire. thanking his movu andsoc- under. Mr. John acre said hv wouldn‘l require $ch min- utcs. us he didn't export to beat-an- uidau- tar rc-clection. For Inn-e years he had endeavored to. serve um [uplc faithfully nn'l honestly; he (right have failed to meet their a}- xosal in afcw mouuncos. but his unl- Inteutnuu'hw) ulwsyo been to ah“? it}: peg} Interfaitflffl‘ {he awn. The e 11-10,. (-1“!qu [1.11- we“ crltiuzcd wry sen-rel) by :u'ollfifi run â€" l-c didn’t mind fair {Tillman}. but Um re- marki- referred to were unlit-sen“! and unjust. During the 30:” the Council had but a number of kncuy questions to deal thu. and more hm] bcen more or less tux-uni}. If the ........<.. rnnn nwunni‘lpral.l l‘ns‘ slant! :lntl ratvraycrs oonsidcrcl km: stand um: ““12 on the several .‘lucstmns 11w} imam (in-«l they were to be vummvml. ed. He was Housed to saw so nmn) new uukh‘dutcw in tho liold and m boxed they would ant-reed in a-IeV-t. .ng good men 10 {ill the vacancies (1;; pm we.) “as warmly grcetc'l. In ogcmmruu null! UL”. if t-lcctel he “'0uld Ilu hie sery Lest {or the um“, an i that was all any man mull du. Having lived hurt 1.‘ )cars. :ln} driven owr th- umn vu-ly 11:1,}: '10 um“ at. h-ust :vH thv [hurl ul \Vurlh wlu-ro ull tlm' gitvhluhw‘ were. leghu-r.) lru‘m ably it your from now. If clevtml. lu- Would h: bluch v.5 much a» an) Inn- ' [he 0;. hwmbcrs. but all 111.1th ‘2. Wont-J (10 would be dune “11!: an hun- cst lurp we ””1anst Mr. Rit'hurd xl-lE‘m-un began wlth the «ultcnu-m that lu- hud only a few Work to any. 'vut he and them 8‘; well that his hstcncrs wanton mare. and his time limit. was t-xtt‘h'v'l l~.\' [upnlall' \otc. [h had not lDa‘jt u; hm mmvl about running. (.111 no u; pretiutcl the honor dull: l-im. That was an curvsamn ui'tcu Poul. l‘ut it :‘csLL-J \vnth the leuplo n- lhz-it chum! 'hcthn‘r the word should he honor ur dzahcnor. (M'- llul' 3.) H" hm"; :mrv-si nu; gears m ('- uw-i! :un! tlmu'flvt he haul de- tocxte'! allttle wireâ€"pulling at times. “1' “null like to spank fu: 11‘ few minutes about: acme thingi that he mum not umlersumd. (L-luzhter.) .\ few years ago. when Mr. Sam; Walker was overseer of streets and mid-gem we called Mr. Cannbell here and be told Mr. Walker everything he could about rmdbuilding. The lat- ter then impxovod Outing-neat. north and Kent-at not at small expense, md Hr. maniac“. on seeing the work. Mr. Wm. Mchtu Mr. sz. Storer voted again“ want of thci" 1'va for 14 It! might 0'- bcvcn Sm" TERMSâ€"$1.00 PER YE A R , co- py. and budi- new [in may cos" of ,3 all “a” L“ er to ““3““ ough wire 0 -n nun ~D“ XI. ‘ q I I To Post Headers. m. The [oople had paid a. high tax get. there was adcflut. .The old Council had very wiI-ely refrained 1mm giving exflaxmtwns-m all courts the cal; nta whit-cw no huge or jury lam. In one was.) 1213 Council had earned credit. but it. mu. '01: leaving the wan-n: reward. Nu awe!- Council had eve} been Wuitcwanuod 1') Un- coux'u-I “note. The“: had 941m- den-d moneyâ€"no Wound not. acwaa them of steayuz 11- The barman}: on the rawhide pear lbwbson's tan- nery WM an OVHEDQe of the way they had locko’l M18:- mings. 311'. Store! had said}!!! . Er :ue Good Rona» try-law hula ‘ 5 carry he will yaw aetonm roller? anyway. lie (Manon: might an w;ll go into Taug- ney’d and buy abaty carriage when he had vowing to fut int' it.(La:g1:- Ker.) He couilm‘t aquort any J‘uu- PAYABLE IN Mr. Jaw. Keith; failed to reegond to his name when it was cailed. and Mr .10“: announced that. he WM my: a (mandate for aldermanic honors. Mr. A. D. Manon. mum-king that he had only fin: minute!» and couldn't afford to waste any time [wcoeded without. note at” to scanty the retiring Guinea”!- C“ that Wan” upmH-l Chalmers. Pilkic is agood man. but he make. but mwtakes also. in closing Ur. Manon mid he might. run to ”event ”no. of the old Couocz' ~uiug in Dr Burt-own. When J. uttered to gut hie! five minute 31:. Ron- insou in or-Ler that h' 'ht 4:03;- “etc his cocoon. but 1 «(er was not. (mantel. 61nd,] nuedn‘ t. come here any mot.- -30u we got it all. " Three weeks In. or Mr. \\ alter was nut-lo.) from hie throne! (Vo fiferous a; plume.) Then came Mr Pllkie aa overseer. he ion. crc at u- the town. but had to get cucrt attention also. \V ell, he built thnc {inc blocks on Lindsay, .aL. scum w’ the nulwny. and man he. too, was hurled rrom his throne. Tuesc wen-a some of the things he could not un- derstand. (Cheers. and cries or 'Jlorcfw said u would not be . ”(‘5‘ but was heartily in favor o( gu .i roams agouJ market and the l - Mary bylawâ€"these things were in.- (onant. He was thinking of utter- ing for the gosnuw or Town Com- mmmoncrâ€"hc believe] he could but” good roads. Mr. A. Jackson Ix gun b; thanking at: who .xadsup- gone-1 him dating his wul' year; term 0! oftuce. In entering the Coun- ed! in 1:9 be had done wdefirmib ed! in '11:) he had done rodeternnu- ed t» know no man. lie but made cx-umes, but he had xegurdwl no (Luu'a wiau umeua w‘ at was suught wan [wt to the town. He «Lid nun \auuc we [asitiom save an an crpre-I- “on of the mulidcuce the ciuwnu ro- gwu: xu tum. He had not been own:- man ox uqcndug wmmnuuc, but. 0! we nuance ac; urtment. and had no. thing to defend. He had cudou‘ured Lu do in» duty haneatiy and imp-u- Mr. Jackmnâ€"“l'xl came to Lint. The 80th board wanted more mon- vy, and the rest Was [1ch [or an new tire ha.“ owing to the incl-cam cos" 0? Hour and material. . W. mm to 1a.)" the Workmeu higher Wages. and Lersonally he hoped the give of adzu’s Work wuxld not. go .xmn. (Hear. hear.) 1-;ver,wneonmd readily understand than a building [lunned to cost $54M) some years ago Would up In guol dean more in l‘uOJ, and he. could say that mom was a credit to who town. Mr. Jack. ~01] chew by stating that he Would not seek rc-elu-Lou. to name was ubou hr. Bur He was due Li mo in; a mun-m to by Dr. Burrows in (-uixicrtu'n with the (curt c' l:('\iéilli. I!“ llflJ ex- [luiuiu the f:i"t~‘ time and again in Count‘il. an! WuuH, new L?) t‘: make them plain to' the mutnu: .\ Court of itz-nsiuu. CumLI‘lfiiu; {no mem- ix-rn. must be myointcd undu‘ the statute. \\'h.-.i the minimum were being rame'i at; the beginning «the your Mr. Sinvlazir stool disqualified and Mr. Robson had not taken bus seat to tilt the vacancy. The old uzembera had to crane botwer‘n Dr. Bu'rows an} Md. Michi'irini‘l for the Court of Revision. Citizens. which man would you deem best ritzed for sat-h an important position? We scluatcvi Md. Mohiarmid. and 30me (I run 1 hound; Ut' wu [Herring to the statement that the retain,- L‘uuw‘ll ha.) not. given no account u; their mew.“ slug. said M dud. nu: kropcse to try to can: Lhc 1.131.335; or 3.6:. days In the 840“ chum 55 gm: gnomes, and ‘mnflt merely take a}; the cuurgud ”“6 agwnsL the Council. The charge mau'c by Mr. Smé'm hurl began ably yuu. Man} petitions for wake. 1910.. war : bent to Council and the com“â€" tec ‘ 53.1. 14 times and each member drew $42: for his work at the m fixed by statute. A number 0‘ the “comment a;.pea‘s resulted in in. crease} instead 0‘ roduot‘ont Th unpmd accounts and salaries rah.- \ Continuedongacee. l UH us name when called. Mr. John O'RJeHy cferring to the statcnwn l mu- fol‘ l false lmfrcsswn ‘ ud also Dr. Uuh' xbly been. oan tux he crow-1.. They H. :11pr that L 1. 66.000. instead mwa-u‘iliow ubuu 8“!) Mr ADVAF Cl U!) 14 not answer 5810!] as to the . Duh-OWE. who am {01' to make They haul tried that Luc xtclwit he pun-x l. offered ' Mr. Ron- '11t 001::- ~fter wu tau-Inga! 1- ‘ .mcaI

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