Whitby Gazette, 30 Jun 1904, p. 5

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==============================:.==============·====================================================~ )uar===============~=====r============================================================~======~======================= ·- M \.'llTLE. C d I H -~ i nd pulls his watch orf JOUr 1 LIFTING THE BURDEN BAILWAY TDllD TABLE. A ' Mr. Warren, anti Mis..q llcrocbe of QftStipatiOft 8ft funn;'f._ Y cut it :.hort. . \\'.C. l., \\'hitl>y, w ere out t hi.s way I Uers Ollt! evening this week. Stomach Trouble •" \c\u'l, ., ~li~Ult: :t 0 ll0~>1 llu ill Wl>ile Mr. A. :i\ItLw Wti.S driving " I 5 uml :1 nou-po mluc~r; he (rom the village uu Mon.lay hi» hold- The most common ills o' llf'Ot mak;!.:\ ou~y :t nd h~ citeutate" uo back IJrok,•, anLI thJ hor:~e . bec:.uac mour}c;; ie ht•llb 111> barn.; anrl cools What are your friends sayin£ about your That your eray hair makes you look ol,d r And yet, you are not forty I Postpone this lookin£ old. Hair Vigor Usc Ayer's Hair V!eor and restore to your 2ray hair ail the deep, dark., rich color of early life. Then be satisfied. • A,-.n Ralr Vtaor NetO~ the natural eolnr to mk gn.7 b•lr. and 1 am &:re.&UJ ~i'v.;~=i_~~~YWO', l'i.T. r .. rd:u=!:: tn<;~r.-~~: . for Darkllair TU\) RSlJAY. JU:-IF. 3Uth, 19tH. G I.E :-I MA.l OR. unrnanagc:.d.>lc nuLl rau away. Mr. are qulckiJf cured bJf Dr. l1is r~""tf' t ' the way.side ""'"am. lie Maw cscat~d with a se,•crc .. baking Ohaae'• KldnOJf•Li'Yer hcLS only . on,, J>arpusc in lif~-Lo get 1 up and a Very wd fri,;ht. Pilla. • • • i>t•yond uc township limit~. A number from here atlen•h-.1 the B t' · th · ( k'd · • . . y en avemng e achon o • neys; 1 \' ' h S • • • • analivcr~ary at l'ro.specl ou ::>un<lay liver and bowels Dr. Chase's Kidney- ! ,~ en t ne \Von't lieal. Hcc:tll.'Se 'lln<l Moruluy. All n;porl lhcy had Lh·er Pills entirely overcome constipatioo ; o{ Ita P wc r to h;:al ra·•·, fl:lm :ng a good time. and ensure the proper working of th~ \ fla•s~!.,y the influmm:atioa .toLl 1 Among those who 'atlelldl'll ·tho digestive system. ~~~ l•thD 'di rc:dful it,·lua:; Or. C>use'a rxeursiun to ::\ia!lara were 1\lr. \\'. Mas. OWEN Ct:IIU.IINGS, DeserontO, Ointment b;u;. n wuricl-w:do r cp:na- t•:ark. Mr. Ja.:~. Kent and Mrs. ~L Ont., states :-"I wa.~ in very poor health t>on. If you havo lx-com<J tliscouro.g-· w. &unah aml Mrs. T c1rvis. , when I began to usc Dr. Chase's Kidney- od l>y tho C:tiluru o( othor tre:atmuut.s,. Ue in earnest. Be in earne:;t a. bout Liver Pill$. I bad b.-en a great sufferer . put ll1·. Ch:l.Sil'.:< Ointment to the' your health. Do yuai suppruc tba.t from constipation and stomach trouble ' tt'6t. L il;;: tbousaotls or othPr:l you• the headuch..s, backaches and other and was weak and run down in strength. I will be surpnsed and tbligutcd with> I was gradually growing worse every day, tb~ rcsultJ. symptoms f rom which yot1 suffer and finally decided that 1 would have to do will pa.:;.:! a wny of their 0\VIl accord something. Hearing of many being cured ins tend of developing into serious by Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills I ~gan and chronic disoa.se. It JOU are sub- using them, and soon ooli.:cd a marked jcct to kidney, liver and bowel de- change for tbe better. 1 continued this EFFECTS OF .. WHiNiNG." rangemcnt:l, th~re i.s no preparation t tm t t ' l I -" f t' t' rea en un 1 was cun:u o cons 1pa aon Bu a Dlalt.Gl ... ,. •• .,at lallaoaee oa _.. which will be so huJp(ul to you llS and mrstomacb was restored to a healthy Teeal t: ... •nl• llr. Cbn.su'c; Kidncy-Live.r Pills. One condition. It only took about three bo~es A pill a d0:1e. of pills to entirely cure me." . recent number of Medical TaUt -If-- . f'Rl::\Ct: ALHJ,;HT. Through the ;,<rclll eHons of Rev. Mr. Harris the t~hcds of th~ M. E. chureh at l'rO:Ipect have been cow- pldcd, which is 11 gn•at benefit to the Qlerul>ers who h11ve to drive to church. The lU.Ilplc treEo-> tlu1t .)lr. Geor~e }"1\ttersun planLCd in front or his residence thil> sprin~; nre ~;rowing Dr. Chase'>~ Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill 1 ~as an article on the n ·il phy:sical et- a dose, 25 cents a box. The portrait a~· ~ect.a. Q! r \:..~l~oning." Complaill~ ai~ture of Dr. A. W. Cba:<e, the f:uzo~ · says tbe"l~aler, aro invariably made receipt book author, llre on every box. Jl ·~ln~ avmim key. 'l'hi• "monotony rupa oca 1ords, taxes nasal norT• ===========:::;::::===:::::;u(/ muac es that should not be · • I . .-·~u~ in o play at all in spealdac, .sc•l over the village on Sun•lny ev~ and tends 0 shallow, une,·cu breath- enin!,(. · ami ou1· weather (lropbct ting. The whiner, too, is &t.mest. got very, Very Wt•t. without exception a more or ~ On ·\\' e•ln.,stla)· l:l'l till' Rc,·. M•i. idle lazy RtMion. The habit of whia- Hanis removed to P1>rl Perry, wber,;,-nc' itself tends to aap initiativ•, he will reside iu the futor~. 1 ? impulse ~l~ Increase phleematic tea- in nict~ly. The prettiest lillie lawn th~t we •have 11e~n ill the villu:;e is :Mn;. llar- Mr. and Mrs. Crosier were vbti\ing with Mr. J . Retlshttw'~ Sunday. Mi- .Minniu .lones wa:> home U:a;bridge over Sunday. ~r. James Ual(our, Toronto, i• nt dencle•. -:-uabitual whining. aot. Jaoanu for <I few dul'" with ui" rat hur Jacaltby, ..71•o•·ous tault-lioding where <liHl mother. · fault really exisu, but the helplN8. :Mr. Uotter. of 'I'oroulH, i:> vi~iting futUq complaining of a nlllToW -- M•·.s. Cn;a.sor. wbo bas ·b~en :>ick, has n-co,·cr.,d. Mr. Charle:o Crooicr wa~ vi~iting with ·(rit•nd:t here lately. Mr Uell l<•d the .service on Sunday evening. Mr. \\"ilkinson, Cl:u ·t!nlntn, wa.s el.pecletl, but did not come. A number trow here took tn the excursion to Guclpb Tue,.dny. All music lover:~ >~hould a ttend the c:on~e rt next lo'ridny evening, to be given by the llisses l:"ro.:<ser, of TG- ronto. • rict Jeffrey's. Mrs. W. T . Armstrong is at howe-. ·Mr. Roy Uonn ho::o gunc to Toron- to. Mis.s Campbell , Pori Perry, wns visiting . with :Mi:.<~ lt~l>:.cca Hol- man last WL'Ck. llr. John Jo'orrester and wife were in .1\iaj.;ara lust \\'eck on their !•Ieas- ure triJ>. Mr. E. llri:;~s. (rom Myrtle, was calling un :Mr. un•l Mrs. llnrkcr on at Mr. 1 llal.four's. tur. too indolent to make any ef- Theru is ~rcat improv~mcr.t in our fort to rir;h~e cnuses of complaint. vill :~gc. Mr. l'etet· t:nsi~[n hu:< h~ ely ddc:'terious pbya;ical paint"d hi" re:~idence a beautiful ~cct bn tlll 11jhOI<J constitution. Adcl color, to tbJs tlithe f;t that eternal fault- Our roac: commi:>:>i~>ncr has grad"d ti.nding is ...,.Aa..~.._tjlae-1ikdy to wev the c;ln•e::~ in finu :~hapc. out. the atanchest friNadship and Lab Mrs. Hubert Uutson, J ,._, is verr the light fe<>Di the lovcliat. eouot-- sitk, o.nd ~ undur Ur. An·-b~r·s car,·. ance, and the full ea~-c\3 of thia la- ,--..aii!!!IIJI!Ill .... ~lllllllltl. With a Gentle Hand-ANTI-PILL. ~· 'n"omaD'a Ute I• a batt1~ with nf'n-es thAt '"'P streo~tr;th :tn•l "n"'l""hJ'"• ~hattered tDf"I'T~ft ng;:;ra.Tato an.l pro1:'1o!a .-~ronlc troubles. Thera b no thne In a woman•• t;:" A nU-1'111 f:.lla to tlo r;ood. ll'hPn the ~ltt'p I~ rvlle._., ptlnt'lplc. Ita e:T~c:'IK oro food Cllll~r~ <list~~ bud- d!!ftrent from nm·thin::: ~I>•'. :trheordiulr.t'"-'<.Jlnins In the nnd thr.rc Is nri m i•IJakint: •lllr or b3rk. in•lil!c'tlon, p3l- its won•lcrfnl iullnenl'e. lJr. l•llation, arpclllo poor. con- LNlllh:trdL hilS )lTe,>IIN!tl l~e Ftlp:ltNl, 1111 tired out. d<'- formulo. tullrely rte from presse.J- jwt one trlo.l ot lbo lnjnrlou• lnt:re~llcute Dr. ).('nnhaf\11'~ A~TI· Pn.r. common to f'N! ... nl a~,. l'lllo, will " li!:htrn tho burdtn" etc. It Is tbe lclcal n•t<·m that I~ dl'll~t.;ng you down. tN>atmeoL .l'rke, 50 · eenla It hr.; us liB work In tho pr.r box of · tle~len, or bJ ~toma~h from which tbe adtlreosln,; W n.e o 1<-Y T La blood Is fed and lbe oer<es Co~ Niagara Falla, Ontario, controlled. who will aleo mall tree aam- ~~~~ .. ~~~~i.'-. ANTl-PtLLembracet&DeW pie to aDJ addnla, oy, and A. J. Davie, Port PerrJ. Patients will hear of something to their ad- W ITBY STATION. Gol~g W!!at .. . 5.:!!1 a .m. I Oolog EI\IL-. 8.59 a:m " " .. 8.28 a.m. .. " · ... s.u7 p.m " .. "' 2.0S r.m.l " " ... 6.1 u p.m -· 7 ~ p.m. " " .. t'9 55 p.m The only train going to Torontd od Sundays is the 5.29 a .m. The only Sundny trains from To-. ronlo which stop at Whitby are- 9.54 ll..m:, and 11.21 p.m. The 5.29 n.m. train doe!< not g<f \\'Mt on ll:ondoy mornings. Oolnl North . . 9.Jt a.m. GolD I 8oaUl ... 8.00 a.m .. 4.1~ p.m •. j ·• " .. 12.40 p.m . • • 8.40lt..m. " ..... ~«Jpm ST.,GEB. LeaTee Whitby for Oabawa aL'lO a.m. aBd t p.m. J~. Honlden, proprielor: ~~w::,~~r Bronabam •' 10 a.m. J. A. Boyt The Myrtle Store' -- DIABETIC vantage, by writing to Floor Oil Clotb, all widths. th D • b t• J t' t Good vnlue in Cottonades. 8 1a 8 10 ns ltU 8 LadiM' cotton and DMhmere !Jose St. Dunstan's Hill, Lon- We hnve repeated our order th~ times ~~:ew "for Ladiee' Vestings, and don, E. C. hnYe Jtmt receiTIId an up-to-date cure one at onoe. · NOTHING To PAY waist· at litt.le coot. Come andae- We. bave a few silk wnitlt leogtbe I•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••~ ll«ft ID blue, black, white and pillk. Some one will get a enap oo ~ :Wby not .ro11 f , . Top price paid for farm produce: : MEN'S BOOTS $1.00 .. c T. W. BROOKES, Myrtle .c ,,Ready to Eat" Goods -FOR- Summer Lunches • I l•'riday la:~t . BALSAM and MT ZlO:-i. Mr. Mervin ,1\eal is tbe fit:~t in the \'itlag" to report o( having ripu )Jr. and Mr.._ Hubbard «pent Sun- strnwuercie:~. \\'e :arc soro· to have to report aidioua and l>revalent habit will be that Mr .• l:tuw" Uunmtt Ul .. t willa better appreciated. "Get tho whlae a very .serious ucci•tenl 011 Monday, out of your voice or It will atop tbe by falling from a wa,;on. denlopment !lnd growth of your Mr. Gcor~o Hares "ho hn'l been body. It. will nnrrow and erillk travdling through the dif!erent your mind. It will drive away yolll' Stale:! of the L' nion for I he Ja,.t thrHe tl'leod8; It will make you unpo.,ular. Y""""- "'"" calli~ on bis mother Quit your wlaining, brace up: lfO to ~; d~witb friends at lh:bridge. The Rev. Mr. Kenner had potatoes -....... .. C. ""· lJisney b-.1d the stone in full bloom on the 15tb of J uoo. cr ~ on the aide rond ttouth of 00 ,. wealbcr prophet w:~s thu first Ht. Zion church one clay 1-t week, in the Tillage tu get bl:i turnips sown. ad crtaolhed and put oa tbe I'Olld.,aev- A number from here took in the ,ral roc1a ol at~. Thi'J ill the tea at Proapect OG llucaday. W&J to--~ttt abc road in good abllpe. Mr. Robert Kwera wu home on w. t•. Jone-& 1101e1 !Us finu teuw JJf Thur...Iar. ho,_ • to:» b)(r. S. ~cha~ bo.ll8 Hr. George MeK"J is prepttriog bia lille, \\bat J, ' '· outfit (or lh~ ...,,._...,n's thre,.bing. Wilson iir0:1. purcba,.ed a fine M r . Robt•rt ·11artley from Mani- lleo.vy hor:~e at Greenbunk lu:~t week. Mr. c. \\'. Uhwey's n<"V l>:arn w:LS tobo. is ·.,topping witb Mr. £ptollpfor T I . b 1. h a time. Jltruck on UtlSC ay evenong Y tl{ t - Mr. William Jewell, of Manilla, ni~ and was l>:adly dnwa!;ed inside. was in the vi11'4o:o one tby Ja:<t week :;~~!~ tuw'~:o:illle~~ train :~t Glen ~~~~~Iii~~~ ~~ ~~t~~·~c il~o :uu/ch~:~ti~~~ Major stiltiion lll.;t l'uesday for the 1 Guelph exeur:oion. vi lnge. . . ' .u · J · U 'd · f p · '· · 1 Mr. JaW<'!! Moon, wafn nod dnugh-!.INU~H e.:sste aVL sop o aca.~r•na:;, , f · b f · 1 f d . . . b . . ter. rum ::>cagruve, wa" ere o. t 1c epenl a e_ w nytt vu"ttnl( .e.r .:s~:~tur,l day on Satunluy. last WL'41k. work; be aomething; etand Cor so- Mn>. Ilobt•rt Uond h:.s ,;old her thing; 6U yo11r place in. the uniV61'88. beautiful ro.'Jidence. ,.·bich at pre- lDatead or whillina arouad, ucit.iac sent ill OCCUJ>icd by Mr. Thus. Cro- oal7 pity and contempt, face about llier. The purch~r ia llr. Coombe, and aab eomelhlDc ef yourall. from l'ort l'erry. .H&tch up to \M &1&\\lh at .. ~~~ )(ra., Wesley llurd, from Aahburo, -bliatl .aahoecl, to t.M be&11t7 wu callin&; on bur frie111l~ l11"t ,.-.,ek. and lltntlkth of a auperb wo•-- 'I'h.: wcallacr beint: (avooruble, the hood. 'I"bel"8 I• o.othiac Ute matter dl-coration at the cemetery on ~'ri- with ,-ou. Just quit your wbiaiq day lnst wa.~ tht• graaul .,,·cot iof the and ~ tq __ 1(1lrk-" · <!ctu<on, lhol'" beinH about fifteen ============= hundrcll present. ll:v.,ry township in Soutb Ontario atul villag,; for milo» around wns rl•(lrc~"'entetl. Tbc bcnu- ai(ul music rc n•lered IJ,· the cele- brntec.l citi:.:cn.'\' band of Port l'Hry, lht' pcr{..cl rnarchitll!" o[ the tlifCer- tlnl lodge.-. and the b.,auliCul t"onditiou Mrs. J. \\ • U~:~ney, of .Mt. Z.ton, Lhl:l I Mr. E >Lon i:; thinking of t~tking w~k. .' j n >lcn><u:·e tri > to Manitoba in Uae o( lbe ~··ountls wlueh b :l:l tak~n so Say, h:n·e you ~curd oC rhe GUr- ne:~r future. 1 much J,.bor under the skilful care den ~arty wbach/ IS to !), bel~ . by ~ il'cter',.whi.stle i:; often bcnrd on o( Mr. llond, lbll c:~rutuker, w~>~lhe Mt. Za~copl~ at Mr. '\\ 1Lluun I ur :~tr l:l llc:<t tbnt every w: .. t•rescnted lu the Wa~·,._ La·~~ on July the . Gth. 1 0 Olol ~; Crawford Crow Toronto is public out.oiide o( the citie:~ in the It LS nlw:~o~·s ~be b:!:;L and bag.;esl • honie Cor ,. LiUl~. Uominion. ~· \\. Ua::on~y "' loolun~ fl>r " . Cone vi.;itint: With Mr. Thomn:< Crozier. ten the vital rHsources ure ~v~r ~Ll>Out el \'1'!0 hunllrcd weight. Mr. Jo.~cph !'eel drove · out with hi~ {orty-t wo, but it not thon, ·-... • ft vc yctLrs old. I · ( f u ll M fi(t)·-sevcn anti Bixty-t wo garden. pa~ty l~ld for . malt's around. Mr. Hobert llon•l, o{ 'l'oronto, is !~_{an's Mo.st Critical AgH. Very of- rr m 'herc look their WI ll row. ll<lar r"·ct'""Y:,.; anTv .. rs, to ' there is a strange -------------~~~~~, 1 ~ ·' call on.~l~u~s~~~r~o~n:d~,.;~~r~.~~h;ow~~=i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tlir~ fr;~ ~l .. ,...ouuay::?lots i~!J._e. ~of • - lltrength Cheap if sold . now~ • 1-II~\' __ ,,..,. right. the tired brain, '1'11W,.W-.,..-;;--;r·- Botel.-i-:!. firiv~r~ · ' a111l ~··"· \\'.hitc . wcakenad narves must be forti- ~ .M= lla)'"" bns uonc out WltU her Tbc Wi:l6 mo.n . will WIO Ferro- -. ~;..__.-..· · . son in Darlinl(ton --f~>r " visit. b t · t ' 1 1 ~'-- ·-- J,;J'::>OM. 'fbe 8tandard i~ 11 Wi!komc vk•itor zone w 0:10 po ency IS p :H tcu ar y lt w..s "illl (eelings of deepesl .here. n!'plicablc to those critical periods. and heartfelt aorrow tbllt the (ri- \\' 6 nru .surf)' to h:1 ve to rHport Ferroaooo quickens tho whole being, end~& and IICif.Uilintanc:ea of John Car- tbo.t Mrs. llull ;.. confined to tbe imparta vil&or awl ~wor, aad puhea ruthera beard on l!'riday lut that bou~~e. . baok the ouet of -.llitJ la a 'nlrJ be bad died at the home of b;. bro- Mr. J:!'raneia HolmaA is not maD.lfeat w•J. It'e beoauae l!'erre- u u ll f \" · zone gi Yea 11trengtb, YitalitJ end Yi- ltllllr•in-lnw, uenq· ..,a • o ,, ·~- very well the::o11 d<>~.,._ houn, Ont .• the previoua do.y. For .Mr. uavid Warren and \Yife, Ep- (fQf tllat It \a \lll~{lll tu o\d ~n. 'riJ IIODU> tim:. bU. health haul ~.)eon falil- oom, "'"" oullinu on hi!! frhmd bcre it. Price 68o. ( j~. and in January llll>t he went to Ja.-.t Sutlllay. ,\\'i~bam with the hope tbat chuiiHll Mr:<. llaiuc<' has removed to Drook- 11nd rest would rc:~tore bin\ to health. whet"e s he will reside in the future God willrd otberwise. He g rudu:dly with heo· .:;on Hobert. grew worse, and in ttt>i.t e of _thll Mr. Wilkin:<on from llaltmm, was wo::ot tovint( care anti skd!ul medocal calling on his uncle, Mr. Jobu J:o' or- aid be pa.o;.sad uway to his ct~ •·nal .-e:slcr. , bow" on Thursday, June lutb; in the Mr. ltoberl But=n. Jr., i::o tlpnrl - 07th yellr of bis age. llurin~ bitt ing " very stylish top bU!f!IY· \\'cU pALLANT CHATl'.\N, the propertJ of\Cowie & Graham. Ma.rkbnm. Mon- day, · leave hill o"·ri stllble, Green Ril'er, to 'Jno. Pntterson's, 7th con. Pickerin&:. noon, llubb:&rd'.s hotel, Brougham. night; Tuesdoy, Gordon's hotel, i>ickeri~. noon ao,d night; Jacksonville, dauJbter of Recorder of West, who witnessed bcr tipwtPrc to tile followiar JcUcr. ,..._ .. E. Ph""n'a Veaetallle(wpouDd. \\ 1)ua ... "'"'2aauJr: -~ ba\t.w wn- ........... wbo ~a& ~eaftuoed -,oo.lm Uld 8DCh paiD. .. Olll~D know. I .... aach women the .at-of LYdia E. ptukhADG Vegetable~ pound. I'-~~ duraren& In ~ll tram an,- I ..,.. lm- ucl &horqrhl,- reliable. illne:~<~ bu often eXJifC:I~cd a :<trong done, ltof.x, rt. d C-"iru to tlee once wore bis old fri- Mr. Jame>~ Me•ld, Utica, wn.:< culling en<hi in BP'iom and vicinity, and in on his 11istcr. Mr11. l•'tLlli~, un Sun- the event o{ his de11tb wis hed to hu,·e day. ' bis rumai0:1 brouttbt to the ol<l bom11 1'hu finest richl of !all whMl I hnt nnd l:~id busid:. tbosu of hi:< mother. "'" hnvc .sc11n Llli:< tWa.>Jon i:. Mr. Uir- Tbis wi:!b his :~orrowing relntivru~ 1un l<'itchctt'.:<, julit west of this "I ba- M ID&Il7 caaa wMN WOIDCD ~~'W'i&holl\ pel" ~ '-d'-rbo wore cured in~ t.ba:A three ~ after ~ ~ HAN:-liBAL, the pro(lorty of Da- V..,&able.Qrwnpmd, whileo&ba-awbo vid llafoe, Whituvale, wiH l!tun:l lUI were ~bacuable cu. oat {olloW.i -- Monday, lea.YCd his own curod, happy, in ~ a-.J.aa 11tabl<> for Gordon House, Picl.:ering, after • ~' wi&h UU. night. TucctdaJ, Jos. PaAoos'. Roul(e medldllil. I De'NI' u.-1 I&~ comt>lil\d with, llntl accowpnnicd by villo.ge. )!rs. :Kck, his si:lter, of Aylmer, Ur. A very bauvy tbundea· .. bower prui- . If Livers 6o W ron1 Hill. noon; tbeucc to Antlr.,w'a ho- wi~~ .._,._ A few tel. night. • Wcdn.-!ar • .\..D. Ree- ~ ...a.one t~ allll.,... 60r'"• lot 5, con. 5, Scarboro, noon; Ute, ucl tnPM~She en&lre ..,..._. 4~ own atabltt for night. Thur:.- YOGI' ww!\cbMbu 'beea tried 1111111 dny, Commorcial hotel, Claremont, f~··tfte. ..,_ I faUTeDdo... lt.• I bav.e bought a job line of mt>n'~ YPllow Huvcet Boo~ worth S115 to tl.25 Ill the 1"6ffnlar wa.,, and wh\le tbe:r last I am s~ing to r~n them oft at tbe eYea dollar. 1 ~t:arlr eYerr farmer in Manitoba weara u-e· rellow boota. They an l~t uad e•J tf the teet beesull6 the7 c!o not draw the beat ot tlae ana hke,blaek boeta, 0::-oE DOLLAR! And a good boot for the moll(!y ! W. L. MAR TIN MYRTLE.STA1'10N. I w:~.nl good Potatoes, Spring Chickellf', or :~ny kin•l of Poultry. -SPECIAL EX ~;~, to the St. Louis Exposition From all Points East over the LAIE SHORE 4Miol .. gan Southern RallwaJ The comfort, conv~nience, speed and safety afforded by this superb road cost no more than the inferior equipment of the poorer roads-why not enjoy it? Double Track-Unexcelled Service For book of particulars, address .1. W. DALY, 6e E. A., BUFFALO, N.Y • Cl:1rlt's Corned Beet 15e. and 2~ Clark'a Pork and Beans, :;. :1nd lOcJ~ Clnrlt's Lunch Tongue, 30c; Boae._ Pic.. !feet. 15o. Ltulllh Dam, 20G. Chipped Dried lieet. 17o. Fla.ao Baddle, 1011. Kippered Herrlag, lOe. Fine Mixed Pickles. tOe.. 251:. per bottle, :ZOo. per quart. Pnflcrved Strawberries, 15c. Sliced. Pineapple, 15o. ;fl HOLLIDAY BROS, BROOKLl~ and ASUBURN. w1n~ip~. · ~ ~'lz;-;~-,::=~~.:::;: lluwbrl\y, lJ don, 831.50 Lrleton, Lenore, Miniot~. "ElglD. \ Vawnnesn, $32. Dill5Ciartb, .Moosomin, 33~.25. Arcola, $32.50. &tevtln, Yorklon, S33. .Regina, $33.75. I ' $3~oo.s.e Jaw, Knmtonek, cwan RiYer, SMirRtoon, t~35.25. J>r. Albert, S36. Macleod, .. l8. Calgary, $38.50. · Red Deer, $39.50. Str11tbconll, t40.50. Going JUNE _ 19lb. e8tt•, nod JUL'Il 29th 1\ad R e turning until Au~t. &opt. 20th, rMpectivelJ. _Ti~ketB are not good on "lmperi.t Lomated." • , . , , I 1 f':lmphlota and fuU particularft from ftny Canadian Pn<'ifio Agent, or A. H. Notmnn, Toronto. E. R. B.LOW~ A21!nt. 1833. 1~ FURNITURE. Dnll, ot Toronto, Mr. John lla.ll and Mi.sd L. l.Ja ll, of \\' ingbam, th" r.,mnins wet·e take n to C xbridHc on }>'riday evening, nod taken lO tile rc- I<idencc uf Mr. John Croxull, un•l on Saturday WIICU brought to U I icn for intermunt. They w11r o(ulluwtlll to the Kendall t~eweLury by a lull(u concour.se o{ r ricnd::o, who ca Ulll ll> pny lhe \:ut tribute o( re,;pect to one wh""" kindnoeos of heart "a!l we ll knoW(I, nod whose c hecry, l!"n inl dis- position WOII for hiw tbt' ' '"lrt.UI o( th~ who kne whim best. TbH flo- rnl ofr11rinKs wcrH very beautiful. Rev. \\'. R . n .. rk.,r, uf Uxbridl{e, conducted the funeral serviccll, · nod preached n most irupre>~:~i\"ll IICrmon, whicla will long be rcmemlJered by set them right-it's simply and easily done. m'itl,lout pnin, without trouble, without nause· ating, in fact it's only in t_he beneficial effects that you nouco you have taken noon, theu<·c to Mansion HousP, Ux- ----B.=~·-W~ bric!gu, nit;ht and followio~ llOJJn.~1$i::=:~2-::£;~11e,~-¥llfla. r• f'd I Friday lty way of U068ville to Mns. r ·, ......, ....... Todd'11 hotel, Good wood, nillht ; Sat- Q&Mr ~ W**'*A llat !!'!'!!"!'!""!!!"'!!"""!'!'""!!'.,.,.'!"'"'~!"'!!'!""!!..,....,.'!""!!'!""!!!!!!'!!!!!'".,.,.~'!""!!!!'!!!'"""'!!!!!!'!""!!"'""!!!!'!!'!""!!!!'!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!! urdny, h~ own atlnblu, uolil Monday ~...-h. aDd~ ------- --- ------ - - ----- noon. fled - • f o o&her malicbae bae -..ab a~ ol ~ ol t_. WM. TILL & SON - Beechams Pills u.s. CAST.ORIA For lllfauta and Children. Ths Kind Ycu Have Always Bougbt Boars tho d // o:;;:::;;:- Slgn&ture of~~ vaubMII. B.ldJ*» ba,r u.711DlaUhl&e. those wh~.o heard it. Sold awr)'W...,. te Caaada ....S Amutc:a ll\ IJOua, II ca&a. C. REDMAlfodoriAJr,.r and dealtr In all klnda oflolture, Brootlcu Ont Furnitur~ an+nue fr&me~ .;. ~ ordu. Repah i.D aU lea ~ promptly aue4 co. A larp IIGdr ., coffu.uc, CAdkeL4 all fuuaal ~Waj&ef con~tantoy oned. ..UDtnU CA1W prlut...t nn Rh nntiCft, • Canadian ·Farmers, WAKE ! CO WEST t AND HELP DEVELOPE YOUR OWN CREAT COUNTRY. Theflsperoua Days are Just Beginning for Western Canada • . Land Will Advance Raf\. · DON'T DELAY until this advance has started, ACT NOW. ·. Are You Going to Walt until the Best and Most Available Lands a,1·kan? We offer you now TWO MILLION ACRES to &elect from ! -------------- IN THE FOL&.OWINC WELL KNOWN DISTRICTS j &. FamoUJ' So.P.atcbewan ValleJ-the bcllt known dlat.rlct ln ~ &. Daulphln Lake Dlatrlct-unaur.-oo 1n feilll.J·\ W e~~tern Canada. ~ Last Nount•ln Lake Vall•7• l - D.~ Quill Lake P&al~ualln every respect to t.h4 &reat Porlr ~ Great German Catbollc. Colon7 District It ~laawaa · ... Plalna ot w.mwt.. SIN ...;~.':::::'~w-t .,.._Quill ~ 111 .._ SIN Carrot IUftr Va.lle,.-.known 11 lobo "J>.rk" rerlon ot Lbe Can. \1D8d w be U.. ~art-' lleAGAI&e ColoDIII~ .._, adlan W -~ cUairto&e well non. . WITH $1 01 BUSHEL WHr: IT tile .t....-lcaa f~ ,.. .... Ju4• tlaat will...,._ f.-•-••J ae &klrtJ.a" .,.._of w-t ,w acre,~ eot ""- fOI't7 , 1;1\ 1 ~llanl u acr.. Tile ,n_ at will~- an .ewa. •ada a...• u~ •117 1M •-•lcaa f~r Ia ... 1 .... w..-CaaM&. Wearetbc oul Jaad cump•aJ Ia 1111• co•a<ry to-d~~otrerta~rtotbel•toa41•1',.rc-rai1CIIIaw ... raa .. eflarrlter718alectf.-. W'edoaot lleft•-•~et tM "f&lae ot abia pr tcwe of .. lcc:tlon. Alllaada are a~ccaslblo to rallroada, alld •• tba pRMilt lim• lbara an foar rallro&4e a<:laall7ll .. U41al'lll oar territory, aa4 tba u... 111 Ule Graa4 Tr 1< Padllc raaa dlnclly tbroarb tho ce~tlcr of oar l•11da. NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BU.Y AND NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR 5ELE~N Prices from $5.50 TO $8.00 Per Acre, On Easy Terms. \ DO NOT BUY OR LOCATE ANYWHERE UNTIL YOU HAVE WRITTEN US. WE HAVE THE LAND YOU Wl &I!.ND 1'01\ WAP&, OI!.&C!\JFI'IVI!. BOOKLETS AND PIUCE LIST TO • { The Saskatchewan Valley & Manitob- Land Go., Ltd., w;N:;.~~;:;;_;~- UDltedStat .. Offlcel 'GOOD LIVE AG,ENTS WANTED Ple&Mmullo .. ~ 305 .Jackeou St •• ST. PAUL, MINN. • wua wr~ ... \ . SALT J-_t to h:tn<l. A carload of Windsor Salt In aacks and barrelll Buy the Wand8or_ Dq.lry &It, nod hnvo the beat on the morket. · SEEDS We hnve a full line nf Aeeds GArden I!Ced!l of nil kinds to It: ace. Mammoth Long Red M~tngel Seed 2 lhs. 25o. Gb.nt Y~llo..:V I:c - mediate Mou~gel Seocl, !! lbs. ~ A full line of turnip lltledH in b~lk 3 8:.i paoka4:fes. We ban~ n full line of fie.ld nod garde n tools, llbove la, spades, boel rakes and m11nure forks. A. Oe ELLIOTT . FURNITURE DEALERS, U PROLSTERKRS, JUBt Received-- Including the celebrated NEW SPRING BED:3 NEW MATTRESSES ETC •. ' 'Marehnll SonitarJ Mattress" andl Pillowa, See the new folding Ded Lou~ NEW COVERINGS NEW VELOURS Special attention to Upbolaterlqg-, WM. TILL cl SON. Sittings Of Tho Division Oourta VOUNTY OPONTARIO 100-a. Wbitbr-n. C. ~onnell, 'Wbltby. clerk, Jan. 8, Feb. 4, March 2. Aprl) 6, MaJ' 3, June 8, Julr 5, Sept. S. Oct. 4, NoY. 7, Deo. 8 Jan.. 1905, .9 . Oshawa-D. C. :Macd~n•ell, Whitby-. BROOKLIN :lerlr, Jan. 7, Feb. II, Maroh :!, April • • MaJ f, June 7, July 8 Sept 7 "=~- ""-"'-""-"'-""--,..,..- ...,.,.,.,~...,=-=,..,..,=-...,.,-==,...,,...-=====~=,..,==== Oct. II. No•. 8, Dae . . 7, Jan. i1Hl5 10 • -- ·- -- -- .. -- - --------·- Bro1J8ham- M. Gleeaon, Grce~w~ Ch~p for Cash S tore, "FROST" Ornamental Oates Light Ia welpt ArtJatlc Ia dealp Reuoaablo In prlco I olerlr, Jan. t, Mar. 4, Hay 5, JUIJ 7." Sept. 8, NoY. II, Jan. 190~. ll " Port PerrJ-J. W. Burnha~ Pore PtirrJ, cler k, Jan. 11, M!lrcb 7,' Ma I ~Bot.ul~. ll, Sept, 12, NoT. 11, Ja:. I l'llbrldge-Joe. B. Gould, U:rbrld . c lerk, Jan. Jf, Marob 18 May 20 J:;le.. 15. Sept. 18, NoY. 18,. J~n. 190S.,' 12. y Cannlngton- Geo, Smltb, Cnnnlog- ton, c lerk. Jan. 13, Mar. 17, May 11 Also e ·harge line of Standard Farm Gates f1~1y H, Sept. IIi, NoT. 17, Jan. 1110S: always on band. Every progreaiYe and 1 Deaverton- Geo.. F. Druce, BeaTer- up-to-date farmer insists on having FROST too, olerk,Jan. 12, lh.rob 18 May 11\. GATES. Catalog and prices on request. Sept. U, NoY. 18, Jan. 11105', 10. FO~ SALB BY I UptergroTe- TbD<'I. P. Hart, Upter- 1 NATHAN BYERS Port Pe e I r;,o;;~.~l~~· throb IIi, MaJ' 17, Sept ~~~~~~~~·•••~•~¥'. Ont. ! 1 Dy Order, f· E. FAUEWELL. Ill · - -~ ... =~~~e.u® r Clllrk ol the• P enco. d

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