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Durham Chronicle (1867), 20 Jun 1929, p. 8

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”Exoerience Teaching 'in Northern Ontario by Miss Margaret Anderson and the members joined in community flinging The roi! call was; well respond- ed to by “Uses 0! Raisins' '. The meet- ‘mg closed by singing the National An- Zion Women's Institute met last. Thursday at the home of Mrs. J. C. Cook The program consisted of a re- citation by Miss Bertha McNall). solo by Miss Jean_ Clark. a paper: _entitled nexus. Georgi. Harry and. John Indies. and Mr. L. Jones 01 Guelfig spam a day recently with Mr. Malco Black Miss Clara Greenwood of Owen flound is spending her two week‘s va- canon at the home of her parents. The Zlonites presented their play 'Ilother Mine" at Crawlord last Friday night then in Markdale Annesley church on Monday evenxng. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Edga} and son Harold. Mr. and Mrs. Glad. Edgar and son Donald were recent vxsitors at the home of Mr. and In. W. J. Greenwood? .5 mmâ€"Z EZOG ’z‘oz‘o‘.‘o‘:‘uz‘c‘c‘o‘..O.o.....o..o..o..o..o..o..o..o..o..o..‘...............3...0 .0............. .0 .0 ’1’ .00... g. g. o. a. Q... Mr. and Mrs. Herb Allen are enjoying the motor trips In a new Ford sedan thigh they purchas_ed recently. .o......o..o.:..o..‘oc,.0...o....0.‘.....O..O.‘..O..O..O. .0 ..0..0..O..0.o.....................0.....O.‘.‘.‘.‘....§i O Inna of Toronto are 5 Mt at the home 01 ImeQumman. Miss 11mm of Konihorth i PAUL 25. Hr Frank Mc.~\se;.1efn 133: week Harmon where he has accepted p99 pasr-tm 30:96:96.....0..o..o..o..o..o..o..o:o:o:o.6.6....6.6..96.6..0.6..0..0..OIO.:¢ 'Our Own Correspandcnt) I‘m. §._Beddo and M1:s_Kate qul Michael Arlen, the famous novelist, u 1 ote the stm-y directly for the sc1een. Then the g1 eatest artists in pictures the finest cast, and a di1ecting u‘eni11s.cumhine(l t0 t1anslate it to the screen. THE RESULT --A film sensation no one can aifnrt! tn miss. STAR THEATRE. DURHAM H Friday and Saturday Nights A Woman of Affairs” Traverston .mnx GILBERT and (:RETA GARBO with lml'GLAS.FAIRBANKS“ Jr. 111 One sht pegding a fort ' M1 5nd Mrs Margaret Quil- Friday night l’ru'c~; 217 11141.30 week tor parenza Do you remember the first’team of horses on the Durham Road. Glenelg. owned by the late John McLachlan in 1850. and when pasturing in Konold’s beaver meadow one of them was killed by_ lightning? Do you remember vi'hen there was no such thing as a sulky rake and all the hay had to be raked by hand? Do yofi remember when there were no mowers. and all the hay crop had to be cut with the scythev Do you remember the old log school- house seated with boards and no desks? Do you remember when you went barefooted to school in Early May? Do you remember when there were no lady teachers? Does: any teacher remember (it liv- ing; what salary they got 60 years ago. 'Do you remember when a first class teacher got £90 a_year?_ them. Mrs. Cook and assistants served a tasty lunch. The next meeting mu. be in the form 01 a weiner roast on; “The Zion Sunday school members ar- ranged to hold their annual picnic in the Peart-Edwards grove on July 6. Do you remember the date of your birth? Do you remember the first day you went to school? Do you remember the teacher’s name? my 11. to be held in w. R. Jack's field by the river. Is {here ényone living who will re- Glenelg Priceville UNI‘ (JV/l, Correspondent) Wha‘ to» Remember you remember the date of your U .|( I rnnm spen , MacArthz.r Mrs. W. Hargrave is enjoying her motor trip to Ohio this week. She accompanied her sisipz' and husband, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lyon of Toronto. They are visiting their sister, Emma. . Mrs. William. Zeifeldt '. Mr. and Mrs. John Lawrence spent Saturday with their son in Egremont. No. 9 friends of Miss Etta Tolchard. daughter of John Tolchard. a former teacher here. congratulate her on her success in obtaining her BA. degree recently at Toronto. She has accepted a position or. the staff of the Kincard- ine High School. (Our Own Correspondent) Mr. Nichol of Wingham has been a visitor this last week with the Nichol family here. Miss E. Bearman and Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Bearman of Owen Sound were visitors the first of the week with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Patterson. Their son Bert. who accompanied them. was the provincial junior champion this spring in the swimming contest put on under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. He is a student at Owen Sound Collegiate. Rev. Mr. Montgomery of Toronto preached a good sermon on Sunday in the hall. His subject was “Drifting”. He preached here on May 5th and is open for a call. He spent the week- end at Mr. Dan Stewart‘s. Miss Jessie Nichol visited Sunday at _Miss Jessie Nichol visited Sunday at M1. Dan Campbellfis ' Miss Jean McLean i»; wait ing friends in Durham. Mr. Robert McConkega wife and family visited friends m Guelph re- cently. _ X _. Mrs. Switzer were. nsztors couszm. the M Mr. Daxid Hamilton L week mm 1.; Caught Lawrence. u-v- vâ€"w_-__. Miss Gladys Hznck: spent the week- end with fraud- m Markdale. _ Mr: and. Mrs. E Braiden of Shell the burg recently Miss Beryl Falkingham of Egremont was a helper in the Atchison home the past week. Mrs. Atchison was a sufferer with_guin_sy. We are 50:?" '0 hear that our teacher Miss DOnalda N1chol, has re- signed. Mrs. W. Hargrave motor trip to Ohio accompanied her :51? Mr. and 311'). 0].}. They am \i iting K? «3415. William. Zeifelc Miss Re Normal set her exams. Mr. and" u: are guests 01 (Heads. her cousin. 'Mr v-‘vv-D'. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Met-Jeekin. Mr. Jack McMillan. Ar. Ed \Vl‘izifiht. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hincks, Mr. Alired and Miss G. Hincks attended the shower held last Thursday evenmg for Mr. and Mrs. George Black at Swimon Park. A number from here attended the U. F‘. O. convention in Flesherton on ThurngyL __ a II I A! A A: “..u J amps. over George. Om "Miéé: Kiihiéén Macphail has gone to Montreal. Mr. Murray Nichol has_ gone to Ter- onto to wrlte his two subjects. We w15h him every success. 5.1“â€" Dr. H. G. Marshall. dentist of Dunâ€" dalk will conduct a practise here each Wednesday of the week. starting this; Wednesday, June 19th. It will indeed be very handy to have a dentist in the burg. Note: The ice cream and pineapple Note: The ice cream and pineapple social has been changed to a later date. It will be held this Friday night, June 21 when a good time is expected. Moving pictures will be given by Mr. Cooper. There will also be music. Admission 25c. and 15c. i - a l! ‘Iu0lllu1l10\lnn -v‘ w.... _ v - . Mr. John Scott and sister Maggie of E remont. Miss Mildred Scott and fr end. Mr. Clements. of Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. John Burgess and Miss Weir of Durham. Mr. J. C. McLachlan of Toronto and friend Miss Dobson of Orillia. Mr. Cramp. Dr. Dixon. and brother. a dentist of Walkerton. were Sunday visitors at Mr. Angus McLach- Ian‘s. Dr. Dixon used to be the doctor in Priceville some years ago and he and his two brothers are in Calgary and are home to see their father. who is very sick in Walkerton1 _ 'v-ov .â€"_v -v- V Mrs. Staples of Markdale visited her son Fred at Edge Hill lately. She is getting along well after her long spell of sickness. V..“-°V --‘-v- â€" vâ€" â€"â€"_ _ Cream gatherersfire susy calling at every farm for the different creamer- ies. Our mail couriers are alw ays on time deli} ering the news. _ -- c n ‘ 0 !--_‘ ‘---- This Monday. the 17th of June. 1929. is fine and warm. Crops have a fine appearance. A fine shower oi rain last week makes: ail the growing crop look good. Alfalfa. hay and clover will be ready tc cut in a week or 1C days. and is a fine crop. Fan wheat is heading out and is a good crop in gen- IILVOI V0 Those ailing for some time are ge't- ting some better. The Presbyterians of Priceville will soon be giving a call to a minister. We hear their late pastor. the Rev. Mr. Corry. is getting along well in his new charge near fl'oronto. _-‘1£_-_ AA. member when Durham was all bush in 1840? v. “l. Visitors at McDonald}. ~" xecentls were M2. Norman McIntxre and M1. Hugh McPhail South line Glenelg. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald 01‘ Egre- monc. _ _ _ eral There’s A Good Time Waiting For You In LILAC . TIME JULY 4-5-6 Star Theatre Mary H111 Darkies’ Corners Misses 80‘."- the week 4; McConke;. \\ 110 and Sound niends n. Guelph re-. Braiden am lbume were pan f0 hear th _McInnis. Toronto. iranam and other daughter afze THE DURHAM CHRONICLE 3rac 1;. meeting .Iaemoon in ' no answer- -unch Com- Dan Camp- Cake M155 3 McAr- ending this of Toronto ndmg this Mrs. Farr n A at Torpmo wrlting of T0- Mrs. K. > Misses 1101‘s, m iting _Mr. and on Sunday Hopper's. '1‘: V {iss'BeIIe Weir of Toronto came up to attend the funeral of her uncle. the late James Atkinson. and spent a few days at her home here. returning to the city on Saturday. Several from this. neighborhood took in the play. “Dot. the Miner‘s Daugh- ter" in the United Church. Priceville. on Friday night and thoroughly en- joyed it. Mrs. Colin Kennedy of Durham called on her uncle. Mr. George Muir. recently. The Cherry family of To- 1rvclmto. also visited with their uncle. Mr. uit. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Adams visited on Sunday at her father‘s. Mr. Abram and Mrs. Corry and family. He is com- . ing upon July 7 and will perform the; ceremony of Miss Margaret Knox in' Swinton Park church and will remain a couple of days visiting friends. Their? many friends will be glad to welcome. them back again. ‘ Miss Jean McCannell. teacher at the : O. D. R. school has resigned and Miss Emma Oliver is engaged to teach for the comipggyeag. . .. ,. .. 1 ' . " 's‘dme of the young uu-v-__ _ iudge makes a mistake it become: {tine lav. of the land. When a preacher makes a mistake. nobodt knows the difference. But when the editor makes a mistakeâ€"good night. â€"The MacCuaig’s visited on Sunday with their brother. Findlay, Miss Eliza- beth remaining for a few days' visit. U110 UVlllub J v... . Miss Katie Campbell of Montreal is holidaying at her home here. Mr. Herb Corbett of Proton has a fine bunch of cattle on Mr. Allan Mc- Lean‘s farm. He has rented it for the summer. b‘VLCAOu Ivy-.1 V‘I‘v w- J V Mr. T1105; Johnston and Misses Kate and Annie McCannell of Dromore visited Sunday at Mr. Angus McCan- nells. . A receptlon was tendered. Mr. and Mrs. George Black. the newly-weds on Thursday night. when a very large crowd was present. Excellent music was supplied by the Haw orchestra. Mr. Hank Hamilton and sister of Mount Forest. Mr. Dan McCannell and Mr. John Neilson and Mrs. Wat Knox. The bride and groom were the recipients of many beautiful and costly gifts. We were pleased to have Miss Agnes Macphail and Mr. Farquhar Oliver among us. We extend hearty congratulations to the bride and groom and wish them a long and happy wedded life. Mr. Andy Montgomery and friend of Collingwood were recent visitors at Mr. Angus McCannell‘s. Mrs. Alex. Carson of Priceville spent a few days visiting her daughter. Mrs. Art Richardson of Swinton. -nnn --I_..---- When a plumber makes a mistake. he charges twice for it. When a lawyer makes a mistake. it is just what he wanted. because he has a chance to try the case all over again. When a carpenter makes a mistake. it is just what .he expected. When a doctor makes a mistake. he buyies it. When AVAA. | no“ -Vuwv â€" --_U_ and Ivén of Egremont. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McLeod and family and Mr. and Mrs. Earl McLeod. visited Sunday at Mr. Dave Hincks. M'riéilfivary McLean of Durham. is spending a couple of weeks' holidays at his home. __ Mr. Mart Stonehouse. wife and of Mono Road visited Sunday at John McMeekin's. Swamp College (Our Own Correspondent) The farmers are busy minding up the seeding for another year. The rain on Friday will do much good as the grpund_was veyy dry. _ _- .1 ‘lan,.nn Vntn V.' are enjoying real summer weather at present as it has been real warm the past few days. Mrs Kenneth Arranofl has been in Chicago the past few days. The U. P. W. 0. held their monthly meeting at the home of the President. \Irs. Arthur Edge Quite a number of Visitors: were present on this occasion and a most interesting time was spent. Our delegate to the convention in F'lesherton. Mrs. Edge. gave an excel- lent report and those who were absent missed a real treat. At the close of a very full meeting the hostess and her helpers served _a veryuboun‘tiful lunch. ,4 AI_- Mr. Cook. principal of the school here was writing his exams in Peter- boro last week. Sorry to report Mrs. Donald McMil- lan on the sick list. Hope she may soon be better. 7 7A inumber of the young peo 1e from ing up on July 7 and will per orm the Friday night. Mr. Murray MacMillan of Markdalc spept the. week-end at his home. "_-A-_ ‘1...’ no“ w‘c‘fnf‘ ‘i‘Ké'Eéx‘iunkéEtifig‘ ‘ €111 be held at, the home of Mrs. Thos. Hopkins on Wed- gesday. July 10. instead of the usual ay. DPL‘IU U‘L‘u " a.“ v-v Mr. and Mg: fiector figcfléan visited on Sunday with friends on the south line Glenmont (O 1/ r () u'n Cnrrv .vprmdrnt) Mzs.I-'.'e111\ Hooper 0: (5111011 xisited among 1191 mam 111611d:111 1111s neigh- borhood. â€"â€"- - n n- , A- --.‘.n g..\ VQIOVJ u v-.. â€" _ _ Miss: Reta McIntosh spent an even- ing with Miss Esther McLean this week. 01d friends and schoolmates were pleased to meet Mrs. Belle Ledingham. Vancouver at the church service here on Sunday. AVLL A). 5.6 u a vavo. - “UV- Mr. Wilfred 'hlack"r{als 1600 chickens Can you beat that? Mr. and Mrs. George Hincks. Edith A lot of us are p_1apni;3g tg'mget Mr ‘_..A Five Cents per Game Tourist Home Toronto St. South J. LAWSON MARKDALE 01 Putting Green Two Courses (Our Own. Cor-respnndcnt) GOLF! 3 r of our young people attended ung people’s. picnic at Owen on Saturday. Rocky Saugcen MISTAKES Handsome. ine nsive, fireproof.easyto yover old roofs -permsnent. Get the facts. Ask your humid: or est-pester. GALVANIZED SHINGLES for The Roof Thursday. June 20. 1929 Will Secure Costs 0n Lambton P: Specill RIC-919m: «.1 Mid“! to PTIH‘UI‘o of ‘I‘wontv- and Pavementâ€"t my. , (‘0'!!(‘il “ilh Pct; it an under NW!) Councxi 1y assures nu Bruce streets the decision hour session. Providmg : mount to m There we ‘orc the C1 twenty-toot asking that twenty-mu (utter. WI will depcnc ICCiIiUPS. (' cost. The first pmnu those calln siding on are only ' thorough: a VOL 63: â€"- \4: Speakm Messrs. H Mr. McCr calling it from the only. '1‘! on the D1 that thv 1 tory. Th amount « gal-die» section had be liken these McCra« Hm Comm. scheme n catch has running ground 1:- oelly and damage this man tll( tn, 1! would cost I would ‘ ith emptyim hers 01 nbout U‘ though! expert « minim: that a the C( see wh pursue in a: pawn fmxa bridm even the In 101' W sew brou malt but thox Inc I" pc- AIH'GH \"l! H"? (‘Ul fled 1‘ the (‘3‘ hill 0: vocaw an" h‘ This 2 am t: b\ I! from '_ head l this \\ brougl kle 1 stretcl (hes c‘ WIS t4 'OUX We took the mvmho CO. \th ‘ 0081 mm ' corner 0! would be :2 Over a pm amount 1U ”58 this "sweats a any discu ”clusion.‘ Th: U1 Tl‘ ( ‘tmnc'i scotch \\

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