Whitby Gazette, 7 Jul 1904, p. 6

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I * Uýtter, -A'pples m, articles suàd *ô Win pêpa!' ce Leîthe1ut ly in thetrea formâ of th i atthonia and 0 DR,.- G TUd w~r~ganS13Yi, Wn -St andsiew '0Ëi ralted aid yw I ie ad ote. cMlt Do Syrite-m4 hi ý 1.1 i i e cn' rr the u gddittCa '10U ,*4 esc-4ý ter' for each di-îùtrie aie ent fr1Weor genttlWe ý v J; 1). Xe(o AgMent, G Filfiuf -:0] Dr. cluseppe tIPaient, yalclaft- t.he pop~e# behua rte'1 latter th prala'0o! Dr. Wtt- t would be fimpoftible to exagè Mte theo importasse of tftu -OPl, r. Lappofti bihgh -OIMC!AV potti paehie professioli&l o itU that bc e d 40pt wrltiU a bOve Wit) out weighing hiea würds., or wît.ho sfuit senatof thoe ooocthiu*pIti *wotld have. The< "lnWulO nta«&ul o a meent" roterredto Ilu>- Dr;, Lêpphot1 -:,ofcourme thattW lrs4 IIiuld eps If,* .ot young gilsW li, jvelf ment to womauu a clà 4tiit$? a -whose health, -WttIhe 'r4d4$ À devélopment, la en o té *rl 'À> ilbriglit agdmer ihàhO7hW1 *e r t W dgèapale aid".à *= V L t:n 1 teejt t ar pyl ng FO alpart. mt adt, Toronto. MIANANI8 AIté0»l ans flnbobn rUid àhinds i .. - -OIarnLtOURTAINS g forS10AIIEmN ,UtlMnru ;randi 1. ,'Di)y--U-thînk Miss Riebly ,careg a . ,Wby,,#thé lisatUie cixlléd-ihe only <gywlïbd tirlce, sud -t*o wooe a go 1 Bull ~otnt~dtWè at*n oe a vening.' ,~ ~ amà-1l w Imagines he could rlUn týIî.erth c'an't even manage a. Qe' ne2 coàk oiten isiethe broth as tm completely as tdo nuany. hkfoi *IÉËrià m agi .80other. eno#eh A. girl ileon't necesusIile oblect to mun rg man t 0 uiounttcbtx:1,cauBe atets, lier face uaàfuist t.x - dtbeftm vs tta",aP ~6n tue And I~AT Rt tétted, L "i I .5 I A deSPal Mriral TOC torpe>jo b, thur last ered! lt Were atta from thic blinding E Pucce-edefi ed, 'three- heiow G( the fluss attacked the lattec Sian boat tiight w Condo a; and thre Aahal leenmi 'lu'-. Four boats, thur, w cru isor to Seaw Torpe< far as1 reportedj brought Arthur. qeverd, friday ftding &I The refi sinkîngý Russa ftge, ext the side whir-b1 A de Thm L poqrtaum the reg and t t1oubtfu that ti maakes imposil describ tvith v trees, . Pires c et botl the wi Yrin-Ki curred A nigj a valut tbeir1 aide,e in thté bttr nýiqIe for'liert boçoiie RU

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