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Times & Guide (1909), 15 May 1947, p. 7

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DOVER SPORT The regular monthly meeting of the Downsview Woman‘s Associaâ€" tion was held in the Sunday school room of the church on Wexneudny, May Tth, at 2:30 p.m. Mrs. W. Young conducted the devotional period, assisted by Mrs. Duncan, who read from the Book of Ruth the story of Naomi returning to her native land of Palestine, with her daughterâ€"inâ€"law, Ruth. Mrs. Young read comments on the Scripâ€" ture showing that Ruth became the mother of Jesse and the ancesâ€" tress of our Lord. Mrs. Allen read the storf' of the Negro who treated the Bible like he did a dinner of fish. The bones, which he could not eat he laid aside, and the good flesh of the fish he ate. So, with the parts of the Bible that he could not understand he laid aside, and the rtions that he could understantf‘;\e used as his spiritual food. Mrs. Burry offered prayer and the worship period was closed by Mrs. Angus as she read hymn 346â€""O for a faith that will not shrink, Though pressed t:iy every foe." Mrs. Dickin presided during the business session. She reported that about fifty articles were conâ€" tributed in the kitchen shower that | pownsvIEw ) 15 21 22 25 22. Means of transmission 25. Tangle + 28. Exclamation 20. Warehouse 31. Exchange premium 82. Insect §4. Bathes 86. Preceding night 87. Shepherd‘s pipe 39. One with leprosy 41. Plural ending 42. Force units 44. Addresses 46. Smear 48. Scandinavian 49. Gathered §2. Common funds 65. Hebrew letter 56. Musical study 68. Ribbed textile 69. Wooden pin $0. Storms §1. Not professional â€" _ pOWN 1. Concealed fence 4. Blaze 9. This girl 2. Fish 3. Lead color 4. Spread 1. Past Musical drama Windflower Puts up Sufficient (poet.) _ CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 2. Befall 3. Betal palm 4. Woolen cloth 5. Chinese measure 6. Bird 7. Of me 8. Blissful abodes (The answer to this puzzle appears elsewhere in this issue) 22 28 LORNE E. LENEHAN Investigate the advantages of the Family Income Policy, Pays a Monthly Income in addition to the face of the Policy. BUY TRHE MUTUAL LIFE OF CANADA 43 Church St. _ WESTON _ Phone 1544â€"W Jt I A1l1I Madeâ€"toâ€"Measure Suits Ordered Now was given for the Wood, family, who recently suffered the loss of home and contents by fire. The family was very appreciative of the iift. A letter was read acâ€" knowledging receipt of contribuâ€" tions to the Cancer Fund. Plans were made for a~Blossom Time tea and home baking sale to be held in the Sumday school room on Wednesday, May 28th, at 2:30 p.m. Hi'.mn 402, ‘"Lead On O King Eternal," and the Mizpah benedicâ€" Have iou heard the one about the tough old character who was told by his doctor that he should drink a glass of orange juice after a hot bath? * W\ Doctor met the old fellow two or three days later, _ "Did you drink that orange juice?" he asked. 0 _"Gosh, Do¢, not yet," answered the old fellow. J drinkin‘ that bath." tion closed the meeting. The ten members, present enjoyed a social halfâ€"hour with tea and cake. Two office boys were discussing business. "Have you got a good job?" asked one. "Yes," came the prompt reply. "I can get to the office any time I choose just before nine and leave just when I please after six." 16 10. 11. 18. 20. 22. 23. 24 26. 27 30 #. Method of packing 0. Fowl 1. Dutch commune 6. So. African district 8. Small monkey 0. Floral part 2. Kind of beet 4. Natural sweet 4. Was fond of 6. Fasten firmly 7. Loam deposit 0. Lukewarm Consult SOMETHING NEW 19 MAIN ST. N. mm MATERIALS »»« ©@GABARDINES e YARN DYED WORSTEDS ©@ENGLISH TWEEDS © ENGLISH TWILLS © AND OTHERS © SINGLE BREASTED 2 or 3 Buttons ©DOUBLE BREASTED One Button Rolled Lagel, and Regular 2 Button Style © Individually Tailored ©@Hand Stitched WwORKMANSHIP 33. Caring for 35. Mexican shawis 88. Costly 40. City in Nevada 43. More positive _ 45. O1d English freeman 47. Greek letter 49. Undermine 50. Hasten 51. Burrowed 53. Pasture 64. Secret agent 57. Down (prefix) THE STYLES min‘t finished 10 M _ Rev. T. B. Butler made a very forceful sermon Bunday, May 11th, from 20th verse St, Matthew‘s 12th chapter, "A bruised reed He will not break: and theâ€"smoking flax will He quench." The rector spoke of the bruised and broken men and women our Lord had used in His work and asked that we embrace epportunities that come our way. Thistletown Women‘s Institute held its May meeting one week eatâ€" lier this month, so members would be free to attend the annual meetâ€" ing at Woodbridge, May 15th, Mrs. Gordon Cameron, second vice presiâ€" dent, presided. _ Mrs. Henderson was in charge of the Agricultural programme, and introduced Mrs. Frank Reeves of Humber Summit, who gave a most interesting and instructive talk on her stay and work at Barberlow, Ohio, on the pollenizing of plants to raise new varieties. The length of time and labor was most amazing. Being as near Mother‘s Day Mrs. Ross Matâ€" thews read a Mother‘s Day Poem }afld the song Mother was sung by all. â€" 7’I‘VheWSVt.VArnidrxr'erv;'r’rsV‘lomen's Guild will meet at Mrs. Smith‘s, Irwin road, at 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 20th. avenue. Next Sunday, May 18th, Mr. C. Minty of Toronfo. will be the guest preacher at St. Andrew‘s. Any one wishing to donate a small contribution to the Memorial stone for our late beloved primate may pay same into Rev. T. B. Butâ€" ler‘s care. The only stipulation it must be small please (not over $1). Mrs, M. Attwood of Cincinnati, Ohio, is ndil? her vacation with Mr. lnd‘fiu. . Lodge of Barker Mother‘s Day service was held at 7.30 p.m. in the church Rev. H. Peters preached the sermon on "Home and Its Value to the Comâ€" munity and World." Ladies of the WA and congregation formed a Mother‘s Day choir under the leadership of the organist and choirmaster, Mr. Dunning, and two pieces were sung. We are glad to see Bill Smith of Albion Road around again, Bill spent the last two weeks in bed quite sick, The infant son of Mr and Mrs. George Chapman, John Robert, and Michael George and Richard John, small sons of Mr. and Mrs. G. Snelâ€" ling, were baptised at the United church on Mother‘s Day. The Snelâ€" ling children are grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. William Bushee and baby Chapman is the grandson of Mrs. Jessie Chapman. Customer: "But if you are sellâ€" ing these watches below cost, where does your profit come in ?" Mr. Potter, dining at the golf club, was amazed to see his wife in eap and apron approaching the table to take his order. _ _ _ â€" ‘"What are }:{);x 7doin'g here," he asked. ns â€" _ "Well," she replied. "It‘s so nice to see you sometimes." _ Dealer: "We make our profit repairing them." _ _ . â€""‘â€"‘fi;ai);in;svsr,” said the philosoâ€" pher, "is the pursuit of something, not the catching of it." _ __ _ Mr. Citizen then asked: "Have you ever chased the last bus on a rainy night?" Will be Ready in 2 «=) Weeks Thistletown A Large Variety to Choose From ALL WEATHER COATS DOVER SPORT SHOPS uts 19 MAIN ST. N. SUITS & COATS A Large Assortment of MEN‘S and BOYS‘ Readyâ€"toâ€"Wear WINDBREAKERS SPORT and LOAFER JACKETS Other Stores to Serve You at 576 Danforth Ave. â€" 1154 Danforth Ave. â€" 445 Parliament St. â€"578 Bayview Ave. WATERPROOEF The young grandson of Mrs. Paquette, Sudbury store keeper, was playâ€" ing near this bunch of bananas when a sixâ€"foot black and yellow snake was seen to emerge from among the fruit. The child was unaware of the danger and played quite unconcerned about the snake. It took two policemen to kill the unwelcome visitor. MEN‘S On Sunday the weatherman was very kind to everyone. Mrs. H. S. Parkes Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Sangster (friends from Cardenden, Fifeâ€" shire), motored to Niagara with Mr. Harry Parkes Jr. Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the trip. . â€" â€" fhs Don‘t forget the sale of homeâ€" made baking sale, sponsored by the Friendship Circle, to be held ‘on rHumber Summit " TIMES AND GUIDE, WESTON FIND SNAKE IN BANANAS AT THE WESTON THE SALVATION ARMY 500 Instrumentalists â€" 300 Vocalists presents â€" â€" featuring â€" â€" â€" WINDSOR, OSHAWA, DOVERCOURT, NORTH TORQNTO, AND EARLSCOURT BANDS. All other Toronto Bands in massed formation. Bandsman Cliff Williams, cornetist, of Windsor, formerly soloist with the R.C.A.F. No. 1 Band. Bandsman Bram. Stevenson, trombonist, of Chicago, formerly soloist with the United States Navy Band. Tickets obtainable at Salvation Army Trade Department, 20 Albert Street, Toronto. Phone AD. 6294. THE CHICAGO STAFF BAND You can get all your Men‘s Wear Friday, May 16, at the home of Mrs. R. Sleigh, Woodbridge road, opposite‘ post office. Tickets are ready for the Niagâ€" ara trip. Adults $3, children, 14 and under, $2, sponsored by the Community Memorial Hall commitâ€" tee, Humber Summit. NOW! Mr. and Mrs. Evans have had the store front newly painted, but some smart alec thought they would like to put some decoration on it. There wete three advertiseâ€" ments on the doorway, one was completely burnt off, damaging the woodwork underneath. The other LAY AWAY PLAN BUDGET TERMS CASH NEEDS on or BRILLIANT SOLOISTS Prinute aoory to the yubleniy s qA ~A4 ':E'-';‘n Lo A2 chief and destruction, | Bowling Club , _ Birthday greetings to Mrs. W Chapman. Employer (to clerk)â€"I thought you were sick yesterday ? Clerkâ€"Yes, sir, 1 was. Employerâ€"Well, you certainly didn‘t look very sick when I saw you at the races yesterday afterâ€" Plain Shades â€" Blue, Beige, White and Cream. _ Sizes 14â€"17. _ Stripes and other patterns. sational games with Left Over ulided Liffies won by 161 pins. The Clerkâ€"I didn‘t? _ You should have seen me after the fourth race. Miss Janet Jordon celebrated her birthday on May 7th with a party. Amongst her guests were: Miss Margaret Henderson of Weston, Margaret Gabrielson, Jeanie Pirie. l‘:,c‘r_zgv}e had a grand time. |___ "It‘s a bottle of hair tonic, dear." "Oh, that‘s very nice of you, darling." . s "Yes, I want you to give it to your typist at the office, her hair is coming out rather badly on your coat." New Summer Ties Wife: "The doctor said at once that I needed a stimulant. Then he asked to see my tongue." _ _ 4 Husband _ (alarmed). _ "G 0 0 d heavens! I do hope he didn‘t give you a stimulant for that dear." Cotton â€" Cotton and Wool â€" All Wool Readyâ€"Toâ€"Wear Gabardines, Worsteds, Tweeds, Twills BamE V AWCHC MBC PMBRUCIE: Gilded pu&d three sen tlanal -lfl-;h- wi Taft Awer May I were the playoffs A. PURKIS ELECTRICIAN Phone 112415 WESTON RR. 3 A Large Assortment Of MEN‘S FINE DRESS MEN‘S SOX AND SHORT SOCKIES SHIRTS PANTS ZONE 4â€"499 402 Scarlett Rd 1 LITTLE AVE. Base Plugs â€" Wiring for Electric Stoves Specializing in New Residences Repairs to Irons, Toasters, Lamps, Washers, Motors, Fans and Fixtures Called for and Delivered 139 Main St.â€"Weston Ph. 74â€"JU PAT LYNSKEY & SONS B. E. HAIGHT | IRVIN LU TIR Lumber â€" Builders‘ Supplies â€"‘Fuel Plsii(;m colors ofi 2lu9, Bm Gold, Green an 5 , small checks, all om;rh w ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR SPORT S SAND â€" GRAVEL â€" FILL Co. 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Prompt Delivery LIMITED PHONE ZONE 4â€"514 ueC Weston 696â€"3 / $%E

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