Whitby Gazette, 30 Jun 1904, p. 1

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... :""""' .. -.. _ ..... - Wood]10U11e. Rflrb. jAn 19115 ' .. ~ . ·f(C - Gazette • Whit b)~ . dwt==~======================~==========================~========~=== Vol. 42-No. 10. COMlll::-IATIOS CU\Ct:L.i.TION 5,000. ONTARIO, CANADA, THURSDAY; JUNE 30, 1904. TERMS ~1.00 In MVAD~e •1.50 if DO~ 80 paJd. 1854 SPECIAL JUBILEE E'DITION ' . . JULY lst, .2nd, Jrd and 4th. ACCOUNT ALL THE .\\'hit by·,. wdcowe to the Old Do5s The jubilee com~s unly once in 60 nn<l t; i rl>< o ( Onlario CouPty will btl 1 J'uam. Get · i n line. <'eo Ieora lt•tl witll Ro}'<tl Honor:< u l the I The oltl boys' cclebratiun is now County ::>eat on July 1:~1, ~nJ, 3rd growing in iutereAt, ilUd. ~I h. I ._ The o~d • boy~ o.ad olt1 girls will ·. · C:ver)· son antl d :Lu;;htc r ol Old mart.;: w1th dchgh~ the· chnnge:. that Ontario Cuunty Crow :til purt:i of the bnve talren place within recent years, . . : in the history of the town. Tbu·. old [ilube i.~ cor•ltlllly mv.totl to the · buronilll pile Tr~~Culg:•r Castle bWI I · · \\ b ' b I ' ' ~,:rno.t h~mc-g;ot IHln~ ·~ · tt Y on . grown wore stntely und more benu- o!JLtc:. ~ove n ll.W"" · \\" t:Xt(\D<l bolh tiful by the addition of n. ruugnilicen t llauds in welcowe. I south wing untl e<L!Itera t>Xtl!nsion, . . . , the grounds hon•o bee n h.::..u tificd nnd llltlllY of .' h~ tuost o.IL>t m~ut~hed' enhLrgcl#, und man>· ul tiJ., mo:~t beuu- nmu~ l'anndmn:. claom Ontaroo coun- tiful tShrubs nod trtJCII :•dorn the ty u,. th~ir (llaco oC birth. ,'fho:t~e grcut lnodacapognrdea'(rontinl!(whut .will be Wtlh uo& to taken collt\pocu•>Ull is now the Ont11ri~ Ladiea' College. Jlnrt iu <'clcbr~trag our y~ar o! J,u- Three great cannons crown the lllop- Lil...e. in~; t er race, in front of the Central A galaxy of talent nnd 1>-,.wty will :rendasr the occa.sioa ODt! o! thu ID06t ddigbtlul und inten-..sting in tlle bislory o! thu CoUOl.)'• The old bo.-a ond girl" 11 ill wol- oome thi.s opponuaily Lo ru·Yi>~it the :bome ol · Lbeir earl1 dll.)~.ll. The ~~Cenes of tbt'ir childhoud-tbe aehoola nad eoll~l!8. where the -.pirit of learn- illlf lllld cuiture ia~ired their nob- teat ombition"; thu cburcheg, w.here entrance. Mr. RO&'I JohMton, t ue vcnl'rable &nd esleomed bard of too \\'hithy St. "'adrew'a Sooiet;r, bu prepared an itde of wc~e to Ontoario CounQ- Old Boya and Girla, whinh wiJ\ be ru<l at the rt!Ception to tho Old lloya in the HWiio llllll OA Jrrida;r J!!t~. . thes t'ltcred eloquence of illtlpired A cnli thurupiaa p:\raue !or which co.:>lly, elaborate, 11nd Htnruing cot~­ twuM ho.vc U.,om procurud, w ill con- t>titute o. !catu ct! uf l>' r itlay'll p co-·~-~ a~)J('<::I ie ut iilo its highe:~t pur- ':_ · '"'-· 1r~ th<' quiet reotim; plnccs ol \ ~ hUSl: once loved, but who now •deep g ra.mme. , '. (or~vc r in lo.o•.ly lieltl.'\ or ~>budowed Old boy:< u1,on revi,i tin~; too town '\l·uy.sido graveyard:!, o r in tlu1t ".rua t w ill tle6 with :;ur(lr~~" iLUI.l. delight n~rot•ulis where we•lllh of marWc tlw many change" which have tnken nntl of granitu wake>< eVl'n <Ieath le.:~S plnc11 within the p [L;l two y~:tr ... The dl'o'IOiatc. . 1 w ell kept lawn..., trlw t'hrubbery, . HTILnolilhio pu.Vl'IOL>nt:i and • 11hauy Swt'Ct nre the hoUJes or our cluld- parlao ll'i ve tho county sertt quite u ibootl, :uul. .:~wool th" hllunt" btl>~odc city o.spect. 1'\o more l'mply hoo<Ses Uoe :;t r<'am and in tho gro\'e. T he or tuwble down Cenci's. .t-:vcrywhcro llu:< aml lli.,llll~ und Maunder still <'owforl and pro:.p~ri ty . ln addition ,;cck ll ~:• ic WilY ove r pt:bLlod botl>l o111d to thu .vor}· con><itlo•ral>le ri"' in tho q•llow :;audH thr oug h pleal!ant plain,. value of ru;ll ~sl atr. our loeal in- ·allcd by l.onl( hill" ,to when• OQ- olu:<l riooli arc boowiu){. The fuundry -i•> lit ill "wd~" 111 bou uty bc u cat h ha>~ been n-vi' c<l "·' 11"' W hit by -<>uwuocr t!UUS. Co-opera tive lfan·~·••inJ.: )[uchiuc Co., . . au:~ i:. <' 11\!;l~c•l ful l hla,; t in lhu • forg11~ tim wlul" aml Cfl lll - ~ m a uu{ac lure o[ tLu (.:luk~y ll•u ·,·.,ster. •ol. ~;ohl.un lilic..~ tllllt hloomed Or m Lynde'.:. Creek, the ~[anufa<'.turinst Compunf · hav6 beeu . \ \}: ____ , . -.;Jil"". \\'out!.•" tlll tl in lhc 1'h t• Jlul'L.:le \\'ork<> .. , u .. ; ~rtiD. Officill Progralnme: \ . . L FRIDAY, JULY ht, 1904. • 8.30 lUll. Depllto.tion.." nccompnnied by bnntl.a to com~ tralna. meet in- 10.30. Reception of Old Dora at Yusio Hall. Addr&~W of welcome by Mayor Blow. Poem by J. \V. lle~ougll. (To be pre..<~ented bv Mr. J a meH. Drown). Repliea by Messrs. Rosa, Grant! Gould, ·M. W. H. lloyle, M . P. r>., prominent Old Boy11, AFTEBNOOY. : p.m. raro.de of Old Doya to Exhibition Grounds. OYertnre by Port Perry band. 2.30. Pr~ramme of Sport& ~l EldlibilloA Pal'k. Horae R&oe. Ge!_t~!!MQ .. 4r~TO~ l•t mi\8 he&ti. Deat Z In 3. Pr~ fl6, flO and ~- Hioycle Rnce, 1-! mile. Prl•e f5. 0Yerture b1' Whitby lilnnd. C.\.LFDONIA~ GAES. rutting 16 l b. !!hot, t:J, $2. Running bop, atep and jump, f3, 52. Runniog bread jump, p, , 2. Hunoiog hi~rh jump, $3, $2. Vnulti~ w ith pole, $3, $2. 100 :rnrda raee, ~. i3, f~. 220 yardt5 ro.ee, f5, $3, f :!, HO yanl.s moe, J!i, $3, f :!. Hurdle Raoe, men, f5, $3,f2. 100 yardt5 race, boys, H a.nd under, fll, $2, 11. Tug of War. Residents vs. Old Doys. Dox ot Cignns, (l:Juchelor) vnlue f!l, donated by .A,. . H. A llin. The whole to eonc lude with ,Running R ace, mile bouts, bust 2 in 3, flO; f5, EVENING. -b.. . 6.30 to 8 p.m. Reccptlon at J\Bflocintion IY. b J lr IJ~··s' . (Association. . __. . . . [t!~2h~ 'jt' " / · ~:tn.~ 'G i hnd COI1/:cr~~ · ~. ./. _.>. IS RECORDED BELOW._..- Concert. •stb JJIGHLA'SDEHS' BAJ-;D, GRAND CONCERT, nnd J. W. BES- .GOUGH, Cnnndn'" Grr.nlMt Cartoon~"'· !du•ic Hnll, Whitby, 'Monday ~ ... vcnlng, .luly Hh. By k inol permiMion of Lie u t. Col. Mncdonnld ond offieere, · t he Bllnd: of the t ilth Hi(lhlnndere, under t he direction of Mr John Slo.tter, will render the followi~ pr~rnmmc • Patriotic March' ......... '"The Cock o' th~ !\n'l'th," •.. Arr'g'd J. Sl~tlcr {Ref:lime n llll Mnrcb cf the " Go rdo n llighll\oders." 0Ye'rture...... .•.... . ... .. "Poet ~ nd Pe:u..ant" •.•..• ••.•.• -- ····- _ Sup pc Highland Flill{t in C08tnmc hy .Tnmr.s Sinclnir ; Grond Scoltisb Selection "Robert IJ ruce" ... ... ... .. . Ronni~nu (lntrO<Inc ing Pat riotic Ai r ll of Auld Sootin) Sol01' on the great m ilitllry b:t.gpiprA b.r Pirx• M a jor Denton. CoDeert Wnlh: •... .......• "Government Hou6~" ••....•.•... ?tire. A. 11. Wrig:hlt M:D.le Chorua •....• . .... . "Do)'ft of the Ole! Drigndc" .......... - ...... ·- Dnrri (R.I-ndered by the Vot'al c·hair of the D:1nd) n-ripti'l'c Piece DritWt P3trcl ..• "Tho Suw•lnne River'· •... . . . ...•.....•..• ~[yoid le ton Ro«e, ShlUllrook, 'Ihistlc" •.•. .••..•••••...• ·- - · Sousn . SeottiM' R\!(\1 in coootume-DI\adsmen M iln , Clnrlr, Sinclair, Clink. Croyon nod Comments by an "Old Doy,' ' . ..... .................. J, W. Deagougb Humoroua PiPCll! ............ "King Carnivnl' ' ..... . .. .............. ~.H:rddleton (lntrodueiag Toy T rumpet, laughing, <~oacb born effect&) &11om' lJornplre .....•...... ... Ja~ Sioolllir. ~imentnl M a n:hes of Cnmous Scotti.sb Reg imenll! ••...••.•..• J. Shtter ' Ch t1 ' t ' ,.. "\. U . ' U It . ~rat !'rt!\ L.' .uece " unltng &:eoo • .. •.•• • ..... . _.. uc:\ 081 March Militnire ...... "The Uonnie B rier Ru.!tL" AULD LANG Sl:':SE. GOD SAVE THE Kl~G AdmiN'ion 25c. Re~e rvr.d 8Pn\R 3!ic. Pllln nl. All in·s \VHITBY. IMCri~ to the casio n ~~""'" Old Doys or thll Town, o ( their ll.o.·unib n, Ju ly, I. on '04. the vario;d. la~k t hat· ~fnnl:>~.od':. etrongt.h employe. , Drug S to r p. oc- s. M. NEWTON I i:~~~~:~:. •1904 L'ENVOI. T he town is JWtlinl( ~t:•t. · She '" <lrr.q!IP<l u p l ik A n j ny, Como in !rock-coats or " n ns r.u l otlc~ Or nn:r other way · All th:tt will he 1\U ! ni t In l>uckl>onrd o r coupe You ' re welcome n ny Wtl'l'. Mr • • T. W. llenstou~t. ·.'\ Crnyon a nd Ch:>.lk ;rnlk m r ntionl'ol in t ho c once r t Jlr~rnmm.- will introoh l<'.(l c<<rtoons of oli-<t in:r u i,. hr.<l r.iti zens p n" t nnd p re• Ren t . piquant· nol irc.• {rom locnl hi!o- tory nnd l own l nl k, n nol ~< kclr.loM o( our locl\l cr lehrit ir" nnol h nmorL~ts. It i" "lCi'<'<"·t.-o l tha t I Jt jq will proVA on I' of the mo~t ntt r ncl iVP nn cl i nt~ r­ csting fea l u rl'ti of thP ce leb rnlion. :M r . llt•nsmugh'" lxo:llo ti ful poem, whir h :l fl ll<'nr." immNiintt·l~· l>f' low , wi l l be ren <l w ith inte rest b y oil . IIA Y U:-;f'IIORE PARK. Thi>~ J..,nuli!ul l!lumme r r~•o rt i~ . >tit ­ ual.-d imm.,olintPi y e:>.~t of .WToi t by Jlnrbor. The llle llmrr A rJ.tyl e t'RIJfO r~uln rly n t too \Pi" r ·o nly n f ive minute w11lk !rom tho ,eott"t!'ep ia th11 park. The rails of the G. T. 1\)1. are alreAdy lRid right np to the gatee, nmt "'·h~n ~-rti!KtiG rnihray " com· pleted (which ·Ia now on IY " ma:t.tl!r at months), Hay..tru~bore will be a· moat atlrnclivr n n<t conve nie n t "'ummer ing plne e, C"PPci n ll~· for Toron tonian~·. who fleck a re"' t ! rom t he bent n nol Rlir in the cit y The p:t r k. compri.~­ "" nhont f ifty :icrM nn•l ri~e" trrnd- unlly from t he 1 lev., ) o ( the h.,nc h [ I) n hr i ~t ht o{ oil or fill fe e t. T h P. Vii'\\' or t h" I'OMtt li n('! whic h cnn be ~Seen w ith l h l\ nl\ked t•ye ns f .tr we" t n~ ~a r horu ll o· i ~h l" 1 i~ onr. o( snrpn~s­ i n~t btoan l)·, n n tl n~vrr (n i l >~ l.o im - pre«.• t he h r h olole r. \ J~si<les t he pav- ilio n " cnnHiolr rn hle · num he r o { col - tngo~ flllpcrio r ~n n ,.;;O,itec tn r :t l s l ylo :tnol workma nHlup hnv,-, ready bf'en .-n:<- IPd , nntl :t r P now p ied <luring t he """Ulo n. T hr. f:t<'·ilit ic" or till\ lxo.:tch nre for " (pty. Go01l CL•h i h=t • i~ n re nln•ny.« obtai t ltl' \ \_ ', ·~c'~:' ;;~r" the . fCO.IIt ~~~~-·--· .' u&'~ .-1!11 . • •.(•\'llli.,.P, r.-!tlol ' r.Jfl, Jt~~~~.~~ \ :¥~.; · · .t;::i';!e,.. - . , ., ~ on ·t '"' tlt~l'Lli~:' ~"" I : . . , . . t . tl or·:r-;:;;,. !'~"""" -------.. , \ a u u 1 t 101\ u lC ufH~~ r, , '1:\u·~~ ~'-='" 1\t"::i . tht~~ h~\uut~. cal\ t o o1 rcfrc~lltnt~ nl, th~ cuuunitl~e · h~ tlo ~ o•r<lat.ih<lwd a. Ct>ul ral l.t.>stuuran t 10 you a:< tln·y olid o{ yore , AI\ tlltl Cuu n<:il Clmmlx:r, wht<ro Cl.:Ccl- IIW <'Ct "itclwry oC. u:nurc, ull lbu lent me• Ia can be prQCurell at tJ.ll lou~; t-tl<' lo:Lntlncnt o( n~h-lorgoth~ Building), to be toadered by the \ tard us e_; ~· ~o~~·· ot ·u.\• beat tu lent in th11 PJUviocc! • · • lo·~·r. ._ sooured for thi.ll feature of the ' cetebra h oO.S·' 1\ct T he Whitby Citizews' Dund will ~U~Bist. "',.,.,--I A. apecial oolleotioo of Portnita of Pionoo~. bouse- And (oJluw~, .~ uu '" ~ t .1.: · 1 · !,r i1,; 1 : . h •..-·-lJahJ· , u..: ·t , ·A Thnt goca before enc:l-i hbrnew'lrd trav: ller · ( :: :J./ n' e meet oene~th ita rnd lance to cliUip hand"• · I eomm<><liollll irn r hor. ml\y be ron l;.,ol C9 r , , .. •· 'fi'Mof.i:- ··r ·lhLJ'Ou"""•"'· l ........ ~::...;.c:~~~·~~~---..... on • o f I t:• "' . •l\.l"t:-t on r • ' l , .... · ·,;,;,;,:..:...;.,;..J"' ' Y"""' lx-<·kon rou uyain [ ruJU tu., boura,. l u\Unl >< of toil and 11tru~gle and "' ruUK ~mle .. vor to r .lna w your JU\1\ \l Oll(;LL lllUI'tl. A to•IL\GME:-iT. Arrangements are 11lso being com- (Jlft&d for biJJding vlllltor11 in priv~~ote hoUiile8 aho'-lld the hotel aooowmod.&- lion pruvu im .. toq ua,te. Th" lluhin t unc!ul i:i, the la r k :::iin)!s oWcclly a:< o( ) Oro Th~ l;d;,,. he <loth h i.-< limits break And wall.:rth on th.: :.Lore. It i>~ hopu•l that the rai lway llr- r:.~•·mcnl>< whic h have been complct- ud will meet tbu requircm'¥lt" or a11. Thn..o rtrc liB follows - Uuli,lav rate,., Com·,. Wloilhy's .sons :ud ol11ughtec:~ Sing!" {ir:.t cla.s faro!! guool t o re- all, I turn u11til th ree Jay" uClt!r the pur- ·"·lt.•renr rou llliiY ro:tm c.lw.so of ticket foe 11ll point :. in Can- Tu tlw litt l<> s pot uf Holy G round tlda. . . . y 011 1.,,,.d 10 call your home. I Vis itors wis hill,l; t'l.:lcn~ion of this _\ :.p~•· i ,dlr attractive fc;olu ro,. of t ime bhuuhl pu rc h:o.:oc Stnglo io r.; t tltt! u<'Ca , iOII I ll which \\'tl Wl!llJ 10 dl• . Ct,L'i.' tickut,., anu !jeCUrll :I[LIIHliLrd Vt·r l •'l""·o:d a\l~ ntoon i3 tho curio cerl i[iclll"-'1 (rom agent ~t (l<Jiut o l ··~ 1 11 h. ~ 111 l>.: h ,• ltl w tile ~ywua>~ouw tl t•varlure. Th,;o ccrtificlltc.; whon o f 1111• Cullt•l!i.<lc lno.titule u nder eountcr.si~netl by th" officia l t;~crc- lhc tltrcct 1on of Col. FarBwuU. T he t.try, will be good !or retu rn a t <•r- Oid t;i,·b' Assul· itlliun h:LVC kin1Uy : <Iinney convunt iou rate~. co n:;cntc ll to urranl!c 11nd ta ke cha r~;o I of tlt i" ··~hihil, ·~n<i Mr. Uat~Y hall 1'h1• Oltl Girl:~' rcc~(ltion whic h w~'" . bt·cn "fli.O<nll•d Cu ru to r. \\ e u oo rtrr:w.~~il for A~oculllun ILLII, wi.l l tWil rranlt" l iu promisiug tho full e.<t l llkc pluce in co aneclton Wtth ti.J t1 IIL>C u r it)· 1 0 tlou prop~l'ly u! cx~ihit- Ol<l lJo>"'• a ud Girls' con~lllf~ in lbo <>CS. All exh ib it., "_l~otLid bo ttl. a~ Mw;ii<g Hull 11t 7 p.m. ctLrly '"" pu:.s ihlc. I he ~c:ywnu:~oum • _. , . is now opou (or l he r t!Ce (lllon o( ex- ~ The Old Uoys ,,..oJ. liorls Concert bihiu prollralllW\! ~ 11 very u.ltmc uve one. · AtUOilll thu n u mbors ur" llli:<:~ E thol A gr~llt tlenl of inttHe:~t wiU ccn · . Ueath i n violin Hoioo ; Licul . Archie t ru in tltc lli.sto rictL l ~odely'• Wt!tll- · .ll:lliolL in c haracter I<OG.gti; The To- illil t o b~ hdu in tht> Cou rt Houae. 1 · ronto )(nle Quartelte; Col. J . B. l>'t•rewell to recite ()liYer WeodeU T h e Cbiof of 1 he Chipp~w" lotliau:~ . H<?~!!!~~· (1\IIIVIIA poem "Our Old hnil coDII~olcJ. lo 1,., preliCDl. Uos•."· . Wbitby·a veteran newatoupor editor, The Finlli!C)ft Committ"e ha ve made Mr. \\' , U. Uiggia.s, will bo thor~ arruullclllt!llt s for re(r~,.hw .. u t llooth:< to btl <· r~cted on the ~;rou utl>l ui{<•X h i- Mr. C. C. Jautc~. lkpul y :lliui,; tur bition tmrk, whucc the want11 of lito o( A;:ricult urc, who ltu" been 't>ro- l ltunjlry ttnd thirllty w ill be ~llend· .mincnl in c nroo rllg on>: t he .ruunll u· u•l to by Mr. 'fool, Mr. Ja:;. liarr:1rll l ion u( loca l his turicaJ bUCtUtlell, woll and Me. Jawc.::~ ~tephcn.:.on. deliver an aolurc,.,.. I · In the wn.y o( lil!htcr uwll.'<l!monltl . A I<Lrl! e nurulx:r p{ (ottu ull t eams Gritrilh"' worlol- ronownool l'unc h i1 Ud )tiLVc eul cretl. (or the t ournu.wcul at Juol)' t>how will entertuin t h o IJIIme- H ey olco..,.hore l'urk. Awong:~t ot.her~ .sou\e , the joyou~S and tht> frivolollll. tlu~ followiRJ; nrc l' l.: [IU~t.,d. I! rom 1 ·tho Whitby Collcl(ill t o !n.st i tut c. A~•LI - The ~;L: ilful . hall thrower will havt! J~y , li ro~nwood, Locu!ll lltll, U toc n, tho OI>I'Oc tu nll}' of 'htLVIII~ "dhot nt .JLntl. o,baw:~. llLe ~(rictLn~>, :~ntl will oo ruwar•led fo r tiCCilrllC}' o( Ulllrk::unan~hip Vy rt!• Ever)' f <Lcilily will u., u((o rolnl for C<•ivit"':( outt or more or Huutl':. fa- n Gt:n u inu rc- uniou i n the•vnnouto He·\ wouto ton cent t!il!llf.S. .ct•&Jtiull.'l, Ovcn- Alr Couc~~ LS , an1l ~~- , . . Jmc in lly urouml 1 he o l,l ·llruu cnmt>· \\' erlou•., ~lt..'(Jtroc Th ~ 11 l rc w tll :fire. To m o re fu ll y curry o11t thi" s t urtlu autl lllll lltiOJ llo~h lh~ Hl'ie n lilio id ou thu Oltl liirl:i' A>l'iociuliun ~~~~~I null l ny wind hy itll di s[>lny ut tht! kindl )· con"Cntt~d to co·OJlt' l·nt e Wllh 1 . marvullou~> power>~ 11f tho11 n~west nu - lhl! Olol Jloy" in t he conduct of the t u rul forcu t;Ub.luotl to huwu n ugca. Old Uuy,.• untl Girl:~' concurt in t he '},{u.tiit• H ull on lf riduy e veni ng. wh"a The I hm11 bmM bron•l:. whic b wiU u i(t:nt\ral r .. ce pl ioo unJ. t1 lteurty wei- <li...cour11e 11weet mu,.io . tile liYe- loug c om t> ho1ne will btl tende •·eu to th"' dn y nn<l pnrt or tbu lllf! hl u m - ·v t..itortt. The \\'hit by Ciliaellll' Ua ool. Arrall,l;ewonU hove been ml\tlo for vioito m t o chrck lhllir buggul!" nt the Old Arru.o;trong Uo udO, w btre ·their vuriuu>~ imt>ediru. nt.l may U.. l llft with jlcrfeot securit y. A n Old Doy"' · uatl Girls' Rcl(i~tn\­ tion Off icii nnd lntelligunr.e Uure:ru 'tltUO boon r.•t lllllisblltl ut All in':~ Cor- 1\1\r Urug S tore. Ev~r)·bbdy r~i,.. ~~~~ I Old Dop•, the nthlet~11 of · lwnnty ye~ra 111:10110 ~IJould ijell Mr. !" red. illntc h and e nte r for th11 Old Do1.:1' tiJior t:~ nt the Athle tic G1·o·unda on . .lflt-rnoon or S lltUrd,lly, Jul.Y. ~nd. TILl' Por t l'orry Um"" Unnd, und T hu 48th lliHhllln<lor"" Dnnd. In conneotioD with the hdtoric~l feutu ro of lh11 Old Doyt~' A•M>Dintion, it hilA t-n t~Mrllt!tl to offer th~ J>ri&ea for too be<lt tu r no u t In the pionl'tlr proo111111ion, illu.~trntive of tho omrly piooo11r dnyd. A "\lurio" ex- h ibit h u.• Alau b.,.,n arrllngt!d for·, nnd it ill hupetl that every one, having 110uvenira in the fl hUJ!e of picture&, p11otogrut•b5 or rl'liCll or uoy kind will ploc11 them 11>1 eu r ly :ut pos>~ible in t he hnrul..8 of Co l. F nrcwell , Choir- rona or the U istoricnl Commit tee, to aecuro t heir being p lnood to tho bast ndnntuge in the e x,hibiti4>n. 10.30. 2.30. 8 p.m. hold artie!-, implement., -tumea, mua1oal ln· atrumeat.a, nlica, etc., lUuatratiYe of ploooer lUe. will be on ex'olbltlon durlng the celebration. * S1\TURD1\Y, JULY 2nd, 19011. Ontario County Historical .Aaaocio.ti'?n nt. Court lloU6e, ,Warden Vipond prcsidio.g, at whLCh. nddrllfltllll . will btl deliv6 r e d by the Chier of the Chtppawa lodta na. Mea!!rs. W. U. Hig~iM, 1. J . Gould, ~- P., mmhers und ex-members of the County Council, C. C.Jnmea, Deput y Minister of Agricultu re, nnd other" AFTERK00:-1. At Whitby Athletic Grounds. Old Doy"' tiamo:~, Competitor!> to be over • Ye&rlf of uge. F 11 t Moo':. ll.aco, 50 ynrdti,l2, $1. Standing bop, step nod jump, J:l, $1. S t nnuiag hrond jump, ,2, .1. Tug or W ur, Bo:r or Cignn• (John Bull) nluo $3, donated by A. U. Allin., LACROSSE MATCH. EVE~ lNG. Old Tiwo caLUl' fire and pyrotechnic disp~ny ar ,Pro- menaue Conc11rt at grount1..8 of Outano Ln~ol· lt>go 131\ntl. i n attendance. . , Whitby Mule Q u:utette to lead in singidg eli< 111l8 .we loYc. * SUNDAY, JULY 3r~t 11 a .m . Speci"l aerYioeA at aU th'e ohu robea, Old Onturio County Olol1fJ1Dell. 2.30. 3,00. 7 p.m. A~'TERNOON. Societic.'< po. rno.le. Mernnciul <ICrvicllB nt Ontario LaJiell' Colleg e and ..ac ro•l band concert . a prominent toslu which will be the rende r ing of Mourt'~t 12t EV~NLNG. Altpropr io.te aong ecrYicers Ln nil church e.s • ~r­ san recitals. * M()NDRY, JULY lith. HORNING. I r ·100 .. 0 r nn•l TrndM Procl!""ion, hend.ed by'".h liab-10.3 0. u lander.:~' llond. AI!'TERNOON. At Uuydeu.,.horo P urlr. 2. Fooluall Tourc nment. Aqua tic ~port..&. S wimming rncc, lOU ynrol:. f 3, $2. Fancy Swimminl!. , 3, 12. Diving competition, f3. Canoe r11oe, 1 mile, ts. S lr.itf race, 18 fl. clQ:kt, L. Y. R. A. ru 3 111ii~ Silver C up , Danoilllf ?a Yiliou. EVE!\ lNG. Grand oonoert by 48th Uigblunders' I, , includ- io.g piv8r.ll. ttinl!era, voonl ch oir, d.u.l Ill co.- tume, reel Jnnclng. A specil\1 ilem of tbill eoncert wi ll 'l:idetl. by 11 W h itby Old Uoy, Mr. J. W. DEN~l, enhtl· ed '"Crayon and Commcut.." (Sefert Pro- S ru.mme). , S eOLta reaerved at Allin's Drug Stor~ Generul admi.s.slon to apor ta, ~b. , obilfllder l :l, h al ! !11re. AULD LAXG SYNII:. GOD S !.VE ,KING. Iu _the ohl 'Iow.n on thi.s ,, u.~pic i ou5 dl\y, 'I'o knot ngnon !nentl.ahop 'e long-severed stra011a An~ .to re'l' ive in mulun l mrmo ry ' The \\hot by thnt we knew l;.cc we were toucbetl w~~--~ .~~ ... 't:· . Homt' of our Y outh! True, m:tny :nother T own , . BoMts itarlf gren tcr ns to ma r t nnd mi ll ; \\ lng : footed Me rcury m:ty, indr ed, ha ve ctow11, \\ ol h fock le mtnol nnd nrbit rn r y w ill To othe r region.••. t r ue; bu t Btill - but ~t ill ' Old Whitby Doy, with yo u r deep iheart 'confer And own a m1stio chn r m is bore · · the sod ' • The clou ds, _tho sky, nre not "lit those ol~o~where; "hn.t m nt t ers ot tbnt E n terprise run y nod Io llt rcete t hllt aomcbow Reem to yo11 eo near · to God f . , Ill. Nn:r, though n In t~r love y our I> P:t rt bt>etowa U pun aome happy roof, o•· e:t"' t' or wrAt Whe re round 1\ e he ri.'lhed hea r th Aff ec tion' glow.~. Where dwell t he dcn.r ones you h11ve long known be.<t As _husbnnd, fnth c r , l r icod: how e ve r bles t ThA~ ~t rcle Wtt h fl SWCI't conte ntmen t , ret Tos not the t>«!n e l b:Lt R e ve r ie porlrnys In m?ments. r are, to ey M that e 'en nre Wil t, . \\ hrn s ol<'ul ly . yo u 11 it nlonr n nd ~n zr Tow.u.l the ln r duD> verg e o( child hoc ll 'll fRi r y dnye. n· . That nce ne i.e he r e ; here dnwned the go lden t>p rio. Which tbua retur1111 iA vi.eiom of the put 1: G lowing befon your mind and voniabl~~t~r- ' Too precloua and tltbereal to laat - . Aa film,- clouda thl\t deck ttl~ ll.UY.!M !'U! Glow ~nd diaeolYe •w"y ; 'tie thl" aome alty, Thoa rood c.f g round, and not another apot Memor y do t h hol1l fo r y o u nnd ~Sancti!y ; ' . ThAAr., eve r w it h l\ tende r pn lltn.'! frnuP.ht, Ltve throup:h tho J !!n r.'\, n hr.rito l!r. ot h~o rt ond tboqbt. \". W ith n swrc t do m inonce t he Chilrl w ill rule In th~ Mnn',. min•l th r oug h life; to you ano.l me Th~ wor l1l cnn holrl l>ut ono Old Dilll r ic t Schoo l, How mllnJ achoole soe ve r t he re mlly be· Nor, l r :\Vel . whore we will, slutll wo e'e r' Bee A Btronmlc t q111te the enmo OLS "LynM'e Creek" ],'lowing throulfh 1\ucb g rN'n r.wnrd 'neath' a eh An•l ' t\\·ore in Vl\in t hr oug h nil the enrth to ae It u a e uo; , ,A Harbor like Tho Bny ; there is but ~or: \\ e II know. t hro ug h c hild i•b oyee a nd heart t ill li re ia done. VI. Tht're eometime" cornell to me ntr old, qun ia t air Thn t takM mo bftclt to thu~e 'nchanted ,rea ra. cb~r i"b It n~ mt'.lody moH r nre, ' !•'or . thoug h 'twern l eo /015 t bna naught to otb Ita "imple, pi teous tune comt'oeb my ~nra e r ea..., As "" n no llach'e or Ifnoolel'll cla~!lio at ra in . I t cornea unbid de n, •n.i the p resent fnd~ As I'Omethlng l'mpty, unimJwrtl\nt, vn ln ; ' Tho olden f ornll\ nnd nigh - rorg o lten ahndHI Are ro und me ; m y fair ch ild- world livpa Rgain ~ pbnntom- reulm of W c~udc rlnnd, hall bli.ars, b~{ pa in. vu. A phn ntom- r enlm, ye t nc turtl :tnd true; T!lt\ c.ourt-hOU!lO dome, nbove the g ri m jail- IO&IJ F ln,..htng lle !{lory on the di~lnnt v iew · ' St. Andrew 'a eplreleas, four-11quare 'towe r tall · The S horiff'a Caatl" proud 1\n<l hlsh- t h - a ll ' Ar e landmn.r ka f ir m and renl thn t rn11y be ..,en ; So, too, are ~o-!!BY roofs nod woathec-vani!A, And fnr myllterious WOO<b and rnoa<lowa urteQ · Only no little p loymnte now remalba, ' And l!host l.r nir s lonunt o;ohool -1ard.• l!ltill nod quiet Jaaea, VIII. Home. of ou r Youth! w ith i n thy boundar iee \\ 1'1 ~eet to-day. 'Ti11 he re ou r Lo~ Ag o Hn.s oil IM roota ndll. t e ndrils ; Memor y al r a ye By ln.-'l lnc t back to enr l~t y enra, and ao • • All" . •loth n ot t ruly lnta ney outgrow. " e ..-e hnkotl by Reoollootiuo'" 11lllren bond . To ono fir:~t 11pot, l oow far 8001't•r we r oam · Tb'"" beur WI!\ eve r In n rrec tion fond· ' _ A at~ to oil Wh itby Do,-a 'u""'th 'hnYl'n 'a dome, ·" heroe <Or their lot, wbate'er the ir ti~ Whitby ia Uo~e ! Toronto, Juae, 110(, J . W. HEJ\GOVGH. Old Doya' R e-union ~otes. Iln,·e you ·"""Url'ol 1\ bu t t on Ye l 1 R eT. Cn non Cnylc)', a lo r rnr. r in · cumixo n t , wi ll o{( icinte nt AI L Snin t8 • <'·h urch n t t he j u bilee se r vioo.•, Ju ly 3rd. . Tho~o desiring info r m :t lion r•spec t- 11'14; the Old Duy,_• doi n g" s hou ld write the IS('Cr, tnry, lllr . A. E. C h r is tinn ·Of W hit by, ' It ;,. bi ~thop Rfl(OCi:tl ·c hure h ~:rpccteol !hn t II i!! G r nce Ardo· O 'Co nno r Will oHic in te " t u ... services nt S t .. • Joh n ·,. H c o n S u nd a y 3rd July. . • rr yo u w.~ nt lo kno w wha l l he old hoy.~· !>po r ts w ill r.on.• is t or, re.~•l t he ~ 1 <1 ho)·,.· hdvc rti"<'mfl n t on the opp O'I- >tc pn;;-c. T hll p r ize,. w h ich nrc of- fe red n ro t he re . llan n rr11 n nnouncin~t 1 hr. \\' h itby ~lol Doy.-<' He -u nion 1\ rc nl r.-~dy f loa t - ~ ~~ on the n ir . T hey Rhou ltl b.. nn I DCPntl~e for every uody t o heg in decor attona., and not lcaYo them unt · l t he last day. · ! Bllada, ProceaaioM, sporte. ll)leechas CODcerla, fire wo It 'JI . • hn ri l k ' r ~. I llMtDatiOOII n " In ong, ea lin r-: , ~<mok i u P' ·•nd RII Mrnl tno• rrlmrnt-th i.~ i ~ t ioo 'b .ll ~f dfnMr e for F r iday, s,. t u n l:o y, t:;und::y n on dny or li~ J:t wcr k. (t . i.e h.-.~ rd thn t e ve r y <'i ti ze n will COMIOI\r t t t h · d th . . c or "'Y to d Pcornt e n~r rMulence~ and v l11ccs of busi- na ' nnb~ mn lro t heiU '"' .ott r:l<' tiTII ui PotlldSI c for tho hom o " Om inN ol e 0 buy,. nod g irls . ~ • ,The- On ta r io Count.f Old Doss' " d G 1 tr! 1 s. 1 whl! revcr r esiding, n re co1·din~y nvo eo t o visit t h Wh' tb . I o coun ty town, I ' ' r om J uly lat t o 4t h tu co . ~pe rntc w it h the .boys n.nd ~i rll! n; t .ome I~ m nklng lt.s j u bilee celebr 11 • ten 1\n o ld boy5' r~·union a g m nd I!UCCCIIII, . T.he . ltul ic" o f lhe tow n mo t nt As- s oconllon Ha ll on \\'ed nL-..duy even ing to .mnlrc f u rther n r rn n~rruorn !.'\ [or lltetr n>cr~lion, to be give n to l loe I h om e, cur.utng o ld ~ i ris and boy" nn th e t.ventng o f J u ly l>~l. T he ltour fi xed fo r t hn r~ee ption i" lo:l lt pnl\t Rtx t o R p. m. lluf ro...~m t•n!~ w ill be se r ved. ' \\"e hope I he t hou:~Rn• l.• "ho r ead ~h lA P~P"r "'~ l'kly in thn t er r ito ry t rl- utn r > to \\ h llhy w ill tnn ko n n ef- fhr t to " Offill here n not pn rti<'ipa t e in t e Aport-• th is week. Yo u w ill be "ble lo tnlle t ol<l- t irue ! r io•u•l• - pcr- bl\fll'l the l<ll't chn! you m ny b nve ;t 5t'Cl f4t l hf\ru t lo :. iof o of l11•11 Von he o lot boy" nnd g '" cnn not mu" : tllr oftCln, IIO come it rlnol mee t the tA u poa th ia OCC38 ion. . Cnst )'ou r ~,..., o ve r the fol lowi~ lt"t o ~ n t t rnotio~~ nt l hd Olol IJo}-11' ~e-un •on, J uly 1st to 4th, ut W hit- y . CiLleolo n isn s nmos, ho1181' r noM f:l rl\n<l lucro..'<lle mntch , ball gnme foot hnll t • u r nqmen t , oqun t ;o o~enla gra~ proc~lon uf eoc ic tiM n nd me~ m ona! aerVLOOS, cnmp tire and f ire works, Old lloys' Rnd Old Gi r te• con - o,.rt, R~landem' R nnd C'-onoe r t Th r l'f\ b&ncllo i tt d ' n . II. en a nee th ro ugh- out the ~lebratlc.n. . ,

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