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Elmvale Fall Fair - Years Past
Elmvale Fall Fair
The Elmvale Fall Fair is brought to you by the Elmvale-Flos Agricultural Society. The Society is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated under OMAFRA’s Horticultural & Agricultural Societies’ Act. The Society owns much of the property at 14 George St. in Elmvale, not including the Arena and a small area around it. Fall fairs are one of the oldest community events in municipalities across the province. Their original purpose was to showcase livestock and produce, while the competitions and judging were the basis of agricultural education and farm improvement knowledge transfer. This tradition started in Flos Township in 1860, with the first Fair in Elmvale in 1881. It is the mission of the Elmvale-Flos Agricultural Society to showcase our agricultural heritage and help preserve the rural roots of the communities within Springwater. Depending on the weather, the Fair can see between 8,000 and 10,000 attendees. This is a phenomenal way for local businesses to showcase their diverse offerings to tourists who travel for the Fair, the Parade, and the Exhibits. The first item in our exhibit is a wonderful history of the Fall Fair and Agricultural Society by local historian Jessie Thompson. It provides a great in depth look and is definitely worth the read! We also suggest you going through the second item, which is a list of past Presidents along with their photos.
Flos Agriculture Society History
Flos Agriculture Society History Details
Flos Agricultural Society Presidents
Flos Agricultural Society Presidents Details
Gray's Greater Canadian Shows Contract
Gray's Greater Canadian Shows Contract Details
1898 Elmvale Fall Fair Advertisement
1898 Elmvale Fall Fair Advertisement Details
Elmvale Fall Fair Prize Slip
Elmvale Fall Fair Prize Slip Details
Fall Fair - Nineteenth Century
Fall Fair - Nineteenth Century Details
Horse & Buggy
Horse & Buggy Details
Steam Tractor Float
Steam Tractor Float Details
Fall Fair Grounds
Fall Fair Grounds Details
Fall Fair 1972
Fall Fair 1972 Details
Fall Fair Grounds
Fall Fair Grounds Details
Fall Fair Horse Racing
Fall Fair Horse Racing Details
Fall Fair Schools
Fall Fair Schools Details
Parade Entering Arena
Parade Entering Arena Details
Fall Fair Cattle
Fall Fair Cattle Details
Millenium Year Parade
Millenium Year Parade Details
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