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McHenry Plaindealer (McHenry, IL), 12 Mar 1884, p. 4

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* * . 'V *» * IF- •Mtt'At ,1»'i IV t.Mt g¥fsaJ5i«t ^ m;T 7^^^^^aya^r^-*TTF'tr* IMTE6DAY, 1IAR. 1*, 18S4. ^#-. . / • • .1. !^ii**W*nr KHB. ' Krtltor. ai iMfirn iifii| ft • , »stm*t.Ws*rR MOAN CONVKNTION. mi National Convention will Tit., on TneMav, .Tunc 3, 1WS M ltePSlsat, (IMII, for the ittmiA*tlon of can. W<>MI *»• supported ft»r Fro*Wont wind at the next elation. Th* eteeter* or the lewnl state*. and *11 wtfctT tnlfri, withant rfnH fn nnut nolitU Ml flijlMum, who are in faror of the rIprof. American labor, extendinf »«, effertnally protecMnr all hutaan nfhlSta •vary section ef -our rnmtman roiin- try, aed *rho desire to promote frirn'tlr feet- »P» •n;:H"' "•' liinl>»i«w o»a«tr OraTMttoa. V*J,V 'VH# RTPIIMTATN VOTERS EF IFEHEURR ^ rttlntf kre requested to m»n«l deWares *• HeanbJlcsn- County Convention, ' U he held at the Oonrt Ronse f ri Wood- ' stock. ftatnrdsT. April 5th. 1884. at 1 $? >i } . - \ J< m : i-;."', •'clock, p. m„ far the purpose of :.»•» ' ^ looting niim delegates x« represent Mc- |||5|^ Henry eonntr at the District Consrres- " atonal Convention. to be held at Elgin ' Thursday. April 10th. for the purpose ^7 of nominating a candidate fer Congress I;,. , ' , fer tM« district, a candidate fer mem- <, ;fv > bsr of thl State Beard of Equalization, 'and electing tiro delegates and twe alternate* t* represent the 5th Con- - : gresalonat District. In 'tb« National - Convention to beheld in Chicago, ? Jane 3d. also to elect nine delegates , ^ t* represent McHenrjr county in lh« -f " - State Convention, to be held In ,th« . cltjr of Peoria, April 16, 1884, and for tho transaction of such ether business at way preperly ceme before the Con- ventlon. The several towns will be ' I • 1' r«presented a« follows* ^ ' . ^y-nnoT. 1*. Vareago. IHiakam. - - • %^P"« > > Sa- ^ Mr? -- 7 Grei*weet.%.$ iC ...9 19 Hebron ... .... ..10 .......T Hichmond ..1? ....;.19 Barton ... ...S 3 McJIenrv . . . . . . . . . Nunda PrOBlnet.. .. 8 ... S Barrerille < "... ...6 1« Algonquin " .. ..10 s Crystal LakS ...5 (....^,.w..l9 ... ... . . . . . .178 U. s. ^HTHWOKH, 8. K. BABTHOUJMBW J. V. ALDE1CH, Cemeiittee. " *: s, the fiend who attempted tho lite mt Deputy Warden McDonald, in the Jeliet Penitantiary on the 1st fMk^hiing hiraself in hie csrll a few Mghw ainoe. Ookd. r |rt< ' 19*fb#'4M|illbtletiii OocV«iitl«n: for Ijlw,firth nongOBs*i<>fla| Distrltet Veonatles of Lake, ilcHenry, Boone. Kane ^nd DeKalb) ^rill be held kt El- I ^(h^nr«h|; Aprll 10.. to nominate'a aolect amemherof the 4Vsto Board «f Equalization, and ap- point>M>* delegates ami alternates to. Bl^mbliean National Convention. K ' • • i: UMi the Inter Ocean Washington Torrespoodence we And the following pen picture of our Member of Congress: ^ ̂ CengroMtnan Ellwood is a conspicuous i flgure In Congress, because of his |< Tltaoic stature, and by raasoii of his p alUble manners and genuine cordiality **i 'and la alioady a great favorite atnmig ^ (ita associates. He is a hard worker H anj ttaa been appolntsd a member o'f Committee on Claim*, which re- n quires arduous sorvi'w. He livee at WlliaH*s Hotel, where he works day || . sni/*tgtit en Congressional business. ' bat Is never tfew J; ""llfci^lco. His old farm is occupied by a ;ssHkel8 were handsomely or- rtameoted witli exetics, potted plants, ate. Th* centerpiece of the floral d*e»ratious consisted of an Indian oa«n« tt«id«r full sail. The guests were fMtnetors Anulsbury, ftnnsom, Jem>s, of rt»rlda; Cake, Harris. Lamar, MoPtier son, Fair,' ?Repre«entatl'ves' '"KoH«y' O'Nfelll, farmer And Lawrnnoe. Penn- (VyWania; I'Oag of MaMachusetts j Milil- ksaof Maine; $rewart of Vermont« Parker, Bennont. Ray and RurieiKh, of !f#f York; Strait «f Mlnnrmtat WiHte tij CsnHPrtlnii^ Kean and Brewer. N*w { Peelle of Indiana; Petti bone *»4. TvnneMfe; EU*:«od of llllnets; I.alrd and Weaver of Nebraska; Wil«on in|e*-ft,,:r,t*B»h*'ativ«»» llil^if a>id Diih »ell -of • "Minne«*ta» nomml*«'oner of fatetifn J!utterwort1«, and Mr. H. Fred- •Hrk̂ H cmhinaUm P<*u . * M&3: Is skid that1 tli« salt tn the Democratic party is losing l«s savor, and that ilte e>d Jo-uotUlng tactics will prevail through the long session of Cong ryes now to drag into the second week of Aogifst. Randall, instead of attending to his business namely: the preparation of, the ap­ propriation bills. h*e in reality filibus­ tered For three straight wrapt lis with tho single deternrlnatWn to bring about a collision between the u«ual appropriations to be made by Congress 'and the reform of the tariff which the majority of the psople of the United states so sincerely desire. There Is a fable of an animal ^l>* through a sen­ timent ef charity lent a she-wolf her house for a certain period, . After that oertain period upon the owner of the house returning ro occupy her premises there stood Mrs. Wolf and her six fine whelps, all of whom showed thelf whit© t«*th with a smile and Invited the owuer to reenter In possession. It would seem that Mr, Rnn«la!l has freen in po^eslou of Mr. Morrison*s house until It WHS too late for the owner to put him out. Yesterday Randall show­ ed his teeth, and after a conference of the leading men of Congress it was noticeable that t£*e Chairman 4t* the Committee on Ways and Means bore a troubled look and had lost much hope of aflet'ting t!i<» reforms which h« h»s §^,jj|rHfstl.y championed.--i2c, •' .• .. ., • --: «:• •• a> SPRING GKOVE. ; * 'WBttO* PLAINDKALBH:-- THif INf^ht snow falls every little while to keep the sleighing In good repair. C. Hastings la speculating In calves nowadays. Wm. Foley talks-going west be­ fore long. Chauncey Smith is en the sick list at this writing. Win. Shetliff is busy nowadays pre­ paring for the spring work. Our school closed for the Winter term on Wednesday of last week. We had a slight runaway lit town last week, but two stroug men soon brought the team fa contact with -the fenee. . There Is talk "of a hardware store going up en the eoirfier of Wm. Wray's lot, next to W. Wileou*s «tere. Now if the place keeps on growing like this we will have quite a city by the time th* railroad comes. Geo. Westlake made his friends and relatives iu this place a abort visit last week. "Doc" Kilhurn has hired .Toe Hembry to work for him the coming season. Joe Westldke is hired to run the cheese factory in this place the coming year. Miss Eliza Coats, of Ringwood, Is visiti.tig her cousin, Mr*. B. Tweed, Jr.. •f this place^ . .. . • Wm. Peacock has been very poorly winter, but all are In liopes tie will b« better as soon as the warm weather wakes lis appearance; - Jfyj the )p«ka of. tlie load of bee hives J. fieudrit-ks brought to town a short time ago it seems he intends to supply the country with honey in the fall. R, Tweed A Son and W. Wilson are kept tusy nowadays selling dry goods and groceries, while Woi. Wray still keeps jogging ground, supplying the country with all sorts bf goods iuJiis line. / Quite a number turned eut to the last ijceuin at the Creek school house on Thursday evening last. The question: "Resolved, that a poer man should ndt marry' was ably debated on both sides; but it was decided that a poor man should marry, after all that was said to prevent It. Quite a number of the people from around here attended the exhibition at Rinewood last Friday evening, for all the weather was so disagreeable. Turkey Street was well represented, but it takes Spring Grove grit to strike out in a Storm a'hd nev*r flinch. Another ef the English Prairie ol.l settlers has passed away. Joseph Pea- ceek died at his home on English Prairie, March 5th, after only a week's sickness. He was 81 years of age, A large crowd of yiung folks assem­ bled st the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Haldeman on the evening of the fith Inst, to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of their son Edwin. After amusing themselves by playing all serts of games, they were Invited to partake of a bountiful and dellcton* supi^er. after which the fiddles wers brought out anrl all had a jolly time in dancing. It was the most enjoyable event of the s»a«*n, and one which will b« long reiuenbered by those who were there. FltOM ANOTHER COKRB8PONt)l£NT. EIMTOB PLAINI>RALKR:--I wish to inform your readers that the people in this to?e going to have two uew stores. P. Wagner will build a hardware store and Mrs. J. Heaney A Co. a general country store. Our school closed last week, and our able teacher, J, H. Burger, has .gone home. We did have a godd sohool and a ly- ceum here this winter, and we thrtnk thOke people from Turkey Street very much for their part In that lyceum. bome ef our school directors are wise men, but not wlie enough to know I the number ef tho district or ran^c they live in. Wuiilrt it not be well for such to go to school a few days. flie'Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford. Conn., wltMe graceful tribute to the American press, the engraving of the "Representative Journals and Journalists of America." was last year given such a wide dinrihtation, are now given furttier proof ef their artistic enterprise. This time thoy have brought out ft special edition f«r the pre**, of the'ofHical engraving of the gigaiitijij>#de>tal now being erected for the/eceation in New ,V no Store room this side of Woodstock. The under­ standing now it that he will put In a full line of all goods usually knpt in a country or village store. We riiall mentlort this in the future. The proceeds of G. W, Smiths per­ sonal property sale <*f Feb. 28th, looted up about #2,50p. Nate Stevens'bookslvows his fall and winter work to be of oats 50,000, wheat 4,100, rye and barley S,t64 bushels, and •X seeds, flax and tiipothy, 084 bushel); and tbreshed iii 90J days,, J* .W, Grimolby, is utaklug * light wagon for a HfoUeiiry firuf ts be used as a meat wagon.' This speaks well for RingwoodS blacksmith, Mr. Doers ai(d family have gone to their old Uome, Waucouda, where they will no doubt lutve a warm reception among tliolr former Iriends and neigh­ bors. While here the family made many warm friends, and the young peoplo will long remember. Mr. apd Mrs. Andrus' stay aa ens of pleasant­ ness aud jovialty. The sick of our yillage, under the care of Dr. Soothlll, are as comfortable as could'be expected. When the Dr. first came here it was generally under­ stood that he was a little new. in the profession, but when the facts in the case are developed It comes out that though yonng he has had considerable , experience, and our people have much cause te regard his presence an acqui­ sition to our quiet little yillage. Saturday, March 1st, was the occasion of a pleasant surprise to Grandma Haley, mother of Mrs. Dodge and Mrs. Wesley Ladd, of this village. Sunday, the 3d, being the 80tb aiiuiversary of their mother's; birth they decided to celebrate the day by a family gather­ ing at Mr. Ladd's, and though sickness caused the absence of some who were to participate, their tender regrets show.liow willingly they would have ooniplied had it been possible to do so, while the iVresents kindly bestowed by those who did engage in making pleas­ ant that joyous occasion serve as con- vi nciug evidence that the kind old, lady holds a place lu their affections which diminishes not as her years increase, ljut as we prlzk mast the withering flower of lingering autumn so does their devotion .seem to strength^) as the years make gray the hair and in­ firm the step of her who so lo':ig has held such a deep interest in theur. - Mr. and Mrs. Luther Colby, who hav# been visiting at Mr. Ladds forborne time, returned te their houie in Grand Rapids, Allch.,ott Thursday last. The school exhibition on -Friday evening was largely attended; and to say that those who came out in such a aterin were veil paid for tlte effort would be but little of the piaise well earned by the scholars on that occasion. The pieces were well selected and of a character Intended to plea&e as well as to Instruct ari audienck. The home scholars,all dkl well, and among those from other districts who did credit to themselves and refleoted the saaie en their teacher, were the Misses Clark Swan and Etta Powers. and of the boys Frank. Gerbracht, Vint*n Lumley, Warren Cole and Wml Taylor. mi':j. ; .tl it • .• C H t:; STESTEO L PLANT8. Fon JthL CLIMATES, | FOR ALL SOILS,] AH fest^d jtef yitf»lity,hnd in G irders for purity an«r acra. Dakota Red Potato, best of j»5 varieties; nor rxoor, ULIGHT iROOf A yasld 725 bnali. per acre. Rochester Tomato, lartr«t smooth, and earnest lar„e sort; coreless; best for itlArkt-t. rirst and Best Pea, earliest, most productive • 'native uniformly • twrt_rof market. UMer's Tested Oabta«* Sewl arc unexcelled. $1,000 IN PRBKItTM» AT ALL PAIRS. SENU POKXATALOGUB AND PRICK LIST of vegetable, flower «od ield mt*l» of «H te»ed valuable vwfette*. Mail orders promptly filled, making a seed store at home. LOWEST PRIOIiS. H I R A M S I B L E Y & C O . , R o c h e s t e r , N . Y . , C h i c a g o , I I I . 'J'f* Full Blood Eggs for Hatching. Jhe undersigned wilt famish Xgg*, from rare Brad Fowls at. the following rrlcea: Black Legh«ciM,..i. .31,50 for 13 Egcrs Brown . " 1,50 for 13 Kggs White 1,60 for 13 Eggs WyHtidoMs, . 3.00 for 13 Kggs Black Javas...,j.. 2.00 for 13 Ejfgs Light Brahmaa,..... 2.00 for 13 Eirgs Golden Spang'd Polish 2.00 for 13|Eggs Black Tartar Games..2.50 for 13 Eggs Pfyinouth Rocks 1.50 for 13 Eggs Pekin Ducks .l.fKl for 9 Eggs The aMr* are Prices for Kggs Delivered at W. PRATT. : "W Lui*** WAUOONDA, ILL- Wanoonda.111., Earch (th, 18B4,.' • . • HEADQUARTER^' •FOB~ " H l n j j Mitf ft HliS ' .'.ydff'• Speaking of hard^ winters, an ex­ change has this to say of the winter of 1822: The most remarkable winter that ever visited the Delaware Valley is still within the recollectien of people still youifg^, aud extraordinary Inci­ dents connected'with it are recalled by an eye-witness and party t* them. From the 1st until tho 24th ef January •f that year the thermometer was never higher than 4 deg, blow zero, and aver agedl8 deg. below. On the 24lh of the month the mercury fell to 34 deg. below zero, and remained steadily at 3®deg. for twenty-four hours, and, not­ withstanding the Intense cold, a snow­ storm such as prevailed. When it censed snow lay ten feet on the level, and began to drift. Drifts eighty feet high and miles long hid roads, houses, ami iiarns iu all the river counties. uestr? FLOUS--Fancy White Winter Ex Good to Choice Soring WHKAT--No. 8 Spring No. 3 Red Winter. CONN--NO. 2. OATS--No. 2 Bra--No. s Buur-Na 3 BUTTKB--Choice Creamery. 6.SO A. Be .91 1.01 Ml M PORK-Mesa..... Labd MiLWiukx^l' WHEAT--No. 9 CORN--No. 2 OATS--NO. 2 EYE--No. J JUliUCT^Mo. t PORK--Meaa LAKD ST. LOUia WHEAT--KA 2 Bed CORN--Mixed OATK--No. 3 RTE POKE--Mens 9 «.oe ( f t 6.25 & .98 & 1.03 <9 .54 & .34 & .60 all kinds of Vehlelee, at ^ J. W. CRIMOLBY'S Binjprood, 111; I will hot lie undersold, » ateriitl' mid Workmanship considered. General Blacksmithlng, And Repairing of all Kinds, in both Wood and Iron. Vvrst class workmen employed and ; Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ringwood, Maxell 11U~ WA1JC0FDA, ..!• it.-fitutt. 'riSI'ti. -Yi •Vsr ; 'Sghii" r (t Would announce that they have rented the store formerly occupied b> Robert Harrison aiul are receiving an J V; i- i'^" \ , .i . '• ... • •'.!"%.! ; StecK"3tf Dry Good|| ri. m f i : t J,, Hats aid Caps, Croekery, PAINTS, OILS, YAK1TISH. Wall Paper, Shades, etc. ' j , » All to be sold for READY PAY, at prices as low as can be found in Lake County, V '• " • I* «.'•!«> « v» Sra.;.: i #J^.i Produce of all Botio^t for cash or taken in ex­ change fpr gQ9$$f ; ^ fall lijie ̂ SPECIAL NOTICE. out Sale of;" Winter ^ Gqq&3, ' Re^aidhpss prjftl.iji',' Now iw yoii^ chuncrt t«r brr^ (Sood^ iry Goods, SUCH A8 iWitb WOOLEN DRESS MODS, VELVETS C^ssiniGrGSy •r'-'Ah. Shawls. Bf^nkets, Knit Jackets, Skirts, Un­ derwear, Hosiery, Mittems, Qloves, Lemlna, - : V 7 ' o t o - » • e t c * » • e t o > M a n - ' i' it ' • 'Also a Laro-e Stock of ^ 1 EEADY-MADB CLOTHINfJ, Tar and Wool Cap* BUCKLE *RSCT|C^* WOOLEN We wish to call your special attertion to several lots of Boots, Shoes and Siippeis, which we are .ss % Mr clo8inof out of stock. These ; U »Goods are sellin** for less money i7.» than the original -cost to manu- 09 tacture. Do not tail to see these Goods, they tell their own story. •» We quoto h few prices for you to think over: 1T.S0 .S3 & .S3 <9 .W J1 0 JT (H .5S .M 9 .80 17.SO S.ce 0 9.78 L09 .S3 .SS 1T.S0 1.11 CINCINNATL WHEAT--Ka 3 Bed rnm S! J-' I L .*< ."i. Ee a SMITH, Lnrlles Or*in Go»t Shoes. 50 certs; worth «1.7ft. LH.H^S' Kid Shoes, F 1.00; worth 82.50. Lailies' Calf or Goat? ® (vyool lined) shoes, 81.50; worth «2.50. lioo Misses' or Children's Shoes, 60 cents: .o»K worth #1.75. Men's Stojfsi Boor*. $1.75; worth *1.00, Men's Wool Unera(i»rt)oneVe,mean what we say. Comi IQ| see for jr»nr«oive.i. Yours very truly, ^BANK P. CQLTKIN « CO. Algonquin, 111. Great Saving to Dairy The use of one bottle of Dickinson's Cow prescription, will cause the cow to do well aft«*r calving, will prevent Milk Fever, Garjret Horn all, Ac, Will cause an increase in the flow of milk, and is worth one halt the cow to «\verjr one using It. For sale by all Drug- gitts. Sold hy Henry Colhv. C. lHcklnson & Sou «#!• prourietot*, Harrington, M, r On hand at all times. Call and examine jroods and prices be* fore purchasing elsewhere, as we are determined not to be under­ sold. ^ •>*$PBICE. BROl:^ '1 t.„. .: . ,-it. i-i u! at r:«# ftoA «di WfA I. T;u (??* \*t ^%-r. ••• • t> \! --'Ate laving on tbt shelves tfid couutfjrigtiw'" f , 7 h y w i ' ( ' »•«»*'* I'.Jrti, l.^4 Fiizsimmons 6c JtiiTftiison s -.ft) U H " ' 3 I- f f 0 *rl» -*Vi> ' m • mmvw: 'a • c« tiiz&a'imfit-u • m-tit . 3 5 i ii jttti# .ill if.t Tci which trie ^ttetifion of cash buyers i» itiViMd; Cash Cjrpod ynhleacted Sheeting, 5 cents. ; < v 1 " Blenched Sheutin^, 7 eeute* Jprints, 5 ctnts.v 'liu^rliams. S cents. • t.u ^ vt *>-*< 4fj j-*. "1 icking. 8l-2(ceut8,< • '* • - w7>/ • ;•' ' '. 'i enims, 13 cents. tnr'M 'J leached Table Linen?T& cSS> i eat 6 pounds for $1, *. 't.,vt> Bujsrat, 16 poiinds for $1. >• +trt",r ; tr+>,:-*r, • |CHiin«<| Fruits. 9 cents.- • ' •'• •' i ?9!$*$! •nythiag' the cash buyer, hitta#- tti#cMli M1 wilting to .1 pay the cash, wants casb quotations. It Would- be almost safe to call in, as we aim to buy and sell fof cftsh, and ito concern In the couvt^f is b^|ter ̂ repared to ifive the C&sh buywn -««rbetter denl tlwn i '(3 VJ. FIT3LSIMMON8' & EVANSON, s.'ii k» , m: ̂ •' v ' ' '•rta 5i|r, tv.--vsti.xi o,lX tSTBuriER A#D'!G i usta,w- - Atthe West £nd« we rt" • WANTI®. ! * U 9 r f \ -tir.r ja-nv ,(&!* yjjfd-nl ' ^ ^ J - * - 1 t i^W'WWfi' u wit J. 11 u.. HTU <4: AST. mist',s' lit.- -JSiU 'ifn i'uL, ' . • • vf ,n'tr> ww ,f.v " •:tr/ r'rttrto «Ka- hm iw-JbuanHt ttow* tin- <•' ->{|j '<.1 Ws-niri.; !-'«»/ S?" ' v ^ r*j.'ii T-.T A T1 T iif. - i > ^ •. JD « "t; ^ JUk/% I s 1 ,^bV.Wir •vi.h T«dJ<. -vt'T /•*'«iv ,f -i (9KCCS86QK TO ttJU* * (MMGJPASIfcX -;i •k •r::. vi;? w: b : U f i i T ni. (tli; ;;s*S WAUCONDA - ILL j •'! -AT WSST lIcSEHBY, " THq' .pn(.tersijrii67 t t • S I , t w i J ; ! ' » V - sue'h as are usually sold in general stores, consisting of oar Gooss, GECCSEHS, CROCKERY, Hats' Caps, Boots, Shoe* And in addition will, continue to set! the ceJebratdd * - CHI€K»» FLOUR, Linseed Meal and Feed of all kinds at. wholesale aid retsil. The attention tif the b'lyinj* pub­ lic is respectfully called to our, poods; as to price or quality be­ fore pnrolmsintr, 'as every article is MARKED IN P^AlN FIG­ URES, thus scouting a child as good a .bargain as u man v n Our goods were )>ought with special reference to the wants of the trade, and we are confident we can please you both in Quality and price. Call and see us whether you buy or not. BOKSLETT, STOFFEL ICQ. West McIIenry, HIDee. 96,1BSS. ^ The e nly cash store iu Northern Illinois. The largest, the^best filled. S.?e, 140 feet long aud 22 feet wide, two stories high and working fo.r.tfce people that V-AY AiTHfcY ti(li • d&.Mar'i worth goes out except for Jfiavd C-ash. I sell i ^ * ' " * • " t l R Y G O O D S , C L O T H I N G , - • A Shoes, 3^Cati ds of the l>est quality and guarantee [everything as represented. Read, my price list and hnng it, aud make your fall purchases ^here your money will do you the xpost good, W ill your credit dealer make you the following prices? : keeirti 81« ' I Best trials..,...,............. , •< ti •.'• Finest Bleached Cat tea Ile»t' U»M«»che e ICstra Waterureef .M.. ft.V *• l.a Stove Polish.... ... Now1 I want to see you and know that I can make it foi vour interest to come, ana will do it. Just come ojnee and see. XI' r' "' j ' • " '1 , *-• *T ' * jipynMi.'HT «" . • Hy jjooda«M4>^^ i j'-ip' 'f 1*1 , Wftiig-lif and Sold for Cti«h Only, {(Ml -*6 Jfl , I >' ).-p» ni 1."r >,i « .. . . n Tells the Whole Story'. ^ w^ant the far-off trade that buy BIG BILLS, and to I say, come and see me^ and it I can't saro you money, will, pay your expenses. I am getting in br rgains every day, and at bought^ "very ctteap for cash. Tours for good goods and low pi • i • ;jjs ! it;r, f K - i " ' * n I U . /»,...>"*•}.tar?; • ;qt • , I T^-SEND YOUR ORDERS. C. F. HALL, DUNDEE, ILL. FOR COAL AN0 W000< ! '•sf 'JV.i! ; vj!» ----CALL OW- E. M. HOWE Oppostte'Biahop's Miil^ < Who lias a complete line eif the best stoves is the market, as weft as * large sleek ef TIM, COPPER & SHEET IRON PARE. ««• > ' • V*i J»s- • Ult 'A.. •" >V, . • v r J-iii And', In fect, erery tUiog ln the hard^ffire store and tin liiie. . , a H M W I L L y O T B E f y x p E R g b L D . ^ Call at his store before buy'fng elsewhero. Jobbinx and rcpnirlnj; promptly attended te, SVKcmember, extra GN*d bargains can al. way» lie obtamwt FTHL(«W«'A - Me llenry, Dec. 1, IMS. . V ' • * * . y : **!'"We: wish to reduce Stock of Winter Clothing before pufiftV'tii our new Spring Goods. We have a few Overcoats we wish to close out and will make it worth your whilju to purchase now. Also a line of Chi 1 drens Suits, agee from 4 to 7 years. ^These are BargaiM worth your inspectionsi IM ' m H H ' ,• • ' ' ' ' •• ••••• BROKBH Mens'* Boys and Youths Broken Suits, all of which will be of? tered to induce you to purchase. Remember these are all Bargains. MCHENRY, ILL., FKB.U27UI. IM. ... ...... ..J .... AT» ^...._.t!.J,..„J ul a... * «. »J_ V .1.. . ;

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