Whitby Gazette, 7 Jul 1904, p. 8

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you haVe promised It to lin. lier' ,-B 1 i ave.~'11 fevloul4 haveod 4-, * b Wor. .k,"btbe ls ïa* minpute or two iftý the makis no allnlWW VtuVbs, 0*4 tb silence growiszg a 111t0o opyoe* iro, bd wJefr rnd 'iHow fond you eahI-*mm 110tO ho qNot aiwaVSIlBuit oncé, a, w la eRtarted, 1yOU )inow 'wbï ist n Lber.m1 awsys Ioon it,.,it bCOf sp mst2JOl'worwe. te bç tý,Wà "certaieily .91 tbe inoiket'h t.'aut~h IitaIwtiv e tlab *ut 1ýXot grèttWthan othera, Ilo at "4 bai". lt 0» -wi , proa ' =Id #iotb* 4 ie111i «éhse wo au gii tIwrU ;4kaww Tat l otç. 1W late, ermilt» Unm-*t t Mo a tm afortne tO oies 01et *"4 4 Le* "belto ono et thefok upst#o" -w s M in _ poq'Vsà obiY ck * a. - S- F~* 141 10# ritliw'anId orria- WOT . Te iv-, *4 -t 'at Zrixning b.- tor gio'.opprlsiu3pliçity i$- bankebed f r»f si~~~~ WdmjI~ ~ ~ rl wp neél t epres- psw~rp~é~eteîI ioe a1 uni of rc4a' artists wlic> ~I~a~I roia for us tue value andI baltyt of simle -,Mne, andI the of tor& cn ;vý- our, granduiothors would; eaphy,- throtd4 '- ? taid atone." But t to Lted ', phrame whoi.emeaning w e have iV~t.u~4floUsY1jigtte# I th hcping up of or- (lg~te~anger »àmernt wo a.grfas;t losing tý'1c acýulty *izCnveraiorn wl o ppe.tn sm l To Study ~ wfl ~ _ w*s jn nver-c ing fete, ad xreof 'nmF? WittI .rocord ttcfso-called aiterncon frock»'arîe por- raeÈAn-In j» é i -:t pecinefl8 Of over-tri3nieb k tch-llke lestru- ~~ ama.rt W ear, one of the notes a 4a1 acebymlost in avidenco e igVhe, rptur tuto he w~are~ <~~mn'bigh ;eù-kind. andI we ne-.longer '0cmqoagést o n cat4e nçck xposed. But 1 sS othat Mnyv mIfe. &awaY. Our iew fàleégV£$ shoW ta tendency t»o nmiJO and' receive? rorVae. tothp - #O hape,"per- tO pfteli tVo bap« -aut mev Ik11t ýrmLlt oft tIe. re ~aUIn laVeti* Of b9dice. "VhiCh Io ~oké. charmizLg for. sted *)i4pr ely "îtrSp'weKtcrs;ý A dgiiy meli mo~lwhlch could be éarrleI ont i alinst~ any calor, is miade wlth -'a f uil jkirt, wlth five- foWzS. andti e bodice, g#thered ini- t adéeP IWIt, iW nearlY -eovered by .frille ihu'. that discôver* a white irzlpI'f1îUent voat, ftnlshed ofI with a. LIII _ *t»iw*1ithstucWd*atnty garm»entuw it ffja!wûymadïfjble-1O baVe a dust 14i Op à1f hnd, - woe a b. carriod IMVI .' ý, Out. 131>0, te >,in bificult-COloV5d cd- Strimfnge more or: lem M tO'l fgnIpfle or,ilperoc of Itê .der, Imwaietty ý 1 .,. 1 . 1 ý -.. ýý a d is ite, wîhtch q ie ïî 7*uuf»ùq Va*s .p' 'AI b." ho WByý, V je q s an idr atrave1Ing suit Ila ~ *~ther.and 4aly nORt t'O _ U w bat 4-d4ffrepce it le 4ciIro!çà4bit w-

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