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war AFRICA'S GREAT PBODUCT* ; m ! Sd ;V Ivory Imimtrr and It* UaliNi w the S1ht« Trails It ban been suggested by a recent writer that the extinction of the African elephant would achieve the suppression of the African slave trade, for if their were no ivory to carry to the caast the Arabs would have no occasion to main- tun that fell institution in its foulest form. On the same line we have heard . it argued that the ultimate patrons of African slavery are those men among us whose amusement depend* upon the per­ fection of the sphere wrought out of the choicest {area of the elephant's tooth, "i table and grasped tho stranger's " and- "Did yon," he cried, with the clinging confidence of » Chicago widow, "did yon see that mouse.*--Pittsburgh Dispatch. THE ARIZONA KICKER. " • Whistling Nnismeeti. *""• IhSWn on State street yesterday after­ noon a well-fed merchant stopped a re­ porter and said: "I say, young man, do you ever try to correct pubtic nui­ sances?" "Oh, yes!" said the young man with a pleased smile. "Well, then, why don't you say some­ thing about, those d--d fools that go and tho e ladies whose esthetic taste j *b"lVl_ _I went^0 would l>e offended with other than the soft, creamy, delicately-grained surface for their toilet requisites, which no pro­ duct but ivory caii give. Many will re­ gard this lon^chaiu of responsibility as the mere fantastic creation of a philan­ thropic enthusiast, .and certainly the abolition of the slave trade witl be a slow process if it depend* upon the es­ tablishment of an anti-ivory-using leagne in the Inrndoirs and dining rooms of May fair, or the billiard saloons of the Htrurut. The prospect that the problem wjjl be solved by the extinction of the great pachyderm is also remote. The yearly destruction of elephants is enor­ mous, and obviously there is a limit to the supply, but it promises to hold out- far a long time yet. Occasional timet of scarcity have been experienced, as. far instance, during the recent blackade of the East African coast by Germany, bat the shipment to Europe continues with a remarkable regularity. The bed late last night completely worn out, and I was waked at an unnaturally early hour this morning by an infernal idiot who thought he could whistle 'Annie Laurie' to the tune of 'Anld Lang Syne.' I came down to breakfast and finuuV my -little boy whistling 'Down Went MeGinty to the Bottom of the Sea." Where in the world that child ever learned that outlandish melody is more than I can understand. I said to my wife, in my interne wrath: 'Maria, if that boy ever whistles again in my presence, I'll rend him to a reform school.' There was an exchange of words between us, and the result was a s<vne, a crying spell, a spoiled break­ fast. and a wrathy departure. I got on the car, and an impertinent imp on the back platform greeted mc with the dis­ torted strain* of'Home. Sweet Home.' I got off the car and walked down to the office, and it seemed to me that everybody on the street was whistling. "By the *time 1 perennial talk of an ivory famine has as cy uie time t reached the office yet come to nothing, a rise in pric#be- ! |he!*e a \nei}}e>' ,°.f whistles tu my ing sufficient to stimulate tne supply and bramr th.e .sUn.U. whistle. Uie rasping ODD, QUEER AND CURIOUS. to some extent contract the demand. Those in the trade will tell you that magnificent tusks are now rare, but of medium size there is comparative abun­ dance. How long that will last it is im­ possible to say, but as Africa is opened up the elephant's bounds will be cir- scribed, and some fine day the last wild animal of the species will receive his quietus. Fifty years is the period which one authority' in" the trade-yisri- tares upon for the practical drying up of the ivory supply. We obtain a certain proportion of our supplies of ivory from Asia, but the bulk and the best come from Africa. Indeed, a great |>art of what is nominally East Indian is really African, for it is sent from Zanzibar and Mozambique to Bom­ bay. and such parts as are not required for bangles and carved work are shipped to England. More or less comes from Burmah, Siam, Cochin China, Ceylon, Sumatra and Java, the Siamese l>eing the best of the Asiatic, which is apt to discolor. The African is shipped from brain--the shrill __ whistle, the loud bass whistle, the,boy's disjointed treble, and the man's hide­ ously smooth whistle, the tlfe-like scream, and the long-drawu, hollow sound of the flute. Oh, it was madden­ ing! I took the elevator, and the boy tliat carried me up was making a sibi­ lant noise through "his troth. I glared at him savagely, and he turned white and looked startled. He afterward told my office boy that 'his jags is ratty this mornin'.' Well when I got into the office my boy said: 'Good morning, Mr. So-and-so,' and went on, softly whistling to himself, 'I Had Fifteen Dollar^ in My Inside Pocket.' 'Boy" I cried, with all the rage of a man whom desparate injury had driven to madness, .'Boy, if yon don't stop whistling in this office I will throw you down the elevator shaft, and send your mangled remains home to your mother, with my best com­ pliments.' He stopped. "It wasn't very long, however, before a customer came iu to see me on busi­ ness. I said with my most gracious If you will kindlv wait Seoegambia, Guinea, the Congo, Ben-! 8mile' ̂ T/fTJn/ - - - - • moment, Mr. Blank, I shall be at lib­ erty.' He sat down a guela and other places on the west ooast; Zanzibar, Mozambique and Sofala on the east: Cape Town on the south; and from Tunis, Tripoli, Alexan­ dria and Cairo, being brought down from the interior in caravans. London is the great market for ivory, and buyers both for home and abroad a|tend the four series of sales he'd at the London docks. Liverpool through its direct trading connection .vith the west coast, receives a certain amount of ivory and has a series of minor sales, and Antwerp is now trying to cut into the trade as an outcome of the Belgian efforts in the Congo Free State. At the last series moment, arose instantly strolled over to the window, thrust his hands into his pockets an<T whistled softly, 'Two Lovely Black Eyes.' The office boy grinned. I wheeled about and said, with bitterness in my heart and a smile on my lips, Mr. Blank, I will see you now.' For (rod's sake, young man, call the attention of the public to the horrors of indiscrimin­ ate whistling."--Boston Herald. His Web Besleired by a Toad. A story copied into the Sun reminds , me of n still more striking instance of of sales held 111 London only seventy- ; t.lio toad's indomitable pluck than any- *ve tons were otiered, but the quantities j thing I have ever seen in print, which usually range from 100 to 120 tons. , was' observed in my boyhood at the The last auctions in Liverpool disposed j of thirteen tons, and about thirtv-one tons were offered at Antwerp. Last •ear the total imports of ivory into this country weighed 11,757 hundredweight. This would mean at. least 60,000 tnsks and the destruction of 30,000 elephauts j for this market alone. France, many and America share in these plies, but they also obtain ivory dir more especially Germany.--Pall Geuette. my door of a farmhouse in Fairfax County, Va. The doorsteps were cut from the trnnk of a large tree, and a large spider had spnn a strong web in a cosey cor­ ner near the ground, between the roundiug curvejof thfi„J\Jx)ck and the address In the lea for three months on receipt ot' ONE DOLLAR. Episodes of the White House. The death of Mrs. Robert Ty daughter of the President, who a into office through Gen. Harris death, recalls various episode* White House life in the 'forties, anj same time, brings up reminiscence, the beautiful, gracious lady, who, sc Liberal discount allowed to postmasters jentsand clubs. Sample copies mailed free Address all orders to BICHARD X FOX, F*AXKLIH SQUARE, New York ATTENTION ! Farmers and Dairyman. Itiwlll pay those looking for sixteen years ago. spent a season in IT York with her lovely daughter--(fresh milkers or springers, CHOICE COWS kilkers or springers, to call it »jr remises before purchasing. I can furnish uch by the oar load or single cow. POSTER H. WOLFRUM, On Bit iriro. rm about four miles northwest of Harvard, ioois. " JOHN P. SMITH, ^fVatohmaker & .Jeweler, MCHENRY, ILLINOIS. baby who "romped in the blue --whom " Webster played with who was one of the few juveniles I into the White House purple. Tyler was the daughter of Cooper tragedian. During the winter of 18; while in Richmond with her father, met and became engaged to Hob Tyler, son of the candidate for Presidency! Cooper's qualification actor and a gentleman were re< nized as clearly a-< those of Macread\ the Ivembles. and in spite of the t existing social prejudice against stage and the brilliant, sparkliug yo creature, who, as daughter-in-law pi| -- widower President, became "first -- B «•*** . . If, ̂ in the land," owed much of her popijlvl CnC N R I H \J U S E§ ity to the fine, good breeding and | M „ feet savoir faire of her fathers liolj MoHenry, Illinois. When I knew Mrs. Tyler she wasO"Q H ̂ THELEN old lady, but her charm, her wondeF personality, remained. The winter! PrODfietfir spent in New York, of which I hi K * spoken, was chiefly 'for the purpose giving her daughter an entree on Xhi» House is situated near the Iron Bridge stage. By inheritance Miss Tyler bls«n.l opnoslte the Steamboat Lanting, fine dramatic instinct and considerably been 9®*^ renav\"* ' • o c r assault on an entrenched enerav I ever rTKB stock of Clocks, Watches *nd Jew­ elry always on hand. Special Intention fven to repairing fine watohos. Give me call. john p. astrrn. Frsn Otsw to Gay ID WMUra Kdltarlal Ufo. We extract the following from the last issue of the Arizona Kicker, which j was only a half sheet, and which seemed to have been printed on a cheese- press : EXPLANATORY--We owe our readers an apology for the shape and appear­ ance of the Kicker this week, and shall proceed to give it. Last Sunday we went over to Silver Bend to see the boys and rake in a few subscriptions. Our office vrtvs left in charge of a chap just from the East who claimed to be George Alfred Townsend. As we had never met George we did not feel like calling the stranger a liar. We intended to return Tuesday morning, but in this country man pro­ poses aud mules and other things buck against him. The infernal, lop-eared, stiff-legged, pig-headed, limb-spavined beast which \w> rode--a fit counterpart of our cotemporary down the street- threw us nine times, in going thirteen miles, and we arrived at the Bend badly used up. We hadn't yet raked in u dollar when Lew Smith, a pug-ugly whom we assisted to run out of our town four weeks ago, sounded the war- cry and began to encourage the Bendere to hang us. Most of 'em wera on s drunk that day, and : the propasition at once found favor. Under the pretense that we, as editor, publisher, proprietor and city editor oi the greatest weekly in the* West and which runs as an annex, but under the same roof, a grocery, butcher-shop, feed store, shoe store, hardware and cutlery, had been peeking to break down the so­ cial barriers of the mighty West, they hunted up a rope and selected a tree. We appealed, but it only added to tlieit desire. We tried to argue, but they wouldn't have it. Our editorial person was laid hold of and hustled along to a rope dangling from a limb, and as we looked over the crowd and failed to catch a sympathetic eye we felt our time had come. The boys were white about one thing. Drunk as they were, they had sense enough to realize that a great editor could not wind up his earthly affairs in a satisfactory manner, under fifteen minutes, and on motion of a half-breed, who onoe succeeded .in borrowing half a dollar of us, the tilht was increased to twenty. We wanted tojirgue the case, but it was no go. "VN e started in on a speech, but they whooped us down. By the time that we got down to business five of our twenty minutes had fled. During our editorial career we had assisted at several amateur executions. We had always supposed that ii the crowd were satisfied the victim was bound to be. It never seemed much ol an effort for him to let go of earthly matters, and we have sometimes won­ dered why more of them didn't come for­ ward and asked to be pulled up to a limb. Our ideas underwent a great change as we sat on a meat-box under a dangling rope, while the minutes hur­ ried away like a jackass rabbit taking the lead of a prairie lire on a windy day. Any m&n who believes he can do busi­ ness under such circumstances is mis­ taken. He feels restless and unsettled, and bis mind seems to be distributed over acres of space. It was after we had lost twelve min­ utes of our time fooling around that wc started in on our last will and testament and we hadn't written three lines ot that before we suddenly recollected that we were without a blood relative on earth. As to leaving the Kicker and its annex to any galoot iu town was not to l>e thought of. and we finally made out a bill of sale to that fellow knowi* as William of the Hill, who has several The undersigned is prepared to do all jobs In " the line of Digging Wel!s, Repairing Pumps, Cementing Wells, or •"ill put In ITOOT Pumps On short notice and warrant satisfaction. Ia abort will do all work in this line. Can furnish you a new Pump, either wood or iron, warranted, as cheap aa any other man. Good references furnished if deaired. If you want a Well Dug. a Pump Uepaired or a new Pump, give me a call. ••"Orders by mail promptly attended tow Post Ollce, JonnaburKn, 111. L. BANTES. Johnsburgb, HI.* May 25th, 1MB. -BUKKDJSUH - ll power. She was a very pretty woman --her type like her mother's," blonde, fair and piquant. She gave readings to fairly good audiences in public halls, and several private drawing room en­ tertainments were arranged for all. , V '/• George and the Mouse. .% Oeorge was playing, billiards. George had not been at home for three weeks, ami his nerves were shaky. He poised his cue and sighted at the pink ball. At that moment a mouse popped out of the wall just opposite the pink ball. George aaw the mouse. He saw its bright eyes, and he took off bis hat and wiped his forehead. He looked about the billiard room to see if anybody else saw it. All had seen it but they did not show it. The game went on. George shot again, he drew his cue the mouse its head out of the hole. George it. The perspira tion rose upon his forehead. He took off his hat. looked at the mouse, wiped his brow, felt his limbs to see that he was awake, and glanced nervously about the room to see if anybody else had caught sight of the miscreant. Apparently nobody had seen it, and George was bathed in perspiration. The mouse disappeared when he moved. and his shot was made without a earron. Was it fate or chance that brought that mouse ont every time George shot? It will never be known. A stranger entered the billiard room •adstood a minute to watch the bad game then being played. "Bv George," h» cried, "look at that mouse." George braced up. He wiped his forehead, and chased arouad the witnessed. Besides this it afforded an example of pertinacity on the part of tliedespised toad which fully parallels the heroic quality of the spider, made familiar to us in youth by the story of the Bruce encouraged to renewed eftort by the example of one of these little in­ sects.-- Baltimore Sun, Waiting for a Cue. Guest (in hotel bedroom, shivering) -- Cold as all out-doom! I want a fire. Quick! Porter (opening a window)--Yes, sail; beMah air the room, Bah; awful close lieah." "Why, I'll freeze with that up. Woo! Put it down." "Yes, sah, right away, sah. There, sah. Perhaps this other window hasn't so much draught, sail. Try that, sah." "Great snakes! Woo! Put it down. I want a fire I tell you. I'm half fro­ zen. Can't you see ?" " Yes, sah. Pretty oold heah, sah, but not half so cold as in Dakota. I was in Dakota once, sah, and--" "Hang Dakota. Why don't you get some coal ?" "Y8s, sah, right away, sah. Evah in Montana, sah ? I spent one winter in Montana, and it 'most took my hide off, I jes tell you, sah. Why, say, one mornin', fall, I think it was January or February, sah, mebby in Decem^ah; you see, sah, I ain't very good at diites, but it was--•" "Here! Here's a quarter." Porter (starting off)--Have big blase in minuto, Mb.--New York Weekly MORGAN HORSES, Short Horn, Bii Pshl Aagv, And Jersey Cattle. Hillside Farm, West WIcHenry, S:t. Our Morgan Stock is all purs bred, and sriginated from the best Morgan sto In the United States. Old Gifford Morgan, who stands at the head jf our Stock, is one of the best bred Morgan torses Itt-'H^uyv'ntaeu SJHHIS \VTesfi-ir the hands of Viridomar, the Gallic king lying dead by the bnuksof the Po, his followers were bringing with them e knowledge of the method of makin„ soap. The awful rain of burning ashes which fell upon Pompeii in 79, buried (with palaces and statues) the humble shop of a soapmaker, and in several other cities of Italy the business had even then a footing. In the eighth cen- tury there were many soap manufac­ tories in ItaljT and Spain, and 500 years later the Phoenicians carried the busi­ ness into France and established the first factories in Marseilles. Prior to, the invention of soap, fullers* earth was largely used for cleansing purposes, and the juice of certain plants served a similar pnrpooe. The earth was spread upon cloth, stamped in with tne feet, and sub-equently removed by scouring. It was also used in baths, and as latfc even as the eighteenth century was em­ ployed by the Romans in that way.-- Itehoboth Sunday Herald. . V Wanted It. An old man, in New York, Was in a store examining a number of fountain pens. . "I'll take this one," he said to the clerk. "That one doesn't flow," the clerk an­ swered. Yes, and that's the reason I selected it. Want it to sign donation checks with, yovt know."--Arkanisaw Trav­ eler. , TIME was when poets and "the good" Gied young. Now they write •philoso­ phy" and touoh Aerael at or about 80. AN autopsy on a Wisconsin man alew lays ago revealed five jack-knives in his jtomach. A FAUM near Macduff, Scotland, has been handed down from father to son for 300 years; ,;•< ; * IT LS reported that a floating island 300 yards in diameter has been fonnd in Honey Lake, Idaho. THESE is a young lady in Virginia who can write two love letters at 01100* one with each hand. A THRIFTY Ohio girl sold a batch of >ld love letters to the ragman last Week. She realized -cental which, she de­ clares, is a good deal more than they are worth. ' THE giant diamond, lately discovered in Cape Colony, weighs 180 carats and is valued at $3,000,000. It is said lo be of the first water, and aa pure as the famous Regent in the French Crown diamonds. A SOUTH CAROLINA man who was curious to know just how much stuff an alligator could get away with when he felt well, fed out a hind-quarter of a cow, seven chickens, a sheep, four geese and a hog's head before tfre rep­ tile backed water. CAIRO has a groeer named Tyler, and the first question he asks of a would-be purchaser is: "Do you suore?" If the fact is admitted that ends the matter? right then and there--no purchase can be made. He has taken a vow not to sell even a strawberry to a man who shores. WH F.X the Seminole Indians of Florida eleot a chief they choose the biggest fighter and most successful hunter of the tribe. If there happens to .be a tie between two.candidates, their method of deciding it is to have each candidate place .*> live coal on his wrist The one who flinches first loses the office. A HORSE employed in a lumber mill at Guernville, Cal., for the last twelve years, to haul away the sawdust, has become RO well acquainted with his work that he goes, from one hopper to another, through intricate passageways, without a driver, and never strikes a post. He begins and quits work by the whistle, the same as the men. A vorso lady of Carlisle, Penn;, ha«? received a bill amounting to over one hundred dollars that tells a little his­ tory. The bill came from a jilted man, and in it she is charged with twenty- two yards of silk dress goods, two gold bracelets worth $40, one diamond ring, a hat, and several other items. The above named articles were presents from him. FRANK RIBBONS of Hiberaia, N Y., was the greatest guesser of the age. He could guess the number of eggs in a basket, the quantity of milk in a pail, the number of sticks of wood in a load, how many bushels of corn would be husked from a patch, and in one hun­ dred instances he guessed within one oi two how many grains of corn there were on an ear* JOHN MILLER, an Iowa farmer, took S big umbrella ofl' a beer wagon, climbed to the top of a windmill and opened it and then jumped for an easy sail to the earth. The umbrella turned inside out, and John had both legs, one arm, three ribs and a shoulder blade broken, and the girl he was going to marry called him a fool and declared all contract* off. . Gladstone's Daily Lire, Mr. Gladstone lives a very regular life st his home. He breakfasts lightly about 7 o'clock, and . shortly before 8 walks to the church for pravera. -To the intelligent observer the sight of tlic great statesman walking to church at this early hour in the morning cannot fail to be interesting. Clad in a long coat, tightly buttoned, with a long shawl t rapped closely around his neck and wearing a soft felfc hat, '.is appear­ ance is decidedly picturesque. Upon his return to the castle from morning prayers, he retires to his study, where lie reads and answers, with the aid erf his secretary, his enormous mass of daily correspondence*. There, is nC regular for luncheon at the cas* tie and it is partaken of by those af home at various times. Iu the after­ noon Mr. Gladstone takes a walk io the grounds, and if the weather is pro­ pitious usually engage? in his favorite exercise of tree chopping. He dines at 8 o^'lock, afterwards reads or writes, and at 10 o'clock retires for the night. Though abstemious iu his habits, lie usually drinks bitter beer with his lunch and a glass or two or claret oi port at dinner. Mr. Gladstone is not in any sense asce'ic, is a generous livet and is a great believer in the virtues of a glass of good port wine. When eur gaged m speaking his fillip is a com­ pound of sherry and egg, which is pre­ pared by Mrs. Gladstone with as much anxiety and care as if it were the el mi of life. Mr. Gladstone never smoked. He acquired his habits at a period when tobacco smoking was generally re­ garded as somewhat vulgar among the better class. -- Correspondence of tlu Philadelphia Times. A HoUAt , TMs body ot our* has been liken*d to a tene­ ment. It often has a haunted apartment--the stomach. Scared by the eldrich sprite, dyspep­ sia, digestion flies and refuses to return. . What can break the spell, what can raise tin ban laid npon the unhappy organs? We answer unhesi­ tatingly, Hoatetter's Stomach Bitters, and we are .warranted in the response by the recorded testimony of myriads, covering over a third of a century. A course of Jhe Bitters, begun in any stage Of the affliction, arid persistently fol­ lowed, will terminate in a cure positive, not partial. The Bitters restores tone tc the epi­ gastric nerve, renews and purifies the jni'eos ex­ uding from tile cellular tisaue that act upon the food digeetivcly. expels Idle from the stomach and the Dl.iod, and prouioie* a regular habit of j body. Malaria, kiduey complaint, nervousaess, rheumatism and neuralgia give way to this med­ icine. ______________ DR. J. (T. JUSTIN, a chemist of Syra­ cuse, is the inventor of a 1 rga dynamite cartridge th <t is soon to be made at Per- ryvil!e, Madison County, N. Y., and no little interest is awakened in the experi­ ment that will take place nelur Perryville some dsy next week. Dr. Justin h*s been trying to construct a shell by which any amount of dynamite may be fired v S" ." Progress. •i>"" It Is very important !n this afte of vtlt material progress that a remedy be pleasing to the taste und to the eye> easily taken, ac­ ceptable to the stomach and healthy in Its nature and effects. Possessing these qual­ ities. Syrup of Fies is the one perfect laxa> tlve aad most arentie diuretic known. UEiiTS are fasbioname with womef* but the only man to wearthe bolt is Bia-; livan. , DOBBIKS' ELECTRIC So*.r Is cheaper fir YOU to use than any~other soaps would be if fftren to you. for by it4? use clothes are saved. Clothes cost more thajj soap. Ask for Dobbins*. Take no othor. T H E O L D m KB may from an ordinary cannon withont danger of premature explosion. The shell ne ha-! prepared weighs ^">0 pounds, is 42 inches in lensth and!) inches in diameter. Many capitalists are interested in the ex­ periment, and if the shell is a sucoess it will doubtless superse<V Lieut. Zalinski's pneumatic gun. When tlio suiumer'h rose has faded, What shall make it fair again ? When the faoe with pain is shaded, -'•'i What, fsliull drive &w»y the pain? " *. Xever shall a blossom brighten After blighted l»y the frost, But the loud of pain may lighten, And we need not ceuiil a-s lost all the pleasure of life when the wife and mother, upon whom the happiness of home so largely depends. Is afflicted with the delicate diseases so peculiar to women. It is terrible to contemplate the misery exist­ ing in our midst because of the prevalence of these diseases. It is high time that all women should know thnt there li> one sure remedy lor nil female complaints, and that is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Do not allow ill-health to tauten itself upon you. Ward it off by the use of this standard remedy. But it it has already crept in. put it to rout. You can do it by the use of the "Favorite Prescription." It is guaranteed to give satisfaction in every case, or money paid for it will be returned. FOB biliousness, sick headache. Indiges­ tion and constipation take Dr. Pierce's Pellets. 1 1 1 t A MINNEAPOLIS inventor is about to introduce to the pubKc a slot machine that for a nickel will present the payer a photograph of himself in just three min­ utes from the time he drops in the 5-eent piece. Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that Contain Mercury, As Mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucus surfaces. SiMh articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is tenfold the good you can posbibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, d., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, aiyi acts directly upon the blood and mucus surfaces of the system. Iu buying Hall's Catarrh Cure 1K> sure you get the genuine ; it is taken internally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A" Co. 49"bold by Druggists, jirioe 73c per bottle. SAI.T LAI chureh a h States Government. Mormons oonsider their ier-archy than the ..Coiled mmrnt. Bow to Boy Buggies. The covi ect wav to buy goods of any kind is from the manufacturer when possible. For sixteen yea s tho Elkhart Carriage aad Harness Mttnuiuoturing Compauy. of hart. Ind.. have sold direct to the consumer at wholesale prices, saving their customers I tho middleman'* prollt. As they ftaip uriy* where, with piivilege to exa>nine before payim;. and pay all charges ii not eatisfac- torv, the tuyer runs no risk. f->ee their ad­ vertisement. and send for catalogue. Charles Lamb's Writings. The writings of Charlei Lamb are an excellent illustration of the value of re­ serve in literature. Below his quiet, his quaintness, his humor, aud what may seem his slightnesa, the occasional or accidental character of his work, there lies as I said at starting, as in hit life, a genuinely tragic element. The gloom reflected at its darkest in those hard shadows of "llosamuud Gray," is always there, though not always real­ ized either for himself or his readers, and restrained always in utterance. It gives to those lighter matters on the surface of life and literature, among which he for the most part moved, a wonderful force of expression, as if at any moment these slight words and fancies might pierce very far into the deeper soul of things. In his writing, as in his life, that quiet is not the low Hying of one from the first drowsy by choice, and needing the prick of some strong passion or world ly ambition to stimulate him into all the energy of which he is capable; but rather the reaction of nature, after an escape from fate, dark and insane as au old Greek tragedy, following upon which the sense of mere relief becomes a kind of passion, as with one who, hav­ ing narrowly escaped earthquake or shipwreck, finds a thing for grateful tears in just sitting quiet at IKUBO, un­ der the wall, till the end of days.-- London Review. A POST-MUKTF.M examination revealed in the stomach of a valuable bull terrier that died suddenly in ltevero, Mass., sev­ eral yards of string, burned matches and a cigarette holder. Hibbard's Rheumatic and Liver PHI*. These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform In action. No griping pain so com. monly following the use of pills. They aro adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of Sick Headache, Con- •tlpation. Dyspepsia. Biliousness; and. as an appetizer, they excel any otfcer prepara­ tion. OF all the aliens who took out letters of naturalization in England last year only three were Americans. THE only walking mateh Paris 1 known for some time is Bernhardt. Florenc*, Ala. • . personally conducted exeuYsUAui to this rapidly growing city have been so suc­ cessful that the Cntcago and Eastern Illi­ nois Railroad (Evsnsville lioute) will sun one on each of the tollowing dates: Feb. 4,11,18. and 25. For copy of "Alabama as It Is" and furthet information, send to William Hiil, Gen. Pass. Agent, Chicaso, 111. THE best conga medicine is Piso's Cure fbr Consumption, hold everywhere. 25c. A 10c. Cigar in quality, but only a tie. Cigar iu price, is "Tknsill's Punch." Habit. The only mialc and easy cure. Dr. J. L. _ Stephens. Lebanon. Ohio. UKN'TION THIS PAPER wa>-> warm* to MTUHWU. AUt CTIinV Booklteepine .Business Form*. MIHI. w I SIM I «renmansl)ip,Arithmetic.Short- Ihand, etc.. thoivusrhly tauplit oy mail. Circular* Ifrec. BRTTANT'h Bi siNKssC'oLi.Kut.Buffalo.N.Y. MENTION THIS PAI'KK WHIN ti» anvsHrtasMa. OPIUM U4 H E N E M Y * R fekotxmaa* painAd ii " lion muscles ud of t he hmnan the tymprrii-- whichare mm of the joints, rain* and ache«<. Pt. Jacobs Oil cures M nd permanently this enemv which is RHEUMATISM* Sandy ville, Ohio, June ia, 1SWL Wag taken with rheumatism in 1861; cof­ fered at times ever since and used erotelie* -St. Jacob* Oil relieved me about two •CO- GEO. L.] AT D*r GGV<T»'D DUUU THE CHARLES *. VOfiELER CO.. Ely's Cream Bain WIUL CL'KK Q f t T A R R H Apply Balm into sach nostril. V B1KJS- MWarren 9t_ M. T. jrvtx __ t,-ynm:rn rnuiir To cure Bmornnes*. sv* Headaeb*. ConcM»rtta«. Materia, Liwr I'naiplaints. take the aafla Su<t certain, remedy, SMITH'S B I L E B E A N S tJse th« SMALL SIZE (40 little bean* to th* MK tie). They are the moat convenient; cult aSl scna Price of eit her slae. 25 cent* per bottle. KISSING 7 17 eents (coppers or stamps). J. F. SMITH & CO.. Makers of ' 'Bile Beans." St. Loots. Pheto-ffiwfm*' panel sixe ol this ptctoca Mr (p. JiM '"•'A KIDDER'S PASTILLES^ .a ' MENTION TH« Sure relief i PrKe35cts.r mail. StrrarvUaCto* *jr}cs?ow!i,I" 'mirrc* • If you have a j [COLD or COUCH,; acute or leading to * CONSUMPTION, SCOTT'S EMULSION 1 OF PURE r«I» I .ITER Oil, AMP HYPOPHOSPHXTBS OF LIMB AND SODA m AXTRII CURE I?OM This preparation contains tho stimula­ ting properties of the Mtrpophoitphitm aild fine Soricetflttn Livrr Oil. Ust.'d by plijrolclnus all the world over. It is a* palatable a* tnitk. Three times as effica­ cious aa plain Cod Liver Oil. A perfect Emulsion, better than all others made. For mil forma of Waxtlntj DJIPAWJ, BroaefciHl, COXSTMPriOX, Scrofula, a»<l as a Flesh Producer there is nothing like SCOTT'S EMULSION. Itlseold by all Druggist*. Lef nooneby profuso explanation or impudent entreaty induce you to accept a substitute. i cm w.woi ltNOIwN WwlilneloBj _ . ^Succesafully Prosecutes Claim** Late PrincipalEktelnertT8. Penloo DiliuggT I yrs iu last war, IS adjudicating cMms.attj MENTION THB MOt ' i - \ % j Vh -..rx. i Vh -..rx. *. ^MOTHERS TflEHD" ",ASY DIMINISHES "^JUPTHER CH I LIT MAoPlELD REGULATOR CO. «TlAln% DETECTIVES WanteJ «hrt»wd bion to act under ioRtrticUoMi la vorfe. Repre«coi*tives receive the InieratttMttfc BttMNhOfc £rt»anfcn'< Warning Agaiani Fraurt, 0raea»o*»fUfcimwy#* V o t e * C r i m i n a l * . T h o ^ i u i a l i r * f c lbs to ta *tanir> for partiralura. BaafritpMSlft* an. flBAKXlX DETECTIVE IIHIAC CO. *• ull.«U itaali> A SOLID GOLD RING Tî SS for S3. On receipt ot we will e«nd a SotliOoia BinK with a (ie.nnitic Diamond Setting and < moth Catalogue tthi* is not an Alaska. Callfai ateaa quartz stone, but a Genuine Diamond, watch laaa^ anteed by Lapp & Pleraham. vholaaala thiit city); or. on iei"eipt ot oil eta., we will i rii)R O. <). D. for fiaiuinition. Stnd siai wanted, and money by P. O. order, to RKED & AN SOX. l.V! I.aSalle St.. Tkt Oldest Mtdicine i* tht World it irtimtij' DR. ISAAC THOMPSOII'S ecriptlon, and has been In eon<umt use for newrur <<<>i)turv. There are few diseases to which MHI ere biibjpct more distressing tl>.»u sore eyea. a* none, perhaps, for which more remedtea ' trliii without success. For all external tafl of the eves it Is an Infallible remedy. If th* • tlono are followed it will Vepartknk^ Invite the attention of phvfieians »o Its wiertta. sale by all driittgi«ts JOHN' T-. THOMPSOK» 2 ft CO.. TROV. N. y. £atebllshed 179.". •Jm MM © A 8 T H M * * Ptftn'i AsthaMKywflHr KdMam aumwa. ' 4*- Paru Li. Sworaa, M. D. town.Pa..wrtwa: "1 ha*«haft ' J; relief until i tried jn%r • fic, wnlcb dia»*ly." f'oW '».* all trn. giau. gl per ma^giSB* IKI'AL PACEA«B ; T. POPHAS The Elkhart Carriage* Harntss Mfg. 6« iNlm' utlaf ||I«B TLI« t»hlfi far SOLO Mr ML Off vests i I 1 i to COPYRIGHT »1089 M 1' V'aceiufttien on the Leg. A French practitiohor, TB the coarse of a large number of re-vaccinations, was struck with the fact that the opera­ tion was far more successful when per­ formed on the leg than when the arm was selected. Among 177 CASE* the percentage of failures was 43,45 on the leg, AS compared with 53.-84 oa thearia. --Medical Circular#?* X &•• •'•• • • • • • ... -. *77777 HEALTHY OFFSPRING are only begotten of healthy- mothers. How important, then, that the health of the future mothers of our land should be carefully guarded. Our girls need the tenderest care as they are entering upon woman* hood. At this critical period of their existence it often happens, through neglect, that the seeds of distressing ailments are sown, which afflict them in after years. As a regulator and promoter of functional action at this important stage, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a most reliable agent for building up the strength and system and establishing the proper functions. " t avorite Prescription " is a legitimate medicine, carefully compounded, by an experienced and skilltul physician adapted to woman's delicate organization. It is purely vegetable in its composition and perfectly harmless in its effects in any condition of the system. For all those peculiar weaknesses, " bearing - down " sensations, weak back, displacements, as prolapsus, ante version, retro­ version and kindred ailments, it is specific. The only medicine for woman's peculiar diseases, guaranteed to give satisfaction in every Case, or money refunded. A Book of 160 pages on "Woman, Her Diseases and their Self-care, mailed, sealed in plain envelope, on receipt of ten cents in stamps. Address, WORLD'S DISPKNSABY MKDICAX, ASSOCIATION, 663 Street, Buffalo, N. Y. TVn P{AVV)A'O Pall OF A reimlate and cleanse the liver, stomach 1/1 a JT lul W O A vilo UO and bowels. One a toe. Br 4rusffistsr Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists ipysjs,* <L 'U&fe. m tharftilfMt aatlafattary. WirrwitH IVP < ytara* I'aUltfM I'EKIL AMrw p. B, PRATT, 8ecV, Elkhart, - - Indiana. NORTHERN PACIFIC IlLOW PRICE MIL HOW PRICE MILROUUUMfc FREE Government LANMr MILLIONS of Amu in Mlnnenota, North Pa Kota.Mon iMnu.ldaliu,Wiu*lUi>Kton and Otf». rrain CnDPxl^X^^ONR Wlt<I IQMI>S describing ME. ULUU I UK BEST Agricultural, ttnzinit and LLAMR a lids now opau to Settlers. SKNT I'HKK. idf iHAS. B. LAMBORH.^^-u tan (| 18 THB IREAT TUBULAR WELL AND PROSPECTING MACHINE SELF CLEANINfi. •rill dn|»Wt*M • Mint*. CATAIOBUE FREE L00K1S a XYXAN, TIFFIN. OHIO. . ar-WwHm n, W«rtK. TH Wtl iowltti •acklae. ALLoibnl: 4 '•MM FREE ctU«int BOOK (ttrMiM. I X?'T\ O ONEeoam ^X!i Jj 1 # .PACKET,. I and upwards according tomrHy. scarcity, or cost. Cheapest of anr by oz. k th. lOOOOOOextraa. Cite que free. It. H. ghomwur Bockfiwd IB.. THE VICTOR TYPEWBM m Th« SpMilieni, WrlsSnjE Chine ON tlie Market. PKKFKCT MI CSAM-M. Ha • recordof HIS wonts EertuiuntP. AiJE.MS \V.\'VrKT rataldgUR on Rprlioutioa. (iOKMl LLV & JKI FKRV MAMVaCTI KINM thi«-m*O.I •AitiruTuiEis sr itcrcits. TIICYCLES IUMKI IF rot; WISH A I KOOII REVOLVER Burc-l'aK- one of fcated SMITH & M KSSON •rms. The iin» st t-mall arms ever iranufiK-tiir.Hl and the IIrut ch it* of all exivrt*. Mauufactuml in calibre 32, ssarid 44-100. mle or double action. Safety Hjunuierleaa and T&rcvt mo»l>'ls. I'osiHtnioUxt futirvJy of beat. Ity wroivkt Mffl. . urffvil'iy uifixxted tot __ maiislr|> and stock, t h»%y ar« uBri»al<>d fop iu ru bllitr find necurnov. _ dirap mallrikle <*ttMt>irpn imttailiMia Do not buiecfitrfi ,,, - , imltaitiMi tt«-u sold for the ai'Ucle an t onlv i WESSON Hevolvcrn aw ail stamiol «jK>a ty rels wiili firm's naiu«% nitiivna ana date* " Iv unrrli*).'.', but daumrouR. The •lid are gaamuiprd i»>rf«ct*Tn r»vry deti •1st uixm havinK the genuine article, aad |( MV dtvili-r cannot supply you aa order s»nt to brlow will m-pive prompt and carpfnl UtfBttaL Domriptive catalogue and prices f ruiahed piiction. SM|T|| & ^^"Mcntlon thi* pajx-r WESSON, V U VI Springlleld, Mmmmf ' CHICHESTER'S CNGLISW ' PEMMYROYAL WIU. ;j | Cnh lMiamoad Bnuri. A. M "tgririsissi.sftsf, ̂ 1«'vxsssrs3s; 4 < •umitaiaitlnlm iiriwirtf I TMt»*crib« and tally MK- dorse Biic O as th« ouQr spffitlc (or the curt*)n cwWw of this disease. U. U.INt: UA HAM. M. IHi. Amsterdam. S. Vi • We bat** «'id Big many years, and H bs»* . BKiven tbe b««t «t m» • tactioD. D. K. UVCHRI OOL. . Ct>iC*«o. Ut. •1.04k Sold by OtiUHHW,. *- \VHF WK1T1XO *o Ai>vKKTtsaam» mmmmUm-u mmwSnm-

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