Whitby Gazette, 30 Jun 1904, p. 8

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-..+++++++++++++++++++ ••••• ++++++·+'+=-t+<•+<••~~~~··•++++ . ............................ .. s:nne l +! ool)'.- +' .. . ~ _,·-·- . - t ; WITENAGiMOTAGAIN l NEW NECKWEAR :. CANADA'S PARLIAMENTARY REQUIRE- : • • :. MEtaS WOULD THUS BE SE,RVED. : : + • : ; g. .. u •• ~r r lo A.lr 11'1&11••• Draqlote ++ ~. 1111 &loa B .. af Coa••••-4 ... .._ + • Hamora VIew •f &Ia• lolluall•- : +++++++++ ++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ tf+f++ t+ ++++'t'+++ :.: l1' ri• Jar, Cbarll•• Fell Pow a Ia ~-- t cUwe CrJUcl••-••tcL&ue er O•l· !: :. r Yarllame•&. ;: +. ablo llr. F~>ll<·r. 'llrho plonn•'«~ i A splendid rnnge of new silks in Flowing Ends, 50 inch reversible Derbys, Strings, i Lila rliulll.,ut lluilding at Uttawa, i n E p · d +' di 'Ill thillb"S iur the l•huto~t·u.ph- oows, tc. nces 25o. an 50c. +, era he u•udt·talJ.;,'t.l-ur L'upitul &t + ; Washiu~ton cunuot cu1npare with the + + ............................................................................ ~ . ' . . : • • • • • • • • i BLACK DRESS GOODS i • • • • • • • • • • • • • : .............. +++++++++++++++t!++++++++ .............. H+++++++++++++'+++++4 : : : I tJitHERE is a great demand for Black D~ess Goods t~1is ~~~n~er. : I · J!.- Our range of itll thr, popular weave~ lS oom_ple.te w1th Sthc~an~, : : Mohairg Cre:·olines, Panama ()loths, Voiles, Cnspmes, Grenadines, : 1 Etc. E'very lady wants these light, clinging, sheer finished goods. 1 : I - I THEY MAKE UP STYLISHLY THEY SHED THE DUST· . i I : stately pile on ~ilat hill-wlum out-' : :; wu.rd aJIJJL•aruncc is t:OIItiid.,n:u. .N~- + ·~ ·-Jo turo did h"r i""'·t, for she furuishl'd ++ SUSPENDERS ---~- : ·THEY ARE VERY COOL : 'tblt llito, while, tweuty-odd mile» ~ trow· the city, :.he bud J.,·vt in rcll.lii- ; t. ·at:SS d~wn through thu us"" a quarry ++ A ] h' t f b 1 b t .1 T d D M k S . d • h A :t. of splendidly soit-tint..u titonu. whA:a + arge s 1pmen o t e ce e ra e~S ra e ar ospen era In t e new merican ~ u.. la.st wo.-J .. mua had dri•·cn . t.be • webbings just received to sell at 25c., 35o. a.nd 50c. • • • • • ! A few special prices of a few special i last rivet. In the wrou&ht. iron finial : +i: ot the main l0'14'er, thct-. r;tood forth a glorious pile. J:o'orty years ·a~o tba ; Legislators and those who helvcd to i r i · --""' do thu work of l'urlinmcnt weru not, T as lion. Jot.mes :Sutherland puta it, ~ STRAW HA .C! + "much oo ~en~ilation." Frc~>b ail; : ~ ~:·: was not 110 much aought. after u It ia to-day, but it <lid not take lone We have the new approved styles in Split Straw Fedoras, Senator a.nd Knock- for Ow inhul>ilanU of the buikliDI( &bouts. PriCeS r&nuing from !>Oc. to $2,0(}, to disco\·cr that thl'y had h"adacbea o· " -in t.ho wintcrtiwa. catarrhs. coleta + and rheumatics. 'fhcn they bew i t that. there wa.s something wrong With !\ :~u::~~a!~o.:bcrl~c ~:!s ~~~n::: i FANCY HALF HOSE f- wood. added to tho 11upply of hot. + + air fumisho:d by the l'arlinmentar- ; : ians. When the furnace& were in fuU + · + blaat., tho atmosphero • waa thick + Some splendid patterns in Men's Half Hose in gteys, browns, pearls and fancy + I : • • • weaves : I • I • I ! I Fine Bl•ck M:>hllir Dress Goods, e'ttra fine quality and finish, makes a lovely 50C • 1 8rtlllll, M h1ch~ widll, (uot6 the width) K(leCilll p11r yard.......................... . • • I : I Fine Black ~lohair DrPsil Goode with fine h~mt:titch, ~d qua.lity, will ma"e 55C 1 1 a lovely cool ~hirt w~>ist tiUit or ~parate wal&t, i7 in. w1de, spectai per yard.... • I !.:;.~·~~ ~!:d~~. ?.'.':':'. ~~. ~~~·. '"'.~Y .'.":'.':. "~"~ .:~··.•: .. ~ .. ·~~~~~ .. ~~~~:. 50c. i enoliSh to CUt With a kni.fe. llea ~ figured blacks at 250,, 350., 50o, + who c~e to Pa.rlilUilcnt ruddy- : cheeked and healthful became the pre• + ot· dl .J.;incls of diseasCti and phyaic:.l ·t ·-· I i ---..._ • Fine Black :O.Ioh•lr lirf'nlldint~, f!Xtrll fine fini~h, make a lovely cool dress or 35C : worrimentll when the WindoWii Wel'll Also several new Hnes of Sommer Collars in the low up and down shapes. + kept closed. When th~y dewand~ t• i : opening ·of the windowa, the other + -~ ~ ePparat~ waist,38 inches w~do, special pt'l' y&rd.... ...... ...... .... .... ... ... .. • I fellows rc30lutely refu&rl, as tbey ~ ~ Rid, t.o dio of pneumonia. 'l'binp ~ ;..7u.indc~s~ ..... !:1s;~~:.: :~c:old110:; •• u••••••• ................................................................ .. ducta. 'l'hrough u.n ilnmenM: &iDe pip.!, fi vo feet in dinwetcr, the pure !: ~ine Black Orl'l'll Good,;, silk ,tripe crispine, all wool, sheer tluish, will shed the dust, 42 inches 65C. : 1ide, special ~r yard ........................................... ;. .. .............................. I • : Fine Black Ore1111 Goods in crepoliotl WellVe. all wool, French dye and lin ish, a soft light clinging 65c. fabric for dr~sseo or separatll watsts, apecial pt~r yard ........................... ... .............. .. I • ~ - . -._ II -..._iue Black Oreaa Qooda in Par.ama weave witb wlk stripe, extra fine finish, li~ht summer wei~bt, 1.00 : ~t~:~~~~~·~tru•·····~.··~~~~ .. ·~···~·::S ~ ! . . PORT PERRY. I ~ ........................................................................ .: ....... ) I Only Halt /& Dollar. · ' -..;.'! 'I They Know It. The Star.dard, in itA enlaraed (otm, Thouaanda a! peOI>Ie througaout ================ will be llflDt to oew tlubscribon (rom tho country know that the ordinary THVRSDAY, J U~C: 'a~lb, 1904. PqM PERRY TOPICS. D.OW: untir the eud ot the year ·for remedies for pilllB, - ointments, r.up- !iOc. . Get o. post office order and poailories and nppliancea - will not me<( to Staodard oUice, Port Perry. cure. ',l'ho bwt of them only urillli " ···- ing relief. Buggy for &le. For Sale. Brief I.ocab. :Mea. Motheral is oUering ciwelling house for ealc. her Handllome leather .top buggy-Dix- on'~'\ rnu.k.-.!~ Toroutn. Gc)l(llll rL"l n~"·· !llewly p:tinted and varnished. Collt fl30. Will sell for ~0 cn<~h. Abo :.ell tJl!li!le haru~~:~s, Courtico & Jef- 1rey make, nearly new. Cull nod ex- ; p>in~. Ja.s. n. Marshall, St. Char- I« Hotcl.-7-2. Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Roid is o. tablet tukea internally t.bat n- wove.:o tbe cuui!O ot pil~:i, hence, the cure is permanent. Every package sold carries n RUilrantee with it. It is perft!clly harmle,!;ti to the most delicate con.;tilulion. A mouth'6 treatment in each packag.,. Sold at eL Hra. nonJ, Lilla 6 treet, is Q!fering Brit>f Locals. .her dwelling howe for eale. Carn('ol;ie for Shi~ls.. 1-'orther information iu r~gard to it at the drug 6lore. Civic bolidny, Aug. ~. ~,iremen~~ Tenni.s shoes, all styles aod colors, Uto.corat ion &rviccs. .,:s;cursion to Niagara ~·ullti. o.t Carnegie'tl. 'fh~ annual <lecorutioo sen·iccs un- . tl t \\" cddin~t IJ..!ls an• riut: ing 1 his •It·•· I he union :.uspicc:~ of I he diHer- M.r~. Join~:s;"-o{ Toronto, lS 10 gues t·nt 1"\.Ucicti~s in. town wa~ lu~ltl un of her brothcr,"alr. \\'. H. Letcher_ \H'<!k. l'aniculars lau•r. Friday c venin:.( last. an:! wa~ one of Hr. P. C. Graham, Manchester, hUll The Ark•·rman hlo<'.J.; is IJl'ill~ itu· the lllo,;t ,:,uccc>~sful t!V~r ht•lol. A a number of acres of good pasture l•rovc<l l>y a coat uf paint. 11 roc~.o;..,iou lll'a<lcd b.v the ~:it i;<e ns' land t..a let. .\[is.. li . Sun<"h, of Toronto, "1"' 111 b:<n<l was formed at the town hall Th" firemen's excursion is fis:etl !:5un<l:.y with her auiH, llfrs.. C. C. an<l 1u;.r<'lu·'l to the CPntetcrr. The ro:- TueNiay, Aug. 2-Puri: Perr1 K~llctt. openiall( ltddrcM was d~liv .. r.,d by civi~ boli..lay. Quite a numlx•r trow l•ere RC<'ODI· Mr. Uowney. and tbe servicu wel'll " ' • oan IIUpply you with 11ny news- l""'i~•l t~:. b:tad to lJdthel on Mnn- oJOliMt by an cxcelltmt addnoas hy nanfi'I'Jl vQ.u want. Our club rates dny cvemng Jut. l"rof. t:b}·, of Wnoo .. Teu11. . ~~\. are U. 10_., n~v. :Mr. ,;rm,lrix, the new p.~·-<tor lll.t yenr there have beoa nddcd to Tb YU)' Jateat in wedding tJtntion- or 1 h~ Mot hodi-'lt church, urriv.,d in tho number - J. Iiyle, Alonao Jon"" or)' aJid wedding Clalte ooxe11 ca.o l>e tuwn 011 Ttu•.><l:.y la.,t. and J. Cook. The following gr.,,;.,.,. bad at this office. Our •~•n: l ha ~ lt;ul mun:•rou:< <:II· Wel-o d~cor"'te<l - Uro. !'hils•. llro. Mr. und Mr.<. G. Ro•e leU on Tu- quorie" rc cu;.:a;.;emcn< Cor Jol)· l:!th. H:.ycs, Uro .Hi>!Cox, llro. Jlond, Uro. D::idn)· morninl{ ln:<l on u bu~inc"" ~·ir:ot cumu, fir~l :~Crvcol. l'ol\'t•r,., Uro. Lindllny, llru. · l'lallcn, Uro. Kl-ele}', Bro. 'fhomns, IJro. Car- trip to the 1\orlh-w=l. We arc vlcns~ol to b:~ able to "tnt.- m•~;ie, l!ro. lloberl::i, firo. J. Cook, M.,.r.a. Jack &. Boo ~hi(l•ped 11 dou- thnl lllr. A. Hul>.ll·ls i• ablo 1" be Jlro. Jewell, Uro. Cbi:<l1ulw, Uro. ble deck carload of hOH" 10 l'e ter- out a'fter hi:< ""'riuu;. acdolent. J•ounrl. llro. So(l~r. Bro. A. Ut·uwu, boro on .Monday la.a.t, null Mr. Don- Mr. a111t .\1 r;.. \\' m. Hubert:;, of To- Uro. llcl~cn~ie, Uro .• Tewell, Urn. !!>O.rd two c:u..., and Mr. \Valluco one runto, an: th~ guests of his p :11·· Savatrc. llru. E. \\i hceler, llro. G. cnr to Toronto on 'l'u-'av. en.,_, lila-. anti Mr.:!. II. ltohcrts. \\'ht:elt·r, Uro. Hu<lg~. Bro. Rcy- l'hotogro.pher I..connrd took n ".snap Mr. Ja.~. Balfour, o( T•oroutu, ha" nohU., llro. \\' a.rriuer, Bro. G. Urown . tlhol" of our band in the town holl J.w.:a ,.1, .. ,111in~ a (cw .Says in lo" n. llro. Kyl.,, llro. Heuder,.oa, I !Jro. P'>rk on }o'ridny l11St, \\'c ho.vo not Jiw al"·ay .. fiml:< a \\a1·m \\clcoull.: HobO..'<, llro. Jon~, Bro. • Uenn .. tt, ,..,.,n the proof, but we would not he in l'ort l'6 rry. Uro. l'hillipo, Bru. Yaruold, llro. arraid to bet money tbnt they look A picnic J•urty from Greenbank JUI.S· Roub, Dro. Willcox, Uro. Leonard, (Hell)' .. woll. · ...,d through town 011 .Monday lust llru. McLean, Dro. Chri:>tio.n, Uro. Mr. J. Goldring, leader of our band, .,,. route for ScuJ(OI!: bland.. All re- · lkGill, Bro. Lcdinghnut, llro. l"carcc, hllli been invit~d by the leader of tho pol'l u most /lnjoyablo time. ::ii:.Lcr J.Jurtlc;y, :Si~ter P•HI!t!tcr. Lind:lay band to \'lay with them at Hev. Mr. Scott hu" n:utt!d Mr. llj. camp a.t Kingaton. Lintlllay'l! leader lltu>~otlll'· hou:~c, .Mr. l'ar:<onii having Briof Loc.ala. evidently know:~ a good 11luyer when moved into the Sangtlter property, "Revelation Sboo" for women at he ~n> one. wJ1ich hn rccenlly Jaurchase<l. Carnegie'tl. Mj,jta L. Cawker, of S't. Luke's Uos- nev. Mr. Kenner. ol Princll Al!Jerl, Knooknbout bats in f11lt and 11traw, J•ital, Chlcu.go, is on u vi::ait lo h6r occu(>i<.!d the J•ultlit in th~ M .. t ho- all tlbape.s, nt Car~ie's. parenll<. i\Ir. and Mr ... H. T. Cuwker. di,.l church on Sunduy morni1~ lust, 'fro trustl'os of No. 4 Reach, aro Miss lo'lort~nro l'ILxlou left on Tu- r>ml Rov. Mr. PhiiiJ, of l'riu~.c Albert, ndvt•rli::ling lor a teo.aber in o.nolber elldll)' mornial! la.<tl on" vacation triJI in lhe evening. t'olumn. . to tbe .North•WOI>l, A mooting 111 ill btl lael<l ILl tim :-;e. Don't forget the tiremen'a exeur- Amoll4t the niLIDC." of the t<uccc:s~rul oort Hou>;<> ou l'u...,.duy 11venintr. July .sion to the Full.s on the civic holi- cantlidate:o in the mcdicul eilllllll. 6th. to form a kunnul club lor th6 OILy, Aug. 2. which a.pt>eared io tho 'l'orunt~ Glohe, . H. dl p1·oteC:tion of d~:~ Ul!:llin:sL JIObonin~t Mr. 1> • .M. Jo.ck.son, of Port Perry, we notice thll'>e of. Mr .. lo'. un_ e, ILil<l to promutll the in<cresl.:i of ol.,.::s sd1'erti.!ulll souw !arm inlplllmeou for who ho.:> J•:L:<~<c<l '"" lntcnuedmte lly Ali <log owuen> IHt> cor- 80lo amoog our aew. advo.nlaementa. council .,:a;am, and .Mr. R ll. Harris, ~~7.m. · ' t •d who hl\.!l pll!<lleti his !ina I. Cougrntu- 1 1 Ill Y IUVI ~ • All tho latest New York t1hape~~ lationa.. Dlood poUion o(l~n re.sulls from in t1tift nnd 6oft felt bats, inolud- .sor!Ji of coras, warts and hunton>~. ing tho new knocko.bout.s, at Car- paring corns with raaors. Wise pco- n~it~'li. The concert hdol in 1 lu: to\\·n hall on Tutl-'l<luy uv~ni~ u( l:cst week in "i<l or the readit~ room wa~ a de- cided aucCCo~>S. 1~lt houHh the wea- ther wa.:~ ruther di•uljrceublo dur- ing the diLl' it cleured toWlLni-'1 evea- ing, and the l:trb'C uuutotH Jlr~>~e~t ware w111l ple•u;cd \vith tile roadi- tiou of Lhe ditlcr~ut MJiot'tiooa. Tbe (ollowi~ i>~ lhe Jli'U).(ramJDe-Gr;u~d )(arcab, '•\\'al<lmero," l.o'. J.OIIIlJ, D"oad. ~uartclle, Seleot..d, )1.-r£. Dorris, l>oWACITo M..o(l-eo, Allin. Solo, ")'or All Kteraity," KiM Haael Joaea. Coroet Solo, "I:N!a ~lower," R.olll-a. Mr. Joe UoltlrlDR· 8ulo, "Unndolllra," Stuart, Mr. \\'. A. }o'lemiul!. l'iuuo Solo, • Selected, )(r. Uor~<ey A. ClllliJUlnn. Solo, "Ga roleu of Sleci•·" Mis:o C. M. Ueucook. Over- ture, "Golden Crei!Cenl," Band. l'a.rt 11. Addri!IWO, Mr. • U. L. EI,!Jells. Du.,t, ~1 Live and Love (or Thee," M~ S1o11rft'r u'n<l Weir. Sc.lo, S.,)t!(!ted, Mr. L. F. Spence. Cornet Solo, Se- lrocle<l, Mr. Joe. Goldrinl{. Solo, "Sinl( Me to Sll'Pll, Mi~ Alice \\eit·. Re- cillltion. Sd~ctllol. MitiS Cor:t Mr.- Cuw. Solo, u, "So Let il ·u, . .;· ~mer- ville. b, "When All b Still," Croome. Mr. \\'. A. l' lowiul(. Ovon·- ture, "Awerican Triumph," Hand. plo ....,., rutoum·,. l'aiulcss Corn nnd Tho H<·nboro 1-'orealens rnn an ex- Wart .E:draotor, the ~>laodard cure curniou frow Lind.say to l'ort l'err)' of America aad Great Dritnin, (or all per tiloauJt•r KtmO:!hll on ThunuL&y of Uae only t>utnam'e. l:wt W<.'<!k, About lSU wet·o on Rev. Mr. Coopcr returued on Satr bonrd. urday evellill!{ l:Lsl from a thre" Orr Graham, V , 8., annouucea lhut WHits trip for tbe belll8fit or biill bi.a patroU C&D OODUilU&iaato -~~~ health. 0.. Suaday be preached him over Dr. 1"1'90tor'a QC Dr. lttlel1 tWO e:t..oelient MfmOUII to bill COillrl'O• low'o telophUO.. liD18 d&)' or ai8ht ~atlon. \\'o are pleued to •tate fne of charat, that Ida be»lth is mucb improvedJ Catarr'Jl '- Cutalal,- C\&rabla. Ia The new bou- whicl~ are bel~~~r fut lt loa ou of Uae m..t ourabW built by M..,.,ua. Stovia. Jeffrey, Ge- di11etu1011 if fragrant healiDI( Catarrh· row nnol Monel ore nil be.ing JIUslt- oaone is u~d. No mll.tter bow long ed rapidly forward. A lnr~~t~ nuw- you havu t1ulrered with cat&rrb you Uef of imJ>roveml'nla to laouses 11re can be perfectly cured by inhaliJ~M also goi~ on. Mr. Moa:to, wlao re- Ike anti.seplio vapor of Cato.rrho1one, cently J>Urchll!ICol Mr>~. Uaw .. >~' J>ro- which strikllll o.t tho foundation of purty on Uigeluw 11tne1, i:1 buildinl!' the trouhlc and o.stllblillbed euah a a nc~> . kitcbeu ~tool otlter\\·i...., iw· b~nlthy coudilion in th11 ayatem that proving the JlrO)>erty. Mr. W. II. CILtarrhul ger11111 11iwp1y can't ex- u,.rri:l., wbo pul't'la:o~eol 'Mr. JO-'Iilllt isl. "I l'Ufft~rcd from catarrh of the Thom1w' looU-'1~ ou ~uocu 11treut, i~ nWI<' o.nol throut (or yean," wdtoa havlllj( · l111' aamo thorou~hly o1'er· S. H. Downie of l'lo.ttavillo. "My IKLUI.ed. Mr. J"ur.k.IM haa hat~ ex- nO-'Itril• wore nlway11 atufred up o.nd hn:lJ~u altemtioD>J ~tude to the Snllll- I ho.d a most di~~agreeahle backing ~ter J>rOJk1rty whtoh he reoently oough. Co.to.rrho1one ourod me hough!. u~v. Mr. Harrill, of Prii)C(ll oom)>ietely." CatnrrhoZOfe DoYel' Albolrl, """ purt'ha"'ld the hon11e fnila. Two mouth!! tro~mcnt 11; l11tely occu(licd by i\Ir, W. lL llunil4 trial aizo 25o, . 1 • , , ; • , mountain air Was pumped and kocl to i tlu. cornice un<ll'r the gallPrics. 'l"boenn · l ·~ · it fluwed through • cunningly lash- 1 A. F. • a· A·. R'NEGIE : i1N1ed iron ~rrillage Into the Council + (;hamber of the D&Uon. +. Thia wu all yery ln&"Cnioua, but ; ! Uw! DC1ii'SP&Ilel'men bel(au to malr.41 • + i lllipty )ack. 'lbat 1Jdll worlr. waa ; J ... t 011. lcnl with the nave- or • THE HABERDASHER • their DL'Cks aa they ,...t r;cribblinc + · + away In their cocl.;-loft. They had- : ~ ev"n for such a stifl-ncci.;~d gcnora.- + tion-dilliculty in turning their heada : PORT PERRY from side to 11id". Thoy lihowcd their + • troublcti in the distinct l&lling oil + ~+ in thoir work, and they prot.,st•'Cl to + tho llinister of l'ul>lic Worl.;s of the ; , . da.y. Not a thing '1111ould be do lor :t :':::hr;::i~y c~:Oa~o~~d d~ m:.~ .................... >4·~·~·ftuu••••++••••········· ........................................... .. Tho air In the Chaml:ic;r hlL>.l conllD- ued Yitiated to this daY. and thua it - - -- - --- - - - - - --------- -- - - ------·- - --- ill that every session there iii all at- Holman. Drayton & Slaght EST.A.B.LISHED 1.847- ternoon hour ot prot~ nga.inst the atmosphere. John Charlton, the Cba.rlet~J.Rolman,K .C., Great Sacrl"fice~ Sale of other du.y. demanded moro u.nd purer ~;.~":r to. ~i::ti~o. air,"' to Whaich the Dt:puty Sp~ Banl...,ra. Sollciton, Notou1et~, l~to"' Ia Ad· replied with bent that Mr. Cho.rltoll mln.lly,Cemmiooloarro!orQueiJeo,etc., FTT"""::lNITTT~:m put in ~~V dii,YI in the HO\liiO 2S TORONTO STREET, -l-. \.J ...t:;;;V \.J ...J::V per~ ~ .•. a aJedr- TORONTO. The undersigned 'will sell a large quantity of first-ola.ss haruui;'~~--'":' "the evil, ho foll !m';:m;;;;ft.,m,~mmtir~+--f'nf'fti1' ~_TT'Frr,nnsisting of parlor, dinttrg nronfllliu"tiedroom down on consu ... tive criticism. WhJil ---- · - _ ... -·- -- --- - sets. Give me a call. Cash or approved credit. did he not suggest a remedy for the present condition or things when A fine lot of Pictures and Gilt Mouldings suitable for the there wa.s one ready to his h&Dd'l trade. asb Day by Day in 'l'orooto Newa. Ha is the rou&}l rider ot lcgisl&tion. WOOD WANTED. He should have proposed t.hnt Par- I AM AGENT FOR IIIONUMENTS liament. hold Its liittlngs In tho opea a.ir. !tight o.t tho top of thiLt dlct\l. of steps leading to the wain •·ntraDCe tho Spcai;cr's cstrado could be plac- ed. On 'tho steps themselves the members ol tho Cabinet, and per- haps H. L. Borden and hi::; &idee could roost. l>own on the broad lawn and walk, seated on comfort- able camp chairs, tho ordlnn.ry mem- bers could beslo\V themscl\'CS. l'er- hapa the Govcrnwent. could aaord • tont, or, It tho st&t.e of tbo national tlnance8 wovld not permit ot such ex- ~dltu[JI • OKb, l'arlio.~DCut.o.rl&D. mipt be pnacatocl with a .J apanc&41 umbrella. A M.pp:y thoucht ill aw. ly to be roud Ia the aucaaUon tha.t tho Liberals miKht be furnished with n;d paper samahadca while the CoD- IIOI'V&tivca mlgb~ ha.ve bluo ones. Te the Weary Dyspeptic. We Ask this Question: · Why don't you remove that~welght at the pit of the Stomach? Thla open air Parliament. would be a true return to type, for ell(ei'Y Khool boy mow• tho.t the Wl(a.. • Why don't you regu)llte that agomot met In t.bo open &lr. II lt • bl t'te d diti th &ohould raiD, the gam• would be .tarta e appe 1 , an eon on • ca.lled. lt may be asked: WbU cli&eetive organa so that it will not would bo dooo about winter '!!ttlns-'l be · to tarv th ' to ach 'J'ba &DSWI'r Is S.Sf. There Would 'b4t necessary 6 e e 8 m no winter alttinp. Tho scsaion coulcl to a-.oicl distreM after ~. begin on Victoria Day, and the mem- The ftr8t atep is to ~the ~ -would know right well t.h.at · thoy would h.a.ve to set. through bJI 1MnNia. tho llrtlt of October or elae f~ There . would ba lcaa talk and more work. Tho Hansard men would ao\ bocomo victi1011 or nervoua di~ aa a J'ellult ot tho atro.in put upoa them. 'l'bo newspaper reporta'a would find that tho draughty Krlliaca bad aona for ever, and tho new~ paper readers woulcl JU&r\'el at the Improvement. la tho literary at.)tlll of the able Jrtntlomen wbo report ~ debates. It would btl Impossible, too, for any lndh·ldual conrtly te make excursions to Drulo'e call~ ID tho '*lar, tor, U a man r;llou~ be - mAine for tho bulldloge. e.....,.. ~ wo~d lm_1)~ ~hat _h, waa ,_n-. Por)hia plll'pOell Burdock Blood Bitters I bas no Equal. ' n acta promptbr and elrectuallJ l1lCl permanently euree all deranp, IDIIltB of digestion. It cures J}ys· ~ and the primary eausee lead· lq t.o it. JOHN NOTT . Ware-rooms one door west of the Rt. ChArlos' Hotel, Port Perrv. Perfect Fitting Garments mean more to some m ::n than quality. Why not have both. The fabrics we are offering arc made from the best materials and by the best mills. All patterns are new, attractive and refined. We guarantee that the fit will be perfect, etc. Pressing and Repairing done on shortest notice. H. H. STONE. OUR PRI~ES· CHAPTER VI Most Remarkable Healinc Powers Old ~ which ref'Uae to )field to &n)' oth•r treatment are ouNd b:wo Dr. Ohaao'a Olntlnent. Maay., .... - brpoaplaboul ........ .... ..........,.loll&iMptlc loe&luoc ......... ., ~ ~-~- ina\r......iikaoi.. ..__ .... ...._ ........ ..,. ...._ wlaldL - .. oW1 ... *Ill ., ,.,..._ ... ..... I SOMETHING TO EAT FACTS AND FIG1.J RES tell every tim" in hnsinNIII thf'lle d11ys. Pereons in l:'ort Perry and vicinity wbo should know whAt they Are tafking about before making poeitlve a1111ertionl hafA tala•n grut pains-we hne the raets and oroofsln plain bl11ck and white 110 tlutt we know wbat we are _saying- in thll paat to tell and to ~rud raiiMI reJXlrtll thllt becan~~e we have tne fin~s FUNERAL EQUlPliiE'NT eYer ~~een In this town lln<l tum out the beat work, that we haft oYerchar~d thoee lor whom wo CuruiahPd runeral orders. Two orderw that were very Roe and expenaire were takt~n u examples to make ncb statements. Ooe or two In particular where every thing- w118 the beat of lta elllll1 we were reported b1 thOlle who knew they were circulating liee that we baa made 111ch a high and rldieuloDB cha~ that to gt~t our pay we had to make a very Jar'"' reduction on the order. The actual I acts were that there ne<n~r waa an overcharae of enn one dollAr. Each bill wu paid and the frlendll intereeted uld they were PERFECTLY SA TISFIKD ln every partlcohtr Al~o Mid we were the ONLY UNDERTAKERS ln Port PMt'Y wbo could FURNISH A FIRST. CLASS OUTFIT. Tble wae proof poaltin that those telllo~r sucb YARNS AND LIES had uo foandatlon for &heir statements. Thoae reports were told not only in l'orl Perry but ln the adjaeent townships wherever It wall thourht the reportll w«"uld do ua the moat harm. Some more proofs that we are lower and al~ were lower In prices than any otber undertakers in this town and aurroundiD&' • tbarvulbl)' aad pa.--dy ~wed 'bJ Dr. Cbue'a Oil>-a. ML }OHM l'oU.AaO. Echo Bay, AliQIM C.,, Oat., writa :..:. " Laal lpriDII bad a NAIIIoc oore., ri1b1 OD lbc lu>n c:.ap and could llC&Ialy 1"1 a.rouad with it. II wu lhc aoresa ~ ner luo.d and woWd lteq> coo.aaatly p aad brealtin1. Tbou&h 1 tried m&DJ r.aha linimmlothq-dlol aotaccn> 10 do me any ....... Hllllrin1 about Dr. Cba..,'o Oi11tmeol 1 ,.... cured a boa aad Call freely uy it cllffll •1 11111 IUld I c:atlDOt 1~ too bichiJ ot ita --'arfiiJ laaliac power.~ Dt. Cbuc'a Ol~t. 110 CCDta a boa, a& al dq&lcn. OC' Ed~ Batea .t Co., TOIGMIIo Tp pcotect you apinn lmllaliooa tbc parU1tll ...S •l1nature ol Dt. A. W, Cbaoc, the ~ Mldpt hook a&&lltor, &IC Cia...,., hoa.. at prices that will attract the care. ,ful hu)·er can be round at all tlmee In our btock or Staple and Fancy Grooe_ries Our aMOrtmcnt of edible~~ consists ~ntir~lv of hl;:h claM f!'Ood~; noth· ln~r of lnft~rlor •1ua.tity Ia ever per. mltted to enter oor 11tore. country. We uked tOO.OO whAt "'"a BAld could not be done 111118 tban 176.00 U 36.00 U U ft U U u ,, u H 6(),()() .. 86,110 :: :: :: u .. u .. :: ~ .. 60.00 27.00 40.00 •• 80.00 .. •• .. •• •• .. .. .. 100.00 Jn the lut three months we furnished ll'veral funer~~l orders that -re from •18.00 to t29 leu on each order than was ever furnished by an:v ether undertaker In Port Pt~rry. They were not oply 1111111 in price, but the IM!rvloe wu far better And epnlpment far &uperlor In 8\'~ry particular. We turniah a fine cloth cultet oomplete. trimmed and upholstered lor ,.00 that otben char~[~! Mli.OO and 160 00 We fum.lllh a nlee cloth como, well trimmed and com,plete lor m.oo that othera char«e tss.oo to MO.OO • . prThe lowest In prices and the beet lf!JI'Tice lor the leaet mone.J.~ E. H. PURDY. Je~sop Furniture Co., GROCER, PORT PERRY. W'. J. NOTT, Manage ,,

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