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Lindsay Weekly Post (1898), 12 Jul 1907, p. 6

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warm-inns. - a” lie 3‘st ghoul Mithmig'o manual ”any ml“? aw» mom to mom or a e. was person}: shy; stamp mount 'oanWmmke. .. i (13M 0min; 1W 'flll igduo in paint to the div-dry. mum in by, 1 mm m onward in in... z quires nth-Jae Wt! are Isiah; well- 6 Mr 8mm the Sow-warnen to M W "oeoause they 0 2 Leave it to us to suit and please you. W°*m W lt'o 513.7. 0;: luture to 3 That is our ”mucous evenness. Then I WW1» M. atlas; 3"“!!th 1: us to blame. A com- . 5° WWW. W W. to caul- thoro Is no one bu plots stock of all lines of Holiday and warm 3 glam-W them in warp. and so it '30“: W mutt in ever}: we be- weathor Footwear. . in; [to hm” W” the you: men all at them are after. . Grey, White and Bown Canvas Bals, 7 SC to $2.25 Men’s white and black yachting 32.15 and Shoes, Soc to $1.10. EDITORIAL NOTES. ' , ' ' vas Oxfords o LOO 1.2 and I. o. . Ladies White Can 1 9 c, s 2 5 5 (Vanadium manufacturing capital has doubled in five years, and still the cry is for more. For the half year the Ontario suc- cession duties "robbery" has netted have reconciled him to the "ghoul- ish outrage.“ 3§6§§§§§§§§§§§§W§§O " ‘ M A London hygienist says strawberry acids affect some people‘s temper. Many become sulky and irritable al- ’ _. _. -. ~- -- ter eating them. Perhaps that may WMWM - be the extnlanation at some of :ho 1161633339 ...~ ... ---_--‘ ----- i " grumbling done "by people at reach- ing the bottom ol the boxes 30 quick- ly. . P. . I no ' ; _ . ‘_ ‘ - three ° lung . , .- .Toronto Board of Health has r3- lused to consider a question of com- Berg‘er's English - . . . Paris Groon » ~ 7 . '_ ., ~ - aised by a igmwufielodthekindmade, , "' " man who alleges that his child con- and ‘lthough higher in_ price this ... - ' - tracted measles while in the 130?:- ' ‘ , . “ tion Hospital as a scarlet fever pa- tient. dying of the latter disease. The on the wrong child's mother caught the infection ' iulns and died also. Bug Death innovated tto 32,006,858 over. the ins. sol paid. and my s279.202 mat: to A fluorite remedy in the form at 15c lb. or lmwugm, it as to be inferred tint gander, nsedby many, , 113103353- lfllo general espouse taste: was an Kho By: W one in musing the deli- Also used in a. form of powder, oil“ It is shamedat $2,980,220. or ovâ€" v bydustinzon. 150W” ’erflperoenfidfiitnealmnnn;paidin 5,,me . issues. As a mentor» of fact the 300- d ”6‘ "mound Swan 1“ 61‘9“ it?!“ 684:3 up‘neady‘l 32 and W qulfio --.. Pier cent. of my (the cash: incarne or ...â€" . -. . m M companies . Canada got her share 0| the lung's ‘ ___â€"â€"â€"_-_.â€"â€"-____â€"-â€"â€"""'â€"â€"â€" birthday honors. There are Col. Herb- ert. baronct; Hon. Charles Fitzpat- . __ rick. K. C. B.; A. B. Decelies. and President Stanley Hall. Martin J. Griffin, C. 8.; Nathaniel has taken pummenc ' . Knight: Lieut-Gorrenor - i ' s. F. Langlier. K. 8.; Sir T. Shaughnessey. K. C. V. 0.. g y ' “ And Mr. Reid. who gets a K. 3.. may :fig‘gfim; modern qirfs. fairly be claimed-:13. Canadian. charge is indignanltlr denied by the Globe; All the meanings that a)“: ies have paid. cumin {helmsesf‘dld‘é .PTGSi-(lenits 0‘ the W'5 WIPE-‘33- olenrl: amicable every year to the In 1904. when the {hi3 fire in ..‘Dorm- i 11.1911. 110“ would studs. condition! use at explosives on the fourth: or to out into the business they. paid in a. history tmvn..tor :1 time. the July do m1 seem to sunset any tall- in W .96 out of emf. $100 rc- BIOOKIJ‘D Eagle thinks» he 131.31“ in" in; all! in this senseless and mischie- mind. I'rho‘ex‘pen‘seswnzry less than :mvex that the only agency which voua my a! celebrating the declar- the m. and remain tinirly lponâ€" toollegos ‘11-"?- m making girl: averse nkion It the independent» of the Un-. amok in the neighborhood of 33lpcr ill“ Wrfifl‘ge its byfittin; them be filed States. In Canada the practise m at the premiums, In 1905 it .6131) their own hunt. Any instlm- is certainly on the wane. and. it s ‘ non-1'. a: “w premâ€" ’rlion which does than: postponw mr- public opt ' . . ' ’ range. and in that may: default; it. in ' a whirl percentage on cases. Bus ~ than companies. that Eur every $100 of premium in- somo resolved the Canadian compan- , it: makes not a portion «(dilatation ‘ ‘ d anger: and a. wewrmm; -..â€" Mhitney $542.417. That seems to Law 110' "It The lollmving is the result of the promcmon examinations of St. Jos- eph's Convent. June, 1907; From Jr. IV. to St. IV. Honorsâ€"Leona Dagcnais. Pandaâ€"Hortense White. Gertie Muitha. Sadie Killen. Ruth McNaulty. Lila Callaghan. Kathleen Mechan. Helen Tcttault. Mary Lonergan. Al- rnn Teevins. Teresa Callaghan. Ethel Cote. Carrie Forbert. Reta Gough. From Sr. III to Jr. IV. Honorsâ€"Mabel Soully. “Mary Honduran. Mzhrid‘Mee- hpn. Mary Brew). Katie Dwyer. Hul- on; Downey. Ethel Jet us, (foresa Dwyer. Nollie Daley. Lllroommcndedl - francis Szuller. Nora O'Riclly. intqm J4 II]! to .Sr. III. musedâ€"Clara Mantin, Katie zFlurey. Sullivan, Laura Bra , Kan:- action) we. “Kano” ‘. . rumination; .‘ ' Jy, Recommended. From Sr. 11 to Jr. 111 Honors.vâ€". Monica Breen. Teresa Martha. Genevieve O’Xm'l. Madeline Cothro. Passednâ€"Ruth Shannon. Dollie 0'- Rielly. Annie Houlihan. Florence M:â€" . Leota Labelie, Mary O‘Connell. Amelia Brooks. Agnes White. Monica. Primcau. Lorine McIntyre. Marie. M~ l’hee. Agnes Dwyor. Mary Cain. ‘ Gould. Mary Hennessy. Annie Conn. Ada Sullivan. From Jr. II to Sr. 11. iflonorsa-Helcn Brccn. Plumb-Helen Duck. Vivian B.)- seau. Mabel Tetnult. Annie Backs. Mildred Meehan. Dorothy .\'u.hol, Clot e Trevino. â€"â€"-â€"-â€"-â€"â€"__________._â€"â€"- One of the Best Bred Clydes- Wm m dale Stallions in Ontario. With the near approach at lhl‘ but 5 C o T s F l R, . season. the annual camper-out is get- enjoy the b0: ‘2732 e busy :Ouns . . - e :3), is a dark brown. white face 4 white legs, and was bred by John White, Nether Craigsndi, John-m. Rsnhewshire, Soot- Erer pOpular with the campers and laid, and was in: by Alex Hears:- tourista. the Kawartha lakes are alâ€" 80?. Of Uxori . and il now the property of George W. UBTIS, 01 Lindsay. ready beginning to swarm with sun'.- Comm . )1 nd 1 6th Call trer ris’tor . Stay on Point '5 no . 9116133 0 "° Bay to - l s 3: l "' Tum.” Woodville for largely private preperty. and offers little Opportunity for th: camprrs. There are numerous other pretty day return to and “1““.ng spots on Sturgeon lake. 733515-11, insure . 10.1 313.00. pay- on which to pitch a. tent and. spend able lst January 1908. a few weeks or :t ntonth. Bobcasgcou s s s o s 0 offers attractive Incditics for. :33th- thcrc this .vrir The Great Standard Bred Stallion era. and the season promises to be bitter than ever. l‘igeon Lake. on the other site of KE 8 w l c K, 'Cnygeon. is the rendezvous of him- dledu of Visitors yearly. Keewich sire o' . . . . . ., l-‘enelon Falls. Rusedalc. Cobucmllr. and other points on the north-:rn dirt-ion of the Kawarlba lakes. hold a . lnst place in the hearts 0! many us than ~30 7", , _ idml haunts in which to spend lb: "3 103D.“ Arnstto b! ‘0308‘3113. Geo. “like. The property of (JEN. stamina. The fishing at the afore- . . ‘nirntioned places is excellent. bus CURTIS. Lindon-y. Untano, Inll mshs and mushalonge being caught in the menotlmast hxspwn stable, 1:0 Kent-st, Lindsey. not West 0! Sylvester large numbers. Lake Sousog has numerous 5!”)th slots lor quiet retirenmnt from mu T :â€"To tire business life. but the chm seu- 1st of February. I90. son for fishing is a drawback. . . . g . . Bros. In lsmsnt orb. menu; was...” at revel-noun _ , cums om sous. rm- “ RED WILK Francis )lnrphy. the temperance ' m s M instill“: 'W ernge‘llst. latte“. but his N08121:"; . ~ . , - - - a ter’ let. 9 was ll mum ll her Gem; W "3'“ f'ggufifggfz’: mu. humble ol origin ml 9! 4M. .-.:: :zzztutl ;;;i:L .iz.‘.: 2:.g; ‘8'; w m J V E, by” W lllllrll yo‘l‘h: \‘V‘lh MI Gfiflfllffllull - . more“ be m fi'ifo’fieme all but name a remarkable development at Nil-93 .8“ Jul Mmflfimflum mule:- . u . maturienl and mlelleetenl pow“ ‘ “=35 hie: . to . "ell dimmer? m3“: and a devotion to the «use cl his Mali ““3“ . W W , ~ ‘t to ‘. mtt lellam. “lush lliol immense «and. lie 98.75 W I “on“? W?“ ‘9‘ ullptalud in the individual. 3°“! W ”‘3 ”4°“ Mahdi shat-en was marwllouu. lle win in- “ “I" M Wilt-8') practical. and Ma power to A whlte tent pitched by a glass) “k" MN.A-e . Well under it shad; tree. MM. lbs Or by the rippling llllll lmm llw mints.“ tool. at hls own mind old mils. l- the autumn llslne let me I'lhdn’l.£::lr“d 3’1”“ l inn no New of the anemia». ”in. TERMS ,3.“ insure “’00 For the manila-ml ulsllu are muw. x“ Yobrutr’. will. ' ' The lrnmnl all. and that i-suuma (330 W CURTIS. 0090090096 insure, “.00, to be paid w Ths Grout Standard Bred Stallion 00000006 9 .0 ;0 O ' O O O - We anticipated this hot weather and 0. dered a big range of Suinmer Suits at pm" to suit every pocket. We can Show on cheap Suits but good value, if mu W ".0“ too particular, or we can show yo} W “or The Genuine 20th - Century and Pragress Brand Summer Suits with the label in the a J~,‘,;.'.-‘ , 1 every garment. They are full 0: -m. ..M fort and service, but we ask 2:2 2422: my; Hot Weather Requirements Straw and Linen Hats. Stock Col. lars, Lace Underwear, shor: sleeve Undersnirts and Knicker One and Two-piece Bathing Suits, Duck Trousers. Wash Vests. Coat Shirts, Negligee Collars and Ties, Coat Shirts, Belts. Open-work Socks. ligh: weight Sweaters. etc. etc. ,â€".â€"â€" seesooooeeeooooeeoooon)...“ CLEARING SALE 0 0 O podtively closing up my business, I will ofier the Saga”; 0 O O 9 Worth Se Lung 31 ................................. 1,3 . a from $10.00 to $40.00 2 also a :zzw in good repair, from $3,513 to 51-). All must be sold within the next three months. Also a solid brick house on the corner of Sussex and Pea-:5. a. J. WETHERUP, Cor. Sussex and Peel-st; i mentthrors . l l AUDW \VANTED- terrier“. 3‘ ;, Innsow sboutthro ' ' T rendered. \p‘ . . P.’ to .. ...w; intend devoting a ’ time to the Real Estate Business Woollen Co.â€"w‘... 111““ terms t0 sell, place than in my 'i‘tTCH'tR WANTEDâ€"For E t 5, hands at once. and parties wanting to 3, ”pa. Duties to comm; ‘ Air-l Pumhm‘ mm '9' “In“ “to" Pm“ 1901. State qualifications and «1‘? chasing. Bold snunber of farms lately. .1” "pork“... 31:} WE ‘, lhsvs s number of farms tor sale in dif- GRAHAM, 5...._.T,..‘.‘“,_ had... 95;. lerent parts of the County. '3_ m BOWES, Mr.” AB“ FOR SALl‘â€"bol lt'. (~01 l l Rod W Am m . t, y F don. llO acres. admiring ‘Jic Tim 7. means warship" as. No. a. dudes to commence after . m. be”. m d MM “‘1” of Polo-tine, the property cf Joni} cared. balsa" Milli sun-er holidays ; sols" 8800 ennui. st “m, “.1, mm}. chum m... usl II". Owner. ‘ Tue odor ul lulul tune. The will “mull. tlla wild worlds. «walla! the remnants o! sandstones The mid woods “We. use. 31nd intelligence and to strengthen and“ new the will of those who seemed to The Wild woods 0! Canaula, 'Ihe boundless and tree! 0W ...uc lallan to rise no more wu rs- workable. Potanhom Examiner; ll‘he Prom» our rogsnuewmpuocc-lonfivill pro Mal: w I million dollan this W- |For the first six nonmetal 1907 in» no“ am this ammo day. A paddle. a row. a sail. [With always a lush (or a nut-day ' dish. And plenty of Adam's ale. ‘ Mitt rod or gun. or in hammock. swung. Me slide through the pleasant. mud on swan an. a a. days. outlines of Menus NM m wm. lkncss tells on our canvas , _ whenanppnd» “commuted “human. Winn- mfimmwn . w walrus»; at the dead."- Mflbedlmnoesol Ono-sin ”.mwm,luuw __ r -. , ' ‘ usmmmndhhnohshobh ”‘67.“. mile meanings-ob m “IMW imam would not hm M? such a W rpm ' ' \ era when“ W4 mused scum comm-c. . .. . , W:- m the British m ‘he"'m‘1:::|tihnt it was more honor-ante to as Blah: companion wad fleas money PDQME with than no'sodq‘n.” m WM than Canadian I bmoe W my” mm wages WM um respective rates or malaise!!!“ are given as follows; - ‘ V ‘ Pm cl}! '3'. ' . . ' -' W. ‘wmpm ‘ ............... .3422 w " . ' mm convenie- ... 28 88""to “d” 5'" ml» '95“ 33mm 0" “9‘ mm States which ......... 227148 1:1“?!er busine- women alnml vivid; .rm worms: risks gauried. 3,1, m, l I; gov/1:: wm‘tu am- I. '- ‘ .wh m; ‘ w Baum I ”W . ans-ha companies ,........3321,134,045 “" W “Wt Ms! {owe- ' .rs72,293,115 mmz‘flm-MW‘GI {United W Managing WWW 3:10 m whepdtwghrwvedmpmnms '3‘. lhmlnllaa. ' . ”Mug“ m’ ”! Ribs W Wines in 1905 new W. W lime W .ss was 33,193. mm new 3an W. fiwmwmq were $1,575,312, . - .- 1W“; “flesh-late Wfif M; ’mwmwwwwm ism writ 13“. 4“ be be To dream of the ones we love. June! Baud Edgar. a3, .13? l :5 til is l l l m g . m :1 l 51.: it ill liila ll?i“ El it is. i‘ g! with toilet: ‘”d°"” 1‘37“" withlnshw mam rm. mm! .-.m'...“ Mud tonne our For hulk 3 desist! may to rim Bowl. EEO“ Agent. ‘J'l‘”F.-' wt! I! 0 OC“ FARM I’ll“ IAlJlAil ' magnum a! nu Tan-bl“ on. W from: but: I ~ Itsbllu UN): Mvollonl ole Wt 50“”; 19" sure: « losroé, "lb". l0 burr: tinted lathe! ennui-lug muons. well. but. am. m... an» and is a high at». o toehuroh. pool on”, r lair buildings. This smith shops. A w... .1... ‘3. ‘MM NM .N“‘ “mill. Div apply ‘7 ‘ six all» m- Undsty. For tanner par- Wll. O'NEILL, Lindsay, . , ii. ARM Fl lit hALL‘v‘J; sure: L1“ ‘ land, being Lot 4, Cat . ’ within a short dials.” ul tn: we (baht-5y. There in on the pg“? good trams lion-w Jail. will. "’ modelled leZfi), also tin: but anon on“. and bri . trans he. and excellent enabling. v01] “Dandnsnrfsilingspmc: "g jelix- brick house, , stone sttbiing. driving shed 24x40. ,, sever-failing spring 51793“: 1;. barn. School. church. W (’K p . nl- . smith shog, all $75.3; 86“ ill .3? f ?

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