Whitby COVID-19 Stories
Everyday Life

Life in lockdown is very different, but people find ways to make it work. Thanks to technology and physical distancing, the community has found ways to stay safely connected.

Social distancing
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Online games
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Shopping looks a little different, too. Reduced capacities are used to maintain physical distance between customers in stores but the result is long line-ups outside. Curbside pickup allows customers to retrieve their products without even entering the store, and often, without even leaving their vehicles.
Oshawa Costco Line Up
Oshawa Costco Line Up Details
Early Lockdown Costco Lineup
Early Lockdown Costco Lineup Details

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, cars and pets still had their everyday needs tended to - it just looked very different.

Essential Services - Registered Veterinary Technician
Essential Services - Registered Veterinary Technician Details
Early Lockdown Gas Prices
Early Lockdown Gas Prices Details
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