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McHenry Plaindealer (McHenry, IL), 22 Jan 1890, p. 8

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T. U. ind SMtmi under tbe ibov# bttd MtlawvlBhed by the Ladles of the W. C T. (7. %4N tk» Editor claims no pert or credit for tlieeMM.] Facte Worthy of Notice ' It is a fact, that nine-tenths of the in­ mates of our poor houses were brought there directly or indirectly by the use of Intoxicating liquors. It is a fact, that three-fourths of all the aonvicts in our state prisons were hard drinkers previous to the commission of the crimes for which they are now im­ prisoned. . It is a fact, that the greatest sufferers from disease, and those maladies are the most difficult to cure, are those who are Addicted to the use of ardent spirits. It is a fact, that of all who commit suicide in th's country, ninety-nine one- ' hundredths are the immediate or remote Victims of spirituous liquors. ^ It is a fact, that all families where the Children are dirty, half-naked and ill-fed; the room filthy and in disorder, the hus­ band cross, discontented and peevish; «E<1 the wives slatterns, ill-tempered and .Quarrelsome, one, if not both, the parents are drinkers of ardent spirits. It is a fact, that those who least fre­ quently attend the worship of God in the Sanctuary, most of those who by their oaths, blasphemies and horrible execra­ tions shock the ears of modem people, •re spirit drinkers. ^ It is a fact, that men who are strictly temperate themselves, are obliged to gwbmit to increased taxation, and to the cost incurred in the support of paupers, said the prosecution of criminals, created mainly by the existence of the liquor traffic. '/ . :ji It is a fact, that if inebriate asylums are erected and supported, their main­ tenance will depend on the means of the •ober and moral portion of the commu­ nity, while the grogshops will continue to manufacture inmates to be thus taken care of. K {*t* TmSADVERTISEMENT if- " v . » * • jglps *L." COAL Sc FEED tgjm-t* tmvM,- W- A. CRISTY'S, Than any ether place in town. Car JjOt* a specialty. Warehouse at the Pickle Factory, in West McHenry. REMEMBER THE PLACE. i5t * . f$..» : MENTSmHB HEFICTG UTETY LAMP. AGENTS Can t.e sold in every family. Give* more lit-ht than three ordinary lamp#. Fui! Lamp sent by Express for We also have the best eeiimg Coffee Pot ia the O. 3. Send for illustrated dmhn to FORSHEE& HcMAKlli^>schiMrtij» can Ksalie &&.o8~' ALBUMS We beat the low price*. "HP P1«P»« PHOTftORtPH ALBVJI. iu X 1CK, Kiubossed pad (lull sidea, g< tiOli clasp, holding 32 pageg of Ci pictures, sect for il.00, retails for 12.25; bound also » Japaneeee^ow«. Illustrated circul&n FBCE rr WANTED* Nov 29--J A Dufield pub % pam­ phlet and Sup proc for '89...... 45 00 Nov 29--Lincoln Asyl'm cloth'g „ and incidentals for Albert HIH ' ° from May 20 to Oct 25, '89.... 64? Dec 12--One Reporter's table, * - cartage aid freight (for court room) 590 Total * 248 15 All which will more fully appear by examining the bills, vouchers, and pur­ chasing agent's memoranda herewith submitted. Submitted Dec. 16, 1889. Thos. McD. Richards 1 ureh'g Agt. Sup Granger moved that the chairman of the committee to settle with the treas­ urer be instructed to burn the cancelled jury certificate,« and county orders in the presence of the board. Motion prevailed; and (he certificates and orders were burned in accordance with the motion. Sup Flavin moved that the committee on poor farm be instructed to take such' steps as they may deem best in relation to the removal of Jas. White from the poor house and the collection for keeping- said White at the poor house. Motion carried. i'ir*3" Sup Woodard moved that the standing and special committees, members of the Board of Supervisors and clerk be al-^ lowed their per diem and mileage. Mo­ tion carried. < {(Sup Granger moved that the Boardad- journ. Motion carried. R. J. Deck, Chairman. ^ Attest--Wm. Avery, Clerk. mifgptanc mnnir Are"now prepared to offer you the finest assorted line of . Albums, - Purses, HANDKERCHIEFS Library Lamps, Tea S6fS, TABLE COVERS- Table Scarfs. Bolls, Etc. AXSO Cops, Mora &&d Mittou, Felt Boots, We haye Ladies, Mens, 'Boys, Misses and Childrens fjj \ ^ <..** - • A * 'ft' \"v^r i<K is the best̂ QAPl fWjwyd* of flood houseKwpm who ha* friedi!" say Tws QoaP It SaVej Afonr, fiM£ and " MboR- I Grocer PRICES ! LAEQEST STOCK 1. A*,*-, v| .. j * v: Saht̂ USSo^p MKfotoBmW. CHICAGO. i WW<gL- f M.K.FXlRBANK«tCO Chicago. ~ iWt fJon't "Want Yoti# Ear! But we waut you to come and see our blg^v EASONABLE GOODS . i i ' *hay are all NEW an<( Wa pro^tm U L'HUU CHEAP S j | w »tt<| lo*»lc them - v., S >• ' x ittooefitsors to W P Stevens, "West McHenry, Having purchased the Hardware stock 0^4?. P, SteVlWii l^ive replenished the stock and-are now prepared to show our friends 'ind he public generally as complete a stock of SKEXF AID ' HEAVY HARDWARE 8toves Tin Copper and Sheet-tron 4fare. As can be found in McHenry County, AT BOTTOM PBIOES.--• MoHenrj, Deoember 10, RICHMOND. ILLINOIS. ^ •f - A fnU linn of Olofha. of the latest i«d pattnras alwava on band. W SINOLK . OABMBNT^j i OR FULL SUITS, . I(a<1e on short notice ami a fit mtaranteert, rrom our experience' and practical knowi-* •d^e of he Unsineaa we are ronfldent we can please the most taatidioue, and respecttnllf Invite alt in want of Clotbingot any kind to Slve nae a call. ' » Prices a® low ai the same quality of can be pnrotiafeed anywhere. C. J. BRILL. Richmond, October «5th, 1888. WIST BrHBWRY#M DEALER IN- l O U B t BBPXmiW Will he done on ahort Notice and Satisfiiotiou (Guaranteed. A pecialty of Hutter Factory work. A share of pulnic patronage espectfully solicited. m.:: Brags and PAINTS.OILS,. Toilet PURE DR. B. MINCER, _TH^' EMINENT-:- OPTICIAN, OF DETROIT, Olairos that instruments for treating the Bye, however good in the hanas of one expert la their use, in. the hands of the ignorant urt worse than useless a man must be skilled In the trea tment of the Eye and the ppHo*. tion of instruments in order to receive any benefit. If he Is properly skilled he can nt the most difficult eye without instruinenta, ©laswes fitted with accuracy so as to preserr* the eyesight--the delicate construction of the eye mukes it necessary to use great care A eelccting spectacles. B. Mincer has made the eye his speebil •curly, and in his later years has paid his en­ tire attention to the adaption of (spectacles to the same. Having a thorough experience III making and adapting Spectacles to the eree, he is erabled to fit accurately in every caaeef abnormal vision known as PRESAYOPIA, HYPERMATROPiA MYOPIA, !• well it weak -light, requiring nrteu tinted glass. His improved spretuc e * are of a perfect construction, which assist and pre­ serve the sight, rendering frequent change* quite unnecessary. They confer a brilliant- Hens and distinctness oi ease and comfort not geiicially enjoyed tiy persons using tpecta- cles His lenses .are ground on the most »-ientific principles, rendering the eye a* clear as when in the full strength of youth. B. Mincer has some highly flattering testi­ monials of i-ome of the leading oculisis of the state as to his ability in Utting Spect&uUtiU. \ ?' , K"* t\ ? *v * J 'tyi 4v.' • •' - s West McHenry, Dec. 10, 1889. STO UY i& M'OMBER, WI If MS AN O t̂ TQUOBS; FOR MEDICAL USE. Also Bottled Ale and Porter for Medical use. The best brands of Cigars an.l Smofeing and Chewing Tobacco alwayson hand PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS, OPPOSITE BISHOP'S McHE 1>THY» ' i ' s ' | Carefully Compounded, Give me a call. McHenrv. December 28th, 1887. have a G. W. BE8LEY. And Rubbers, few double All ^ wool, to close cheap. Duck lined Coats and Vests Pants and Vests Remember the (Ml Painting we give away. We respectfully solicit the in­ spection ot close buyers. EVJ2R YOURS, Purchased f ir Cask all of which will be sold as lovr as the maret will admit and furnish first class goods. A FUXl. LW1 OF STOTBS* V||ABLAMD AND OTHER KINDS. ZSall and see our Gasolene Stoves. GLASS 07 ALL SIZES CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALBUMS Men to take orders for Nursery Stock, on Sal- •f| or Commission. I can make a successful BALIS UAH who wiU work and follow mv in. structions. Will fuvnisli handsome outfit '0 tree, andpay your salary or commission every week. Write for terms at once. V* Ot id HA U AM. Kuzseryman, Rochester, N, T. Its' Toc*bt*ss for the sale of Nursery Slock Steady employment guaranteed. SALARY end EXPEN8ES paid to successful men Apply at once stating age. Mention this paper. CHASE BROS, oo, tm* ^ JtocheMer.y Y. W Agents Wanted 1 ISKS.*"?:illi »ssy- "will be given to introduce our new book, | Bible Brilliants: fi WSS BIBLE mm, l.' "i1": The greatest success of the year, and some- i" .m-f: thing entirely new in the book line. Boyal - m-.. Quarto; aize.S^xll^; finest of paper; large * f;? tvpe; 320 illustrations. «8 full page, two of t Mi* them Pr,nteJ 111 nine eobre; retail price only ' yfW- t?"50 Thoiisands will be sold for Holiday Writ Presents. Those first in the field will reep a *;jk- harvest, Act quick or you will miss It. FOItSHSE & MACMAKIN, jp, * Cincinnati, O. If ASHTTS wabtid. %JOOA W1 i-ntEKALPA* jgj- ^ termanent work. Quick Seilisii Specialties. STOCK WARRANTED. Dtepat Outfit ntu. Experience not re­ quired. Complete, instructions to insure •uccesr. JAJ5L E. WHITNEY, Nurseryman, ... "-<** 1 Itocfiartar,N.X "Boss wouldn't blanket him in the stable. Said it wasn't no use." Get from your dealer free, the ba*. handsome pictures and valuable information about horses. Two or^ three dollars for a S/A Horst Blanket will make your horse worth uon tti eat less to keep warm. 5/A Five Mile , 5/A Bess Stable 5/A Electric . 5IA Extra Test SO Other styles at prices to suit n<n- body. If you can't get them from yMK daak. write us. *0RSfc BLANKETS ARE THE STRONGEST. NONE OCNWINCWITHOUTTHE 8M LABEt - Wm. Atbjbs * Sons. Phllada. wl Bone Brand- ' ~ V fW' '< ^ ' 1 -4». 4- & t f'j 1 +*• > I. / *v. At- I1* th« Market, at Bottom Prices. JOBBING AND REPAIRING Will bo done on short notice and Satisfaction Guaranteed A hare of public patronage respectfully solicited^ JACOP BONSLETT Farm Loans MADK OR THIS and terms to snit borrowers; no com. mission or charges for examination of abstracts. Money furnished electee, withoat red tape or delay. J. W RAN8TEAD, Booms lead 2 Borden Block, Elgin, ill. WoMIKLEGG; It beats them all. No hook like it. Everybody wants it, 2*X) illustrations. Humorous, Pathetic.Fas- cioating, Hundreds of dollars to hustlers. Old and young buy; also thousands of G. A. K. and Sons of Veterans. One agent has ordered over 700 books. Anothre made #83 In 4 days, an» other took 15orders In 30 min. in 1 G A. K. Post. Choose territory at once. 21 attractive illustrations free with ^2 Superior circulars and terms. Wri ^H^.Thew** Write Co. | Publisher* A c0NSUMPfl° Aek your dealer for E<1. L. Huntley & Oo.'s HONEST Clothing. 1 f mr goods are not in "THE TIRELESS TOILKB FOB TRADE 1 " Tours, anxious to please, En. L. Hunxlky. It has permanently cured thousands of cases pronounced by doctors hope* less. If you have premonitory symp- b, such as Cough, Difficulty of •tthinc. Ac., don't dclav lint usa toms, such as uougn, jjjmcuity or Breathing. Sic., don't delav, liut uso PISO'S CURE FOB CONSUMPTION Immed lately. By Druggists. SB cento the hands of some STORE­ KEEPER In your section, you can PRO­ CURE THEM from the best KNOWN and largest Maii.- Ordkr Whole­ sale Clothing Housb in the world, at pri­ ces that will MAKE YOUR evea snap and KEEP YOU guessing- how we can afford TO BO IT. If your DEALER does not keep our goods send to us and we -- WILL furnish you a Suit or Oyerocat. express or mall paid, on receipt of price. Wo will win and nold your patronage if yon try us with an order I We have built up this itnmenso business by our painstaking methods, and by doing by Others as we would bo done by. Ed. L. IioKii-KY & Co., Stylo Originators. ^^In ordering Suito or Overcoats observe w strictly i'oJlorving rules for measure­ ment: Breast mcawuro, over vest, close up under arme. Waitst measure, ovorpauts. lu> side leg measure, from crotch to heel. PKSCK-LtST. HBAVY-WEIOfiT Cr.OTniNO--StrtTS. * Men's Brown A!i-VVooi Double and Twist CassStnero Hac k or Frock Suit $0 OO Men's 1-nnoy Black or E!uo Bufrlieh Worst­ ed AH-Woo! Back or i<'rook Suitfl 14, CO Men's Brown or Gray Volvet Finish, All* Wool, Tricot Weavo, Fino CtuMimere Back or Frook Suit 17 oo Men's Black or Blue English. All-Wool lorkacrew, fine worsted. Sack or Frock r nits 19 OO .en's Black. Blue, Plum, Lavender or Slate-color English Wide Wale Diagonal Worsted Back or Frock Suits....... 24 OO First National Bank, of . . . 83,000,000; Continental Na- Bank, of Chicago, capital 8^,000,000. Ed. L. & Co., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Clothimr for Men, Boys and Children, 122 and 124 Market St., Chicago, UL Post Qfiioe Bo*, 087. WAUCONDA, ILLINOIS. Areaow better thftu ew prepared to offer jrou GREAT BARGAINS In all inds of Gdods. demean business* and trill giro Von Low­ er Prices than ever before oifered in Lae County. OUR STOCK OF General Merchandise * as never more cumplete than uow. Call and get our Prices betore purchasing elsewhere ^Special inducements for Cash Buy. erg in sums from $1 up. FOLDING BROTHERS. Hlffheat Market Price paid for Farm Prodnee. JULIA A. STOJU.Y, (One Door West of Riverside House*) MoHEmtY, - - iuu^oia DRUGS. ME D I C I N E S 5 •teferenoes- Omeago, capiul $ ttonaTBank, of Ch •A FULL LINE OF- Drugs, Chestc&ls, S71 Sta&, Paints, Oils and Colon. / • ' Constantly on hand Also a large line <<f Patent Medicines, Toilet Artices, AND COMPLETE STOCK OF MmtlONABY & DRUGGISTS SUNDRIES FhTflioianfl Prescriptioiia CaretAilly and aecuratey compounded by a Registered Pharma cist. Tour patronage i» respectfully solicited. ' * ' JUUA A. STCRV. . ,4>&' irv..I-L' v.. k fc. j. ii1 7. * ** *> . y; REMEMBER t-, I * ffe'tt'fees no Instrnmentc; u lie fits the ere the first time; lie made the eye a study for OV4C twefttif years; " /..<> He uses pnre crystal lenses. > He guarantees satisfaction; He treits weak c.ves successfully; He saves eyes injured by using lBferU* glasses. He fi'.a all kinds of glasses required by fective glasses :M' He -nakes every variety of glasses, -1 sa~Orders can oe left at postofflce and wll receive prompt attention No charges lb* oxara inatiuns or visiting patients »t their ionics t l- *• • £>' '« i1"- is. J "i 3R0SC0E C0NKLING: ^ HIS LIFE AND LETTERS* By his nephew, Alfred B. Conkling. This •liortly be issued by us, and sold nrtctlj) by tvbtcrip. tion. Octayo. 600 PMes, steel portrait, and &c-eimiles aI letters of eminent contemporaries in both part}a£, WE ESPECIALLY INVITE LAWYERS AND MEN OUT # BUSINESS, POLITICIANS, AND CANVASSERS, to make early applications for the exclusive control of territory. One of the greatest opportunities to Stake money ever offered. (When writing, mention this p*p«r.) CHARLES L WEBSTER & Cfc» 8 Batt 14th Street, New York. ' >1 • -if ZiPFihCUi i b Msi GA Z/NE, with A varied amd cxctlitnt tomUnts, it a liiratf im itself. It was indeed a ktifpv thought to frmt M$ entire novel in tack number, Not a short novelette, but a long tfotysu, es yam are used to g. t m book form and pi from one dolUr to one dollar and a half for. Not only that, but with each number you gjf •a* abundance of other contributions, whichgivU you a good magatine besides the novel. The ringing blows whtch have been struck «m the gateway of popular favor, have ruouudti mthly pii read-and-talked-of publication of itskmdbt At world. For full descriptive circulars, addrttt UPPINCO TT'S MA GAZINE, Philadelfkt* I3.00 per year, as cts. single number. The publisher of this paper will receive "V;v3 5 'vs •r f# ' i| %>L • To solicit for our well-known Nwrserjr Good wafrespaid weekly, steady employment jA.ll stock guaranteed true-to name. Our specialty is nnrrfy stock for the North and Northwest. Write tor terms before territory taken, statin? age. (Jhask Brothers' Com pant, Chicago, 111. 13 k **. J- ftnHut* J- J-BarMid;'- &AR3IAW BROS. Wholesale aiid Betail DBALBSS TK ^ ) FINE CIGARS, Mc HENR Y ILLINOIS. ~ Having leased the hrlok bnilding one dear South ot the post office, we have opened § retail store, where, at all times can Ij« fonad line cigars of oar owiSfcrinnufactnre, together ^iwith smoking and enewing tobacco of the l><>8t brands. Pipes a Specialty. We have a very large assortment ft ad sMM»'j very handsome patterns. t CALL AND SEE U8. e' *"• ^ • -1- •• tr Meffenry, November lStb, BASBIAlCBBO*. * *, -i'? ' .1 . V ~h'i gfFORE YOU Buy STEAM ENCINE OR BOILER 'SEND FOR QUI CATAiOOUKawe PfHOt* ATLAS ENGINE WORKS, » INDIANAPOLIS, INS, * :* j : .v'"-" -v ' 1 J , 1 * * , * , \ i i . v . i , . . , J t . * . i s ? . ^ I ' « "s ..A

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