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Times & Guide (1909), 17 Oct 1963, p. 13

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N 5 Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger, Know the idenMying Matures of the game you mind to hunt, , tihattended [um should be unloaded, Guns nnd ammunition should In stand separately be. Since the skunk's weapon Is an oily substance it is best to use that which has been proven ef- fective in removing oil. Gasoline could be most harmful to a dog's skirt so it should be used sparing- ly. In his own words here's how he does it: "Dampen a sponge, or cloth, with pure gasoline and rub the hair Then rub in clean, warm, sawdust to take up the oil. Repeat when dry, using fresh sawdust each time, Finally give the dog a warm bath using lots of soap. Catholic soap is best. Rinse off and dry with a cloth or sawdust. This method never fails." The mistake was a simple one. He merely slammed in the clip of cartridge; while the bolt was back Noticing the gun was open he closed the bolt. That, of course, shoved a shell into the breach. A little later he removed the clip and put it in his pocket, not realizing the gun was loaded and ready to fire. His last fatal step was to place the butt of the gun on the ground and lean on the muzzle. A fellow nimrod took me into his house one day for the purpose of showing me his pride and joy, -e a beautiful automatic shotgun. Taking it from the rack he hand- ed it to me and I looked down the sights. Suddenly it occurred to me that he hadn't proven his gun. In other words, he hadn't opened it to prove that it was empty. 4 Always carry your gun so that you can control the direction of the muzzle. even if you stum- ble, Keep the safety on until you are ready to shoot. 6 Never point a gun " any thme you do not want to shoot Avoid all horseplay while tutndi, ing a gun. iiaithir:,hterhai'orhe'i,'u, “’12:? Lakeshore Bears won two big s’emi-final_ games, both sudden stated that he could give decliigames last weekend to clinch dehhc,'lhiarheshore etb Scar- hunters some pointers on how tofirst place in the western division boro on Saturday 'lid',' wii’l meet hunt without dogs. Use of dtsistandings of the Ontario Jr. Foot- the winner of the Burlington-In- is illegal 1n several ptrrts ot ‘helBall Conference. They now meet victus tilt and depending on 5’31" "gieJg,'dusug "£332 'f,eT/scarboro Rams in ' suttdenlwho wins that game Pri.il de- have to say. [death semi-final game at s.ttii,"t'nt1ethte,2cllue" ttgif""' game PROVE YOUR GUN coke Collegiate on Saturday!, If lnvictus wins Lakeshore Far be it from. me to preach. imorning. iwill play them at Bronte Athle- but, now that we re In the midst1 Lakeshore got by their only Hie Field next Tuesday night and ('vu's"oilhnutti'iei, ",'i,ai'ttni.dard'T/eettt rival for top spot. Bur- if. Burlington Ire the yir.Ltors: the the handling of GG,' JC'rTaini.ihmeton Braves 25-0 at EtyatokeJ1nrsrt, €339 will be at Hamilton should be in order. Saturday morning and the-ninnm [11:12:35 ni ht's ame Vi A few weeks ago l friend oi clinched top spot w.lh a 27-0 vic- Wozniuk lad, lf 'eldefflflte'nevdi mine told me how his brothEr tory at Niagara Falls Thanks-genera] as he mixed a variety accrdently shot and lulled him- giving night. of plays at quarterback as the ii"if,e,tiitf,fnt3e5" Jr",i,en)'eepllr'sr As a result of the combination ',eia:.s,tvfri'owered the Niagara this poor fellow nevertheless wasiot victories and defeats, Lake- 'TI, 1;: at ed the first major by I victim of his own carelessness. lshore meets Scarboro while Bur‘itosing a 20 yard pass to Ainsley I appreciate words of wisdom and advice from experienced out- doorsmen and am pleased to pass them along in this column. Mr. Smith, who has been I hunter and trapper for many years, stated that he could give deer hunters some pointers on how to hunt without dogs. Use of dogs is illegal in several put: of the provmce and I'm sure some of us will be interested in'what he'll have to say. __ ___ Lowering it from my shoulder, I turned to him and said. - "May I open it?" "Sure". he said, "go ahead." To our mutual horror. there were three shells in it. 3 Always be sure barrel and anion are clear of obstructions and that you have only ammum- hon of the proper sue for the gun you are carrying. Remove oil and grease from chumber be fore firing. Les Mackey, one of my hunting and fishing companions, told me about the time he went to a sport shop to purchase a tackle box. During the transaction he placed the box on the floor just in front of 'mm and asked it he could look at a .22 rifle that was displayed on the rack. The Storekeeper oblingingly took it down and shot a beautiful hole right through the new tackle box. Apparently one of the other clerks had been demonstrating the gurfs smooth ejecting ability, by using live ammunition,' and had accidentally left a bullet in the breach. 2 Guns carried into camp or home or'when otherwise not in use must always be unloaded and taken down, or have actions open Guns should always be carried m cases to the shooting area A sport shop is one place where you certainly wouldn't expect a Run to be loaded. But. there you are! At All Times. Prove your Gun! I can't stress that rule too strongiv, Tragic headlines are being made by people who dttin't know the gun was loaded. But, they would have known " they'd opened it when they first picked it an I hope lhese object lessons will warn those who might otherwise be a little careless. Never. never lake a gun for granted. Prove it first The following are the Ten Commandments of gun safety: ' 1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun. This is thr, first and foremost rule. WOODLAND TOPICS i" 10. Avoid alcohohc drinks be More or during shooting. 8. Never climb a tree or knee. or jump a ditch, with a loaded gun. Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle, 9. Never shoot a bullet at I no, hard surface, or the surtace of water. When at target practice, be sure your backstop ls ade- quate. 1 Instead of saying ‘the aqtion of estimating as worthless,' next time try saying 'noccipaucinihi- roilifieation.' It is the longrst word in the Oxford dictionary and has 29 letters. It was fipst used in the 16th century. lREMEMBER... About four out of five ehildren born with heart defects can now be helped by various operations, your Ontario Heart Foundation reports As a result of the combination of victories and defeats, Lake- shore meets Scarboro while Bur- lington takes on Invictus, in yoiid reach of children and care ieas adults. Crush Niagara, Bee hinders Bears Clinch First With Two Shutout Wins CALL SIMPSON MOTORS IIOW---A GHEIIII-IIP WILL AVOID DELAYS Mil GOSTLY REPAIRS LATER! 3180 LAKE SHORE BLVD. W. See TONGUE TWISTEB BUICK VAUXHALL ACADIAN GMC TRUCKS ..for a REALLY Good Buy We Advise the Following: Opolanl Sysiem Test Antifreeze Check Thermostat Tighten All Hoses Check Heater and Defroster Operation Check Wipers and Washer Operation l Install Block Heater PONTIAC LlliErlr] Where Required Should Lakeshore get by Scar- boro on Saturday they will meet the winner of the Burlington-In- victus tilt and depending on Iwho wins that game will de- ‘pend the locale of the first game lot the two game final. WOZNIUK GAINS 12. Lakeshore Bears quarterback Viz Wozmuk elected to keep the ball on this play and managed to skirt the end for I2 yards before being halted by Burlington tacklers. In the right background Ted Bound MI) is blocking s’emi-final games, death affairs. In Monday night's game, Vie Wozniuk was an excellent field general as he mixed a variety of plays at quarterback as the Bears overpowered the Niagara crew 27-0. He initiated the first major by tossing a 20 yard pass to Ainsley Hogan who was stopped at the Burlingm SERVIGE YOUR GAR UNDER THE STAR . . - MEIER ltitt " all LAKE SHORE BLVD. Electrical System Test Points and Condenser Check & Clean Plugs Clean Filters Adjust Carburetor gheck Out Starting Circuit Check Battery Check Generator "Your Fricndly Ford Dealer on the Lokuhon" it 259-821 I 13 yard line. Don Kopplin went off tackle for the TD. 13 yard line. Don Kopplin then were Terry Grimley and Hogan-Pete Heenan ran second with went off tackle for the TD. Wozniuk kept the Niagara de- 42 . . . In ten games, the Bears Wozniuk then crossed up the fence honest and guessing with defence allowed only 23 points opposition in the second quarter a mixture of off tackle, plunges'to the opposition and had seven by taking the halt himself for a and keeper plays to go with his/shutout, They lost two games. 23 yard romp for the seconipassing. Indicating that if the opposition major. He got key blocks fromi In_ Saturday's 25-0 rout over can solve the Bears defence they Ed Huml and Ted Aldrid e to Burlington Braves Wozniuk/have a chance of wtnnng . . . _ g Kopplin, Dave Bailey and Pete The move to Bronte next Tues- shake him loose. Pete Keenan Heenan all went over for maiorlday night if Invictus beats Bur- converted and the Bears led 13-0’scores and Heenan converted0ington is necessitated by the fact at the half. itwice successfully to give the that Lakeshore's regular home Wozniuk again carried the batllBears a tie for top spot although,grounds, Etobicoke Collegiate. is himself in the fourth quarter, by virtue of a better win amino! equipped with lights . . . this time on a seven yard carry. loss record and a better points) ----- Prior to Wozniuk's flight into average, Lakeshore had to lose toi, Through research, medical sci- paydirt, Murray Cole plungediNiagara in order to be toppledlertce has made great gains in pro- over from the four yard line inlout of top spot and the Bearsllonging the lives of victims of the third _ quarter and Heenan4made sure they didrft lose. mean attack and heart attack' and Wozniuk again carried the ball himself in the fourth quarter, this time on a seven yard carry. Prior to Wozniuk's flight into paydirt, Murray Cole plunged over from the four yard line in the third quarter and Heenan convened both. Wozniuk completed 17 of 21 passes and his favorite targets N STUDEIAKII CRUISER 4-001" Sedmt plin won the . league scoring championship with 66 points and 0 Burlington player and at the far right Jim McMahon has just completed his part in the fake handoff. Lakeshore de- feated Burlington 25-0 to wnn the western division champion- ship of the Ontario Jr, Football Conference In Saturday's 25-0 rout over Burlington Braves Wozniuk, Kopplin. Dave Bailey and Pete, Heenan all went over for major EXTRA POINTS . . . Don Kop- STUDEBAKER NEW TORONTO different by design BUILT TO LAST - AND LAST AND LAST 2491 Lake Shore Bled. W. MIMICO Step up - mov- aroond the car for tin total picture - a look at tin beautiful big, new shape at Studebaku - from tllu crisp lino design to the classic nu not cal to the elegant nculpturing at the side pan-la and neatly crafted roar nut-us. All an- hanaa this strong, clan-I than. from - angle. Phone 255-1115 Next to Roller Rink Through research, medical sci- ence has made great gains in pro- longing the lives of victims of heart attack and heart attack' and heart failure. Your Ontario Heart Foundation can supply you with informative. pamphlets. Photo by Stan WUtdgtm THE ADVERTISER - 3420 LAKE SHORE BLVD. W. " AC! "I! 2il1,'S fait 'tteil'!',??,).?',?! '60 vouswusm '-_._$_F__._.FPr.. '59 powmc, a glint-v. sun. WITH APPIO'IEII CREDIT I “I " " IOITIIS " MY SIMILAR EASY TERI: " "4 CHRYSLER! I PLYMOUTH! '6t PLYMOUTH IELVIDEII Sol-II, 0M netting, q uhucly and MI! thet " min In" on. I good "r. Only wr.............. a At THESE Prices Anyone Can Drive. 'ss DODGE 6 cyl, 2 door _...-............." '53 VAUXHALL ,. _,..........-.....-. '54 $700!le“ Coach .-.............i, '54 PLYMOUTH Sedan _---.--.--. OVER 100 CARS ON MY USED CARS " 9-3371 'd, rattl isms a my"; ly; att1eya.tsie'.uuaakd, INTRODUCTORY on“. Loaded with artue's. AM hono- ni-iu. Pun stating. Pow-v ' lull. m '3. METEOR V-l Sedan. Am or.“ m T9 CHRYSLER WINDSOR Sod-n. Am Pawn inning, mat “in and In“. -rq. m ‘5. DODGE ROYAL Sedan. T.” hi - 0-4 -6-.. 1964 VALIANT ar CHEVROLET t a... Home. 's...'....-....... m Tr PLYMOUTH s at. Sod-n. ludi- .......C.. " 519006! Coach. nua- _,...,,......."............... " WHY WALK. trimre','.l.','d1IT, 'll', war Saks Set l MN Ink! St, I. $159 olv' B' “' m ggP1 If SALES UP s.,.ttet; - " E." tiiff 1 81 v P v 'if) . I670 out. Loaded with new... lug-9's: (up. DOWN g ommwmaj mum-aw _ ouuwmsl. one-W“ :wmumomm VISIT OUR USED CAR DIVISION 'sl,tril?rJ/ " lt-IM REM] t.. 1etTttEr3ittTt0ttttg0rtttetqmL 9‘ "d“ \ot , by ' A M9151“? 7“? ii"iiiiiiii ii'" (id "iiiiiiiiiiu n MllMllit " s12.99 WEEKLY Won-Idiom... tu-som-be-td.. Oil-MM triliI:Mril,i'j" tr, 8195.

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