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Durham Chronicle (1867), 20 Jun 1929, p. 3

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pot" 'm- lzis’ mspection (ifl HOV. take m .1' u ,r"_‘ {.a.\1~ placed now on Pb .Am? :zo-w teatures m ion. The Pm m2 Wurk. 'hnrfidafi' JIM 2.. I” Lternal Pains neved by A Illt (l() R. CLARK Saidler Sts. Durin- RIC OIL an IPing. washing things you can ht dependable, II addition, you wherever you rv YEARS Even shcs Doors so Trimmings ardwoud flooring Kept on Hand ick H0 iiller aration 13') Custom WOI‘I anufacturo Chick.- ratea, any slzo. W98! mmer Jns'. Talk talkin :er 0! ave y {0t awfully I“ such tight um" ( hance she local s‘cho'df .nspection. ... '8! 8‘. the to supply if these ho re- spring Hiram. Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam Take 1 lb. of red rhubarb, wipe stalks clean and cut up as for stewing; cover with 1 lb. 0! sugar and let stand all main Next day add two lbs. 0! straw- berries and an additional pound of sugar. Boil slowly for 20 minutes and p‘l‘ mu. air-tight jars. Strawberry Conserve .3 quarts strawberries. 3.“. their weight in sugar. 3 oranges (juice and grated much. 3 lb. shelled almonds. Wash and hull the strawberries. add {110' sugar. grated rind and juice of the m'itnuf's. Mix well and let stand over night. Cook slowly for 45 minutes or until thick. stirring very frequently to prevent sticking. Ten minutes be- fore removing from the fire add the .lllllvnur. ibianched and cut lengthwise pineapple m the _-_ .. “w I cocktail. y crate the top of each Strawberry Cum He 2 cups cooked. crushed berri white sugar. 2 e yokes. 2 “airshow; flour. Beat we] together and pour into baked crust. U for frosting. se whites 0‘ eggs Strawberry. Rhubarb. Pine: 1 large pineapple. 4 quartgprohgggb 1 quart strawberries. 9 cu sugar CF" pineapple and rhubarb fito smali pieces. add sugar and allow to slowly for thirty minutes. stirring it occasionally. Add strawberries and simmer for thirty minutes or until thick. Remove from fire pour into sterilized Jars. » Skim and v-vâ€"v" them in glasses and '03:; orange and lemon Juice. 1 perfect berry set on a tin) pineapple may decorate the t cocktail. Jmce or three canvas end one lemon. sweetened to taste, eeping the mix- ture rather tart. Place on ice. Hull “am and drain thoroughly some lu- e2 fine strawberries; also cut into dfce .everal slices of pine: ple. At serving :ime cup the berries Ya Juice of three Strawberry loo Cream 1 qufu't Aspawbcn'ies, 2 mm Come in Chat Awhile â€"-Ruth auburn. Purina Pig Chow lowers the cost of raising market hogs three waysâ€" 1. Grows large healthy litters. 2. Makes plenty of milkâ€"keeps ’em coming up to wean- STRAWBERRY RECIPES Builds big frames and produces quick growth. S"mvberry Cockuu Phone 70 Durham The Store with the Checkerboard Sign '. 1m 20, 1929 OST 0 . J. VOLLETT 3%“? we he of You can't pull up the top line because the mark“ is beyond your control. IAPKET pl Order today from 3 Thin syrup: 1 cup sugar to 1 cup lwater; boil 5 minutes. ,Medium syrup: 3 cups sugar to 2 cups of water; boil 5 minutes. Heavy syrugg 2 or 3 cups sugar to 1 cup water; il 5 minutes. Instead of cooking berries in the oven they may be placed in container with a false bottom. on top of stove with warm water that will come half way up the jars. Cover tightly and sterilize for fifteen minutes. Remove Jars, seal tightly at once. Preserved Strawberries 4 pounds strawberries, 3 pounds sugar. Cover the berres with sugar and let stand in cool place over night. Drain of! the juice. boil fifteen min- utes, removing scum. add berries and boil three minutes. Pour into hot ster- lized jars and seal. A thnner syrup 1could be used. Cooking in small quan- ititier; gives better satisfaction. “Well. Dauvit." asked Tammas. “and what did ye think of the sermon?" “0h!" Dauvit replied. “the sermon was a'richt. but I was just thinkin' what a difference it wad hae made to the history 0‘ the world if I'd been in Adam's place. Ye see. I dinna gie a hang for apples."-â€"Birmlngham (Eng- land) Weekly Post. The Fall of Man The sermon had been about the fall of man. Two farmers met at the end of the service. Oven Canning l Method 11) Select firm fresh strawberries not over ripe and as uniform in size as possible. Pack in sterilized jars. Fill with hot syrup. put on new rubbers. which have been dipped into boiling water and adjust top loosely, place in oven for a short tme. Screw tops on tiahflu tightly.- own 1135 three cups tor a quart jar. Press a silver knife down through the centre and around the edges to cause bubbles to rise to the t0p. Drop rubbers for a moment in a pint of hot water to “CECE." a_ teaspoon of_ soda has been Stenllze the Jars. Was the strawberries; fill thehwaax‘};1 jig? put. on glass tops, set in a drip lug pan, or 1n a pan with warm water Bl it and put mto oven leaving the door slightly 8181‘ tn hang on-.. ..--_..- in pieces). Tum into hot sterile glasses and seal. Syrups for Canning fie fragrantâ€" fields of heaven smile. For who could ever sigh or frown When love within a life shines down. And by some subtle alchemy Turns every hour to ecstasy? When love shines down within a life How swiftly then all clouds of strife. Of fear and sorrow drift aside Before its joyous healing tide. The sunlight in a golden flood That woos all earth to leaf and bud Has not more power to banish night Than love to brim the world with light. When love shines down it is as though The fairest dreams that mortals know Had all come true, and for a while These are the things I love: the light That dances on the quiet lake. When day has gone and crooning night Leaves only wind and stars awake. Soft music and the sudden fires That flicker in a ruby's heart, Youth. laughter. all the glad desires. The world's gay magic can impart. So many things I love. at dawn The murmur of the willow leaves. Bright wings that flutter and are gone. The wren's small nest beneath the eaves; The lilting of a tuneful flute. That drifts along a silent street. Beauty and all its bright pursuit. And memory with its echoes sweet. So many things I love. yet oh. When danger pauses at your door The little loves I treasured so. "ifiorgotten. beckon me no more! I prized them once; but now. grown Ignore their futile fingertips; My only hope is in your eyes. My only joy is on your lips! It is a striking adaptation of a Patou creation; in black tulle. tailored to mold the figure. it is ideal for the older woman. The tulle is sheathed on the bodice in bands so as to give precision of line. The low flare is made of double tulle. handled with reserved flare of flat crepe. Note the new shoe- string shoulder-strap decolletage. Tailored Tulle for the Not Too Feminine If you are fond of tulle but wish to avoid that ‘drippy’ look invariably im- parted by bouffant tulle frocks. here is a model that should engage your rapt attention. The Nightrobc Achieves Becoming Reality It is a far cry from the simple little night dresses that fall just below the knee to this very haughty affair with a trainâ€"but the latter is smart, never- theless. Of turquoise satin. trimmed with heavily ecrued lace around the low V back, this gown is cut on princess lines. The lace forms the graceful train. I Fashion F ancies The Rhyming Optimist When Love Shines Down The THE DURHAM CHRONICLE I Love Unfortunately, however. some pre- vious “immigrants" to the Antipodes have flourished too wellâ€"and have be- come pests. The blackberry bash, for instance. has turned large tracts of fertile land into a wilderness: while the rabbit has cost Australia millions It seems a funny question to ask. but the sweetest of English song-birds is now trying his notes in New Zealand. A number of nightingales were shipped to the Antipodes some time ago, and released on their arrival. It was feared that they would not survive the winter. but they have done so. and now seem to be firmly established in their new home. Col. Hanson is probably correct in stating that most of the accidents of {the road are due to inattention. That .is a fact that every driver. and every passenger too. should appreciate. It is a much too common occurrence to see a driver turning around to talk to a friend in a back seat or to gossip with one in the front seat when traffic is thick. In both vases the attention is being taken from the road ahead. Be- cause of the great increase in the num- ber of cars which will join the pro- cession this summer more care than ever will be required. If the individual driver pays strict attention to his driv- ing at all times and in all circum- stances there will be fewer of the mis- haps that mar summer motormg on the highways of the province. High- ways and roads generally throughout eastern Canada are kept in good con- dition and are well patrolled by the traffic police. It remains for the motor driver. for the safety of himself. or herself. and others. to have the ear always in such control as to be pre- pared instantly to do the correct thing in any situation that may arise. That is safe drivingâ€"London Advertiser. NIGIITINGALES IN NEW ZEALAND Wil‘. the nightingale ever be in the news as a nuisance? asks Answers. Most of the accidents of the road are due to inattention. Don’t drive it very tired. Don’t permit the attention to be dis- tracted by conversation with another occupant of the car. Do not depend on some other driver to avoid you if you have become mo- mentarily careless. Most of the old cars that have been wintering in the garage are in service once more. and every day sees a large number of new ones placed in commission. It seems timely to print some advice for drivers, new and old. offered by Col. Hanson of Montreal in an address delivered before the annual meeting of the Royal Automobile As- sociation of Canada, oi which he is president. Some of Col. Hanson’s sug- gestions follow: There are rules and regulations for guidance. but in the last analysis safety rests with the in- dividual driver. The driver should give strict atten- tion to the road and his car at all times. Life’s coin in paltry discontent. And others wholly fail to see Where they might rest beneath a tree Whose branches were so thick, so wide. They need no other root beside; The love that reaches to the skies Has grown too lofty for their eyes. Thrice happy is the man who knows Of seeing what is low, what tall. Some lives are shadowed by a leaf, 9 trivial care, a fleeting grief; vast are joys, how small are woes! SAFE DRIVING Highway Safety Committee Good Brakes Prevent Accidents It is the imperative duty of every motorist to keep his brakes in first-class mechanical condition. At thirty-five miles an hour, four-wheel brakes should be able to stop a car in 72 feet. But at a 50 mile speed, 150 feet are required. Some day your life or the lives of others will depend upon your braking equipment. Keep the highways safe for yourself and others by always having good brakes. Hon. Geo. S. Henry, Guiana» of dollars. So it is just possible tlut some years from now. New Zealnnd will be organizing an anti-nightmgsle tat. I fed ufc in saying Lydia E. Pinkham's medicine- have hdpd “After having an operation. I w very miserable, weak. nervous and very near unfit to work. I new Lydia E. Pinkhun's Vegeuble Compound advertised and tried it and believe it hdpd Inc wonderfully. I have no mk spells any more, the pains have left me and my nerves are much bet- with which is amalgamated ) (THE STANDARD BANK OF CANADA mummmam bcnktmmdthohummehnenttorm unetheymmmnltwuutor mmwunmmmm. '11» Mo! 00mm.m when of mm ummmmmmtymmma- mutummmmmwnm- Mum'mloalmdthomam- mwmumtounmumumm money mitten mwmm. THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE The Personal Element iiMing Mairs campaign. land cursing the day when these sweet songsters icre first M to in about. Noble’s Garage Garafraxa St., Durham and obtain the maxi- mum amount of Motor pleasure your car must be 1n fit condition. Our knowledge and eXper- ience guarantee our ability to put it into perfect running order. For good work. speedy service and low prices see To Enjoy Driving PAGE 3.

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