Whitby Gazette, 7 Jul 1904, p. 9

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w l i v a ks * w u e tb k otM, ?1l~D~ wllpr"CQOdt to bur,, for noon a spd ujght. wil rooesd toWm. nlgh Wiltets for Rioon asud niglt.. .stit t TOUESD&YI wlll proOCW tu JE. it I - - UlaneY'*~ GreonWo~, for -noiic@l SkT RD, llprofteetfi tes SC igiddletOfl'* for gO*O, tbmel0çSt li *i" sw table, we yuh wll Ma ù AYT- BOS OU.tii htii oIIOWiflç dS terel.Roati,1 -- ~ ~ I1rzn5. - To te b. pa#15Wdui îst *of 3anub9Ty' lie. Lwe CORlçE-R STONl 4 the f100 pro-;il ÉGI UI, >tabaer6 sight; rty of Mr. Cha. Grolit, I3rOoIin, -S-- avallable for th i *0i50fl t bi o stable. lot 17# con. b. Fuit» rhtt" ixIAI)O JU., owned by J. a1i4t; by. TerIns, 015. John H. 3obnstouiR A. Jofes, Baisses, wlll anthie es' X groon.à» fotIcW n - GoWood* Zeptirti groom. TdoaVictorisoa ë ubim UOUDTG O>I nwl ipo'Metes, lotJi, 0 .X W Câg, o,« 1301,jNdIfNGT03L anewlyUm i.,witlih b osi ts- & Thon chasGroat. Brookl, wrn inake the . s uli@riê<.3. felow ""onf of 1904 a futlIo- Tue&dai, .May tOih.laave hie ownltZ stable for juo. CorpcrSi, Kinnaste, for ]>rèkeii y t* iwIrtyO. aoli; thence to Thos. iuckrifl'a, Aiid 8 . C. Bulker. >odi. Ie5'ý5 .iP loy, until a o'clock on ýVedneSday af- own stable, KIÙ&StoP Iload> .B adéV d#t' Leraoon. hotel. IWitby night ,Tuemmday , w toi wedMdýty ftenon, rocedntOatàble for uiht; Wodipesdayt d-b,, !Thos. Maddfttord's, PLot tarm, King-. well'a h<*eli Klhlan4 Qrek, 1tt Ho Rt1eli ston roâd, fur niglit. Thur9daY. lOItaown stablee, OiSIt4* tb, Thursday, proceeds to John SUirti- 'Friday, Joltnf'S hotelw blo*h busi yant'a, lot 22, Brollien Front, for igt; Satiirday, bis owe 1111*e an-morain noon, thenre to E. UoWi'e, baise line, ta mnorane< lot 10, broken front, for nlgbt. -- Friday, proceed to J"5. Crossma iXlS Try to provefit Iuni trouble. Ilt* lot 4, con. 4, East Vhktby, for Liooi the drieti8pLitlf'l oatiUg à£rOWqîiàU O and aiglt. itie air thaï; getialn your luongs sad lno Saturdliy, proceeds ete John Lee's (au"econaumtption. à& rp.'pro. >ioIell lot 9, con. 4. East Wbitby, for noon; v.fltîvC iwtrsgrant healiag Osttrrll- 4bq'"'o tlienS o i ieown stable Ufltil the5ozone, wieih li.inkaletirigbt lot» o 54, foIlowiIW Tuesdiiy (orenoon. the lunige, kîlla Oery geres, lis il W Terms, $15. John[I. johastoli, the. ore esembranm aud-'oeu* uitozý.- ,ilgt . groom. oughly erery typOe ot Qat rib, bron-..B@k chais astbmft andi uagT@iblo " GRANITE, the 'puire t>red ClYdtiê. caught a severs eI4 wieii dev.1op- e, ý dateis taillofl andi the property of Mr. ed into oatstnh and tiMtallv itt tel, w- Lubie Uobiagoi1, of Broobitîn, will ,~Mtny laing.'t wrtteàs gr. A. Nor.- lus &W vaake the seasofi of 1904 as folloWvs- throp. of Bedord. O ý,aefbjotW ré- MONDAY, May 9tbho bw'iii leavO îieved quickly andi su reti 1e' té.- bis owNV stablie, lot 26, con. 6. Whit- commend Catarrhoaoe itghly" Two PEUJ by, anid procieet to 2 miileï outh of montlia treatmiofl 1, S; trialmi 25!Johp Columibus, for niglut. ATTORNEY, ownod by Xmb l3ros, stsat TrUESDAY, ho will procced to his will Inake tbe- fellowilc #oute-mofl 1own stable, for noon; therice te Jnic. day niglit te IL Flbels. Green- Cornerà, Kinsais, for nlght. bank; Tuesday noon.te Santooild.i __ -WEDNESDAY, ho will proceed ta night ai S. MoKay'8, «Vitorlb. ,,or- Thois. Lukrln'a, for noua; thsnca tu nprý; Wedfle8dSl toLeskdae ferO~ W, Jadgerow8i, 3rd ýcon., Pelkeriflg, niglit. Tburadi-Y te o ffh' tor nidbt. con.5, Urbridge. for, 0011 and Ie4 TflUDA'. ,*ho e4lproceod te Maesion ilouse, t) bridg(,util -the Oo®rdôeftsbote), IPtones¶tng, for noen. oUowiflg Mofday. Wes. Lnmb n.*' , Bsuaer* railÀZI*ihtp oesd te -a lot ~ 8U~ or îIItI.d! lutor] stable n. eGU SERVICE. - À 0f êi'I er~bl8 pgatlrgrewellV4tar S4Af Termwhitby, ailu riday, te ho e tand until ô" i~Ntie b - - - ---io ~ sff i~I4~ podig tre rtraclng,:te lmp. -lu- "m-e lan , " ~le; or exohang. for gOO4 ~ri.1~tkrWct~ *os- lot 20, con. 5'»roOkIin, Ont. 'tIi~Oi- kit- fl~z~o iELLO. -Fat' cattie anà -OdwOP ate ont begga >11ed. Whoua yoii bave fte ,elng. -mi" , B . G. stock o "oi y kiqd rady toe. lU drop a caerd for price.~ Or wlrew yoia ion~dirbw.The* or Phono A. WItt, r4ugan È"%W fcý im t,, c aIng l 18, oau, pn lt 8, con. p Â&ply toIr 1& 0v~.., or lof 22, eon, meOnt . SougaSt. Fort Pry.Szacrese gund. on thb preanisao ;k noa bnr, gooti orobard,'st'à, Foýr fairtbee' - partenlrs aplyte W. a. liarria, or -oý M P.N o r t Perry-t 1. la lueroly àt.é t*t be s~ t - ut.' iipgý ofts ~s~v'~11 l -tS- "têl se",apea*t rolleoftise %own- îe -IUbip et $UO O :byear194 ~ f1*~r*t, - re' requeie t 0 - a~ otisemand govero. tbermolvo !6m Wbitby at - i roorty ST NTON NVILKtS,. tie PrOert of Mxr. Thos. Madiialord, Wbiti , make the ocaso00 ot 194 do foll ows" iIONDA"%Y, May oh, ho Witt leav lais own Istablo, lot 4, Sl<tou Iload, ickering, Voegt Uti 4nêPt11" ('eed tu Thum'*Ï hote loifvtÏPOol, t<a aoli;* thence t0 M& Zw'Y#14 hOel» ,Highland Croois, for nigit Tu ESDAY, hoe will preoe!d ý bseo. Annia', lot 10, 000 D.. Saboau,"> fo :îoon -,thence te KenuedY's b tel, Wo-, b,îrn, for night, '\VEDNESDAY, ho wlll l>rOc0"- t:. .1 aR. MalclW's, Cedar Grors, .lot '1, con. 10, Marbbs, £or uoÇP; tbonce to the liotel at Whlto-V5l% ' igb*. TIFURSD&X', hs-wiI prose.d to tie hutel a Gretinwood for nou; thhpso to SeIxrt's hoti. niréoOl4Il <fo ¶ýRIDAY, proceeds t0 Kqocfob5sk Central Hotel, oebsw*, for o4%ht. SATURDAT, 'hs will prooee4 té, the Royal hotel, WVbltby, for acon;~ thfl00 te 11 lits wa stallb, whore 1e t «Do Véynta adI he lb fion to naktU'dnwhC'OUe tea marbet. SoI ld seM1o4leà (rJasitea nacru), . Iiiii LAST 1(0 Do-yodi.

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