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Pro History Project: History by Design
From this brief survey of Victoria County’s nineteenth century building, we can appreciate the richness and variety of our local building heritage. We can see men’s material and spiritual hopes being worked out in our everyday landscape. We can also re-experience to some extent their own concerns and views on the world around them long after their passing.

We have seen two spatially complementary economies fashion a county building heritage; commercial agriculture in the southwest and lumbering in the north and east. These two economies, enriched by developments in transportation, technology and urban growth, have bequeathed to us a very large number of historically interesting, aesthetically pleasing and, in some cases, unique buildings.

This book has aimed to interpret and publicize this silent and often taken for granted aspect of our past and of our everyday life. We hope that by raising an awareness of this heritage we have also contributed to conserving it. And it is of crucial importance that we do work to conserve these buildings. They are visible reminders of our growth, our struggles, and our cherished hopes.

They are also material reminders subject to easy destruction if we do not have the creative imagination to conserve and reuse them. Conservation can lead, if the imagination and practical commitment are willing, to a living past.

Wellington Street, Lindsay, private dwelling
Wellington Street, Lindsay, private dwelling Details
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